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Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

Six ‘nubs’ to delight, along the wand
Fifty Shades of Wand-erful

I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy glass wand from Lovehoney when on offer with a free Charlie Tango vibrator, so I was really chuffed to get two classy toys for the price of one. I’ve used the wand on three consecutive days, and it is awesome. This is my first glass dildo, and hopefully the first of many.

The design is impeccable, with the six nubs on the length providing sensual stimulation, whilst the head reaches my G-spot easily. The glass wand arrived in a gorgeous box, with a black silky draw string bag, which will do nicely for storing my growing collection of toys. I’m starting to feel sex-mad and insatiable a la Steele, the more I use it.

Get your Drive Me Crazy wand for £29.99, here.


Charlie Tango Classic Silver Vibrator

This really is an elegant vibrator. It reached me in the classic black FSoG themed box, with leaflet and a silvery-grey silky storage bag. To insert the batteries, simply untwist the base, put 2AA batteries in, and twist the base on again.

A sliding wheel at the base operates the vibrator, and at the top speed it is impressively powerful given that it’s battery-operated. Charlie Tango felt nice and smooth on my clitoris for solo play and during sex with my other half, helping me achieve a pleasant and rewarding orgasm.

The vibrations are good for internal stimulation also, though I don’t use Charlie Tango this way as often. It is a shame it has been discontinued, as it looks prettier than the newer black Charlie Tango.


Masks on Masquerade, Twin Pack

These masks were free with a costume purchase. They come in the black card Fifty Shades of Grey packaging I’ve come to know well and love.

The masks are very striking looking, particularly the silver one, which is my favourite of the two. The build quality is good. The masks are rigid and the ties seem well attached. There are quotations along the length of the silky ties, which adds a nice touch.

The fit is not bad, though being rigid they do feel quite hard on the bridge of the nose and brow bone for me.

I wear glasses, so not sure they would be very practical for me to wear out to a party, but they are perfectly fine for at home! Lovehoney are currently selling these masks for £19.99


Deep Within Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrator

I got this vibrator free when I bought an item over £30 and was awestruck to get a freebie worth more than the item I was actually purchasing, thanks to Lovehoney! As a fan of the collection I was pleased to get another quality toy to add to my rapidly expanding array of orgasmic delights.

The packaging is the usual black silky smooth box I associate with the Fifty Shades range. Included is the USB charging lead and a red drawstring bag with the logo emblazoned on it. Deep Within felt nice and smooth to the touch, was long and a decently proportioned girth. Initial charging took a couple of hours.

In use, the toy has pleasant vibrations. I mainly use the first three speed settings, gradually ramping up as I get more aroused. Usually, I stimulate my clitoris at the same time with a bullet or wand to help me reach orgasm.

I did find the buttons a bit stiff to operate. You do need to push quite firmly. But I like that there are two buttons to scroll through the settings.

The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Squeezy does it!

These clamps were my first ever foray into nipple ‘pain-play’. The fact that they are silicone tipped and adjustable appealed to a newbie like me.

They arrived in the sleek black Fifty Shades of Grey box, with a satin drawstring bag included. After a couple of practices they were easy to put onto my nipples, and I usually slide the adjuster about half-way to get the pressure I like without being too painful.

These nipple clamps add another dimension to my play time, so I am glad I tried them out. Available from Lovehoney for only £14.99!


Sweet Sensation Bath Oil

The bottle is sleek and black, with the usual Fifty Shades theme. There is a little plastic stopper inside the lid to prevent any leaks in transit, which needs to be removed before you can open the silver top.

On first sniff, it doesn’t smell very strongly of the scents it claims to contain, and actually smelled a bit ‘oily’. However, once dropped into the bath under some warm running water, the notes of sandalwood hit my nose, and were subtle and pleasant.

Be careful not to use too much, as I did once in a moment of heavy-handedness. It will make the tub very slippery unless you have a bath mat, and could make getting in and out of the bath a dangerous procedure.

When used reasonably sparingly, it gives the skin a nice soft feel, without being too oily. Ideal for a relaxing dip, though I think the price tag is a bit expensive for what it is. I think when I buy bath products I prefer something more luxurious and exotic-looking such as the Champneys or Covent Garden ranges. But if you’re a fan of the FSoG range, you’ll love this nonetheless. Get yours from 4Playsure for £10.99!


Hard Limits Restraints Kit

I got this kit free with a purchase from Lovehoney. The package is gorgeous and chic; a lovely outer box, with the usual FSoG styling and an attractive and useful inner storage box.

The set is easy to put together. The main piece goes under our mattress nicely, and can be hidden from prying eyes. The cuffs are comfortably padded, but that Velcro won’t give an inch, making you a captive audience for your lover’s attention and teasing!

The blindfold is comfortable enough. I didn’t find it too tight though I have a smallish head. This bit of kit was an absolute treat, given that it was a freebie. It is a lot of fun to play with. We have taken it in turns being restrained and teased, leading to an explosive finale for him and I. Both of us will enjoy it for many play times!

Get your kit from Lovehoney for £49.99!

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