Room with a view

This is my sanctuary; a place I come to indulge myself in my carnal desires. The room is opulent with heavy velvet brocade drapes, a sleigh bed with a faux fur throw and satin sheets. All deep colours, with glittering embellishments. My mirrored wardrobes hide the objects of my gratification. Exquisite blown glass sculptures in an array of designs and colours. A rather fanciful display behind their illuminated windows, within the recesses of my Aladdin’s cave of delight. 

The room has another expanse of glass on the wall opposite the bed. I cannot see what is behind the glass, but I get a magnificent reflection of the room in all its splendour. A crystal chandelier hangs over my bed, and the light beams through each crystal creating prism arcs of colour. I call the glass on the wall my looking glass, as it contains a hidden secret…on the other side of the glass is a discreet room, opulent but manly, with wooden coffee table and dark leather sofas. The other room is an observation room you see…it is where guests can enter, choose an outfit for me to wear, that will be laid out on the sleigh bed by my assistant. I will get dressed in the satin corsetry or lacy basque that has been chosen. Perch my voluptuous derrière on a velveteen foot stall at the end of my bed, and draw up fresh nylon stockings or thigh highs. Put on my sexy heels and admire my reflection in the looking glass, before I take to my bed. 
On that magnificent sleigh, I will run my dainty hands over my creamy breasts, down my torso and across my hips. Caressing my inner thighs, I will part my legs and expose my flowering inner folds. Then as my guest watches on, I will use whichever glass phallus has piqued my carnal interest. It will enter my warm moist hole, sliding in and out as I writhe with pleasure on my bed. I will be looking at my voyeur, without seeing him, and he will be working his own phallus in his hands. Both seeking our pleasure and climactic release we will work in unison until there is a tide of primal lust exploding from within our centres. We may even simultaneously cum…that will be his treat alone to enjoy. I have no knowledge who is there after all. I merely delight in my own little private show reflecting back at me. 

Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes pinwheel 

Prickly business

Sensation play is a kink I’m quite keen on, as both a receiver and a giver. I’m no ‘pain slut’ but I appreciate mild pain as going hand in hand with pleasure. Having tried a pinwheel before and feeling somewhat disappointed by its lack of bite, I decided to try the Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes.

My spiny wheel of torturous delight was swiftly dispatched from Orgasmic UK, a company I have used a couple of times. They don’t have an affiliate scheme, but I’m hoping they will start one up, as they do some really good deals on Fun Factory toys, which aren’t necessarily the cheapest toys. 

The Fifty Shades Adrenaline Spikes pinwheel arrived in the black and dark midnight blue slimline cardboard box, with a silky drawstring bag and instruction leaflet. The pinwheel itself is made from nickel-free metal, with a 5 1/2 inch handle, which has three deep horizontal grooves along the front and back from the outer edge and into the first 3 inches of the handle. The head of the wheel has the Fifty Shades DARKER logo embossed on it. 

There are 22 spikes radiating out from the head. Touching the tip of a spike is reminiscent of a nail, poised and ready to pierce. Normal contact pressure however will not damage skin. It does deliver tingles across the flesh as it is drawn along limbs and torsos. Figure of eight patterns are pleasing to have traced upon the skin with this wheel. There is the hint of an edgy bite to this wheel, but it is subtle and enticing. 

As a prelude to more intense sensation play such as wax play or harder impact play, the Adrenaline Spikes offers a titilating experience. You will want more of the same, and with such a striking instrument of pleasure, it would be rude not to! 

The Fifty Shades Adrenaline Spikes Pinwheel is currently on sale for £13 at Orgasmic. 

The Retreat

Lucinda was a successful high-flying career-woman. She’d worked as a publishing assistant for several years before moving into marketing and strategies implementation. Now a partner in a company she’d co-founded, she felt accomplished. All her hard work had not left much time for meeting people and socialising outside of work. As a consequence, whilst her friends from college were getting married and setting up home, she was more frequently in need of a ‘plus one’ at weddings she had been invited to these past few years. Her mother would ask her hopefully each time she returned to her family home, ‘when do I get to meet your new man?’ 
Whilst mildly irritated that her mother seemed to feel that she was incomplete without another ‘half, she was touched her mother wished for her to meet someone she could share her life with. It was something she had wanted subconsciously for a while. It just hadn’t happened… She broke from her daydream and looked at the clock; she gasped, it was already 4:30 and she was being picked up in an hour by her driver Ferdinand. Luckily she had her small travel case already packed. It was safely stowed under her desk. Her destination was a luxury retreat in the woods with a rustic log cabin and a boating lake. In the woods there was a clearing with level ground for practicing yoga or Pilates on. Having worked hard for months on end she was feeling in need of rejuvenation and relaxation. The retreat would be just what she needed.
Within the hour she’d completed several quick tasks and set up her out-of-office email. A list of delegated duties had been compiled and left on her PA’s desk. She felt ready to leave the fast-paced office behind and slow down, unwinding in those peaceful woodland surroundings. Ferdinand was dutifully waiting for her in the car park by the office building. He opened her door for her, she stepped into the black Mercedes, and he closed the door behind her and stowed her case in the boot. Pulling out of the car park she breathed a sigh of relief. Ferdinand glanced at her in his mirror; ‘long day ma’am?’ She laughed wryly and replied, ‘more like a long month! I’m glad the Caxton project is finally done.’ 

Ferdinand informed her their estimated arrival time would be 7:30 pm. Only 2 hours and she would be a world away from the office. The next moment it seemed, Lucinda was opening her drowsy eyes to the sight and scent of fresh pine spruce. Awakening her senses, it was a welcome scene. Ferdinand smiled at her as he noticed her rousing from her sleep. ‘Best way to travel, ma’am.’ Lucinda giggled and answered, ‘yes, I feel rested and ready for the evening now.’ After sorting out her luggage, Ferdinand took his leave, confirming his return in 5 days time. Lucinda had placed her case on the opulent double bed and was removing items to hang in the wardrobe. The furniture was all made of solid pine, and the room was tastefully decorated in pale yellow and blue. The ensuite had a large glass shower cubicle with rain-head attachment. There was also a large deep bath. 

She decided to freshen up in the shower, before dressing in a pretty wrap dress for dinner. She buckled up her strappy sandals and put on her jewellery. Once happy with her ensemble, she nodded to herself and murmured ‘time to mingle.’ The dining hall was lavishly bedecked and the buffet table was well-stocked with mouth-watering dishes. She went go the buffet and thoughtfully added an array of appetisers. As she browsed the row of tables set up for retreat-goers she saw one that had a few friendly-looking faces there. Joining the table, she smiled and introduced herself, ‘I’m Lucinda, but you can call me Lucie.’ The two other women at the table gave their names, then they were joined by a rather harried looking man in his 40s. He nervously smiled and uttered his name as Henry. It turned out he’d been left by his wife of 9 years and he was going through a bitter divorce, whilst his children were acting out at the split. He had got help from his sister, who was looking after the children while his wife was on holiday with her new lover. The women listened to his story with sympathetic glances. 

Lucie was on her way back to the informal lounge for post dinner drinks, when she bumped into a tall athletic figure. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she blurted. ‘No problem’ the handsome male responded, ‘though I’m more worried about you than you ought to be about me!’ Lucinda insisted she was fine, then quickly stole a backward glance at him as he strode away. Katrina, one of her dinner companions gawped and announced, ‘wow, he’s a heart-breaker! I heard he’s the Pilates instructor, and also does kite-surfing’ The rest of the evening was pleasant enough but she longed to go to bed and rest her tired mind. She’d be doing an exercise class in the morning and wanted to be well-rested. 

In the morning she arose from the bed fresh and ready to face the day. After breakfast she was due to go to the woodland clearing for Pilates. Kat from dinner last night was going too. So she’d know at least one other participant, not that it mattered. After a delicious breakfast she returned to her room to get into her workout attire and collect her water bottle. She met Kat in the atrium and they headed out into the woods and strolled along the trail. Kat was in a perky chatty mood. Lucie was happy enough to listen to Kat’s monologue. 
They soon entered the clearing in the woods, where the Pilates class was held. The instructor had set up some mats. He was selecting music to play on the iPod and speaker dock. A lilting Jack Johnson melody began to play, and the instructor let the music continue until the rest of the class had gathered. He then paused the track that was playing while he gave his introduction and safety brief. His name was Jeff and Lucie recognised him as the attractive guy she’d bumped into after dinner the previous evening. He winked when he saw her and she felt herself blushing. ‘Ok, guys, let’s get to work!’ Jeff called out enthusiastically to the class. Kat muttered, ‘if only you’d work on me…’ This made Lucie smile. It seemed Jeff had heard Kat as he seemed to be blinking in disbelief. He composed himself quickly and lead the class into their first set of exercises. During the class he monitored the poses of the participants, correcting their posture when necessary. On one pose, he came alongside Lucie and placed a hand on her hip exerting a mild pressure to align it with her other hip. ‘Try to work from your core muscles and keep your position neutral,’ he encouraged her. She thanked him. The class went by fairly swiftly, then Kat asked if Lucie would like to join her and another friend on the lake that afternoon. 
She had some time to herself for an hour so she went to the library cabin and read on the ottoman couch for the remainder of the morning. Lunch was served at half past twelve. It was a chicken salad with grape juice. The food was nutritious and delectable. She thought about each mouthful, enjoying the flavours and texture. Later that afternoon she was at the lake getting her life-vest fitted for a kite surfing lesson. She realised Jeff would be giving the lesson and her pulse quickened. He greeted them on the sandy shore of the lake. He had three smaller boards rigged up for the novices and his was a couple of feet longer. After giving them some instructions on handling the kite and catching the wind, they were allowed out onto the lake. 
They waded out to shallow waters before stepping onto the floating boards. Their feet were encased in rubber-soled water shoes. The uppers were made out of wet-suit material. As Lucie balanced herself on the board she felt the wind pick up and propel her along. Water gently lapped over the end of her board. It was exhilarating, catching the wind and floating along feeling free of the strains of her working life. Suddenly a strong gust of wind caught her kite, and she lost her balance and footing on the board. She fell sideways into the water. It wasn’t deep but it was going to be tricky to mount the board again. Jeff glided up alongside her board and called out instructions for helping her on the board again. She needed to lie on it like a surfer, then maintain a steady gait while she propped herself onto her knees, before standing. There were handles on the upper surface of the board to hold onto. 
Once she’d got back on the board they continued to meander along the lake’s edge. They made a full circuit then Jeff directed them back to shore. 
Lucie managed to only fall off one other time in the hour they spent on the lake. She felt proud of herself. After changing into her clothes back on dry land, Jeff congratulated the trio on their successful outing. Jeff caught her eye as she was leaving and he handed her a piece of paper. She waited until she was back in her room before she read it. The note was written in black ink, and said ‘please join me for a drink after dinner this evening. See you in the Pilates area at 8pm x’
Lucie felt her stomach flutter as she read the note again. Her mum had been right, if she gave herself the chance to meet more people she may find someone after all! An art class filled the rest of her afternoon, and then before long it was time for dinner. She sat with Kat, her friend and Henry again. Already Henry seemed more relaxed. His smile was less nervous as they greeted each other. The meal was filled with light banter and recounts of the day’s activities. Kat piped up, ‘Lucie is so elegant, she made falling off a surf-board look composed! ‘ Lucie had to chuckle, ‘well I certainly didn’t feel composed!’ She was looking forward to her ‘date’ with Jeff, it would be nice to know more about him…
She made her way to the clearing and found it lit up with LED battery powered candles. ‘I prefer natural flames, but it wouldn’t be a good idea here,’ Jeff told her as she approached. He was sat on a swinging chair for two suspended from a tree branch overhead. There was a small folding table in front of the seat, and perched on top were a wine cooler and two glasses. ‘A glass of Sancerre, Lucie?’ he enquired. ‘Yes please, ‘ was her reply. ‘Otherwise it’d be a quick meeting!’ Jeff joked; Lucie smiled. 
They talked awhile, about why Lucie was at the retreat, and what her interests were. Jeff was very charming and he complimented her ability in his classes that day. ‘You seem very accomplished’ he observed, ‘why are you still single?’ Her simple response was that she’d not met the right person. She hadn’t devoted much time to the dating scene. 
They had a lull in their conversation and he looked at her thoughtfully. ‘I’m not normally so bold,’ he told her, ‘but I find you very intriguing.’ He leaned in towards Lucie and his lips met hers in a lingering kiss. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. He paused to ask her if she’d like to go somewhere more sheltered. She asked if anyone was likely to pass by. ‘I doubt it, there’s no bar service out here!’ Lucie stated that she’d be content to stay in the clearing. Jeff invited her to recline on the swinging seat and took her sandals off kissing her insteps, as he did so. ‘I like to please the lady first,’ he told her, smiling. He asked Lucie if she was happy for him to continue and she said she was. It had been a long time since she’d had any carnal pleasure, and if he were willing to start with hers then all the better. 
He kissed up her legs and lingered over her thighs. Then he brushed his hand over her thighs and slid it under her legs. Parting her thighs he knelt towards her moist pussy, inhaling her scent. She smelt fresh and feminine. He had to taste her so he flicked his tongue along her folds and lapped up her nectar. She tasted exquisite, and her skin was warm and soft. He rested a hand on her mound and continued to stimulate her delicate flesh with his tongue. She moaned and ground her hips up towards him. The sounds of her pleasure excited him, and he asked her if she’d like to take him inside her. ‘Yes,’ she breathed heavily in her aroused state. Jeff laid down, untying his shorts and sliding them off. He pulled her on top of him, telling her he wanted her to take control. ‘You mastered the kite-surfing today, now ride on me and take your pleasure.’
This sounded like an offer she couldn’t refuse. He pulled a condom from a pocket in his shorts, and removed the sheath from its packet. He rolled it along his length. Lucie could see he was girthy; he’d stretch her since it had been at least a year since she’d last been this close to male company. She held his thick shaft at her entrance and sat down upon him, taking his head in followed by the first few inches of his cock. He was warm and firm, and he growled as she sunk down on him, the sensations of her rippling pussy flesh gripping him and arousing him further still, if that were possible. As she undulated her hips over him, she felt her pussy clasp his cock, clenching around him. There was ‘muscle memory’ it seemed, despite the drought in her sex life this past year.  
Jeff encouraged her, telling her how good she felt around him. He held onto her hips and eased her up and down upon his hard length. ‘Touch yourself and give yourself pleasure,’ he commanded in a gruff voice. She could tell he was reaching the point of no return, and she slowed her movements down, purposefully delaying the inevitable. She reached down and rubbed her fingers over her clitoris, swirling around it in circular motions. She could feel the pleasurable sensations build and Jeff started to rock her up and down upon his shaft once more. In a few more thrusts she felt her orgasm release, making her pussy spasm and clench around him. Jeff reached his climax momentarily, and groaned with satisfaction, kissing Lucie deeply on the lips. 
After they’d laid awhile, basking in the serene afterglow of their passionate encounter, Jeff asked Lucie when she would be returning to her home. ‘In four days,’ Lucie sighed. ‘Is there a chance we could make this a regular feature in the next four days?’ replied Jeff. ‘Oh, I think I definitely need more surfing and Pilates tuition!’ Lucie said teasingly, and kissed him again. This retreat was just what she’d needed after all!

Liberator Pulse Cushion

A cushion for the pushin’

I’d heard of the Liberator range and thought, ‘ok, they sound like nice cushions but surely they cannot justify the £65+ price tag?!’ I was more tempted to splash out on one when I struck up a conversation with Damian from Bedroom Adventures, and was kindly offered a 25% discount. From their range, the Liberator Pulse took my fancy as it offers pockets for holding toys. Not to mention, dildos can be held within the cushion to form my very own rodeo ride! Now if that doesn’t quicken the pulse, I don’t know what will!

Besides, just being useful as a solo masturbatory aid, the Liberator Pulse can aid comfort for couples play, performing as a wedge. Raised hips add something deeply sinful to standard missionary. The Pulse can also be draped over for a more ‘relaxing’ doggie style. There’s no need to fret about getting wet and sticky on the cushion, as it has a velvety removable cover that can be machine washed.

Shrink-wrapped for economic shipping

The box that the Liberator Pulse arrived in looked far too small. I had heard that the cushions were vacuum-packed to save space and waste less packaging. The sexy lady was on the box, and there was a magnetic flip opening to give more information about the cushion’s uses. On opening the box, the Pulse was tightly compressed into a mini sleeping-bag style case. I removed the vacuum-packed Pulse from the bag, and released it from its plastic wrapper. Poof! It blew back up to its normal size. Impressive! The cushion consisted of the foam  encased in its waterproof jacket. The velvety plush cover was packaged separately.

The cover was easy enough to position over the cushion. Once set up, I was keen to try out my new Liberator. I tried using my Tango bullet and the Leaf Vitality + vibrator in the pocket. I found with both though, that they didn’t easily reach my clitoris. Moreover, because the pocket is quite wide, there is a bit too much ‘wriggle room.’ The first dildo I tried in the cushion was my Shaftsbury metal dildo. I found this got ‘lost’ within the cushion too easily though, being a slimmer dildo. I tried a meatier, silicone dildo; the Tantus Echo. This has a base so is better for being ‘gripped’ by the Pulse’s opening. I tried riding my toys on the cushion, in both directions. The best orientation I found was having the thicker part under my butt. This gave the best position for rocking against.

Rocking and Rolling

Using the Pulse is a fun way to grind myself against my dildos. I find the thicker dildos with a base work best with the cushion. I feel supported, so I can play for extended periods without getting fatigued. Conventional straddling of a toy over my bed can get tiring on the thighs and butt after a time. Though I’ve not played much with clitoral toys in the pockets, I’m wondering how a rabbit would fare in the slot of the pulse. I’m sure I could put my Desire Rabbit to good use in this way, as I like to straddle this toy using it on my bed.

When the cover needs a wash, it is easy enough to remove and put in the machine on a 40 degree synthetic cycle. It dries within 24 hours. The cushion itself is discreet. It has the Liberator label, but this does not scream out sexual aid.

For use with Mr Bunny, the Liberator Pulse makes a nice comfy prop to lean over for doggie style, or I can wedge it under my hips. Either way, it’s a fun toy to add to our collection!

Get your Liberator Pulse!

Bedroom Adventures have kindly offered to provide a 20% discount to readers of this blog, with the code given on the blog homepage . This is on a first-come, first-served basis though.

In Canada / US, the Liberator Pulse can be purchased from Betty’s Toy Box for $84.99.

Affiliate links are used in this post.

Tango by We-Vibe

Normally it takes two

The Tango by We-Vibe is my first toy from the manufacturer. I must admit, I have been scared off the ‘app’-associated partner toys sold by the company in light of the news that personal data had been hacked. The Tango, however, has no need for an app. It’s a simple bullet in the timeless ‘lipstick’ design. Discreet enough for a handbag, but powerful with it. A rumblier version of those cheaper battery operated bullets (BoBs, I shall call them).

I purchased my Tango from 4Playsure. They had a ‘hump’ week offer at the start of June, and I was tempted to join my fellow peers who had been Tango’ed! I opted for the bright blue colour, as it is less ‘girlie’ than the shocking pink version. Blue is a colour that is starting to become more popular in sex toy circles, and I am glad, as I love the colour. My Tango came packaged in a simple understated white / blue cardboard box. Within the box are the Tango (nestled in a foam insert), charging dock and USB cable, instruction booklet, warranty card and white satin pouch.

A dance with my new Tango awaits!

The information on the back of the box states that it is:

  • 100% waterproof
  • whisper quiet
  • body safe

Furthermore, the Tango has 8 modes, 4 of which are continuous vibrations (the remaining 4 being patterns). It also has a low-power alert. Useful, so you don’t get too carried away, only to wind up frustrated. The Tango by We-Vibe has a flattened surface at the tip, for broader stimulation on erogenous zones, whilst the tapered tip and edges can provide more pinpoint vibrations.

Charging the Tango

This part of using my Tango is my least favourite…Sadly, I seem to encounter the issue of the magnetic connection slipping. Luckily, there is am orange light to let you know the toy is charging. Periodically, during charging, the toy will move ever so slightly off the base, making the light go out. Frustrating when you go to switch the Tango on, only to find it has a dozy ‘wasp’ buzz, rather than a killer bee ‘rumble!’ Normal charging takes about 90 minutes.

That orange light is so useful!

When the battery is low, a light will flash alerting you that recharging is necessary. If using your laptop / computer to charge, it is important to note that charging will not take place if the computer has gone into hibernation mode. Once fully charged, the Tango will vibrate for 2 hours of play time. Not that you’ll need 2 hours to climax with this powerful bullet!

Using the Tango

The Tango is made of ABS thermoplastic. Apart from the We-vibe and Tango logos moulded around its base, it is completely smooth on the surface. This means you do not need too much (if any) lubricant. The control button is a small raised bump on the Tango’s base, located between the two magnetic charging pins. To switch on, simply press and hold the button for two seconds. The Tango has a memory function, so on switching on, it will go to the last setting it was using.

There are 8 modes, as mentioned previously, depicted in the lealet by little wave charts. The four continuous vibration settings are first; low, medium, high and ultra-high. These are proceeded by the pattern settings; wave, pulse, tease and cha-cha. Just switching on the blue bullet, I can tell from the fuzzy reverberations going off in my hand, that it promises great sensations. As for whisper quiet…I’ve yet to find a toy that is truly ‘whisper quiet,’ but then a whisper can sometimes be quite loud! I find the noise from the Tango to be acceptable. But I’m not in an exceptionally busy household.

I may own my new Tango…but will it own my orgasms?

Strictly Cum Dancing

Parting my sensitive labia and applying the tip of the Tango to my clitoris tells me that I won’t be the one controlling my climactic release. Just like the partnered dance, the Tango builds up its intensity, and pulls me along the tumultuous tide of lust. I am thrown over the edge of my orgasmic precipice and shatter into the blissful rapture of release. Just like the female is ceremoniously dragged along to her fate in the syncopated steps of the dance.

Yes, I have milked the metaphor as much as I can, but I really do feel the Tango deserves the merit I offer it. It is my favourite bullet / mini vibe. I will forgive it the problematic charging, for its orgasmic capability. If you are looking to purchase a bullet, splash the cash and get something that will deliver. The Tango certainly does!

Purchase your own Tango in blue or pink for £66.99, and in using this link you’ll be supporting my work on this blog.

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Womanizer 2GO

A Lipstick style clitoral stimulator 

The Womanizer 2GO clitoral stimulator is my first toy from the Womanizer brand. It was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review by Lovehoney. This Womanizer differs from other models such as the W500 and Pro40 in that it only has the one button to control both the power and intensities, rather than separate controls. In addition, the rounded silicone head of the predecessors (and similarly to that on the Satisfyer Pro 2), has been replaced by a more elliptical head. Whether this is just to fit in with the ‘Lipstick’ design or if it indeed improves the functionality of the pressure wave suction remains to be decided.

Novelty design, but who are Womanizer trying to fool?

The box is an attractive co-ordinating Black and Gold. Contained within are the Womanizer 2GO, the USB charging cable, the XL head and instruction booklet. To help keep the lid of the box closed there is a magnetic fastening. I quite like the design of the Womanizer 2GO as a lipstick, as it is not obvious that it’s a clitoral stimulator. It could be mistaken for a perfume bottle. The lid keeps the nozzle dust-free, and sports the cute ‘W’ logo.

                   The contents of the fancy box

To charge the toy, simply lift the flap that covers the port on the base of the toy. Insert the jack, and plug the USB end into a suitable outlet. The main button will flash green whilst charging, then remain constantly green when fully powered. Charging takes about 2 hours. When the Womanizer 2GO needs recharging, the button will illuminate red. This feature makes it easy to know whether the toy needs charging.

The battery life is good, as I’ve played with the Womanizer 2GO about 3 times before needing to recharge. It perhaps may have lasted even longer, as the LED hadn’t flashed red. I just felt like topping up the charge. I think the total playtime can be up to about 2 hours depending on the intensity it is set to.

Part your lips to apply

In use, this toy is pretty easy to get to grips with, since it only has the one button. To switch on, press and hold for 2 seconds, and the ‘soft start’ mode will turn on. You can then press the button repeatedly to cycle between the 6 intensities before it’ll go back to the ‘soft start’. I like that it comes with two heads; the narrower one gives more pinpoint suction, but I actually think I prefer the broader suction from the XL head.

Regular head on the left; XL head on the right

Personally, I find the Womanizer 2GO quieter than the Satisfyer Pro 2, and I feel that 6 intensities offer all I need to ramp up the arousal through to a leg-shaking orgasm. I must admit, I will quite happily have the intensity at its highest levels, being somewhat of a ‘power queen.’

I do sometimes find turning the toy so that the point is downward towards my vagina helps with the sensation. I’m not sure why that is. Though the Womanizer 2GO is IPX7 waterproof-rated, I’ve not submerged it, as it seems a bit unnecessary given that the silicone nozzle can be easily removed for cleaning. If I want to clean inside the chamber, I can just use a cotton bud soaked in toy cleaner.

The Womanizer 2GO has two head attachments, is IPX7-rated, and uses pressure wave technology.

I think this toy is an excellent addition to my collection, and as the first Womanizer I’ve tried, I think I can say that despite the price tag, it beats the Satisfyer Pro 2 in terms of orgasm-capability and noise levels. I also think the quality seems better, and sometimes it really is a case of you get what you pay for.

Buy your Womanizer 2GO

You can get your own Lipstick clitoral stimulator from Lovehoney for £129.99, available in black, green/pink, or white.

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Doxy Plug-in Vibrating Wand Massager

My new Doxy box of delight

Since owning my Lovehoney Plug-in wand and hearing about other people’s experience with the Doxy Plug-in wand, I’ve lusted after the UK-built ‘power toy.’ It is available in black, white, pink and purple, and usually retails at about £89.99. I got mine whilst on offer at Forbidden Pleasures (the first time I had used said retailer). Dispatch was prompt and the package was discreetly plain.

My first impression on opening the box is that the Doxy is a sizeable pleasure instrument, by comparison to the Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic wand.

The Purple Doxy and the Black Lovehoney mains powered wands, go head to head.
  • Doxy has a length of 14.5 inches from head to the end of the flex surrounding the power cord. Its body is ABS plastic and aluminium, with three silicone buttons (power, ‘+’ and ‘-‘) and a hypoallergenic medical-grade PVC head.
Doxy is ‘a head above the rest’
  • By contrast the Lovehoney wand is about 2 inches shorter, and is constructed from plastic (latex-free and phthalate-free). It operates using a scrolling click wheel.
  • Instructions for the Doxy say that either water-based or silicone-based lubricants are possible to use. Meanwhile, the Lovehoney wand’s leaflet advises to only use water-based lubricant.

Cleaning either of these wands will require a soft damp cloth and toy cleaner.  The head of the Lovehoney wand does have concentric circling ridges (5 in total) around its circumference, so this makes for more rigorous cleaning to ensure all gunk is removed. The Doxy’s head is completely smooth, and so is far easier to clean.

Giving the wands a whirr

Speed settings of the Lovehoney wand range from approximately 5000 RPM up to 6500 RPM. Doxy’s settings cover a wider range of intensities, from 3000 RPM – 9000 RPM. Now that’s impressive! Another feature the Doxy boasts is a plug top power supply unit (PSU), which means a low DC voltage travels into the massager. With a simple plug adaptor, you can use your Doxy all over the world!

The power adaptor is…ta-dah… adaptable!

Powering on the Doxy, it rumbles into life. Going from slowest to fastest vibrations there are approximately 8 levels.  There is a ‘Pulse’ setting; to operate simply switch off the Doxy then press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. Releasing the power button will enable the pulse, whereby vibrations ramp up from lowest intensity to highest, on a looping cycle. It’s also possible to vary the time it takes for the ascending vibrations to build, by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons.

This function seems a useful feature for a Dominant partner to use on a submissive for edge play, or for a solo session where you want to delay reaching climax.


Simple and large push buttons, makes play seamless
Good Vibrations

The large head on the Doxy Plug-in vibrating wand massager means it transmits its rumbling vibrations all over the vulva. This ensures clitoral and labial coverage is maximised. I like to use the Doxy on a lower intensity to start with, as it is powerful enough even at lower speeds to arouse the erogenous areas. Within mere minutes I can cum from the deep core-gasm rumbles of it’s wide head. I’d love to get some attachments for it, to put it to use against my g-spot too.

The Doxy is good at displacing lubricant at higher speeds though, so it is wise to start off at low intensities. Using it on my forearm to try and relieve some tension from a repetitive strain injury (not obtained from dildo diddling- honest!), I could see the silicone lubricant I was using being centrifugally forced out from under the head of the Doxy.

The Doxy Plug-in vibrating wand can be enjoyed by men as well as women. Social media discussions about its versatility at enhancing male masturbation highlight its use at stimulating the frenulum, perineum and scrotum. Besides, loads of guys like power tools, amiright? The Doxy is essentially a power tool!


Crank up the volume, whether it’s The Beach Boys or the Beastie Boys 

The Doxy plug-in vibrating wand is a loud toy, and can be heard through doors and walls. For this reason, it is not going to be the best to use if you prefer to masturbate stealthily. As an indicator of it’s audibility, at the lowest speed, it is not quite audible through a closed door. This was with some good ol’ Classic FM blasting up from the hallway. I swear Mr Bunny cranks the volume up to a higher than ‘normal’ level for listening to in the kitchen! At the highest speed, the Doxy plug-in vibrating wand can be discernibly heard through the door (despite the background music). Moreover, I plugged it in our spare room, leaving it lying on the floor. Switched on at full intensity, it was heard through the wall adjoining my daughter’s room.

And I had a giggle when I went back to the spare room, and found the beast had propelled itself along the floor almost to the end of it’s power lead. The lead is 3m long too, so this highlights the force of the vibrations on the Doxy!

Final thoughts

I like the Doxy for it’s aesthetic looks, its power and ability to induce toe-curling orgasms in minutes. I’d rate it 9/10, with the deduction in marks from 10 purely for its noise levels. Although I’ve only compared it with the Lovehoney wand here, a fellow blogger agreed that it’s the best mains-powered wand in its price-range (personal communication with the host at


Buying Options

In North America

  • Tantus sell the original Doxy for $139.99 in the four colours stated.

In the UK

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Ann Summers Addiction Wet-Look Zip dress, Red

Fuelling my lingerie Addiction…

The Ann Summers Addiction Wet-Look dress was on offer at Ann Summers a month or so ago. I’d been keeping an eye on it for a week or so. When I saw it offered for £24 I knew I had to get it! I love red lingerie (black too; this dress is also available in the noir staple). It was the red I chose, as it looked so seductively hot on the model.

Luckily for me, I got the sizing correct first time (I’d ordered the medium, as I am 12-14). Currently I’m closer to the 12 than the 14, which is great. So long as I do not overindulge in the Ben & Jerry’s or barbecues (my summer body nemeses)! First comment to make about the Ann Summers Addiction dress in red, is that the colour is somewhat brighter than the tone shown on the web site. The image there makes is appear more deep cherry red, whereas in the flesh it is more bright red, like a ‘salsa’ red. Whilst this did not bother me, I feel it’s important to make potential purchasers aware.

Front of the packaging

Packaging for the Ann Summers Addiction dress, is a cardboard sleeve box, with plastic wrapper containing the dress. The dress is folded around a cardboard insert to help it retain shape inside the box. The packaging gives some instructions for hand-washing the dress, and keeping it away from fire. Both common-sense I would have thought!

Rear of the packaging; mostly common sense information

Out of the box, I unwrapped the dress, and gave it a thorough look. It appears well-constructed and the seams are all neatly finished as you’d expect of a well-known brand as Ann Summers. My only nit-pick is that the ends of the drawstring cords on the lace-up panelling details could be finished off more attractively. They look like they are simply heat-finished to seal off the ends. They could have been fitted with metal togs to complement the eyelets.

Zipping it up

In any case, I was eager to try the dress, and I excitedly unzipped it, before slipping my arms through the straps and fastening up the shiny zip. All was nice and smooth with the running of the zip. That’s an important feature, as aesthetically it looks cool, but it also needs to be fully functional too. A zip that sticks or unzips apart is not going to score highly, on the sexiness scale!

The fit of the dress is like a glove; it hugs your curves, and displays cleavage beautifully. The hem just sat over my derriere, leaving enough to the imagination to add to the seductive quality of the outfit.

Teamed with red laced-top fishnet thigh-high stockings, the effect is especially sultry. Your partner will be ‘Addicted’ to you in this dress. Fact. It’s not my first wet-look outfit, but I prefer it to the other one I have (a sexy cop dress), as it has more flattering styling and enhances your sexy features. The only item I need to complete the look is some red leather heels!

Teams well with lace-topped fishnet thigh-highs

As per the instructions, I hand-washed the dress in cold water with a non-biological detergent suitable for delicate items. There was a lot of loose dye released during the washing, so take care to only wash with similar colour items! I did not wring the dress, and tried to gently squeeze the excess water from it, so as not to create creases in the Polyester/Elastane material. I left it to dry, hanging over my bath. The recent heat meant it dried within 24 hours.

A must-have for those that love racy lingerie

My final thoughts on the Addiction dress by Ann Summers, is that it will be a boudoir piece de resistance for fuelling passionate times with your partner/s. Guys will love it for the wow factor it evokes. Gals will love feeling like a saucy temptress, whilst wearing it.

Cleavage enhancing, and allows sneaky glimpses of thighs and waist.

I’d rate it 8.5 / 10 (marks deducted for the packaging making it appear a deeper red than it is, and the lace-up cord endings).

Buy yours in Black or Red, sizes S (8-10), M (12-14), L (16-18) from Ann Summers for a sizzling £28.00! Currently in the buy one, get one half-price in Erotic Wear.

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Knotty play is an artform and psychological test of D/s interaction.


One form of kink I’ve been researching lately is Shibari. The ancient Japanese art of using lengths of rope to bind a person with intricate knot-work and /or for restraining purposes. Shibari literally means ‘to tie.’ It originated from the Japanese police and Samurai in the period 1400-1700. Initially a form of restraint for prisoners, it was derived from the martial art Hojo-jutsu. In the 1800s, Kinbaku, an erotic form of the practice became prevalent*. Shibari is now commonly used to describe the practice of BD/SM rope play.

What interests and excites me about the practice is that it:

A. Looks fricking awesome. The patterns that can be achieved are stunning. They are works of art in themselves on a human ‘canvas’ using rope as the ‘media’. Shibari is highly ornamental, as well as functional.

B. It involves a strong element of trust. Both from the person tying the knots, and the individual being tied. The person tying the rope  (known as the ‘rigger’) is putting their faith in their bound partner to tell them how they are feeling during the process. The person who is ‘laced up’ is trusting the Shibari practitioner. The latter needs to find out if any of the ties are uncomfortable, the rope chafes or if the position is putting too much strain on muscles.

C. The pleasure derived both from seeing the handiwork and the feeling of the rope lying on the flesh. Not only this, the psychological element of submission. The person who is bound submits themselves physically and psychologically to the Rope Master or Mistress.


The ropes are strategically placed and knotted to stimulate pressure points. A Shiatsu massage effect can be attained with some bindings. Moreover, the use of additional play equipment (floggers, paddles, vibrators among others) can increase the sensation felt by the person being bound.

Ropes that are used are commonly 5-10 metres in length, red /black/ or natural in colour. Composition of the rope is important as the fibres need to be supple and flexible enough to allow manipulation and formation of neat knots. The rope also needs to be strong; its purpose is, in addition to looking attractive, to restrain. It needs durability and to not wear excessively under strain.

Another consideration is the comfort of the individuals tying the knots and being bound. Rope-burns are not at all pleasant. Neither are they attractive. No one wants to go to the office on a Monday morning with tell-tale red marks on their limbs. That would make for awkward water cooler conversation. Elastic should not be contained in the fibres as it can make knots too tight, and trickier to undo.

Materials that tend to be used are cotton, hemp and silk. Cotton is relatively inexpensive, whilst silk is more luxurious. Both are exceedingly strong.Having the appropriate material ensures the rope-work will appear neat and well-placed (this will also depend on the skill of the Shibari practitioner).

Creating the ‘illusion’ means practice

It takes hours of patience and skill to learn to manipulate the ropes. An important feature of bindings is that they’re readily released. Meaning, as the quick-release mechanism on a bicycle saddle makes it easy to adjust the saddle’s height, so the binding of the rope ensures it is readily unbinding. If a restraint position is causing too much discomfort, or the psychological effect on the binder/ recipient is too extreme, the ropes need to be unwound quickly. This means there are not actual ‘knots’ in the rope, but the illusion of knots in some cases.

The person being bound needs to have patience too, as it can be a time- consuming art-form. The aesthetic makes it entirely worth the wait. They say a pictures speaks a thousand words. Shibari makes you feel those words…

How does Shibari make you feel? Please comment, and see if we can reach 1000 words!

* this information was accessed from on 18th June 2017