Wands – magical shafts of pleasure

Sinclair Crystal G Glass G-spot wand

This wand was purchased from StarSexToys. I love glass toys, especially dildos. I was really keen to try this wand, as it looks attractive, and the bend looked like it should target the G-spot like a homing missile!

The Crystal G was brought out to play, after getting warmed up with my vibrating silicone wand on my clitoris. The bend is sublime, making it reach that magic erogenous zone, and giving it the pressure it needs (with some strategic thrusts) to induce a toe-curling orgasm. I was using the silicone wand on my clitoris throughout my play time with this glass wand, as I generally need clitoral stimulation to climax. The result was pleasurable waves of blended orgasmic delight. I was truly wet after using this wand, and could possibly squirt with it, in the future.


Tracey Cox 10 Function Silicone Wand

This wand is the best battery-powered toy I own, and may even be my favourite vibrator in general! It lives in my bedside cabinet, so it’s always at hand when I need an orgasmic release. More about the toy itself, it comes packaged in the black and pink Tracey Cox Supersex themed box. To be honest I didn’t bother keeping it in the box, I just use a satin drawstring bag for it.

It looks lovely and sleek, and the silicone feels soft and smooth. The base twists off, and two AA batteries are all that’s needed to get this magic toy started. The single button is all there is to get you through the vibrator’s settings, but it pushes smoothly unlike some other similar vibrators. I usually just use the first three functions, which are the continuous vibrations in increasing speeds. I don’t really like the patterns. Despite it being battery-powered it has decent power, and the vibrations are quite rumbly rather than buzzy.

Bottom line, this toy never fails to give me orgasms. I use it alone, or team it with a dildo for blended clitoral and G-spot stimulation. I cannot rate it highly enough, and even though my first one died, Lovehoney kindly replaced it and its successor is still my go-to toy!

To get your very own Tracey Cox ‘magic’ wand visit Lovehoney, where it can be purchased for £34.99.

L-R: Sinclair Crystal G wand, Tracey Cox battery powered wand, Lovehoney mains powered wand.
 Lovehoney Mains Powered Classic Wand Vibrator

I wanted this version rather than the white and purple Lovehoney one, as black just looks sexier to me. It comes in the standard pink and white Lovehoney box, with a clear plastic tray to contain it.

The power cord is a good length. Our socket at the foot of the bed can still be reached. Importantly, I read instructions before use, which is a must, as I found out you can only run the toy for a maximum of 15 minutes in a single session. Also, when you turn the mains on, the switch on the wand needs to be in the ‘Off’ position.

The click wheel is easy to use, and the power does ramp up quite quickly (as does the noise). You need to use copious lube with this wand, or it might chafe somewhat as the silicone is a little on the draggy side. I tried it out on my neck, shoulders and back, which felt good, after being in a bad posture whilst feeding the baby.

On more intimate areas, the wand really does get me going pretty quickly. Clitoral and labial stimulation is really nice, and I could orgasm fairly quickly. Teamed up with a G-spot vibe, I had spectacular blended orgasms that rolled on for several minutes and left me with abs that felt like they’d had a workout!






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