Tantus Vibrating Vamp Grab Bag

After eagerly awaiting my deluxe bumper box of Tantus goodies (see “A tantalising New Year…with Tantus!”), I fished out the sealed Grab bag containing my Vibrating Vamp. The bag was transparent so I could see my new intimate silicone friend. On the Tantus website, the pictures displayed ‘Black/Purple/Blue,’ ‘Purple/Blue,’ ‘Blue/Silver’ and ‘Black/Silver’ pearlescent colour combinations, which all look amazing!

Vibrating Vamp.jpg

I was somewhat surprised to see my Vamp was in fact plain black, though I was pleased with this. I now have my first ‘Big Black Cock’, and he has fairly substantial girth; my thumb and index finger just meet around the crown of the Vamp’s bulbous head (with pronounced coronal ridge), and the read-out on my tape measure is 5 1/4 inches! This dildo is suction cup-compatible, harness-compatible and anal safe.

IMG_1102 (2)

Buzzing Bullet included

The Vibrating Vamp has a silver bullet vibrator included, that snugly fits in the hole at the base. The Tantus logo is etched in the rounded base of the Vamp, as well as in the side of the bullet vibe. The silver bullet takes a size N 1.5V Alkaline battery, which fits quite tightly. It needs a good shake to release the battery if you want to remove it to replace, or for long-term storage. The length of the bullet is 3 inches, and the finish is smooth despite a slight imperfection in the side, though this is purely cosmetic.


To turn the vibe on, simply press the purple button in the base of the bullet. Don’t forget to remove the paper disc that is inserted for shipping to prevent it accidentally switching on! There are three vibration settings; a slower low-intensity continuous vibration, a faster high-intensity continuous vibration and an intermittent pulsing pattern. This is ample variation for a bullet such as this, and to be honest I bought the Vamp for the silicone dildo, so the bullet is a bonus!

Voluptuous Vamp

As for the main star of this review, I initially tried ‘him’ whilst kneeling in the bath. I added some water-based lubricant to his head, though not enough to compensate for the drag of the silicone. Be warned, lint will stick to this meaty shaft. After use it’s best to air-dry following washing, and then store in a plastic case. For now, I’ll keep mine in its ‘Grab bag.’ As I said, the drag of the silicone and the fairly substantial girth of this dong means if you have a reasonably ‘tight’ vagina (or butt) and/or are not overly aroused, you will need copious amounts of lube.

Whilst ‘sitting’ on the Vamp in the first few minutes of play, I had the vibe inserted in the hole in the base. I then decided to remove the vibe and use it on my clitoris. This was because despite the bullet having a reasonable amount of power, the thickness of the Vamp somewhat dulls the sensation. Moreover I tend to need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

The Vamp was certainly a filling toy, and his thick bulbous head and coronal ridge was noticeable on entry. I did not take him very deep, whilst kneeling over him. Whether that was due to the position or the need for more lubrication, I’m uncertain. I do know, however, that I will most definitely be trying him with the suction cup I purchased from Tantus. I’ll also try him lying back on my bed. I found my middle finger fit in the hole in the base rather well, which will aid thrusting.

I look forward to experimenting with my Vamp more in the near future!

Get your Vibrating Vamp from Tantus for $39.99.

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