I promise to love, honour, and provide emotional support

When we make our marriage vows, we promise to be at our partner’s side at all the important (and not-so-significant) occasions in life. Whether those be moments of difficulty and hardship, or success and happiness does not matter. It is simply being there, as an emotional support. Providing solace and comfort in times of need or giving a figurative pat on the back in congratulatory delight. Part of the commitment of being sole partner to your loved one is providing that unconditional support.

The giving and taking of emotional strength is necessary to validate your combined stances on ethics and morals. The reason most couples unite in a relationship in the first place is that their ideologies are aligned within common-ground. Any grievance or slight against the one would be perceived as against the couple. By contrast, a success achieved by one of the couple is shared between the two. Uniting in this way shares the upset or happiness and unifies the pair on a spiritual level.

This is even more important when there are other family members present within the household. They may be extended family, including siblings and parents. Or the couple in question may have children of their own. An environment for rearing younger generations will be more harmonious when the couples’ feelings and beliefs are in synchrony. Perceived disagreements, however slight, will disrupt the peace and sanctity. They may sow seeds of doubt into the mind of the ‘injured’ party. Have they over-reacted? Were their emotions justified? If so, why did their spouse not stand by them in validating their feelings?

Establishing patterns of behaviour

Moreover, if the occasion recurs on an ongoing basis, then a pattern of injustice, anger and resentment will present itself. The person feeling the hurt may start to become emotionally withdrawn. They will believe it is not worth investing time sharing their feelings with their partner who will only rebuff their concerns. Or even suggest that their ‘injury’ is a manifestation of their imagination. Resentment will erode the foundations of a relationship. It may cause the person who has built up the resentment to ‘escape’ the relationship through focussing solely on the children, or other relatives. Alternatively, they may find another person to confide in, be it a friend or an extramarital lover.

It is often perceived that men seek relationships outside of their marriage purely for the physical intimacy. But it is not out of the question that women may also pursue the same. The crux of the issue is, why did they need the physical intimacy from an outside source in the first place? There are sometimes simple explanations. For example, health issues and physiological changes like the menopause in women or erectile dysfunction in men. Another factor may be some kind of psychological trauma, either brought about through a difficult pregnancy, labour or even a sexual assault. Careful counselling will be required to deal with these circumstances.

But in some cases, the need for physical intimacy stems from an emotional disconnect between the two partners. When there are misalignments in emotional requirements and the support received, then there can often be disparity in attachment between a couple. They may become estranged from one another and perceive that the person they ought to be able to confide in is no longer available to them.

What constitutes a ‘reasonable’ level of emotional support?

To present a balanced view to this discussion of emotional support, we need to also examine what constitutes a reasonable level of support. From my own experience, there are times when I have made errors in judgment and have either trusted people with information that I should perhaps not have shared. Alternatively, I may have expected my spouse to feel my injustice, and then have perceived his response to be insufficient in relation to my upset. Maybe on those occasions, I simply expected too much. Or his perception was that the injustice I felt outweighed the ‘injury.’

Either way, we weren’t aligned in our interpretation of the events that had occurred. This dealt us with difficulty in relaying our innermost thoughts. My feelings and beliefs were perceived by me to have been ‘invalidated’ by him. He underestimated my sense of ‘betrayal.’ All in all, it added a layer of resentment to our relationship. Each layer builds upon the last, and with each addition, the beliefs are cemented and perpetuated.

In conclusion, we are both guilty in our perceptions of the emotional support we can offer each other, and that we require from the other. One way we could improve our emotional connectivity is to show each other more empathy. He can empathise that I may feel injustice by a comment someone has made. I can empathise that whilst such a comment may bother me, it will not necessarily have the same impact upon him. The most important factor is that we continue to love, honour and provide emotional support!

Do you identify with the thoughts I have addressed in this post? What is your outlook? Please share in the comments section if you wish!



Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

I’ve had the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump for some time. It’s not been used a great deal, as it was more an ‘impulse buy’ than a long-lusted-for toy. I do find it quite erotic to see my vulva engorging, so I’ve kept it for this reason.

Packaging for the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump is quite quirky. Almost resembling 70s porno style, a la Austin Powers International Man of Mystery! It consists of a purple and pink card box with images of the pump along with block print lettering.

Pump it up!

The Doc Johnson Pussy Pump consists of a hose about a foot long, with a squeezable bulb at one end. At the other end, the hose clicks into the opening on the cup part of the pump. There is a metal push-release valve at the side of the opening. In use, take care not to over-pump whilst getting acclimatised to the sensation, in case you need a rapid release.

Doc Johnson Pussy pump pink plastic suction chamber, with pink hose attached.

As for the cup; this is plastic and has a curved outer lip. It surrounds the entire vulva and labial area, but take care not to blow air into the vaginal opening. Using some water-based lubricant to fully encase my vulva, before I proceeded to pump; about 3 pumps at a time, I saw my mound fill the chamber. The seal was not fully air-tight, causing recession of my engorged flesh from the upper edge of the cup chamber. Full recession on a complete pump took about 40 seconds.

I continued to pump and release for about 10 minutes which isn’t that long a time to be honest. I’d say you probably need a good 30 minutes or so to get a better effect for plumping the flesh and increasing the blood flow, hence making the sensitivity greater. My patience isn’t very long, and I wanted to play! The appearance of my vulva was perhaps 15-20% more engorged. It’s hard to say, as I’m not bare so the pubic hair hides a lot of my vulva and labial areas.

Thoughts on the sensations from using the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

In terms of the sensitivity, I did not notice a dramatic change in how sensitive my labia or clitoris felt. This could be due to the short time I used the pump though. I would like to use the pump for longer durations. I’m wondering if being bare would increase the sensation, but I don’t wish to remove all of my pubic hair.

The Doc Johnson Pussy Pump is fun to use. It takes a bit of practice to get the positioning of the cup correct to ensure a good seal. But it’s not too difficult to use. It is easy enough to clean, so long as you don’t get lots of lube trapped in the creases of the hose.

Where to buy

The Doc Johnson Pussy Pump is available to buy from Lovehoney for £24.99.

Lovehoney Red and white Deal of the Day banner

If you like suction toys you may like to read my review of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration!

Dreamgirl Wet-Look Zip Front Bustier with Buckle Choker

Unleash your inner ‘goth-rock chick’

Seeing a promotion on Lovehoney’s site recently for Dreamgirl lingerie, I decided to treat myself to their Wet-look zip front bustier with Buckle Choker. The bustier arrived packaged in a cardboard sleeve showing the model wearing the bustier, on the front. There are chains in the background of the image, giving the appearance of a dungeon setting.  The rear of the packaging,  shows the mesh rear of the bustier on the model. She is also wearing the included G-string, which shows off her peachy pert bottom.

Front of packaging sleeve for the Dreamgirl black wet-look zip front bustier with buckle choker

Rear of packaging sleeve for the Dreamgirl black wet-look zip front bustier with buckle chokerOn opening the sleeve, the bustier and G-string are wrapped in clear plastic. There were a few creases in the bustier, which is 95% polyester / 5% spandex. The straps are 65% polyurethane / 35% polyester. Sizing of the bustier is classed as one-size. It will fit people from 90 lb-160 lb (40 kg-70 kg) in mass. I believe I am at the upper end of this range (I do not know my exact weight, but it’s around the 60 kg-63 kg mark).

I did need to breathe in slightly to fasten the zip front. Also, fathoming how the buckle choker fastened around my neck was a bit of a faff. Until I discovered there is a ‘cheat’ Velcro fastening at the back of the neck! Happy days! Once in the bustier, my cleavage became a sexy display. I did not try the G-string, as I dislike the skimpiness of it. My preference would be to wear some black mesh or lacy pants with the bustier.

Wearing the Dreamgirl Wet-look zip front bustier with buckle choker 

The halter straps at the neckline have adjustable punch holes, that have buckle fastenings. You can adjust them as required to fit your frame. They lie relatively flat against my skin when I’m wearing the bustier. Below the main body of the bustier there are silver O-rings either side of the zip fastening. The suspender straps are attached to the O-rings and they hold the stockings up via those ‘rubbery type’ clips. I personally find them not too bad, though I generally find suspender clips a bit fiddly.

Neckline detail of the Dreamgirl black wet-look zip front bustier with buckle choker

To clean the bustier, you will need to hand-wash in cool water with a non-biological detergent suitable for delicates. Then hang it up to leave it to dry, so it doesn’t get creased. The Dreamgirl wet-look zip front bustier with buckle choker is £34.99 from Lovehoney.


Are you a fan of wet-look lingerie? If so, perhaps you may like to see my review on the Ann Summers Addiction wet-look zip dress.


I purchased the Dreamgirl Wet-look zip front bustier with buckle choker from Lovehoney. What you read is my honest opinion. Affiliate links are included to enable me to earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Please remember to clear your cookies before using the links. Thank you xx


Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria Massage Candle

Following on from my recent post, A selection of treats from Roomantics, I am writing this post to give my review of the Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria massage candle. It was offered to me by Lynette at Roomantics, in exchange for my unbiased review.

A tin of Black Magic

The Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria Massage candle is presented in a black metal tin. There is a spout for easy pouring of the melted oil. It weighs 170g and has a total burn time of 35 hours. Directions on the tin advise trimming the wick ¼ inch before burning. Just take care to use sharp scissors, as the tip of the wick is quite waxy. I was a bit of a numpty and accidentally gouged into the wax with the end of the scissor blade. Not a major disaster, but just spoilt the appearance of the unmelted wax somewhat.

Kama Sutra’s Tropical Plumeria massage candle has a blend of skin-conditioning coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E formulated in the wax. It smells delicious, reminding me of cocktails on a beach. Perfect for creating a sense of blissful relaxation, and a reminder of summer holidays. To create some oil for your massage, burn the candle for approximately 20 minutes. We burnt it longer, for perhaps 45 minutes, creating a decent amount of oil. It was surplus to our requirements for a back shoulder and neck massage, but the unused oil solidified on cooling.

Tropical Plumeria scented massage candle lit and burning in black tin. By Kama Sutra.

During the massage the oil felt warm, and glided on my skin without feeling greasy. It has a lovely aroma, and leaving it on my skin overnight left it feeling smooth and nourished. I am glad it has a long burn time of 35 hours, as it will mean plenty of opportunity for further massages! This also means you get reasonable value for your money.

Where to buy the Kama Sutra Topical Plumeria massage candle

The Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria candle retails for £20.50 on the Roomantics site.  It offers the chance to spend some quality time together at the end of a busy day, and we look forward using it again soon!

Do you prefer massage candles or oils? Have you tried the Kama Sutra range of products? If you are interested in their range, you can read more in the review I wrote of their travel-sized Getaway Kit.


I received the Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria candle free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion. I would like to thank Lynette at Roomantics for allowing me to review for them. Affiliate links have not been used in this post.

Sharing is Caring #SoSS

Reviews from my fellow bloggers

I have not done a Share Our Shit Saturday round-up in several weeks. I feel pretty lousy for not having done so, as I know how much work a blog takes. My sincerest apologies for being quiet on this front of late. This summary is an example of ‘sharing is caring.’

G-spot vibrator

Without further ado, here are some reviews I’ve read this week. Petra Pan tested the Fun Factory Stronic G recently. I like Fun Factory Toys and own three of my own. I hadn’t known about the magnetic solenoid system that is engineered into their toys (hence making them so powerful), nor the fact it is inspired by NASA technology! Amazing titbit of sex toy science there! It sounds like an awesome toy, and should I have the funds to buy one sometime, I’d like to try it!


Bondage God reviewed the Satisfyer Men masturbator, endorsed by porn actor Rocco Siffredi. I read the review with interest, as I know Fleshlight toys get a lot of positive feedback. Hence I was keen to see how Satisfyer’s offering would stand up. It seems in Bondage God’s case, the Satisfyer Men does offer an unrivalled masturbation experience, mimicking both oral and vaginal stimulation. The fact that you can use different sleeves makes it a versatile toy for penis owners, as they can enjoy different texture sensations. The price of the Satisfyer Men is also extremely competitive. Along with the sporty modelling of the casing it really does look a fantastic option for men looking to experience enhanced masturbation pleasure.


I have noticed some gorgeous looking dildos from Vain Toys on Twitter and Instagram. I would love to test for them, as their dildos really do look like an art-piece as well as a pleasurable delight. The range of colours and the option to add a glittery sheen makes me swoon at the thought. Not to mention the texture detailing.

I read Aurora Glory’s review of the Mister Vain dildo from Vain Toys, and it has a circumference of an eye-watering 6.7 inches! Wowsers! I had to smile as I read that Aurora used a third of a bottle of lube coaxing the Mister Vain into her vagina. Being quite tight vaginally myself, I imagine that was no easy feat, and I applaud Aurora in her efforts. It sounds like she fully enjoyed the texturing and filling girth of the Mister Vain. Not to mention its squishy feel!

Erotic Fiction

I found an awesome fantasy story by Posy Churchgate.  A Dragon’s Tale Part 3 regails Princess Violetta’s capture by the scaly fire-breathing dragon with a BDSM fetish. I have not yet read Parts 1 and 2, so I do not know the back-story. But there are hints that there will be more to follow, as we are made aware of a “bargain” struck between the pair. Moreover, the title and an excerpt from Part 3 remind us that the Dragon has a second phallus-like body part…

Many centuries had passed since the dragon had encountered a female of his own species and coupled with her. Yet there was great pleasure to be gained with a human woman using his prehensile tail rather than his cock.

The descriptive imagery in Posy’s writing makes me imagine the dragon hurtling down and swooping on the seemingly innocent Princess. I’m sure there is more to her than her daintiness and beauty!


There are so many more fabulous posts I have missed, and I apologise. I will endeavour to join in with #SoSS more regularly. In the mean-time, please keep reading, plus sharing and caring by giving comments on bloggers work!

                                                        Luv Bunny xx

Easy Love Super Powerful Thrusting Vibrating Dildo Machine

New frontiers for Luv Bunny

I recently heard from Carvaka Sex Toys, about reviewing some items for them. The Easy Love Super Powerful Thrusting Vibrating Dildo Machine caught my eye, as I have never tried a thrusting sex toy before. I must admit, the pink plastic air-ship appearance of the Easy Love did not necessarily fill me with confidence that it would be ‘Super Powerful.’ But I was keen to give it a thorough testing, and Carvaka happily obliged.

Packaging from Carvaka was discreet, as you’d expect from a major (and reputable) sex toy retailer. Inside the box, (which shows a picture of the Thrusting Machine), is the piéce de resistance, along with its suction base, the dildo attachment and a USB charging lead. There were no instructions so I wasn’t sure how long the charging time is. I plugged the lead in; easily done, and let it juice up. There is a red LED light that flashes under the control buttons while it is charging. I’d say, a good 12-16 hours of charging is needed to play.

Packaging for Pink ABS plastic thrusting dildo machine with suction base and 6-inch silicone dildo

The Thruster will only fit the dildo that comes with it. To attach, simply put the dildo in the hole, aligning it so you can twist it to fix it on. Easy-peasy again.

Pink ABS plastic thrusting dildo machineThe dildo itself is realistic looking, and is 6 ¼ inches long, with a circumference of 4 ¾ inches. The pink body of the machine is ABS, whilst the dildo is supposedly silicone. I doubt very much it is pure silicone as it does not feel like medical grade silicone that is in premium toys from the likes of Tantus or Fun Factory (among others). As I was not entirely sure if it is completely body-safe, I decided to use a condom over it. Another point to note about the dildo is that it is very smooth, so although it has the appearance of veins, there is not a lot of drag to it.

Head close-up detail of Silicone 6-inch Dildo Attachment for Easy Love Thrusting Machine


Operating the Easy Love Super Powerful Thrusting Vibrating Dildo Machine

The control panel has 4 buttons. In clockwise order, the top left button is the power switch. Press and hold for 3 seconds, and the red LED will light up. Next button is the ‘F’ (vibrating function) button that controls the vibrations of the dildo.  The ‘R-.S’ button increases the intensity of the thrusting pattern that is in use. The thrusting, in turn, is operated via the ‘F I’ button. There are 10 thrusting settings. Some are steady rhythmic thrusts, whilst others seem more erratic quick thrusts with a pause before it starts the pattern again. I prefer the regular thrusting patterns to be honest, as they most resemble actual penis-in-vagina sex. I like to increase the intensity as it fucks me.

Pink ABS plastic thrusting dildo machine

One flaw I found in the usability of the Easy Love Super Powerful thrusting vibrating dildo machine, was that it did not seem to have enough power for using whilst stuck to a surface. The suction base screws on, and with a bit of wetting prior to sticking, it will stay attached to wood. That is the only surface I have tried it on admittedly. I imagine it would stick well to tiles.

I tried using it doggy style, with it attached to either my door or the wooden frame of my bed. But when I go to insert the dildo into my vagina, it ceases to thrust and makes a humming sound like the power has been drained. The Easy Love Super Powerful Thrusting Vibrating Dildo Machine has a rotational arm that can go through 145 degrees, to optimise positioning for internal stimulation.

I do not know if it is purely a matter of insufficient charge or if it is a performance issue. But it seems I cannot get it to thrust whilst it’s attached via its suction cup. So in order to test it, I ended up holding it whilst lying on my bed. Not ideal, as it feels weighty after a time. And it isn’t performing according to its intended use. I will hold my hand up and say “hey, perhaps I have not charged it sufficiently.” But there really ought to be some indication as to how long charging takes.

Pink ABS plastic thrusting dildo machine with suction base and 6-inch silicone dildo

Like a Sex Machine

So, if you’re wondering whether the Easy Love Super Powerful Thrusting Vibrating Dildo Machine does give the ‘James Brown treatment,’ you may be surprised to hear that actually, yes it can do the business. I know I’ve been a bit scathing of the lack of power when it is attached via its suction base, but as a hand-held device it has decent thrusting action. I feel like I am being fucked, and I can hold a bullet on my clitoris, if I support the thruster with my feet. Yes, a bit of a strange way of holding a toy, but needs must, right? Alternatively, I can ask Mr Bunny to hold it, and he has obliged on occasions. The thrusting is powerful enough that without being held it will shake itself out.

In use, my mound visibly shakes as it drives into my pussy. It makes for interesting visuals! The machine retails for £64.99. Is it worth it? If this is the only sex machine you plan on buying, then yes it probably is worth it, as you can easily spend as much (and more) on a ‘luxury’ vibrator. I’d say, if you are planning to own several sex machines, then you’re probably better off putting the cash towards a more muscly machine, that doesn’t need a suction base to be supported.

The other slightly disappointing issue with this thruster is the fact you cannot use other dildos with it. That would make it so much better in my opinion. Though I appreciate it would make the design more costly.  The dildo is removable for cleaning. Just use soap and water to clean. You can wipe the ABS plastic of the machine with an antibacterial wipe.

Silicone 6 inch Dildo Attachment for Easy Love Thrusting Machine

I’d say the Thrusting machine is ideal for those who want more power than a standard vibrator. Also for those who like the thrusting acting of sex, if they wish to get a budget, entry-level machine. For hard-core sex machine users, I’d say put the money towards something more powerful and robust.

Buy your own Easy Love Super Powerful Thrusting Vibrating Dildo Machine

The thruster is available from Carvaka Sex Toys for £64.99.

Have you experience of a sex machine? Or perhaps you have tried the Easy Love machine yourself. Please give your thoughts in the comments section!


I received the thruster free of charge in exchange for my honest review. What you read here is my genuine experience with the thruster. I’d like to thank Carvaka Sex Toys for agreeing to let me test for them. Affiliate links are used to enable me to earn a small commission from sales. There is no extra cost involved. Thank you xx

Second-hand sex toys for sale

I have broached this subject before. It may freak some people out, but there may be readers who are keen to try a toy and don’t want to spend mega-bucks. In addition, condoms can be used over toys, so even though they will be sterilised, you can maintain a safe barrier.

Without further ado, I have some toys of my own I am keen to re-home and I know a fellow toy-fan who needs to clear some much needed space. The listings that immediately follow are provided by hotpantsLH (@sparkletits76), so they will be delivered from her. Payment can be made via a method that is acceptable to her. Please contact her directly via Twitter or you can use the form on my blog to contact me and I’ll pass on the message.

Sparkles toys:

Fifty Shades So Exquisite G-spot vibrator:

  • In original packaging. Silicone 7 function rechargeable vibrator, also with 3 speeds.
  • Used twice but sterilised.
  • £7, inclusive of P&P.
  • RRP £54.99.

Tracey Cox Supersex Infinite vibrator

  • Requires 2x AA batteries.
  • Never used!
  • In original packaging, and has over 100 functions!
  • Silicone; targeted for G-spot stimulation.
  • £7, inclusive of P&P.
  • RRP £29.99.


Lovehoney Magic Wand Mini

  • Requires 4x AA batteries.
  • Never used!
  • In original packaging. Has 5 functions, 3 speeds and flexible silicone head!
  • £7, inclusive of P&P.
  • RRP £29.99.


Fun Factory Abby G Vibrator

  • Silicone rechargeable vibrator with battery charger (box not available unless found).
  • Medical grade silicone.; great for G- and P-spot stimulation!
  • 6 vibration patterns and 4 speeds.
  • Used twice but sterilised.
  • £20, inclusive of P&P.
  • Abby G RRP £69.99.
  • Charger RRP £17.99.


Affiliate links are included in this post. If you wish to make a purchase please support my blog by using the links. They do not cost you any extra, but will earn me a small commission. Thank you very much! xx

A selection of treats from Roomantics

Adding fuel to the flames of passion.

I recently heard from Lynette at Roomantics, whom was kind enough to offer me the choice of some goodies from their Lubes, Oils, and Accessories range.  I selected the following items:

  1. Dona Bubble Bath Aphrodisica Flirty, 240mL.
  2. Dona Shimmer Spray Aphrodisiacs and Pheremones Grab Me in Gold, 60mL. Review to follow.
  3. Kama Sutra candle Tropical Plumeria.

The items arrived within 2 days of shipping and were discreetly packaged in a plain brown box.

Joys of a lush bathing experience.

So far I have tested the Dona Bubble Bath. It arrived with a seal over the opening of the bottle, so you can be safe in the knowledge it will not have been tampered with. The bottle is clear plastic, with a black flip-up topped cap. The instructions advise to add 1-2 capfuls to running water, producing a lather that is relatively foamy, with good-sized bubbles. I did not find it quite as bubbly as other brands I have tried.

The scent is a light fruity berry. It smells like strawberry. It is not sickly sweet, but pleasantly so. The ingredients seem innocuous on first glance of the list, as there are no parabens. But there are preservatives used, called methylisothiazolinones, which can cause allergic reactions and have some possible long-term health effects.  Forewarned is forearmed, so whilst I’ve not noticed any reaction with my skin, it is important to make readers aware that there may be adverse effects in some users.

After bathing, my skin smells fragrant and feels smooth. It doesn’t seem to dry out my skin in my opinion. As for the pheromone effect, I have not noticed hubby being more attracted to me after using it. But, if it makes me feel sexy then that does not matter to me. I am more concerned with having an enjoyable bath that feels luxurious and smells pleasant. Dona’s offering smells lush, though could do with being a bit more ‘jelly’-like in consistency to offer a more luxurious foam.  I’d recommend the Dona Bubble Bath to those who enjoy fruity scents but do not have sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetic products. It can be purchased for £8.00 from Roomantics.

I received the items mentioned in this review free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. I would like to thank Lynette at Roomantics for allowing me to review for them. Affiliate links have not been used in this post. 


A week in the life of a Hot-Wife


Jim came in from work and told Jenny he’d be leaving in the morning to go out on the road for a business meeting. He’d be gone until Friday. That night when they went up to bed, Jim slid his hands under Jenny’s camisole, cupping her breasts and pressed his firm erection against the back of her thighs. Parting her legs, she let him slide his head into her warm, moist pussy. “I’ll leave you with something to remember me by,” he growled into her ear, as he shot his load into her after half a dozen thrusts. Then rolling over, he promptly fell asleep. When Jenny woke up in the morning, he had already left.

So much for parting being such sweet sorrow, she wryly thought to herself. She made herself a coffee, and scrolled through her phone contacts. Dialling a number she’d rang on numerous occasions when Jim had left on business trips previously, she felt a thrill as a male voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hi Brad,” Jenny said breathily. “Guess what?! I’m home alone for a few days, while the old man’s away. D’ya wanna keep me company?” “Sure thing, Jenny,” replied Brad. “I’ll come over at 7 tonight.”


Later, Jenny was adding the finishing touches to her outfit. Pulling up her stockings and securing them to her suspender belt, before slipping on her sexy heels. Spritzing some perfume to her pulse points, Jenny felt a fluttering of butterflies. Brad knew her body better than her husband. Tonight was going to be fireworks compared to last night’s smoky ember. Brad arrived at 7, sharp. He was handsome, in a tailored suit and his shirt complimented his eyes. They sat down to dinner and flirted while they ate and reminisced.

Once dinner was over and the dishes cleared away, Jenny took Brad’s hand and took him into the lounge. Selecting some music, Jenny asked Brad to dance with her. He laughed and wrapped his arms around her, before leading her around the room. A few songs passed, and then they heard the opening bars of a slow dance. Brad held Jenny’s body close to his and they swayed seductively, keeping eye-contact the whole time. At the end of the track, Brad bent to kiss Jenny and then scooped her up, depositing her on the sumptuous sofa.

Getting onto his knees, he ran his hands up her stocking clad legs, then pulled them apart. “I want to taste you, Jenny” he moaned. Jenny nodded, and bit her lip as he started kissing his way up her inner thighs to her crotch. Once there, he licked and flicked her pink slit and pussy lips with his tongue, before sucking on her pert clitoris. She ground her hips up, and he slid two fingers into her tight snatch. He continued to lick and finger her until she was coming loudly. At this point, he freed his straining cock from his trousers, and plunged it into her cunt. He knelt on the edge of the sofa, as he thrusted into Jenny over and over. He loved how tight she was, and told her to milk his hard cock.

Jenny groaned as another climax washed over her, and she spasmed around his thick length. Shooting his load into her, he sighed and murmured, “you, Jenny, are one hot wife! if you were mine, there’s no way I’d go away on business. I’d want that delicious pussy of yours every night after dinner!” As it happened, Brad ended up staying over, so he got some more for breakfast.

Tuesday – Wednesday

Jenny had some errands to run after Brad had left with a big grin on his face. She went to the nearby town and collected some dry-cleaning, posted off some packages then got her nails painted at her favourite salon. After a pleasant lunch with one of her good friends, she returned home for a piano lesson. Her tutor, Ed, was a good-looking divorcé. He got Jenny to practise her scales and some chord progressions. Thereafter, he asked her to improvise a composition. Jenny had worked on her improvisation during the week, so she felt confident in her playing.

“Great work, Jenny!” Ed applauded her efforts. Jenny smiled at him, and offered him some homemade lemonade. After their drink, Jenny looked at Ed with a coy smile, and said, “oh dear, I spent my money getting my nails done earlier, so I don’t have any left to pay for my lesson.” Ed smirked and suggested, “there is another way you could pay me!” He stood up, and looked at her, as he unfasted his fly. His cock poked out and Jenny looked at it, licking her lips. She was sat on the piano stool and he stepped towards her, until he was close enough for her to take him into her mouth. Wrapping her painted fingers around his shaft she pumped him firmly and licked his swollen head. Ed gripped Jenny’s hair as he rocked his hips, sliding his hot length in and out of her waiting mouth.

When he came, his semen spurted out forcefully. It filled her mouth and flowed over her bottom lip and dribbled down her chin. Ed wiped it with his finger, and fed it to her, encouraging her to take it all. “Tonight, I’ll fill your naughty little pussy,” he promised her. True to his word, he stayed over, and restrained her to the bed posts, so she was spread-eagle. After teasing her with her wand he fucked Jenny hard and fast. Then in the night, he woke her up so he could take another payment. The following day Ed practised a duet on the piano with Jenny. Before he left, he got her to stand behind the instrument, whilst he ploughed into her once more.

Thursday – Friday

Jenny wanted some fresh air so she packed a picnic and then called Henry, a guy from the tennis club she played at. They drove out to a country park and had a stroll around the lake. Their appetite aroused, they proceeded to tuck into the hamper of goodies that Jenny had packed. Bread, meats, olives, strawberries and Danish pastries were all sampled, with Jenny and Henry feeding each other like teen lovers. Once their meal was finished they lay down and before long were kissing, then licking each other to a happy ending.

Jenny knew Henry would be more than happy to stay the night at hers, so when it was time to return, they packed up and drove off together. That night, they went through 3 or 4 positions together, whilst exploring each others bodies and sating their lust. Jenny realised that Jim had not entered her mind once these past few days. She would fulfil her wifely duty when he returned, but until then she would not waste another moment of her freedom!

Did you enjoy this story? If so, perhaps you may like to read more short stories. I have published a piece in Eroticon’s anthology (along with other writers). It can be purchased here: 

Pretty Love ‘Flutter’ rechargeable silicone vibrator

I recently was offered to review a couple of items from Carvaka Sex Toy’s range, and I chose the Pretty Love ‘Flutter’ rechargeable silicone vibrator. Its shape intrigued me as it has broad butterfly-style clitoral arms.  The Pretty Love Flutter vibrator comes packaged in a sturdy black box, with a picture of the vibrator on the lid. Inside, the Pretty Love Flutter is stored within a black mesh bag, along with an instruction manual, UK wall adaptor (very useful) and the USB charging lead.

It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the vibrator. Once charged, it will run for up to 2 hours. The shaft is very slim and there is a bend to stimulate the G spot. The tip of the shaft has some ridges to add some texture. To switch the vibrator on, simply press the power button. A red light will illuminate, and then the vibrations can be turned on using the button below the power switch. Repeated pressing of this button cycles through the 10 vibration functions.

A word of warning; the vibrations of the Pretty Love Flutter vibrator are very buzzy. The settings consist of three continuous vibration intensities followed by alternating patterns of ‘waves’ or ‘pulses’ in varying intensities. Since the shaft is extremely flexible it’s not necessarily the easiest to insert despite its slim nature. Once inserted, it just feels ‘meh.’ Like the vibrations are so weak they are dulled by my vaginal walls. The clitoral arms seem too wide to do their job effectively. They are pretty floppy too, and there is no vibration in them whatsoever.

Will anyone like the Pretty Love ‘Flutter’ rechargeable silicone vibrator?

The answer to this question may be yes if you are a complete novice to sex toys. Otherwise you may well have been spoiled by more girthy and rumbly toys. If you’ve yet to experience penetrative penis-in-vagina sex, then this toy may be a good introduction to vaginal penetration. But on the whole, I’d say avoid this toy if you like stronger vibrations, thicker and firmer silicone, and dual stimulators that actually provide dual stimulation.

The Pretty Love Flutter rechargeable silicone vibrator can be purchased from Carvaka Sex Toys for £29.99.

I’d like to thank Carvaka Sex Toys for offering me the chance to review for them. What you read here is my honest opinion. Affiliate links are included to Carvaka’s website, so that if you decide to buy from them I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.