About Me and The Blog

The person behind Luv Bunny

I’m a wife and a mother. My day job is currently being a stay-at-home mum to my toddler. Professionally I have a biological science background, having spent my early career in life sciences. I then had a ‘career /lifestyle’ change, working in the leisure / tourism industry. More recently, I work in a retail setting on a part-time basis.

Life is not all about work though. In my spare time I like exercise classes, blogging, music, spending time with my family and our dog. My journey as a sex blogger may have only started last December. But I have been steadily growing my collection of toys and lingerie since 2013. I’d seen some fellow Lovehoney forum users set up their own blogs. I pondered whether I should join in on the ‘blogosphere.’

Since I already reviewed my purchases from Lovehoney, I decided to take the plunge. The result of that leap into the unknown is this blog. I wanted to create my own little space where I could talk about toys I have tried. I like the Alice in Wonderland theme, hence the name of my domain. There is the obligatory euphemistic twist, being a sex blog!

The Blog; ‘Bunny’s Wonderland’

Over the months, the blog has evolved from some short, somewhat ‘naive’ reviews about toys. I have since posted some of my life experiences and perspectives. Included are issues such as body confidence, premature birth, mental health and the importance of purchasing adult products from reputable brands. In addition, I’ve started to write some erotic fiction (mainly short stories), and I’ve developed my reviewing technique, to ensure I provide as much detailed information about products I’ve tried as possible.

I wish for my readers to see my blog as being sex-positive for all, and unbiased towards any one sexual orientation. Whilst my experience is purely of heterosexual sex, within a monogamous relationship, I am aware of and support those that live different lifestyles. Diversity makes us all unique, but we are all human with feelings and values the same as anyone else.

I do not know what will happen on my blogging path tomorrow, never mind next month or next year. But I hope to stand the test of time, and continue as long as I have readers to write for!


Love and respect,

Luv bunny ^..^