Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection

I now own several items from the E. L. James approved Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. In addition, I have a couple of items from the Fifty Shades Darker range of toys, including the Anastasia masquerade mask and the Adrenaline Spikes pinwheel. Both ranges of toys appeal to me, as they are classy in aesthetic appearance, whilst also being user-friendly. Moreover, they represent reasonable value for money. Below I describe some of my favourites from the Pleasure Collection.


Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy glass wand from Lovehoney when on offer with a free Charlie Tango vibrator, so I was really chuffed to get two classy toys for the price of one. I’ve used the wand on three consecutive days, and it is awesome. This is my first glass dildo, and hopefully the first of many.

Fifty Shades of Wand-erful

The design is impeccable, with the six nubs on the length providing sensual stimulation, whilst the head reaches my G-spot easily. The glass wand arrived in a gorgeous box, with a black silky draw string bag, which will do nicely for storing my growing collection of toys. I’m starting to feel sex-mad and insatiable a la Steele, the more I use it.

Six ‘nubs’ to delight, along the wand.

Get your Drive Me Crazy wand for £29.99, here.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy wand is currently in the 25% off when you buy two glass dildos promotion


Masks on Masquerade, Twin Pack

These masks were free with a costume purchase. They come in the black card Fifty Shades of Grey packaging I’ve come to know well, and love.

The masks are very striking in appearance, particularly the silver one; my favourite of the two. The build quality is good and both masks are rigid, with ribbon ties that seem attached well. There are quotations along the length of the silky ties, which adds a nice touch.

The fit is not bad, though being rigid they do feel quite hard on the bridge of the nose and brow bone for me. I wear glasses, so I’m not sure they would be very practical for me to wear out to a party. However they are perfectly fine for at home! Lovehoney are currently selling these masks for £19.99.


The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps

These clamps were my first ever foray into nipple ‘pain-play’. The fact that they are silicone tipped and adjustable appealed to a newbie like me.

Squeezy does it!

They arrived in the sleek black Fifty Shades of Grey box, with a satin drawstring bag included. After a couple of practices they were easy to put onto my nipples, and I usually slide the adjuster about half-way to get the pressure I like without being too painful.

These nipple clamps add another dimension to my play time, so I am glad I tried them out. The Pinch adjustable nipple clamps are available from Lovehoney for only £14.99!


Sweet Sensation Bath Oil

The bottle is sleek and black, with the usual Fifty Shades theme. There is a little plastic stopper inside the lid to prevent any leaks in transit, which needs to be removed before you can open the silver top.

On first sniff, it doesn’t smell very strongly of the scents it claims to contain, and actually smelled a bit ‘oily’. However, once dropped into the bath under some warm running water, the notes of sandalwood hit my nose, and were subtle and pleasant.

Be careful not to use too much, as I did once in a moment of heavy-handedness. It will make the tub very slippery unless you have a bath mat, and could make getting in and out of the bath a dangerous procedure.

When used reasonably sparingly, it gives the skin a nice soft feel, without being too oily. Ideal for a relaxing dip, though I think the price tag is a bit expensive for what it is. I think when I buy bath products I prefer something more luxurious and exotic-looking such as the Champneys or Covent Garden ranges. But if you’re a fan of the FSoG range, you’ll love this nonetheless.


Hard Limits Restraints Kit

I got this kit free with a purchase from Lovehoney. The package is gorgeous and chic; a lovely outer box, with the usual FSoG styling and an attractive and useful inner storage box.

The set is easy to put together. The main piece goes under our mattress nicely, and can be hidden from prying eyes. The cuffs are comfortably padded, but that Velcro won’t give an inch, making you a captive audience for your lover’s attention and teasing!

Luxuriously padded cuffs and blindfold, neatly boxed too!

The blindfold is comfortable enough. I didn’t find it too tight though I have a smallish head. This bit of kit was an absolute treat, given that it was a freebie. It is a lot of fun to play with. We have taken it in turns being restrained and teased, leading to an explosive finale for him and I. Both of us will enjoy it for many play times!

Get your Hard Limits restraint kit from Lovehoney for £49.99!

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Threeplay and Roleplay

A common fantasy for many couples is to invite a third person to play with them. But for a lot of couples the idea remains just that. There are several reasons why the fantasy may go unfulfilled. There may be trouble with identifying a suitable third party, whether they are male or female. It might be the case that the couple are concerned about damage to their relationship. Jealousy, feelings of inadequacy or guilt are possible outcomes of involving a third person in the bedroom. Then there are the details to think about; where should the play be instigated? In the couples’ home, in a hotel or in a ‘club’ environment? What will the third person be able to do with each partner of the couple, and how can play revolve around each person ‘equally’ so that no one feels overlooked?

Toys Toys Toys

One way of circumventing all these issues, is to use a toy instead of including a third person. A suction-cup dildo or strap-on harness secured to a piece of furniture can become the extra ‘male’ for a MMF scenario; this way the female in the couple gets to experience two orifices being filled at once. She can either have the dildo in her vagina, and thrust on it whilst performing oral sex on her partner, or she could experience double penetration, taking her partner’s penis in either her vagina or anus, whilst the toy is used in the other opening.

When it is time to ‘return the favour,’ and play out the FFM scenario, the male in the couple could either use a masturbator to stimulate his penis, whilst giving oral sex to his partner, or he could take a dildo in his anus during penetrative sex with his lover. Another variation is to have his partner ‘peg’ him (perform anal sex on him with a strap-on dildo or a strapless one such as a Realdoe or Feeldoe), whilst using a an oral sex simulator at the same time. Thus it seems a threesome could be easily turned into a reality, by using toys in the bedroom.

Role play fantasies

For other adventurous play, costumes can be worn and props can be included to create a ‘scene.’ For example, some common role-plays are:

  • teacher / student
  • nurse / patient
  • boss / employee
  • housewife / workman
  • two strangers in a bar.

Costumes can either be purchased ready-to-wear, or improvised with your own clothes. In most of the scenarios mentioned above, there is ‘Dominant and submissive’ interplay. One role-play I tried with Mr Bunny previously was that of the ‘sexy cop’ and defendant. I purchased the Music Legs cop costume (now discontinued), which consists of dress and belt, hat, truncheon, cuffs and cop’s badge.

Sexy Cop.jpg

The dress is good, though it definitely requires the belt to cinch in the waist. The hat was pleasing too, and made a handy makeshift ‘blindfold.’ The accessories were very cheap though; the baton felt like it would crush very easily, and the handcuffs were plastic and very flimsy. I did not bother with them, instead using the Lovehoney Tease Me set I already owned.

I got dressed up, complete with fishnet stockings and suspender belt, and wore my suede boots too. Mr Bunny grinned when he saw me. Though I soon wiped the cheekiness from his face as I made my ‘arrest,’ then interrogated him thoroughly. We then went on to enjoy some of the hottest sex we’d had in ages. He certainly was stimulated by his ‘arrest,’ while I enjoyed playing the bad cop!

Fun without costumes

It is not necessary to wear a costume, to partake in some Dominant / submissive interplay. Moreover, if you don’t feel comfortable playing a character, props such as ties and blindfolds can be an effective way for a Dominant to take control, while the submissive yields to their Master or Mistress. A nice beginners Tie and Tease set is available for a reasonable price.

By fulfilling our fantasies and enjoying a varied sex life, we enrich our relationships and improve intimacy. Besides, if something doesn’t work out quite how we envisaged, there are opportunities for laughing about it together, which also strengthens the bond between couples.



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Maid service when you need a fluffy pillow…


Beauty Night ‘Pamela’ French Maid outfit

My day job uniform is extremely functional, and boring. I won’t be wearing it for much longer…But I like to think of myself as a naughty French Maid for Mr Bunny. I knew I needed to get myself an outfit for this role-play fantasy of mine. The choice at my go-to retailer, Lovehoney was pretty abundant.

I chose Beauty Night’s Pamela French Maid dress, as I like the fact its all-in-one. No fussing about with tying an apron. I don’t even have to wear the skimpy coordinating g-string, because who has time for panties when they’re a busy working mum? Not me!


Get to work, Maid!

I like the lacy-edged contrast panelling down the front, with the black ribbon bow pointing towards my bust. The dress is quite long in the body for my petite 5’3″ frame. Initially I pulled it all the way down. This meant the ruffled skirt was yanked over my arse, which just did not look right at all. Such a ditzy maid!

After that faux pas was rectified (quite literally, by pulling the dress up above my rectum!) the effect was much better. I could bend down to dust the skirting board, and give a cheeky glimpse of what is under the dress’s skirt. The fabric feels nice and smooth. It is 88% polyester and 12% spandex so has a bit of give to it. I purchased the larger size, as I am size 12-14. I’ve yet to try washing the dress, but it states to hand-wash (presumably to maintain the shape and elasticity). I will be sure to follow these guidelines.


The dress comes packaged in a black cardboard box with an image of a model wearing the dress. I think it looks quite classy. There is a silver Beauty Night hologram on the side panel of the box. Inside the box, the dress is stored in a white ‘organza’ style bag. This is a nice feature, as most of the lingerie I’ve purchased previously comes in either a plastic wrapper or a cardboard box on its own.

When I finally got to wearing the dress for Mr Bunny…well let’s say it Maid his night, and mine too! The Beauty Night Pamela dress can be purchased from Lovehoney for £27.99. It is available in size ‘S/M’ (8-10) or ‘L/XL’ (12-14).

Currently in the 20% off when you buy two sexy costumes promotion!

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Bah-Dah-Bing…Body Bling!

As a Bunny that likes all things shiny and sparkly, I try pretty body adornments from time to time. After all, every body needs some bling!

Here are my thoughts on a few items I have bought and tried out.

Bijoux Indiscrets Flamboyant Jewels for breasts and navel

This gorgeous vivid green and blue jeweled body ‘sticker’ set was purchased a looooong time ago (2006)! It was only tried recently, after sitting in a drawer for literally years. So the proof is in the pudding on its ‘shelf life-span’ as the adhesive kept it firmly in place for about 24h. I then decided to peel it off. I had only worn the navel part, and I intend to attempt reusing it to see if it will still stay on my skin. If it fails, all will not be lost, as I could still use the two ‘breast’ adhesive adornments on my navel instead if I so wished. Thus enabling even more longevity out of this product.

Almost like peacock feather ‘eye’s, these will make your breasts say ‘peek-a-boob!’

I’d love to try out other colour variations of this design, so I will definitely buy from Bijoux Indiscrets again!

Get your Flamboyant set in Blue and Green for £19.99 from 4Playsure.


Spartacus Beaded Clit Clamp

This pretty purple clamp was bought from Admittedly it has only been tried once…I’ve been too scared to try it again. I will bite the bullet, or rather, let the Spartacus bite my clit, again! I just need to steel myself, as it did bite. Hard.

The tweezer coating does slide off quite easily, but it is simple to slip back on. The o-ring attaching the beaded part does have a large enough opening to allow the jewelled end to fall off. A quick pinch with some pliers will sort that out.

It may be pretty but it is FIERCE!



Although no longer available from Lovehoney, this cute diamante cherry body adornment was purchased in a 3 for £15 offer.

Pretty please…with a cherry on top!

The fact it is a couple of bright red cherries on a stalk makes it seem deliciously naughty. I wore it on my groin under my pants for a sexy surprise for Mr Bunny to find. He liked his fruity treat! The jewels adhered well despite sitting in an area that was ‘folded’ at times during the day. One of the green jewels came off from the stalk, but this does not detract from the overall look. I’m hoping to reuse the Vajazzle with the help of some eyelash glue.


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Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade Mask

Elegantly masquerading Darker desires

Lovehoney sent me the Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade mask to test, in exchange for an honest review. I have previously bought several items from the Fifty Shades of Grey range.

The mask comes in a cardboard sleeve, in the black and blue Fifty Shades Darker theme. The mask is visible through the cut-out window in the front of the sleeve. It looks very intricate, made from silver filigree and with diamante jewels accenting the cheekbones. The effect is very elegant and striking.

Bunny behind the mask

To secure the mask to the wearer’s face there are silky ties either side of the mask. They have ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ printed along their lengths. My only negative comment here is that the stitching securing the two ties at the sides appears roughly sewn – almost like tacking stitches. They look like they wouldn’t put up much resistance against a firm tug.

I only wore the mask a short duration; 10-15 minutes, purely to test it, so my feedback on how it feels to wear is based on this alone. It fit evenly and comfortably over my eye sockets and bridge of my nose. I tried it on without my glasses and then tried wearing my glasses over the mask. This did not really work, though, as my glasses were then not seated on the bridge of my nose.

Subsequently, I tried the mask on over my glasses, and to my surprise, it fit quite well over them. This is where the Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade mask is better for wearers of glasses rather than the original rigid Fifty Shades of Grey masks – the latter aren’t wearable over glasses as they’re simply too rigid. This won’t pose a problem for contact lens users but I cannot wear contacts, and so have to wear my glasses. This means I will get more potential wear out of the Darker mask, since it is made of material rather than being rigid.



Overall thoughts of the Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade mask

I like the look of the mask; it looks very classy, though it won’t necessarily offer as much disguising as the original Fifty Shades rigid masks. The filigree design has intricate rose and key motifs. As previously mentioned, it is comfortable to wear, albeit only tested for a short duration. Fans of the Fifty Shades stories and the range of toys will like the mask, and it will be a novelty to use for sexy role plays.



Get your Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Masquerade mask here for £14.99!

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