Exposed Luv White Floral lace bustier set


I was lucky enough to be gifted this sexy ensemble by a Twitter follower, so thanks to the generous benefactor!

My basque set came in the larger size, as I am size 14-16. The basque is very sexy but with the virginal innocence of white lace. It may even double as bridal lingerie as it has the blue bow and lace trim. Thus it would tick the ‘something new’ and ‘something blue’ in that well-known marital rhyme.

Despite being the larger size it does not have a lot of spare room. I think it is only really suitable up to a size 14. I had the hook and eye fastenings on the outer set. It was as loose as it would go, and it did feel snug. Though it did look very lovely on, and made me feel very sexy. It comes with suspender straps that can be removed, which is what I did as I didn’t have any white stockings to wear with the set.

All white now

The finish on the seams is not quite as well-made as other sets I have. Where the straps are sewn onto the ‘bodice’ part at the front, the stitching actually looks a bit messy. The G-string is also rather skimpy, but it does have a bow on the front to match the basque.

This was a nice alternative to some of my usual lingerie which is black or red or a combination of the two. If I had to rate it out of 5, I would give it 3.5 based on the finishing and the snugness of the sizing.

Buy yours from Lovehoney for £25.00!

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