Seven ’til Midnight Lace and Mesh Halter babydoll set

Having purchased lingerie from the Seven ’til Midnight range previously, I was drawn to this set as I had nothing else in this gorgeous blue. The Seven ’til Midnight Lace and Mesh Halter babydoll set really does match the label, as I would describe it as a ‘midnight blue.’ The packaging is a simple clear plastic bag, rather plain and non-descript but functional.

I purchased this babydoll set in the L/ XL size as I am a size 12-14 and I’d rather a bit more room than not enough! To get the fit right on the halter straps, I adjusted the metal sliders about two thirds of the way towards the bottom. This ensured the hemline sat evenly and that there was no gaping over the bust .

It’s all in the detail

P1150209 (2) resized

The floral lace of the bust panel is beautifully delicate, with rose and diamond motifs throughout. There is scalloping along the V-neck cleavage and midriff edges. In the middle of the panelling on the front is a cute bow. The mesh of the lower half of the babydoll is sheer, but does help conceal modesty at the front. At the rear, the mesh has an opening to provide a cheeky ‘curtain’ to frame the matching thong.

When worn, the material feels delicate against the skin and there is no itchiness from the lace. The cut it very flattering, whilst finishing along the seams is neat and tidy with minimal ‘loose threads.’ The thong sits across the hips comfortably, and complements the babydoll very well. It has the same rose and diamond motif within the lace as in the babydoll. There is a sewn-in gusset so it feels like a proper set of pants rather than a ‘cheap’ add-on.

One point to note, the picture to the left I feel reflects the true colour of the babydoll, better than the image on the Lovehoney website, which makes it appear as a ‘royal blue’ in my opinion. Overall I am really happy with the colour, style and finishing of this set. I would rate it 4.5/5.

If you’re looking for something dark and luxurious, but not the usual black this will make a great choice! Buy yours at Lovehoney for £29.99.

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Almost 3 months of blogging- reflections on Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole


I purchased my domain name through Bluehost on 3rd December 2016. I wanted a place I could share sex toy reviews, some erotic fiction and my own personal thoughts and perspectives. I’m interested in sexual issues ranging from health and satisfaction through to what ‘kinks’ can be enjoyed whether you’re a traditional ‘vanilla’ lover dipping your toe, or a seasoned ‘kinkster’. And then pretty much anything and everything in between!

I’m writing this post because I recently saw Aurora Glory’s post on her first three months of blogging. It made me stop and realise that I am fast approaching this milestone. With my Dory-like memory I decided I’d benefit from writing a similar post to reflect on what has gone well and what hasn’t. I also want to try and fathom the direction I’d like to take this blog in the future, and to some extent that will depend what my readers wish to see. My plan is still to write reviews for adult products, including toys and lingerie. But I want to make my reviews as useful to the readers as I possibly can. Having looked at fellow bloggers sites, I can see I need to include ratings systems to make my reviews more ‘user-friendly.’

Customising the site

I had no idea what theme to use, so I went with a WordPress 2015 theme as it looked neat and tidy, with the menu sited on the left-hand side of the screen. But when I wanted to design a Header (something I tried to do using PowerPoint initially- *cringe*) it was kindly pointed out to me by @Throbinhood68 that the theme wouldn’t support a Header. I then changed it to the 2016 theme- I’m not as keen on it aesthetically but I like that it enables my Header to be displayed.

The Header itself was a learning curve- I knew I wanted to do something related to Alice in Wonderland to fit in with the “DowntheBunnyRabbitHole” theme. After creating the sex-toy inspired Header on my Twitter account, I knew I wanted this to feature on my blog. To get it into a suitable format I used the Canva app (thanks for the recommendation Throbin), and hey presto, it worked!

Plugins are mind-scrambling

In terms of the technical ‘nitty-gritty’ of running the blog I must admit, I am still very much overwhelmed by all the jargon. I have installed plugins but not all of them are activated; perhaps fellow bloggers can enlighten me. Which of these plugins are essential and which are a ‘waste of time’ for a newbie such as myself?

  • Akismet -To protect blogs from spam – seems useful but I’ve not activated it yet as the instructions for signing up seemed confusing – API key, anyone?
  • Constant Contact Forms for WordPress – for email marketing – not sure as a ‘hobby blogger’ I need this? Perhaps better suited for businesses?
  • Header Customizer Lite – to customize your header through WordPress customizer. It doesn’t seem worth keeping this seeing as I’ve used Canva to design my header.
  • Hello Dolly – not sure what this does. Do I even need it?
  • Jetpack by – connects your blog to a account enabling use of features normally only available to WP users. Figured I needed this, though I didn’t really know why. But it seems useful for getting stats on visitors and page views.
  • OptinMonster APIUm, what does this do?
  • WPForms Lite – a beginner-friendly WP contact form plugin. I needed to create a Contact form in order to be able to open a Webgains account to become a Lovehoney affiliate (see more on affiliation with companies below). I’ve actually ended up creating two ‘Contact Me’ forms on the blog site, but I was worried if I tried to delete one, I’d end up deleting both, *cringe.*

It is safe to say that I am a technophobe! I really need to increase my knowledge on how a blog works and the essential plugins needed to make it fully functional, reader-friendly, and interactive.

Getting Social

This leads me to say that I also need to improve my Social Media awareness. I use Twitter already to link with the blog, as well as chat to Lovehoney friends and other followers I’ve encountered along the way. For ages I kept my Twitter account locked, but it was pointed out to me, that this would prevent a lot of companies from seeing what I was able to potentially offer them, as well as vice versa. So I amended that. As for the suggestion to go on Instagram, I’m still undecided as I feel I already spend lots of time on Twitter, so I don’t want to get overly distracted by social media. I may change my mind in the future…

The figures

Now its time for some numbers. My blog traffic is generally quite low from what I can fathom. I won’t let this phase me though, as it’s all a learning curve.

  • December saw 789 views / 221 visitors
  • January saw 799 views / 207 visitors
  • February has seen 383 views / 120 visitors to date.
  • I have published 52 posts.
  • I have no idea how much time I spend on blogging per week, but I imagine it’s probably nowhere near enough to have it running as effectively as it could.
Lessons learned

My take-home thoughts from these reflections are that:

  1. I need to be a lot more organised. Generally in my day-to-day life I am fairly well-organised. Blog-wise, I may have attempted to write as much as possible, to review as many toys as I could, without being as selective as I should have. In addition, I have also neglected the technical side, as I mentioned above. I really need to read ‘Blogging for Dummies’ (if it exists), asap!
  2. I’ve realised it’s important to network and interact with other bloggers more than I do. I am not an island, so this is necessary to share ideas and feedback, as well as keep my awareness of current sex toys and blog topics up-to-date.
  3. Affiliation with big companies is ok as an add-on, and can be a benefit if you’re looking to expand your toy collection and get some commission back in return. But unless your following is huge, affiliate links are probably just not going to be fruitful. I’ve undoubtedly spent more time than perhaps sensible trying to add affiliate links on review posts and Twitter timeline. This time on reflection, would have perhaps been spent more wisely on learning the dreaded technical stuff and doing more research for blog content / reviews.

I’ve pondered enough, so all that remains is to get on with it. Thanks for joining me on the journey so far. I hope you’ll continue to stop by and take in the ‘scenery’ from time to time!

Oh and if anyone has Blogging for Dummies, perhaps they could loan it to me 😛

Cheers my dears,

Luv bunny  xx



The current contents of my ‘bunny burrows’ toy collection

I don’t have an itemised list of everything sex toy related I currently possess. Whilst browsing websites of some of my peers I came across their sex toy collections. Apart from ‘wow, they have an awesome stash of pleasure-giving goodies!’ it made me think I need to publish what I own, so that any companies I may want to  approach in the future know what I’m into sex-toy wise. Moreover, I hope it will give some insights as to my ‘kinks.’

Here it is, a fully-compiled, neatly categorised list of everything I currently own:

Battery powered vibrators
USB rechargeable vibrators/ suction toys
Mains powered toys
Anal toys
Bondage/ Discipline and sensation toys
  • Bondage Boutique Intermediate red suede flogger.
  • Silicone butterfly riding crop (Bondage Boutique).
  • Soft velvet hogtie set (Bondage Boutique).
  • Doc Johnson bondage candles.
  • DOMINIX Deluxe wooden dildo with leather flogger.
  • Fetish Fantasy gold pinwheel.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Spreader Restraint kit.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey The Pinch Adjustable nipple clamps.
  • House of Passion nipple clamps with chain.
  • Icicles No 38 glass dildo with leather flogger.
  • Lovehoney Beginner’s silicone tipped adjustable clitoral clip.
  • Feather Tickler (Lovehoney).
  • Lovehoney Tease Me silver handcuffs.
  • Tease Me nipple rings with heart charms (Lovehoney).
  • Spartacus beaded tweezer clitoral clamp.
  • Tease by Lovehoney spanking paddle (purple).
  • Tease by Lovehoney riding crop (purple).
  • Beginners flogger, purple, (Tease by Lovehoney).
  • Tracey Cox Supersex Bondage tape.
Other toys

This list will be updated as often as is necessary. No affiliate links are used in this post.

My (not-so) Secret Obsession

The scent of a Bunny with a penchant for sex toys

I have a bottle of Calvin Klein Secret Obsession, which has lasted absolutely ages. I mean a couple of years ‘ages’. And it made me think; am I obsessed with sex toys? I’m pretty sure I am, but hopefully in a non-intrusive nor life-destroying way. Well, as long as I don’t run out of cupboard space, this fascination for toys should not become intrusive! I like to think of it as a relatively ‘healthy’ obsession. After all, it gives me pleasure trying new toys. If I get my endorphins going, then for a time I will be easier to live with. Poor Mr Bunny and my other family have to endure my stress-head rants on numerous occasions! And there are far worse things to be obsessed about; my weight, for example (that could be damaging). A person (that would be stalker-y and so not cool). My bank balance (money, or a lack of lots of it, whilst important and a necessity, will not define me).


But this obsession of mine isn’t really that secret…I mean obviously the companies that sell me these toys know, and my husband knows I buy far too many of them, as do readers of this blog. But as that bottle of perfume goes to show, this enjoyment of my toys will last for ages, and if it makes me happy then so be it!

DOMINIX Deluxe Wooden Dildo with Leather Flogger

It’s a Flog-ildo!

I was lucky enough to be selected to road-test this handsome ebony delight. I’ve tried many dildos but never a wooden one, so this was a first for me. I have several floggers, and this one most resembles the Icicles No 38 Glass Dildo with Leather Flogger. Anyone who owns that particular flogger will know that it has a hefty ‘handle.’ After two to three dozen swings of that bad boy you will know you have done so! By comparison, the Dominix Deluxe wooden dildo with leather flogger is a helluva lot lighter.

Handle with delight
In terms of packaging, the Dominix Deluxe arrived in a simple sealed plastic wrapper. But this toy really does not need anything more extravagant, as the quality it exudes speaks for itself. The wooden dildo/ handle is smooth and the black lacquer has a beautiful glossy finish. The circumference of the bulbous end measures 4.5 inches, the total length of the handle is 8 inches, of which 6 inches are insertable.

As a flogger, the leather fronds are thick enough and plentiful (there are 24) to deliver gentle caresses to your sub, as you prepare them for what is to come. Some lighter swings pepper the intended target with sweetly sharp little stings. A harder strike will give a resounding thwack, and accompanied gasps as the tails mete out a skin-heating, rain of pelts. In each case, the sensations were sublime.

When used as a dildo, the wooden handle was coated with water-based lubricant, and it glided into me very easily and smoothly. The stimulation from the bulbs is amazing; with the right angling it could hit my internal pleasure spots leading to a very satisfying blended orgasm when used in conjunction with a clitoral toy. To clean the dildo, I used an antibacterial wipe, whilst the leather tails were wiped with a baby wipe.

Final Thoughts

This flogger really does multitask, and in such a pleasing way- both ends promise and deliver a lot of sensory delight, and it looks classy yet understated, with a slight masculine edge. A fabulous addition to my toy collection!

This black beauty delivers thrills at both head and tails!

My ratings: 

Usability = 10/10

Orgasms = 9/10

Appearance  = 9.5/10

Kink- factor = 9.5/10

Overall = 9.5/10 

This ‘flog-ildo’ is available from Lovehoney for £24.99.

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Waxing lyrical about candle play

Recently I persuaded Mr Bunny to let me get the bondage candles out for an evening of sensory playtime. The five senses are an all-important part of foreplay and sexual stimulation. Touch can be gentle like a stroke or caress. Alternatively, it can be sharp, causing mild-moderate pain. There are various ways to stimulate a partner to illicit a pain response. Pinwheels, molten wax, impact play and electro-stimulation can be experimented with, according to what interests you both. In this session, I desired the anticipatory stings of heated wax.

Lighting the wick of desire

I put on sexy lacy pants and a lacy halter-neck bra, then sauntered down to our lounge, candles in hand. After arranging a nice padded cushion on the floor and lying a towel over it, I proceeded to lie on my front. He removed my bra to save it from the wax and lit the candle. Carefully, he held it a safe distance from my skin, allowing drips of molten wax to gravitate onto my back. Another target was the landing strip formed by my shoulder blades. Pretty purple sploshes solidified on their resting places. I hissed in anticipatory surprise as the heated wax blobs rained down on me in quick succession. 1…2…3…4…5- I lost count as I breathed through the sensory explosion I was experiencing.

The painter becomes painted

Then we swapped places and it was my turn to use him as my own canvas. He exclaimed in surprise as he felt the pitter patter of molten wax, and inwardly I smiled as my inner Domme took her pleasure from his squirms. I found I enjoyed being in control as much, if not more than being the recipient. The sadistic side of me liked peeling the solid wax off of his bare chest, and I look forward to repeating this experience soon!

Wearing sexy makes me feel sexy

Oh La La Cherie Red Suspender Basque and G-String

When I bought this, I didn’t own anything with suspenders, and I liked the look of the basque in red. The original one I ordered did not fit due to ordering the incorrect size. Lovehoney swiftly dispatched a replacement set, though emphasising their excellent customer service.

The basque is extremely sexy and makes me feel desirable. I do tend to find suspender clips a bit fiddly, though. My ‘all fingers and thumbs’ approach usually doesn’t help! There are quite a few hook and eye fastenings on the back which can be awkward to do up. I usually do bras up at the front and ‘twist’ them around. I do worry with some items such as basques that this method may damage the seams. So far, I have been alright using said technique with this basque, so long as I only rotate a small section at a time.

I love the black stitching up the front, and the ruffle with the bows. Black and red is perhaps my favourite lingerie colour scheme. The g-string is somewhat skimpy, but I will probably wear a different pair of pants with this basque to complement it. The cups on the bust are nice and supportive, and the material feels soft and smooth to the touch. This basque, truly brings out the siren in me.

Treat yourself and your loved one; get the similarly styled Lovehoney Seduce Me basque set today at Lovehoney for £31.99.



Seven ‘til Midnight satin and lace crotchless knickers

I bought these to go with the Oh La La Cherie red basque, and was pleased I did. These panties are really lovely, with lots of pretty detailing and complement the basque very nicely.

I feel really naughty wearing crotchless underwear, as though I have a secret no one else knows about, until I reveal all to my other half! The lacy panelling on the rear reveals a nice glimpse of my generous ass-et, without giving too much away. The black bow on the front is cute, and matches with the Oh La La Cherie basque.

These are available from Lovehoney in sizes small (6-8), medium (10-12) or large (12-14) in either red or white, for only £8.99!


Cottelli Peephole Sheer Crotchless body

I got the crotchless body in white, though it is also available in black. It is really pretty and I like how white makes me feel pure and innocent, but then the crotchless feature / peep holes give it the raunch factor. Providing easy access for sexy times, and with nice summer weather, ideal for some al fresco activity when I get brave enough to take the plunge!


This item is now discontinued, but a similar white lacy crotchless body is available from Lovehoney for £14.99


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Adrien Lastic Smart Dream Remote Control Vibrating Egg with clitoral stimulator

This toy had been on my Lovehoney wish-list for some time. I’d been debating whether to buy or not, since it is a slightly more expensive toy in the mid-range of pricing, at £74.99. I’d only tried one egg previously (the Annabelle Knight Yes! Powerful Vibrating Love Egg), which is battery-operated. I was thus looking to go for something rechargeable. The Adrien Lastic Smart Dream fit the bill for this purpose. Moreover, it has a clitoral arm, 10 vibration modes, 2 powerful motors, a remote control and is ‘whisper quiet.’

The egg box of delight!
What’s In the Egg box?

The packaging is a white cardboard flip-lid box. It is encased by a white card sleeve displaying a glossy image of the egg. The branding / product description is embossed in silver. In the box, the Smart Dream egg (a bright and fun fuchsia pink, with black rings around the centre), sits nestled in a foam insert. Remove this, and under a card flap sits the remote control unit, USB charging cable, white satin pouch, Lithium 3V CR2032 battery and product literature. A 2-year warranty comes in the box too.

First things first, I read the instructions on charging and operating the egg. Seems fairly simple as I will describe below. I attempt to open the battery cover on the Remote Control Unit, and damn and blast, it is sealed really tight! Not to mention, the remote is a bit flimsy-looking so I am terrified I am going to break it (or wrench my thumb nail off trying to open the compartment!) Luckily Mr Bunny was able to open the compartment and save the day using one of his little tools. With battery inserted, the remote would operate, but the egg needed a good charging.

There is a little indent in the silicone on the back of the egg, to insert the USB jack. The jack end is slightly angled to fit against the curve of the egg. It needs pushing in really firmly so that the red LED indicator on the egg illuminates.

Fizzers are a necessary sustenance whilst blogging, and for recovering after testing of course!
Works like a Dream

Smart Dream takes about 2-hours to fully charge, and it will turn itself off once fully charged. The red LED light will go out too. When turning on the egg, simply press the power button on the front of the egg (under the black band) for 3 seconds. A single vibration indicates it will respond to the remote control, whilst 2 vibrations means it is not receptive to the remote. The remote itself is very simple and has two buttons; a power button to switch the egg on and off, and a function button (with the Adrien Lastic logo) to cycle through the 10 vibration modes. I will attempt to describe the 10 modes as best as I can:

  1. Low frequency continuous vibrations.
  2. Continuous vibrations (medium frequency).
  3. Continuous vibrations (high frequency).
  4. Fast pulsing.
  5. Six fast pulses followed by a longer pulse, repeated.
  6. Ascending / descending wave.
  7. Ascending pulses, repeated.
  8. Seventeen higher frequency slow pulses, followed by fast pulsing.
  9. Eleven fast pulses, followed by low frequency continuous vibrations (5 seconds).
  10. Approx. twenty-five fast pulses, followed by higher frequency continuous vibrations (5 seconds).

In use, I find the egg to consist of a lovely soft silicone with barely any drag. It inserts easily with a dollop of some water-based lubricant. The clitoral arm nestles neatly against my clitoris. I can walk around, sit, and bend down all with relative ease and no discomfort. I could hear the vibrations as a slight hum when I was in a silent room. I’m sure if surrounded by enough background noise it will be indiscernible.

As for the strength of the vibrations, they are certainly stimulating and help create arousal. But even with the stronger vibrations I could wear the egg for the entire duration that it remained charged (a couple of hours) and I did not orgasm. I see it as more a teaser, to help create some fun foreplay between a couple on a romantic evening, or even on a date night, to follow up with some more ‘interactive’ play later on.

The images show how Smart Dream can be worn for solo play or for intercourse. And if in doubt, that sticker reminds you, this egg is body safe!
More than one way to use this egg

We tried wearing the Smart Dream during intercourse. Simply insert the clitoral arm into the vagina under your partner’s penis, and rest the egg part on your clitoris.  I did not find the vibrations quite strong enough to bring me to orgasm, but my other half enjoyed the vibrations. I think it’ll be a good toy for couples who want to share a toy for creating anticipation. Those who want to try a couple’s vibrator but don’t want to spend £160 for a We-Vibe Sync may find the Smart Dream a good option. On the other hand, the We-Vibe Unite may be a good competitor to the Adrien Lastic Smart Dream. The Unite gets an average of 4/5 stars, based on over 10 reviews. Currently, a free magic wand worth £29.99 is offered with the Unite.

Cleaning of the Smart Dream is fairly simple; just use some toy cleaner or soap with warm water and leave to air dry. The egg is splash proof so don’t immerse. Hence it won’t be suitable for use in a bath. To summarise, this egg gives a bit of buzz to help set the mood for some couples fun.  Alternatively, use it solo to add some excitement whilst going about your day!


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