Sinful Sunday, Week 323

17th June 2017

This photo is a close up of one of my recent favourite toys, the pastel pink Ambit from Godemiche!

It was taken in the warm-up to an intense play time. I love the gorgeous pink of this toy, and I love the smooth silicone, and that bulbous g spot targeting head…

Because the above image wasn’t outdoors, I’ve included a second one that is most definitely outdoors and features a delightful bloom of summer poppies.

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Should I buy pre-loved sex toys?

One careful lady owner

In this materialistic, consumerist world, it seems like most things we buy these days are disposable. Or at some point, destined for a charity bag.

Why should sex toys be any different? I mean, why spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on brand new ones that may not even work for you? For some toys that are non-porous, body-safe, and in perfect working order, it seems crazy to just send them to the Rabbit Amnesty. Unless they’re so dire not even a buzzy pink vibe-lover would like it…

So, I’m thinking, I’d like to share the joy these toys can bring. My expanding collection needs a makeover. I don’t have endless storage to keep the items I once enjoyed, but now something better is occupying my bedside drawer.

Silicone and glass are perfectly safe (in my opinion) to pass on, as long as they are thoroughly cleaned. Like, boiled or bleached. Porous materials like jelly rubber I’d say hell no, but then why would you want to buy that crap anyway? Jelly is just for eating in my view!

I have some items I’m clearing out. They work fine, but they’re just not for me anymore. They’ve been well looked after, and I’d love for them to find a new home with owners who’ll have as much pleasure with them as they can bring. Toys make life so much more fun!

This Election Day, put a X in the correct box

Your sex toy box!

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Pride week

In celebration of Pride week, I thought I’d share this image I snapped of a rainbow after a rain shower.

The colours unite in a beautiful arc, harmonious alongside their neighbours. As a society we need to embrace other creeds and sexualities. We’re all unique and our differences can be celebrated.

To support this event,  Tantus are offering 30% off some of their popular toys with the code PRIDE. Follow the link here, and spread the love!

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Jopen Key Comet Wand

Glass-icone fusion from Jopen

A glass wand dipped in silicone sounded like a great idea for a lover of both these versatile sex toy materials. When the lovely Jay at offered an opportunity to test the Jopen Key Comet wand, I said youbetcha! I thanked the celestial sex toy Gods and eagerly awaited its delivery.

The wand arrived swiftly, in discreet plain packaging. Jopen’s box of delights consists of a black and turquoise flip-top opening cardboard case, within a coordinating sleeve. Inside are the wand surrounded in a foam insert, instruction leaflet and satin drawstring pouch. The less said about the pouch the better- it’s synthetic fibres make my lips purse in a disapproving way. Surely a toy as elegant as the Jopen Key Comet wand deserves a more silky robe?!

Lifting the lid to see if I’ve found the Key to my pleasure

Luckily, I’m not reviewing the packaging. It’s all about the wand…Eyeing it up in the box, I could see its gorgeous curved lines and hook-like bulbous end. The metallic Key motif adds a bit of bling, but essentially I do not see the point to it. It’s only purpose seems to be to state that the toy is of a superior quality. I think the wand can say that all by itself. Lifting the Jopen Key Comet out of the box, is like taking a precision instrument out of its case. The weighty feel of the glass body tells you it means business. All 263g of it! The silicone feels smooth, but with enough resistance to grab at your inner pleasure spot.

Gee whizz! That’s big! All the better for targeting the big G!

At the bulbous end, the circumference measures 5 inches; now if that is not enough girth to grab at the Graftenburg, then I don’t know what will! Due to the firmness and head-size of the Jopen Key Comet, it takes a bit of ‘warming up’ and copious water-based lubricant to set it on its path as a trailblazer.

Boasting 5 inches of girth

I give it this term because although glass sex toys targeting the G spot are not a new concept, silicone-coated glass is. At least to me.

Getting the angle of entry was a bit tricky to begin with, and this is where the pre-warm up is important; the curve in the shaft really does make the Comet feel like a bit of a sledgehammer, if it is wielded awkwardly. It needs to be coaxed into position, and rather than thrusting, a more subtle rocking action is required.

Admittedly, I do find G spot orgasms kind of bewildering; I like the build up of pressure but at the same time I dislike the ‘oh my gosh I’m going to pee!’ sensation. In this way they have the Marmite effect with me. I simultaneously love it, and loathe it! The best way to proceed, I find is to either use a silicone vibrator or my Satisfyer Pro 2 on my clitoris at the same time. That way I get over the dreaded fear of wetting myself as I’m distracted by my clitoral climax, whilst having the weight of the Jopen Key Comet pulsing on my inner front wall. The friction from the silicone works a treat here, as glass on its own can become too slippery.


As a word of warning, the handle of the Comet can become awkward to handle if too much lubricant covers it, so have some tissues handy to wipe away any excess. Removing the wand takes care too, as if done too quickly it can get caught behind the pubic bone. That kind of action can take the glow away from a girl’s afterglow quicker than a comet shoots across the night sky.

Treated with respect, the Jopen Key Comet can give a lot of pleasure with not a great deal of effort. Ideal for lazy summer evenings. Just mind the margaritas and there’ll be no pubic bashing. I’d rate the Jopen Key Comet 8.5/10 based on its aesthetic appearance, G-spot targeting ability and ease of use. It is available in blue from, for £103.99.


Affiliate links are used in this blog post. The Jopen Key Comet was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest impartial review. What you read here are my own thoughts. Thank you to Jay at for agreeing to let me test for them.

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Godemiche Ambit 6-inch Pastel silicone dildo

Pretty in pink

The Godemiche Ambit attracted me by its lush curvy lines and bulbous head – seemingly ideal as a G-spotting dildo. Having tried the Adam, by Godemiche, I like its prominent coronal ridge but find it a bit meaty at times. Also it doesn’t bend to enable easy G-spot reachability. Hence, I thought I ought to try an Ambit! The Pastel range was launched shortly before Easter, including the following colours:

  • Princess Perfume
  • Peach Puff,
  • Paris Green
  • Electric Lavender
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Blue Lagoon.

I opted for the Princess Perfume (pink) and went for a What the Flop! sale Ambit, priced at £16.80 (including postage). I was informed in the description that there was an air bubble on the head. It is almost centrally located on the underside of the bulbous ‘glans’ and is approximately 7mm in diameter. I actually like it, as it makes it unique and a one-of-a-kind that no other Princess Perfume Ambit will have.


Godemiche actually had a competition recently to engage sex toy enthusiasts by voting for their favourite pastel hue from the above list. I voted Mellow Yellow, purely because it evokes thoughts of spring/ summer and I have no yellow toys. Paris Green was selected as the winning shade. But I didn’t feel like I’d lost out on the prize as I had my very own pastel Ambit already!


Ok, so I did not win an Ambit, but by making my purchase, I did win some fun play-time with this Pink pleaser. The curve on the shaft and its bulbous head target the G-spot exceedingly well. If I weren’t so dehydrated at the time of testing, I may well have squirted. The ‘urge to pee’ feeling was definitely there (despite having urinated prior to play). I really wanted to squirt. I even had a towel underneath me to prepare, but it simply would not happen. Maybe one day it will. But until then, I will still enjoy using the Ambit.

The presence of the bubble in the head doesn’t do anything to detract from the experience, except maybe to act as a recess that lube and ‘sex juice’ can get into. This is easily cleaned off with sex toy cleaner and water. I tried boiling the Ambit for 5-10 minutes to be sure, and that all went fine. I am really attracted to the solar flare range of the Ambit…If I can justify buying a second one, I’d love to get a sparkly version. After all, who doesn’t want a glittery phallus?! And Godemiche, if you ever need someone to test a new Ambit colour, here’s a Bunny that will happily step up.

How does Ambit rate?
  • Appearance = 9/10
  • Value = 8/10 (based on full-price Ambits)
  • G-spot reachability = 10/10
  • Overall = 9/10

Tantus Bound – Cocoa

Roped-up silicone

The Tantus Bound dildo is a realistic looking phallus with an extra twist; rope texturing entwined around a bulging hulk of a peen! Mine is the Cocoa version, but it is also available from Tantus in Cream or Black. Bound was designed by SheVibe, and manufactured / distributed by Tantus. It is made from 100% ultra-premium silicone, so completely body safe and is harness-compatible. Tantus Bound can also be used anally, due to its flared base. I have not tested it this way, only vaginally.

The main feature that attracted me to the Tantus Bound is its intricate texture. I have tried tying an actual penis with rope. But the main purpose was to act as a cock-ring to maintain Mr Bunny’s erection. I did not actually have the rope enter me. I’m not even sure I would actually want to attempt that! Imagine the conversation with my GP when I go in with a sore vagina that has been chafed by nylon! Far safer to use a textured dildo.

The rope criss-crosses the top third of Bound, just behind the glans. It traverses its way around the shaft about two-thirds of the way, before wrapping around in three sequential strands at the base. Prominent veins ‘squiggle’ vertically down the shaft, bulging between the ropey strands. Visually, it looks pretty exciting, and though the twine-like texturing is only a few millimeters in diameter it feels real enough on handling the dildo.

Knotty pleasure

Riding the Tantus Bound was as good as I’d hoped it would be. There was plenty of sensation, with a fulfilling amount of girth and length (just over 6 inches from head to base). It is on the firmer side, having less ‘squishiness’ than the dual density Flurry (also by Tantus). But that’s fine, because sometimes a bit more muscle is what this Bunny needs, and Bound is a solid Hulk of silicone.

The texturing is stimulating without being too rough. Bumps from the rope stroke my inner walls, and arouse my masochistic side on the odd occasion they rub into my pubic bone. It reminds me that self-pleasure can be raw and ‘animalistic,’ as well as a leisurely ascension up the escalator to orgiastic delight.

Having said that, the Tantus Bound needs to be treated with care. Usually I have to warm up using a non-textured silicone dildo, or a glass dildo before I’m lubricated enough to accept the knotty surface of Bound. I find I don’t necessarily need to thrust the Bound to get the stimulation I need. I can either simply clench my kegel muscles. Alternatively, I can gyrate my hips whilst sitting astride it and using a clitoral vibrator.

Aftercare is a bit more involved for this dildo, since it has so many ridges and crevices for nasty germs to hide. I use an antibacterial cleaner, followed by boiling for 5-10 minutes in water to sterilise.

In a bind

I want to love the Bound. I really like it. Aesthetically I rate it 10/10. The quality is also top-(k)notch (see what I did there?). But in terms of giving pleasure, it is let down by the fact that it does not have the right angling to hit my G-spot. Also, since it does require a ‘warm-up’, I’m mainly going to use Bound when I have a good amount of time to myself. Overall I’d have to rate this dildo 7.5/10, which is still a pretty good score. Those seeking extra texture will hopefully enjoy this twisted piece of silicone.

To buy the Tantus Bound for $61.95, click here, and help support this blog.

Affiliate links are used in this post. The Bound dildo was sent to me by Tantus, in exchange for an honest impartial review. What you have read in this post is a true reflection of my thoughts and is not biased in any way.

Tantus Flurry

The final Flurry of my Tantus splurge

It’s been a while getting the time to properly road test this dual density O2 Flurry in ‘Twilight.’ But all good things come to those who wait, so I’m lead to believe. Was it worth the wait, you ask? Sit yourself down and read all about it here…

For those of you unfamiliar with the O2 line of dual density toys, it basically means that the inner core is meant to be harder and more ‘muscly.’ The outer silicone shell is softer, and squishier hence giving a ‘realistic feel.’ Both layers are 100% ultra-premium silicone, tailored to Tantus’ unique formula. Due to the layering of silicone, the Flurry’s appearance is definitely dildo-like rather than penis-like. The hazy purple inner shaft has an outer halo, giving it an ethereal ghost-like quality. There are also two coronal ridges at the business end of the shaft, targeted at the G-spot of the host it is implanted into. I talk about it in this way as it really is quite ‘alien’ looking to me. I like it, its quirky, and it looks cool.

Ash may have sung about a girl from Mars, but the Tantus Flurry definitely looks like it came from outer space!
Docking into the Mothership

Flurry is no ‘little green man’ in the size department. He stands at a proud 7 inches, with a girth of 4 ¾ inches. Moreover, the silicone finish is matte, making it have reasonable ‘drag.’ It needs a good slathering of celestial goo (water-based lubricant) to get it on its way and into the far reaches of the Bunnysphere (my vagina).

I found sitting on top of Flurry a good way of achieving G-spot stimulation, whilst simultaneously using a clitoral vibrator. By sitting on the ghostly phallus I find I can arch my back without getting tired wrists from thrusting at an awkward angle. The shaft does have a slight bend to it, making Flurry lean over in a lopsided manner. This is just a small niggle, as really its purpose is not just to stand there straight! In reality, penises can often have a slight bend to them, so Tantus have effected this characteristic pretty darn well.

I enjoy the internal stimulation that the Flurry provides from the two coronal ridges, though for me its ability to target the G spot is limited by the ‘straightness’ of the shaft. External stimulation is therefore required for me to achieve orgasm. Due to its girth, I’ve not tried the flurry anally. It is harness compatible and has a flared base making it suitable for those who’d like to try it anally.

The Flurry can be purchased from Tantus for $76.42, available in ‘candy’ pink, ‘ice’ blue or ‘twilight’ purple.

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