Tantus Flurry

The final Flurry of my Tantus splurge

It’s been a while getting the time to properly road test this dual density O2 Flurry in ‘Twilight.’ But all good things come to those who wait, so I’m lead to believe. Was it worth the wait, you ask? Sit yourself down and read all about it here…

For those of you unfamiliar with the O2 line of dual density toys, it basically means that the inner core is meant to be harder and more ‘muscly.’ The outer silicone shell is softer, and squishier hence giving a ‘realistic feel.’ Both layers are 100% ultra-premium silicone, tailored to Tantus’ unique formula. Due to the layering of silicone, the Flurry’s appearance is definitely dildo-like rather than penis-like. The hazy purple inner shaft has an outer halo, giving it an ethereal ghost-like quality. There are also two coronal ridges at the business end of the shaft, targeted at the G-spot of the host it is implanted into. I talk about it in this way as it really is quite ‘alien’ looking to me. I like it, its quirky, and it looks cool.

Ash may have sung about a girl from Mars, but the Tantus Flurry definitely looks like it came from outer space!
Docking into the Mothership

Flurry is no ‘little green man’ in the size department. He stands at a proud 7 inches, with a girth of 4 ¾ inches. Moreover, the silicone finish is matte, making it have reasonable ‘drag.’ It needs a good slathering of celestial goo (water-based lubricant) to get it on its way and into the far reaches of the Bunnysphere (my vagina).

I found sitting on top of Flurry a good way of achieving G-spot stimulation, whilst simultaneously using a clitoral vibrator. By sitting on the ghostly phallus I find I can arch my back without getting tired wrists from thrusting at an awkward angle. The shaft does have a slight bend to it, making Flurry lean over in a lopsided manner. This is just a small niggle, as really its purpose is not just to stand there straight! In reality, penises can often have a slight bend to them, so Tantus have effected this characteristic pretty darn well.

I enjoy the internal stimulation that the Flurry provides from the two coronal ridges, though for me its ability to target the G spot is limited by the ‘straightness’ of the shaft. External stimulation is therefore required for me to achieve orgasm. Due to its girth, I’ve not tried the flurry anally. It is harness compatible and has a flared base making it suitable for those who’d like to try it anally.

The Flurry can be purchased from Tantus for $76.42, available in ‘candy’ pink or ‘twilight’ purple.

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