Spiky Sensations

I enjoy sensation play. It doesn’t feature so much in our playtime. Our playtime lately has fizzled out since the Valentine’s getaway. But I think we need to make a point (hehe) of tuning into each other’s desires. Without that intimacy, we are more like cohabitees rather than married lovers.

Run those tantalising spikes across that sensitive flesh…

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Snowdrops by the stream

Though not necessarily strictly an erotic photograph in its own right, I like to think that the arrival of spring heralds the possibility of outdoor mischief. I’ve not been lucky enough to partake in any ‘getting back to nature’ for some years, but I hope some day I will be able to indulge…

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Packing Paisley from Tantus

I was given the striking black and red Limited Edition Paisley dildo by Andi at Tantus. Thank you so much!

I love the colour, and thought it would look really cool harnessed with bondage rope. I even managed to colour-coordinate the binding of the harness!

Although I’ve not tried pegging, I like the idea of it…

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So casual with my strap-on Paisley ;o)

Tantus Paisley Limited Edition Silicone Dildo

Red and Black

Superhero or Supervillain; these two colours are synonymous with power. Think of Darth Maul from Star Wars. Or perhaps conversely, Spider-Man. This silicone dildo from Tantus is an unyielding silicone phallus. The silicone is very firm. I do not know its rating on the Shore Hardness scale,  but I do know that it is similar in firmness to the Tantus Vamp and Echo. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say about 60-70 on the Shore A Hardness scale.

The Tantus Paisley Limited Edition silicone dildo is not as wide in circumference as the Vamp (5 ¼ inches), and has slightly less girth than the Echo (4 ½ inches). The circumference of the Tantus Paisley is 4 ¼ inches. In terms of length, it is 6 ½ inches from base to tip.  It has a flared base so is harness compatible and suitable for anal play. It cannot be used with a suction cup, as there is no hole in the base. The colour is a gorgeously rich red and black marbled striping pattern traversing the shaft. Tantus © 1998 is etched into the silicone base. The texture resembles ‘muscles bulging out of a superhero costume.’

Using the Tantus Paisley

The silicone is pretty draggy, and will attract lint so copious water-based lubricant is required for playtime. In use, despite, not being as wide as the Echo, I find the Tantus Paisley a bit more awkward to insert into my vagina. I have not used it anally. I find the texturing a bit overwhelming in certain positions. Twisting the Paisley around inside my vagina can either be ‘ooh!’ or slightly ‘arrgh!’ It depends on how the bulges hit my inner walls.

In this respect, it seems like the Paisley cannot decide whether it wants to be superhero or villain. It has a dichotomy about it. That makes for an interesting feature in a toy, as you may fancy more gentle self-exploration. Or you may require a more vigorous fucking. This can be good. Though if the Paisley delivers the inappropriate stimulation for your mood, it could be a bit uncomfortable potentially.

I cannot orgasm through penetration alone, so I normally use the Paisley in combination with a clitoral vibrator. During orgasm, you really notice the bumps in the Tantus Paisley’s texturing as your vaginal muscles clench around it. It gives you something to ‘work out on’ as you can clench your kegel muscles to intensify your pleasure.

Though I do not partake in pegging, I think the Tantus Paisley will make a stunning pretend ‘cock’ for use with a harness. It is really easy to maintain as well, since it can be boiled, washed with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner or bleached using a mild bleach solution.

Final thoughts and where to buy

Overall, I’d rate the Tantus Paisley 8 / 10, based on its appearance, texture and value. It can be purchased whilst stocks last from Tantus for $49.99.

Eroticon: Meet & Greet

Hey, this is my first Eroticon and I’m feeling a mixture of excitement, apprehension and overwhelming awe at how much is being packed into the Eroticon weekend. I will be there at the Friday ‘Meet & Greet’ and the Saturday.

There are various talks and workshops I will be very interested in attending. I’m looking forward to meeting various bloggers and professionals in the industry. At the moment, I’m feeling somewhat unprepared, so I am hoping to read through as many of the other Meet & Greet posts as possible, to make a start on getting to know some of the faces I will be encountering in less than a month!

Now on to those all-important questions!


Name (and Twitter if you have one)

Luv Bunny is the alias I go by on my blog and Twitter account, @LuvbunnySL82


What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2018?

In terms of talks, I’m looking forward to Kayla Lord’s How to Make Money From your Blog Without Losing your Soul or Your Audience, and Neil Brown’s talk on essential legal tips. There are other talks I’m looking forward to as well, in addition to the Kink Lab session. The Saturday night social will also be good fun, and a good opportunity to mingle and chat with other bloggers.


We are creating a play list of songs for the Friday Night Meet and Greet. Nominate one song that you would like us to add to the play list and tell us why you picked that song.

Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera & P!nk & Lil’ Kim & Mya on VEVO.

I am choosing Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera , P!nk, Lil’ Kim & Mya. I think it’s a great song for female empowerment. As well as generally being a toe-tapping feel-good tune. I also danced to it at my dance class this evening!


What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?

I adored Kylie, and still think she’s pretty awesome, so I think I wanted to be a ‘pop-star!’ A bit cliché, I know and completely unrealistic. I don’t really have a ‘career’ as such now, so I am trying to do my best ‘job’ at being a mum and writing on the blog, as well as my little part-time job.


Weirdest place you’ve ever gotten up to mischief (define ‘mischief’ however you like…)

Ironically, nowhere really weird with my husband. But when I was a sixth former, my boyfriend-at-the-time and I had doggie style sex in a hay store on a farm, near his parents’ house.


Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself

I saw HRH  the Queen & Prince Phillip fly away in their helicopter during the Golden Jubilee celebration.

I have been a passenger in a hot-air balloon. The landing was such fun!

I love eating mushrooms.


Complete the sentence, I want…

A fairer world. This is a bit of a heavy thing to end on, I know. I just feel there is too much injustice and exploitation.

But on a lighter note, I really want my bed right now, and a cuddle!


2018 Attending Badge

Flowering blooms

Vaginas are all different. No two people with vaginas will have identical labia or clitorises. They will have differences in smoothness, colour,  and size. Some are asymmetric. Some are ‘neatly tucked away.’ It doesn’t matter. Like orchids, they are all beautiful in their own way. This hybrid orchid has 5 different varieties growing on the same plant.


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In pursuit of pleasure- is Hedonism selfish?

We go through life, from birth, developing in infancy. Becoming young adults, then older adults. We age, and we finally end our days on this planet. And what is life? Growth of a family, a collection of accolades, a career possibly, and albums full of memories. As children, we enjoy ourselves predominantly. We are learning, but it is mostly through play, singing, stories and exploring the great outdoors. Our ‘little world’ gets larger as we grow in age and independence.

As adolescents, we gain more responsibilities. We choose subjects at school / college or a course of Further Education that will give us the foundation of our working life. We may have a part-time job to earn a bit of spending money. But by-and-large, we do not have too many worries. There will be exceptions; some young people have responsibility beyond their years. They may have to care for parents whom are ill. They may have to look after their siblings whilst their parents work.

Then comes adulthood. That brings with it the relentless task of work, paying bills, budgeting and managing the home. Then there are the extras-helping out elderly relatives, and raising children. Perhaps volunteering or being a member of a committee. Taking care of ourselves, and making sure we are fit and healthy. Fitting in necessary appointments. So at the end of a long day, a lot of people enjoy a drink. They may have sex. Eat a bar of chocolate. Do an activity that helps them unwind. On a less frequent basis, they may arrange a beauty treatment or massage. A treat, at the end of the month. Then once a year, a holiday abroad or in the UK. Time to recharge and spend with loved ones.

Self-love versus selfishness

There are people who indulge in other hedonistic pursuits. Some are illegal. Street-racing, drug-taking for example. Gambling online or at the bookies. Having sex with lots of partners. It could be argued that whilst the ‘treats’ in the previous section are harmless enough, the ones in this paragraph are selfish. I would say in moderation, they may be alright. Not the street-racing. That is risking too many lives. So it is selfish. Drug-taking, I think has shades of grey areas. Different drugs are ‘less socially unacceptable’ than others. Alcohol is technically a drug. Some people can happily have one or two drinks and that’s enough. There are a few though, who will binge. That is reckless. To themselves, and towards others potentially. I would say it is selfish.

Gambling online or at the bookies, if an occasional treat, is not going to be harmful. Should it become a habit that becomes uncontrollable, and involves excessive money expenditure (and loss) it is selfish. These behaviours (drug-taking and gambling) can become addictive. The mind craves the high and euphoria, (or relaxation in the case of some drugs). The body adapts physiologically to the mind’s adaptations. Neural networks are altered. As the addiction takes hold, the tolerance becomes higher. More of the drug, or a larger bet may need to be placed, to experience the same high.

At this point, the person has most likely lost their self-perception. They won’t recognise that they have a problem. Their relationships will become strained. They may lose their employment. In some cases, they will resort to crime to fund their ‘habit.’ Pretty bleak stuff. Breaking the cycle will often require a ‘short sharp shock.’ A brush with the law, hitting rock-bottom. They’ll have to accept they have a problem that needs a lot of work and determination to overcome. But the pay-off will be so worth it. They will get their life back. The only other option is either prison or death. Neither of those will appeal to most people.

Getting the balance 

Yes I’ve focussed a great deal on the damaging aspects of hedonism.  It is not a pretty picture. On the other hand, having some fun pleasurable pursuits to enjoy is not selfish. In some cases they are necessary. They help us recharge, and gain perspective on what is important in our lives. For example, a holiday will help us reflect on where we are at a stage in our lives and what we want to achieve next. It may make us realise we need to build better connections with loved ones. These actions are not selfish.

Other activities such as sexual Dominance / submission, role-play and bondage enable us to develop our ability to tune into other people and their needs. Surely a good thing? Listening to what drives someone else and working out what inspires or fulfils yourself. Developing mindfulness, patience and obedience. In addition, providing encouragement and constructive criticism. These are all characteristics that make us ‘better people.’  Between consenting adults, this is surely not selfish?

Learning to trust someone, and believing they are working to become a responsible play partner involves developing a deeper connection. Achieving a goal and having realistic aims make people happier. Happier people means less stress, and conflict. A good thing I’m sure you’ll agree. As long as play is safe sane and consensual, it surely cannot be selfish.

Pursuing pleasure, to share pleasure is not selfish. That is my humble opinion. If it is illegal and / or damaging to the health / welfare of yourself and loved ones / wider society, then I would say it is selfish. Life is too short not to enjoy ourselves and bring pleasure to others. Let us play, laugh, eat and relax.


The views in this post are my own. I am not advocating that specific activities be taken part in, if you do not feel comfortable with them.


Afternoon delight for a Sinful Sunday

Week 358

On a sunny afternoon, what better than taking some time to enjoy a bit of self-pleasure?

The light hits my legs beautifully. As I glanced at my mirror to indulge in some voyeurism, I noticed how sexy this image looked and had to capture it. The Eagle-Eyed among you may notice another feature in this photo!

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Opening G(Ambit)

In this image, I was preparing to use my pastel pink Godemiché Ambit silicone dildo. I like the triangular representations in this photo. My crotch, hidden by a triangle of trimmed pubic hair. The dark triangle that sits at the apex of my thighs as I wait to part my legs. The head of the ambit, leading towards that dark triangle. My very own Bermuda. I get lost within my own pleasure…

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