E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble® XPE Pack

After trying various battery-operated / rechargeable vibrators I thought about experiencing electro-stimulation. As I’d never used any electro-play equipment before, I asked the blogging community for recommendations. Tweets from the lovely host at www.thebrunettereviews.com and Mick from E-Stim Systems lead to my deciding on approaching E-Stim.

Mick told me more about their power boxes and connectable electro-play devices. He kindly agreed to my testing the ElectroPebble® XPE pack, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

***Safety notice***

As this is an electrical device, it goes without saying there are some safety precautions to consider before buying and using the ElectroPebble® and its electrodes. Do not connect the E-Stim ElectroPebble® to any location above the waist. This includes connection across both arms; (these are above the waist). Never connect across the heart, chest, neck or head. Do not use the ElectroPebble® if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant.


Receipt of my new ElectroPebble®  XPE pack

I received my ElectroPebble®  XPE pack in a plain, discreetly labelled box. Delivery was tracked so I knew the day I could expect to receive my new pack. I also received a tube of the E-Stim Systems Electrogel, though this has not been tested in this review. The reason being, that it seemed to be similar in terms of its ingredients to a water-based lubricant I’m already using. I am not a fan of having too many products open at once; I would rather use one up before opening a new one. This means that I can test the Electrogel at a later date, and link to a review for it from here.

If in any doubt as to whether the lubricant you are using is compatible then refer to E-Stim Systems guidelines. Suffice to say, water-based lubricants should be OK as long as they don’t have too many extra additives. These could potentially damage the electrodes or interfere with the electrostimulation itself. Avoid silicone-based lubricants, as they contain too many chemicals and aren’t conducive.

The sturdy case is wrapped in plastic, and the contents inside are all sealed in plastic wrappers so you can be assured they are completely brand new.

What is included in the E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble® XPE Pack?

The contents of the hard case, lined with foam are as follows:

  • The ElectroPebble® power box.
  • Two connection cables (2mm/TENS).
  • A set of electro pads (self-adhesive and reusable).
  • 9V PP3 battery.
  • Quick Start Guide and Guarantee Registration Card.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • A pair of 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops.
  • One Medium Electro Egg.
The ElectroPebble (switched on), with bi-polar leads connected to both outputs. Instruction manual and Quick Guide give detailed user information.
The ElectroPebble® Power Box

This little ‘black box’ provides electrostimulation as an instrument for exploring the pleasurable sensations of electroplay. The different modes enable the user to find out what sensations thrill and excite them, whilst being interesting and safe. Electroplay can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their gender or technical ability.

The main features of the ElectroPebble® are:

  • Dual output channels, with simple dial controls. Blue LED lights illuminate when there is an output.
  • 9 built-in program modes. These are adjustable via the central dial.
  • A LifeLine™ Display, that flashes blue LEDs according to the mode.
  • Powered by a 9V battery, so no need to wait for recharging.
  • Ergonomic case, created to enable comfort whilst being held.
  • Current limited AC outputs.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Designed and made in the UK.

Powering up the ElectroPebble® Power Box

To remove the battery compartment, press firmly on the ridged area, whilst sliding the cover towards the bottom of the unit. Remove any old battery (if present), before inserting a new 9V PP3. Attach the polarized connector (this should only fit in the correct way), and place the battery in the compartment. Ensure the connector is on the left-hand side, and the cable runs along the bottom of the compartment. Otherwise it will be difficult to replace the battery cover! Slide the battery cover along its ‘rails’ until it clicks into place.

Using the ElectroPebble®

To use the ElectroPebble® simply switch on, using the sliding switch at the top of the box. Ensure the Level output dials are both rotated to ‘low.’ The LifeLine™ will flash its series of LED lights in a self-test feature, before showing the battery level (represented by the number of lights illuminated). During use, you can use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to see what Mode you are currently using (press once). Repeated pressing of UP or DOWN will cycle through the modes. Whilst the power box is in one of the 9 modes, the LifeLine™ will flash in synchronisation with the electrostimulation pattern. So as well as feeling the buzz, you can visually see what effect the ElectroPebble® is having on the two outputs.

Close up of the E-Stim ElectroPebble® with its two output Level dials, Adjust dial, UP and DOWN mode selection buttons and the LifeLine™ display.


The ElectroPebble® Modes

There are nine modes of operation, and they all feel different. The sensations can range from fluttery tingles, through to more buzzy (think pins and needles). At the more extreme end of the spectrum, there are sharper ‘zapping’ sensations.

  1. Pulse – fairly self-explanatory; each output responds the same. Simply turn up the intensity of the pulses, using the ‘Level’ dials. The speed of the pulses increase as the ‘Adjust’ dial is turned clockwise. When I use the pads the sensations range from ‘tingly’ to ‘buzzy.’
  2. Flo – A continuous buzzing sensation, which is softer or harder depending on where the Adjust dial is set to. I don’t use this mode a lot.
  3. Split – Combines the Pulse and Flo modes. Output A is continuous so I tend to use the pads on my inner thighs. Output B pulses, so I like to use the insertable electro egg in this output. It kind of reminds me of the in-and-out sensation of fucking.
  4. Bounce – A bit like ‘ping-pong’ between the two circuits, so it’s fun to use when you have pads plugged in one output and the electro egg in the other.
  5. Audio – The inbuilt microphone synchronises the sounds of music to the output stimuli. Listen to different tracks and you actually feel the rhythm of the buzzes! I haven’t tested this mode as much as I’d have liked but it is one I would like to experiment with more!
  6. Milk – Both outputs pulse in an increasing wave motion. Then they slow down again. The cycle is continuous with no interruption. It’s pretty fun to use with both a set of the electropads and the electro egg.
  7. Squeeze -This mode is somewhat similar to the milk mode, but the slow pulses at the start of the sequence feel slightly more intense. Also, rather than decreasing the output ‘wave’, it completely stops at its ‘crescendo’, then restarts the sequence. It’s a fun mode to use if you are wanting a stronger stimulation.
  8. Tease – A continuous output is felt that ramps up in intensity before diminishing. I like to use this mode with the pads on my inner thighs during sex with Mr Bunny.
  9. Torment – Similar to the Tease mode I would say, but higher intensity tingles. The sensations feel more on the harder than softer side to me.


Self-Adhesive Electro Pads

Mr Bunny and I have tried the self-adhesive pads together during foreplay and during sex. They can be placed in pairs on the inner thighs, buttocks or rear of the thighs. To use, you simply peel them off their backing plastic and apply them to the skin, before connecting the red and black cables to the attached sockets on the pads. You can then plug in the jack to one of the outputs on the ElectroPebble® unit. The programs that we like to use mostly are the pulse, bounce, milk and tease modes. The ‘rate’ of the electrostimulation can be increased / decreased using the Adjust dial.

In terms of how it feels, it’s between a tingly buzz and a small army of ants nibbling you, depending on the intensity and where you have the pads placed. On the front of the thighs it can be tricky to get the placement of the pads just right, to avoid a tangle of cables and the sensation of over-stimulation. Placing the pads on the inner thighs, I find gives more pleasant sensations for me. Mr Bunny conversely enjoys them on the back of his thighs.

Placing the self-adhesive pads on the inner thighs gives interesting sensations depending on the mode and the output level adjustment.

I’m not sure if the sensations that we enjoy are a result of muscle innervation (there is certainly a degree of twitching going on) or insulation from body fat!? I deem myself to have more body fat than Mr Bunny, and he will have more muscle. Moreover, we both have different thresholds to the stimulation; I seem to be more sensitive, and only turn the Level dial about half-way, whilst Mr Bunny can push it virtually all the way to maximum.

Whilst the pads are easy to place and remove, they cannot be cleaned. Eventually they will need replacing. Removal of the pads is painless and there is no sticky residue left on the skin.

Solo play using the electro pads

The electro pads can be used as two pairs together on one person, with one pair on one skin region and the other pair on a different area ( both below the waist). Alternatively, a pair of pads can be used with either the Medium Electro Egg or the set of Conductive Rubber Loops. I have tried using a set of pads on my inner thighs whilst using a vibrator externally over my vulva / clitoris. The combined sensations were pleasurable, and it gave an extra dimension to my solo play.

When I use a set of pads on my inner thighs, in conjunction with the Medium Electro Egg (vaginally), I find the ‘Milk’ mode to be highly stimulating. Especially when using a vibrator externally over my clitoris/ vulva, as I generally require this to orgasm.


Medium Electro Egg and Conductive Rubber Loops

The egg is easy to insert vaginally. I have not tested it anally. The main reason being, is I feel uncomfortable with inserting the same egg in both orifices. If I were to own a second egg then I would have one dedicated for each hole. Although the egg can be cleaned, it cannot be submerged and a condom cannot be used over it whilst it’s being used. Otherwise there would be no electrostimulation (durr).

When using the egg it is important to ensure the output is set to its lowest level before inserting the egg. Only plug the egg into the output once it has been inserted. Otherwise you will have that cartoon-like lightning bolt zapping you in the pussy or the butt, except it won’t be funny! The cable is reinforced at the end closest to the egg, to withstand the tension of pulling the egg out.

Sometimes I can find it tricky to differentiate the internal pulses when using the Electro Egg, if I am using the pads at the same time. I prefer to use the bounce mode or another pulsing mode so I can feel the sensations internally. Whilst I do not necessarily feel aroused by electrostimulation, it certainly adds an enjoyable element to play time, whether it be solo, or with Mr Bunny.  Cleaning the Electro Egg is easy enough. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaner, or medical grade wipe.

At the time of writing, Mr Bunny has not had the opportunity to try the conductive rubber loops. We hope to use them in the future. When they’ve been tested, a review will be added and linked to this post.


Concluding thoughts

The ElectroPebble® XPE pack has something for everyone, as you can use it for external electro-stimulation, internal stimulation or a combination of the two. Whether you’re male or female, you can enjoy the sensations at a level you are happy with, and feel in control over. The pack can be expanded upon, by the purchase of further electrodes.

It has lots of potential for Dominant / submissive role-play and sensation exploration. The cost is reasonably high (£149.00 for the power box alone, or £209 for a pack). If you only need the one output, the ElectroHelix™ is a less expensive option, at £109 for the power box on its own, or £119/£129 for one of the two pack combinations. Having said that, if two outputs is a key feature you require, it makes sense to go with the ElectroPebble®. Then weigh up whether you’d like to do more ‘surface play’ or use internal electrodes to build the pack you will love using time and again.

If you are looking to explore electrostimulation, E-Stim Systems are incredibly helpful, and they visit plenty of trade shows. Recently they attended EroFame in Germany.  I’d rate the  ElectroPebble® XPE pack 8/10 based on it’s ease of use, versatility and the enjoyability of the electrostimulation.


No affiliate links are used in this post. I’d like to thank E-Stim Systems for the opportunity to test one of their packs free of charge, in exchange for my review. The opinions written here are my own. They are honest and unbiased. 

#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday; Sharing on the Blogging Trampoline

#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday  – Sharing on the Blogging Trampoline

This is a new meme that has been started by Girl on the Net, to stand up for sex bloggers worldwide. As a community, bloggers provide useful feedback on adult products. They also give advice on sexual health, gender equality and the importance of enlightenment in a manner of all things sexual. We bounce ideas and advice around, hence the ‘sharing on the blogging trampoline’ title for this post.

Now we are being censored by social media platforms. Moreover, Patreon and PayPal among others are turning their backs on bloggers. The very ones who help provide them with an income and web traffic! I may not be explaining this very eloquently at all; GOTN does it far better. Suffice to say, I am joining in because blogging is something that in itself is not always appreciated.

It is often seen as a ‘hobby.’ For some this is true, but for others (Cara Sutra is an example) it is a way of financially supporting  themselves and their families. As a new-ish blogger, I am learning so much, but I can only spend limited time searching through some of the blogs I like to read. I am attempting to write my own content too, and give informed reviews on products. I’d struggle with using more than one social media platform, so I have stuck with Twitter for blogging purposes.

I want to support other blogger’s hard work, and help share the recognition that what we all do is worthwhile. By silencing us or restricting how we promote our blogs / network, companies like Patreon and PayPal are ‘biting a hand that feeds them.’

Here goes for the content I’d like to share right now:


Little Switch Bitch shows us a sensual image of herself in a beautiful leather harness by Zado, and highlights the vulnerability we have as sexual beings.


Emmeline Peaches educates us on the kink / fetish of Eproctophilia, whereby people derive sexual pleasure from farts. The key here though, it’s from other people’s farts as opposed to their own. As a fetish, it is empowers us to embrace our bodily functions without shame of passing wind. Though it’s a fetish that may be relatively unheard of in Western cultures, it is popular in Japan. Emmeline explains why Eproctophilia appeals to those who practice it. Consider yourself enlightened, as I was.


For those who are dating, Slutty Girl Problems discusses the issue of ghosting and why it is unacceptable in this day and age of communication. If you don’t want to see someone following a date / series of dates, at least have the decency to tell them so. That way they can move on, without feel ‘haunted’ by  you suddenly cutting them off.


This has been short and maybe not so sweet, but it’s sharing. Sharing is caring, so if you support bloggers then please Share our Shit.





Ann Summers Addiction Wet-Look Zip dress

Fuelling my lingerie Addiction…

The Ann Summers Addiction Wet-Look dress was on offer at Ann Summers a month or so ago. I’d been keeping an eye on it for a week or so. When I saw it offered for £24 I knew I had to get it! I love red lingerie (black too; this dress is also available in the noir staple). It was the red I chose, as it looked so seductively hot on the model.

Luckily for me, I got the sizing correct first time (I’d ordered the medium, as I am 12-14). Currently I’m closer to the 12 than the 14, which is great. So long as I do not overindulge in the Ben & Jerry’s or barbecues (my summer body nemeses)!

First comment to make about the Ann Summers Addiction wet-look dress dress is that the colour is somewhat brighter than the tone shown on the web site. The image there makes it appear more deep cherry red, whereas in the flesh it is more bright red, like a ‘salsa’ red. Whilst this did not bother me, I feel it’s important to make potential purchasers aware.

Packaging for the Ann Summers Addiction wet-look dress, is a cardboard sleeve box, with plastic wrapper containing the dress. The dress is folded around a cardboard insert to help it retain shape inside the box. The packaging gives some instructions for hand-washing the dress, and keeping it away from fire. Both common-sense I would have thought!

Rear of the packaging; mostly common sense information

Out of the box, I unwrapped the dress, and gave it a thorough look. It appears well-constructed and the seams are all neatly finished as you’d expect of a well-known brand as Ann Summers. My only nit-pick is that the ends of the drawstring cords on the lace-up panelling details could be finished off more attractively. They look like they are simply heat-finished to seal off the ends. They could have been fitted with metal togs to complement the eyelets.

Zipping it up

In any case, I was eager to try the dress, and I excitedly unzipped it, before slipping my arms through the straps and fastening up the shiny zip. All was nice and smooth with the running of the zip. That’s an important feature, as aesthetically it looks cool, but it also needs to be fully functional too. A zip that sticks or unzips apart is not going to score highly, on the sexiness scale!

The fit of the dress is like a glove; it hugs your curves, and displays cleavage beautifully. The hem just sat over my derriere, leaving enough to the imagination to add to the seductive quality of the outfit.

Teamed with red laced-top fishnet thigh-high stockings, the effect is especially sultry. Your partner will be ‘Addicted’ to you in this dress. Fact. It’s not my first wet-look outfit, but I prefer it to the other one I have (a sexy cop dress), as it has more flattering styling and enhances your sexy features. The only item I need to complete the look is some red leather heels!

Teams well with lace-topped fishnet thigh-highs

As per the instructions, I hand-washed the dress in cold water with a non-biological detergent suitable for delicate items. There was a lot of loose dye released during the washing, so take care to only wash with similar colour items! I did not wring the dress, and tried to gently squeeze the excess water from it, so as not to create creases in the Polyester/Elastane material. I left it to dry, hanging over my bath. The recent heat meant it dried within 24 hours.

A must-have for those that love racy lingerie

My final thoughts on the Ann Summers Addiction wet-look dress, is that it will be a boudoir piece de resistance for fuelling passionate times with your partner/s. Guys will love it for the wow factor it evokes. Gals will love feeling like a saucy temptress, whilst wearing it.

Cleavage enhancing, and allows sneaky glimpses of thighs and waist.

I’d rate it 8.5 / 10 (marks deducted for the packaging making it appear a deeper red than it is, and the lace-up cord endings).


Spooky Special offers at Lovehoney

Next-week is half-term (yay or nay, depending on whether you have little monsters to entertain!).  To celebrate Lovehoney are currently running some offers…

Have you wanted to try anal play for a while, but unsure which plug is for you?  Do you already enjoy anal play and wish to try something new, like a jiggle plug or an electrastim one? Now you can buy two from a selection here and receive 20% off!

This offer includes a range of plugs (200 to choose from), and the ones below are ones I’ve written about on this blog (see the link above).


Are you wanting to treat yourself to some new lingerie, but haven’t decided whether to go lacy or more racy? Check out this 25% off when you buy two Lovehoney lingerie styles promotion on a selection of lingerie looks ranging from demure to impure, (cue cackling witch laugh).


Want to try a variety of toys for couples, but have a limited budget? Check out the Wild Weekend Mega Sex toy kit containing 11 items for only £59.99! And if that wasn’t enticing enough, add in another couples’ item from a selected range and receive 25% off!


New Customer? Here’s a 10% off welcome, just for you!


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Womanizer 2GO

A Lipstick style clitoral stimulator 

The Womanizer 2GO clitoral stimulator is my first toy from the Womanizer brand. It was kindly provided in exchange for an honest review by Lovehoney. This Womanizer differs from other models such as the W500 and Pro40 in that it only has the one button to control both the power and intensities, rather than separate controls. In addition, the rounded silicone head of the predecessors (and similarly to that on the Satisfyer Pro 2), has been replaced by a more elliptical head. Whether this is just to fit in with the ‘Lipstick’ design or if it indeed improves the functionality of the pressure wave suction remains to be decided.

Novelty design, but who are Womanizer trying to fool?

The box is an attractive co-ordinating Black and Gold. Contained within are the Womanizer 2GO, the USB charging cable, the XL head and instruction booklet. To help keep the lid of the box closed there is a magnetic fastening. I quite like the design of the Womanizer 2GO as a lipstick, as it is not obvious that it’s a clitoral stimulator. It could be mistaken for a perfume bottle. The lid keeps the nozzle dust-free, and sports the cute ‘W’ logo.

To charge the toy, simply lift the flap that covers the port on the base of the toy. Insert the jack, and plug the USB end into a suitable outlet. The main button will flash green whilst charging, then remain constantly green when fully powered. Charging takes about 2 hours. When the Womanizer 2GO needs recharging, the button will illuminate red. This feature makes it easy to know whether the toy needs charging.

The battery life is good, as I’ve played with the Womanizer 2GO about 3 times before needing to recharge. It perhaps may have lasted even longer, as the LED hadn’t flashed red. I just felt like topping up the charge. I think the total playtime can be up to about 2 hours depending on the intensity it is set to.

Part your lips to apply

In use, this toy is pretty easy to get to grips with, since it only has the one button. To switch on, press and hold for 2 seconds, and the ‘soft start’ mode will turn on. You can then press the button repeatedly to cycle between the 6 intensities before it’ll go back to the ‘soft start’. I like that it comes with two heads; the narrower one gives more pinpoint suction, but I actually think I prefer the broader suction from the XL head.

Regular head on the left; XL head on the right

Personally, I find the Womanizer 2GO quieter than the Satisfyer Pro 2, and I feel that 6 intensities offer all I need to ramp up the arousal through to a leg-shaking orgasm. I must admit, I will quite happily have the intensity at its highest levels, being somewhat of a ‘power queen.’

I do sometimes find turning the toy so that the point is downward towards my vagina helps with the sensation. I’m not sure why that is. Though the Womanizer 2GO is IPX7 waterproof-rated, I’ve not submerged it, as it seems a bit unnecessary given that the silicone nozzle can be easily removed for cleaning. If I want to clean inside the chamber, I can just use a cotton bud soaked in toy cleaner.

The Womanizer 2GO has two head attachments, is IPX7-rated, and uses pressure wave technology.

I think this toy is an excellent addition to my collection, and as the first Womanizer I’ve tried, I think I can say that despite the price tag, it beats the original Satisfyer Pro 2 in terms of orgasm-capability and noise levels. I also think the quality seems better, and sometimes it really is a case of you get what you pay for.

Buy your Womanizer 2GO

You can get your own Lipstick clitoral stimulator from Lovehoney for £129.99, available in black, green/pink, or white.

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Parenting the parent

On an overnight stay with my parents, the people who bought me up, I happened to start explaining the difference between right and left to my toddler daughter. 

My dad helpfully (as he saw it) voiced his opinion that he thought my daughter was ‘a bit young to be learning about left and right.’ I held my tongue as I didn’t see the point in getting into a lengthy debate about child developmental milestones. He has raised his own two children (I’m one of them) and we are now adults in our thirties. 

My feeling though, is who decides at what age we can learn things? My daughter is already demonstrating quite well that she is capable of learning. She can say lots of words and string little sentences together. She feeds herself with her spoon and fork. In my mind, I see it wholly possible that she could learn the difference between right and left if it is explained to her. 

The difference between me and my dad (aside from the obvious gender/ age/ life -experience ones) is that I want my daughter to be enlightened. So I continually talk to her as we’re going about our day. I tell her what things are. I describe them. She is a sponge absorbing this information and she is learning and remembering information on a daily basis.

So whilst grandparents may have ‘been there and done that’ decades ago with their own children, parenting responsibility lies with the person raising the child/ren. I’ve decided my daughter can learn and so I will explain as much as I can to her. It’s about making it accessible for her. I will learn the best way of communicating with her as I go along. 
But if you are ever a grandparent about to pass on some words of wisdom to your ‘child’ about how to bring up their own children, be mindful that we all have our own ways. And with hindsight did your approach work? Maybe it did for you at the time. What is more helpful though,is encouragement. A simple, ‘that’s great to teach about X or Y’ is more welcome than your opinion on the matter. 

Thank you for reading my thought for this day. Please comment if you have had similar experiences or wish to make a point (I won’t take offence at those differing from my own, it’s good to have various perspectives). 

Tantus Echo (-oh, oh oh!)

My second toy tested from my recent Tantus splurge, is the Midnight Purple Echo. It boasts 6 inches insertable length and 4.5 inches in girth. The Echo comes packaged in the standard Tantus-branded white and colour box. Also included is a 3-inch bullet, that can be inserted in the hole in the base, akin to the Vamp. This silicone delight is pretty firm in texture, though slightly squishier than the Vamp, and also less thick. It is more textured and less realistic looking in comparison to the Vamp, having 5 waved ridges along its length.

With bullet (included), and suction cup (sold separately)
Testing the suction cup

Having bought a suction cup to go with the Echo, I was keen to try it out in the shower. The suction cup did its job well, sticking to my tiled wall and holding the Echo in place. Despite trying to get well acquainted with this wavy purple appendage, it just didn’t seem to work for me in the shower; I couldn’t get the angling right. There were sadly no orgasmic reverberations going around my bathroom.

The bedroom held more success. Lying back on my bed I was able to thrust with the suction cup removed and my middle finger putting itself to use in the hole. Combined with the bullet on my clitoris, the Echo’s thrusting got me to orgasm reasonably quickly. Determined to try the suction cup again, I had some inspiration to use a freestanding mirror. I leaned said mirror against the wall next to my mirrored wardrobe. This gave me a great angle to gyrate to my g-spot’s content. Moreover, I had a cheeky side view and rear view of my derriere! If there’s anything to get me going while I’m testing a new toy, its my own little playtime show.

With suction cup inserted. Not the most ideal surface for sticking to, but it demonstrates the suction cup.

I was able to twerk to Sean Paul on Spotify whilst making the Echo work on my front inner wall. The resulting orgasm was the more satisfying as the standing position with the innovative angling technique meant I got to make use of that sucker (suction cup). The waved texture gave my inner walls something to bump and slide against, making it more pleasurable than the Vamp. As its narrower, it’ll probably be more suitable to people newer to dildos and, also provide more stimulation for anal play, though I have not used it anally at the time of testing.

Buying options:
  • Directly from Tantus – Get your hands on the Tantus Echo, in pearl white or midnight purple priced at $75.77, by clicking here. An orange version is also available for $55.77.
  • There is now a SuperSoft Echo, available in Purple Haze or Wine for $74.99.

I will be most grateful as they offer great commission!




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Toy play or not toy play?…

I asked my Twitter followers to give me some feedback on how using toys has affected their sex life, for either solo play or for use with partners. Do people like toy play or not toy play? A male commented that he likes to integrate them into his sex life, and that he likes the feeling of being in control when he uses toys on a female partner. The use of anal plugs reportedly gives him the best orgasm ever, making his whole body shake.

Toys have been helpful to some people following either a period of trauma, or just not being in touch with their own anatomy and erogenous zones. One female revealed that she was sexually abused as a child by her brother’s friend, and her partner had known about this past trauma and always been supportive. In later years however, this woman suffered what she referred to as a ‘sexual breakdown’ and could not bear to be intimate with her partner, though he never judged her or got frustrated with her.

It seems, by the time this woman got to the point where she was ready to face being in a sexual relationship with her partner, he no longer felt the same. She turned to Lovehoney to find toys that would fulfil her needs and help her discover herself. She enjoys using her toys, though she feels frustrated at not knowing how to make herself achieve orgasm without using toys, but was thrilled to discover that she could achieve ‘blended’ orgasms whilst using the Happy Rabbit 2 USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator.

Its not the Happy Rabbit; its Lovehoney’s Desire Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit, but it makes me very happy!

Another woman went through a 20 year marriage, without ever experiencing an orgasm with her husband during sex. She says that for her, sex  was a chore.  Instead of helping her find ways to experiment, her husband placed the blame on her! He thought that she must ‘be frigid’ not to be able to orgasm from sexual intercourse. On top of this insult, the woman had also been sexually abused when young, so already had a negative relationship with sex. Since she has separated, she has experienced an ‘amazing night’ with a younger lover. Now she uses toys on a daily basis, as they help her feel hornier and sexier. From starting with a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation, she has since tried g-spot vibrators, and has experienced vaginal orgasms; something she never would have dreamt of in the past.

In terms of couples using toys, there are a few viewpoints; one male feels like toys can put too much pressure on him to ‘perform.’ He feels guilty for being unable to satisfy his partner. Another couple, meanwhile, love using their toys either alone or together, and also for teasing each other. Toys can also be used to reignite a relationship that has lost its spark.

This will only work though if both partners are willing to experiment with the toys. In my experience, sadly this has not been the case. I have tried introducing some toys to ‘luke-warm’ at best, ‘stone-cold’ at worse, responses. I have felt frustrated by this, as I feel that our love life has got somewhat formulaic over the years. But I know that my other-half being how he is, somewhat set in his ways, will not change his outlook. My toys will remain mine for solo pleasure, and I do not feel one bit guilty for that. I choose toy play rather than not toy play!

Update October 2017

This article was written to gather the thoughts I had obtained from some of my Twitter followers. It is not intended purely for hetero couples. It just so happens that the people I had interacted with followed this lifestyle. Toys can be enjoyed by same-sex couples as well, in addition to transgender and non-cis identifiable individuals. The post was not intended to exclude anyone based on their sexual identity or orientation.

As for my own experiences, Mr Bunny seems to be participating in our play-time experimentation with toys, though he primarily uses toys on me rather than vice versa. It is definitely an improvement!


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My blog Bunny’s Wonderland only started last December, but I am so proud of what I’ve achieved in the past 10 months. When I started, I was a complete novice. I still have much to learn, and I wish to create more content that readers will engage with and find informative, as well as entertaining.

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Kinkly say that they “connect thousands of people to sex blogs across the web every month. And we’re damned proud of it. If you’ve ever read a good sex blog – whether to learn something, to connect with someone over a shared experience, or just to get off – you know how powerful that experience can be. (And if you haven’t read a good sex blog lately, um, hello?right here.)” *


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*/ ** Quoted directly from the Kinkly site; accessed 4th October 2017.


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Please do take a few minutes to vote, as each one counts. Blogging does take up a huge amount of time. As well as writing posts, there’s research into products and other blogging topics. Taking photos and editing them, maintaining blog security and backing up, then also updating links and blog-post content. It’s not a paid job, though affiliate links can earn us a small amount in commission. These funds are mostly put back into blogging, be it purchasing a new product, or a ‘Plug-In’ to help with the blogging process.

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