Sqweel XT Oral Sex simulator for men

I received the Sqweel XT oral sex simulator free from Lovehoney when I made a purchase recently. Since Mr Bunny does not use toys, I have decided to gift it for a guest reviewer…

Over to @1Stutographer who has kindly offered to get to grips with the Sqweel XT, for the sake of sex toy enthusiasts!


First Impressions

I felt really privileged to be asked to review the Sqweel XT for this blog. It was with a sense of anticipation that I waited for it to be delivered. When it was, I opened it with eagerness.

The Sqweel XT comes in a clear- fronted box, also containing an extra wheel, USB charger cable and instruction booklet. The Sqweel XT needs to be fully charged before you can use it for the first time. You can charge it either directly from a laptop or from a wall plug if you have an adaptor. Charging takes approximately 2 hours, and provides about an hour’s play time.

In use

To turn the Sqweel XT on you have to press one of the two buttons on the side of the hand-grip. Pressing the button again cycles the toy through the various speeds and cycles (three of each). A travel lock can be applied by pressing both buttons together.

The Sqweel XT simulates oral sex by using rotating wheels with tongues that stimulate the shaft of the penis. Unfortunately for me it didn’t. Starting with the softer of the two wheels, I applied a good water-based lube to my erect penis, turned on the Sqweel XT and slid my penis between the tongues. I felt nothing but the lightest feather touch. Since it simulates oral sex, it’s not going to be the strongest of vibrations. But even cycling through the other speeds and cycles left me wanting. I had to finish off by other means. The same feelings were experienced using the firmer wheel. Even though I could feel a slighter firmer tickle, it was still just that.

The Sqweel XT is totally waterproof so cleaning is simple enough. Run it under a tap or take it in the shower with you, then leave it to air-dry. There’s a tiny hole in the top of the toy that allows any water to drain out of it should you submerge it. Just remember to stand it on its head while it dries. The wheels are just as easy to clean.

In conclusion

What can I say? After a string of failures with other toys, I really wanted to like this toy. Unfortunately it’s not for me; I like fairly strong vibrations in a toy to get me off, but even at its fastest speed this just doesn’t supply them. For me it really is more of a teaser than a pleaser.


Bunny’s thoughts

Thank you @1Stutographer for providing your honest feedback!

The Sqweel XT does seem to obtain mixed reviews from those I have seen on other sites.

It may be that it is more of a foreplay style toy than a ‘main-event’ toy. And it may be better on the glans of the penis rather than the shaft. Though what do I know…I don’t have a penis!





Maid service when you need a fluffy pillow…


Beauty Night ‘Pamela’ French Maid outfit

My day job uniform is extremely functional, and boring. I won’t be wearing it for much longer…But I like to think of myself as a naughty French Maid for Mr Bunny. I knew I needed to get myself an outfit for this role-play fantasy of mine. The choice at my go-to retailer, Lovehoney was pretty abundant.

I chose Beauty Night’s Pamela French Maid dress, as I like the fact its all-in-one. No fussing about with tying an apron. I don’t even have to wear the skimpy coordinating g-string, because who has time for panties when they’re a busy working mum? Not me!


Get to work, Maid!

I like the lacy-edged contrast panelling down the front, with the black ribbon bow pointing towards my bust. The dress is quite long in the body for my petite 5’3″ frame. Initially I pulled it all the way down. This meant the ruffled skirt was yanked over my arse, which just did not look right at all. Such a ditzy maid!

After that faux pas was rectified (quite literally, by pulling the dress up above my rectum!) the effect was much better. I could bend down to dust the skirting board, and give a cheeky glimpse of what is under the dress’s skirt. The fabric feels nice and smooth. It is 88% polyester and 12% spandex so has a bit of give to it. I purchased the larger size, as I am size 12-14. I’ve yet to try washing the dress, but it states to hand-wash (presumably to maintain the shape and elasticity). I will be sure to follow these guidelines.


The dress comes packaged in a black cardboard box with an image of a model wearing the dress. I think it looks quite classy. There is a silver Beauty Night hologram on the side panel of the box. Inside the box, the dress is stored in a white ‘organza’ style bag. This is a nice feature, as most of the lingerie I’ve purchased previously comes in either a plastic wrapper or a cardboard box on its own.

When I finally got to wearing the dress for Mr Bunny…well let’s say it Maid his night, and mine too! The Beauty Night Pamela dress can be purchased from Lovehoney for £27.99. It is available in size ‘S/M’ (8-10) or ‘L/XL’ (12-14).

Currently in the 20% off when you buy two sexy costumes promotion!

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Lovehoney Flirty Underwear

Update – September 2017

The set is not longer available in teal, but it is available in red, currently costing £12.99 for the bra and available in sizes S/M (UK 8-10), M/L (UK 12-14), L/XL (UK 16-18) and XXL (UK 20-22). Other colours are available (see main review below).

Feeling flirty

I’d had the Lovehoney Flirty Teal underwear set comprising of underwired plunge bra and matching Flirty boyshorts on my wishlist. Then I was lucky enough to be treated to the set by a generous forum friend, as a Christmas gift.

The bra is not available in teal anymore, though it is available in 4 other colours; red (as stated above), black, purple, and pink. The bra comes packaged in a simple clear plastic sealed packet. It has a cardboard tag attached to the inner label. Off that went straight into the bin, then I had a good look at the bra. It appears well-constructed albeit it with one or two ‘loose thread’ ends. Nothing that would cause concern, just purely cosmetic imperfections. The teal colour is vibrant, and the lacy nylon / spandex material is very attractive with a bit of ‘give’ to it.

How does it ‘hold up’?

I got the bra in the M/L size, and my bust is 38C. The strap that goes around under the bust was on its loosest setting, and initially the straps around the shoulders were adjusted so the ‘sliders’ were all the way to the rear. I found they were starting to dig in slightly, about halfway through the day. I then readjusted the sliders on the shoulder straps all the way forward towards the central rings. This made it much more comfortable to wear for the rest of the day then.

The under-wiring gives some support, but the nature of the bra having a ‘plunge’ shaping means that the padding sits under my nipples, leaving my upper areolas and nipples ‘exposed’ behind the see-through lace. The scalloped edging is flattering and attractive, though this bra does not provide full coverage over my bust, leaving about a third of it above the bra. This does not really pose an issue but I might be disinclined to wear the bra on occasions where I’d want more coverage.

Washing instructions state to wash the bra by hand, which I will do, to prevent the lace getting caught. Overall, this is a pretty and sexy bra that will catch your eye when you’re going through your underwear drawer deciding which one to wear!

Get shorty

The boyshorts also come packaged in a similar way, and are priced at  £7.99. The scalloped edging on the shorts matches the edging on the plunge bra nicely, and feels comfortable with no unsightly ‘visible panty lines.’ The shorts cover my generous rear end, without sliding down or giving the dreaded ‘wedgie’. If you want some flirty colour in your panty drawer, get some from Lovehoney!


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***Bunny’s Prize-giving Write-off***

The Competition

You’ve heard of the Great British Bake Off, and Strictly Come Dancing’s ‘Dance off,’ but there’s a new competition coming to you special ‘Downthebunnyrabbithole’ blog readers… the Erotic Write-Off!

The prize, though maybe not as amazing as some others featured in blog giveaways, will hopefully incentivise some of you creative folk to take part. It is not a shiny, rumbly magical wand, or a super soft dual-density silicone dildo, but it is *ta-dah*, a Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet vibrator!


I won’t bore you with ‘rules’ but there are some conditions to entry:

  1. Entrants must be over 18 years and reside in the UK. Sorry, but I cannot ship overseas.
  2. No entrants from other ‘giveaway’ blogs will be allowed.
  3. The story must be an erotic short story and be a sequel to my recent erotic short story Into the Woods, Part 1. Please write between 600-1000 words in length. Make it engaging and create a storyline; not just a pornographic jumble of words!
  4. The winner will be notified by DM, on Twitter, and will be required to provide a postal address.
  5. Entries will be reviewed until 8pm Sunday 8th October 2017. A winner will then be selected based on their storyline, reader engagement, and erotic content.
  6. Only the first 10 entries will be reviewed. Once I have received the maximum number of entries the competition will close. This is because I am doing all the reviewing and I simply do not have enough time to read any more than 10 stories.
  7. The winner will be able to have their story displayed on my blog, under their twitter handle. Please only enter if you are willing to share your story on my blog, under your @name.

Please email your entry to rabbitloversl812@gmail.com before 8pm on 8th October 2017.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

Luv Bunny xx


Lovehoney Hourglass Red Mini Dress

The Lovehoney Hourglass Red Mini Dress was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Lovehoney!

The mini dress comes packaged in a Lovehoney branded purple and black sleeve. The front of the sleeve states the colour and size of the mini dress. On the back of the sleeve is a cartoon image depicting the mini dress as worn, alongside a circular schematic divided into two halves to show the material on the front (opaque) and back (fishnet).

The mini dress is made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex, and the care labels state to hand wash. On following these instructions, the mini dress dried nice and quick, hanging over a radiator.

Because of the nature of the material it’s advisable to ensure your hands and nails are smooth to avoid any snags or pulls.

Trying it on for size

I’m a size 12-14 and 5’3″ tall; on putting the dress on, it really is mini, as it barely covered my bum, though I do have a rather generous derrière!

It does look sexy if in a ‘slutty’ way, which neither myself nor my OH minded. It certainly added a bit of heat to the chilly autumnal night on which it made its debut.

I’ve rated this mini dress 4/5 stars, based on the style, fit, and quality of the fabric.

This red racy number is currently priced at £10 from Lovehoney! 

It is currently in the 20% off when you buy 2 Lovehoney Lingerie styles promotion.


Sexy Nights In


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Pleasure Panel review; August round

Living Joy Furry Fantasy Fox Tail

I was able to test this fabulous metal butt plug, with black fur tail.

If you’ve seen my recent Sinful Sunday post you will see that I like to swish the tail when wearing the plug!

For my full review of the fox tail plug, please visit the Pleasure Panel site.

Sinful Sunday, Week 336

I’m feeling ‘blue’ now the autumn chill is here, and I long for the lightness I feel when I can be free of oppressive rain coats. The butterfly is fleeting but it’s so beautiful. My daughter has loved seeing butterflies this summer. She appreciates its fluttering wings though she’s only young.

Click the lips to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.

So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

I recently received the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand free of charge, courtesy of So Divine in exchange for my honest impartial review.


The wand comes in a cardboard box, nestled in a foam insert. Included are the following:

  • 3-pin UK plug with USB connection.
  • the USB-compatible magnetic charging cable.
  • a dark purple velvet storage drawstring pouch.

Instructions on how to operate the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand are on the reverse of the box (see below).

Features of the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

The wand is made from silicone and does not contain latex or phthalates. It is ultra quiet and is rechargeable with a run-time of up to 2 hours. The two ends have separate motors, so the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand can be used as an external vibrator (at the wider end) or an internal vibrator (at the tapered end. The motors cannot be turned on simultaneously though. Each motor has 3 speed settings and 7 pattern settings. Lastly the Sweetest Taboo is waterproof, if you wish to use it in the bath or shower.


How to operate the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

The front of the wand has the three function buttons moulded into the silicone. They are a solid ‘up’ triangle (pointing to the wider end), a ‘()’ power button, and a solid ‘down’ triangle (pointing to the narrow end).

Not just a handle…it’s also an internal vibrator!

On the rear of the wand are the magnetic connecting points for the charging cable. The magnetic contacts on the charging cable connect to the wand, and the USB end can be plugged into the 3-pin plug to connect directly to the mains. Alternatively, you can connect the USB end to your laptop / PC. Charging may be slower this way, so I tend to use the mains plug.

To turn the wand on, press and hold the () button, until the blue LED lights up. The up and down buttons control the motors in the two ends (‘up’ to switch the wider end on; ‘down’ to switch the narrower end on). Repeatedly pressing either the up or down button cycles through the 3 continuous speeds and 7 pulsating patterns.

Easy to use. Does what it says on the box!
What are the vibrations like?

The vibrations of the Sweetest Taboo are higher frequency akin to the Lealso Massager, so they are not deep and rumbly. I tend to prefer constant vibrations to patterns, so whichever end I use, I mainly use the first three settings. For those that like patterns, the best way to describe them are as follows:

  1. Fast Pulse.
  2. Four fast pulses followed by a longer pulse, repeated.
  3. Decreasing frequency wave, alternating with increasing frequency wave.
  4. Ramping interval wave, (8 stages).
  5. High frequency longer pulses.
  6. Low frequency pulse followed by 10 high frequency pulses, repeated.
  7. Another wave pattern that seems quite similar to pattern 3 above!

As an external massager, the silicone head is soft against my vulva and clitoris with minimal drag, though I do like to use a water-based lubricant to make it glide more easily.

Internally, the shaft end sits nicely against my front wall and G-spot, but I still need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, which means I need a second vibrator or bullet.

The buttons I feel are placed a bit low on the shaft, as when it’s being used internally it is slightly awkward to press the ‘down’ triangle button without it getting slick from lubricant. Moreover, if you’re into patterns, you’re going to need to repeatedly press the same button to cycle through them until you reach the one you like. Not so much a problem for me, but its a factor to bear in mind.

Final Thoughts

This wand is priced at £54.99, and So Divine also sell a purple version, the ‘Wicked Game’ which I believe to be functionally equivalent. The price seems to be fair for a mid-range toy, and unlike most other ‘wands’ which can only be used externally, this dual ended variation gives you more options for play.

It’s not necessarily going to be for power queens, so if you’re looking for Doxy-esque vibrations, it won’t be for you.

As a rechargeable toy, it will save you pennies in terms of batteries, so if you’re new to toys, it’ll be a better option than a cheaper battery-powered vibrator.

Overall I’d rate it 8/10 for it’s appearance, ease of use and orgasm capability.

I’d like to thank So Divine for giving me the opportunity to test the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand. 


Liberator Pulse Cushion

Liberator pulse cushion for the pushin’

I’d heard of the Liberator range and thought, ‘ok, they sound like nice cushions but surely they cannot justify the £65+ price tag?!’ I was more tempted to splash out on one when I struck up a conversation with Damian from Bedroom Adventures, and was kindly offered a 25% discount. From their range, the Liberator Pulse cushion took my fancy as it offers pockets for holding toys. Not to mention, dildos can be held within the Liberator Pulse cushion to form my very own rodeo ride! Now if that doesn’t quicken the pulse, I don’t know what will!

The flip-top packaging gives ideas for how to use the Liberator Pulse cushion

Besides, just being useful as a solo masturbatory aid, the Liberator Pulse can aid comfort for partner play, acting as a wedge. Raised hips add something deeply sinful to standard missionary. The Liberator Pulse cushion can also be leant over for a more ‘relaxing’ doggie style. There’s no need to fret about getting wet and sticky on the cushion, as it has a velvety removable cover that can be machine washed.

Shrink-wrapped for economic shipping

The box that the Liberator Pulse cushion arrived in looked far too small. I had heard that the cushions were vacuum-packed to save space and waste less packaging. A sexy lady was on the box, and there was a magnetic flip opening to give more information about the cushion’s uses. On opening the box, the Pulse was tightly compressed into a mini sleeping-bag style case. I removed the vacuum-packed Pulse from the bag, and released it from its plastic wrapper. Poof! It blew back up to its normal size. Impressive! The cushion consisted of the foam  encased in its waterproof jacket. The velvety plush cover was packaged separately.

The cover was easy enough to position over the cushion. Once set up, I was keen to try out my new Liberator. I tried using my Tango bullet and the Leaf Vitality + vibrator in the pocket. I found with both though, that they didn’t easily reach my clitoris. Moreover, because the pocket is quite wide, there is a bit too much ‘wriggle room.’ The first dildo I tried in the cushion was my Shaftsbury metal dildo. I found this got ‘lost’ within the cushion too easily though, being a slimmer dildo. I tried a meatier, silicone dildo; the Tantus Echo. This has a base so is better for being ‘gripped’ by the Pulse’s opening. I tried riding my toys on the cushion, in both directions. The best orientation I found was having the thicker part under my butt. This gave the best position for rocking against.

Rocking and Rolling

Using the Liberator Pulse cushion is a fun way to grind myself against my dildos. I find the thicker dildos with a base work best with the cushion. I feel supported, so I can play for extended periods without getting fatigued. Conventional straddling of a toy over my bed can get tiring on the thighs and butt after a time. Though I’ve not played much with clitoral toys in the pockets, I’m wondering how a rabbit would fare in the slot of the pulse. I’m sure I could put my Desire Rabbit to good use in this way, as I like to straddle this toy using it on my bed.

When the cover needs a wash, it is easy enough to remove and put in the machine on a 40 degree synthetic cycle. It dries within 24 hours. The cushion itself is discreet. It has the Liberator label, but this does not scream out sexual aid.

For use with Mr Bunny, the Liberator Pulse cushion makes a nice comfy prop to lean over for doggie style, or I can wedge it under my hips. Either way, it’s a fun toy to add to our collection!

Get your Liberator Pulse!

Bedroom Adventures have kindly offered to provide a 20% discount to readers of this blog, with the code given on the blog homepage . This is on a first-come, first-served basis.

In Canada / US, the Liberator Pulse cushion can be purchased from Betty’s Toy Box for $89.00.

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Into the woods; part 1

They met one afternoon in late autumn; he’d asked to see her on an impulse. She’d spun a silken thread in his mind or so it seemed. Maybe he was the spider drawing her into his web. Either way, it was agreed; coffee in a small-town independent coffee house. He pulled up at the road as she waited for him to arrive. Leaving his ride behind, he was clad in full leather. When she saw him she knew who he was. The one who’d captivated her with his gentlemanly charm, edged with a border of ragged dominance. She was the demure sweet-looking girl-next-door type, but the glint in her dark eyes hinted at a passionate ember residing within her. Waiting to be released…

Their day-to-day lives were ordinary. The events that would unfold that afternoon would be anything but that. They sipped their coffee, and made conversation, hushed with knowing smiles and seductive side-long glances. Eventually their drinks were finished. She made her way to the ladies whilst he checked the local area on a map. Waiting in composed impatience, he turned to see as she exited the ladies bathrooms. There, his silent question was answered. She was to be his for the taking.

The tell was that she’d removed her tights from under her dress, so her legs were now exposed to the chill in the air though they were mostly covered by her knee-length boots and dress. They left the coffee house and made their way to their respective vehicles. He’d given her the location for their next rendezvous. The drive was short and she could feel fluttering excitement in her stomach. Her arrival was minutes before his. Stepping away from their transport they embraced and kissed deeply as he felt the heat emanating from between her thighs.

Woodland walk

Goodness, she was pure gold to him in this moment. Her lips sweet and plump, parted as he broke away from their embrace. She smiled and he was compelled to break his composure,  returning the facial greeting. “Let’s go into those woods up on that ridge over there,” he gestured behind them. Nodding her agreement they stepped beside each other along the trail though his gait was broader so he was slightly ahead of her. He didn’t want to rush up the path like an over-excited teenager, but it was taking all his self-will not to grab her hand and pull her up there quickly.

All in good time, he thought to himself. Before long they’d reached the woods. Entering the bare-branched canopy, they crunched along the orange/brown carpet of leaves underfoot. He waited until they’d gotten to a secluded part off the main path before pausing and daring to break the silence. “You’ve been a siren calling out to me these past couple of months. The way you’ve teased and tempted me has not gone unnoticed. Did you think I’d let you slip away with that, young lady?”

Her eyes were large and shone brightly as she assertively replied “I don’t expect to get away with anything. It is not my place to make assumptions…Sir.” Damn; she had corrected herself before she’d made a mistake. He couldn’t punish her now. Or could he? A smile curved on his lips. “That comment you made earlier about a certain length deserves reprimanding!” She defiantly smirked and innocently replied, “You asked me a question Sir, I was merely stating my preference.”

“Soon we shall see if I measure up to your expectations,”

he jovially responded with a chuckle. “Let me inspect your delicate folds that are going to give me pleasure later…”

Intimate inspection

Reaching down he lifted the front of her dress, and in a low voice told her simply to part her legs. She complied obediently, and he brushed his fingers over her mound and slid them under the edge of the gusset. He could feel the warmth, and her soft skin was dewy beneath his fingertips. He wanted to touch her inner sweet spot and make her legs buckle. First though, he’d get her stimulated and wanting. Brushing her clitoris he rubbed circles around it softly, gauging her breathing. His other arm wrapped around her waist, holding her dress up.

She moaned slightly as he stroked her labia and clitoral hood. He kept up the pace, tracing his fingers in concentric circles, keeping her guessing where he’d touch next. After several minutes he wanted to see how aroused she was. Heck, his straining leathers were testimony to his own desire. Sliding his fingers in her cleft towards her opening, he felt excited that she was responding so well thus far. Her breathing had slowed and was deeper. A little purr came from her as he nestled his fingers into her tight sheath. “Oh my siren, you feel divine; I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around my cock.”

His fingers reached her inner front wall with its sensitive nerve endings, and he tapped gently with a come-hither motion. She was slick inside her velvety canal, and the warm juices helped his fingers slide within her. He kept working on her clitoris with his thumb as he pumped his fingers inside her sweet pulsing pussy. She was getting more turned on now, as her breathing quickened. Her mouth was slightly gaping open and she was resting her head against his shoulder.

Testing her skills

Within a few more minutes she was moaning and uttering that her orgasm was imminent. He felt her inner walls twitch and spasm around his fingers. He imagined how she’d feel around his hard shaft and closed his eyes. Falling limp and quiet momentarily, she leaned against him heavily, as he withdrew his fingers. He licked one then offered her the second. “Taste yourself,” he directed her. Again, she expedited the task without question nor delay. “Exquisite,” he murmured.

Once she was standing firmly again, he instructed her to kneel. She did so with poise and he placed his jacket under her knees. As she looked up at him, he unzipped his leather trousers. He slid his erection out from his underwear, and held her chin with his other hand.

“I’d like for you to service me, but you won’t make me cum… “

Bending her neck to him she took his thickness in between her lips. She licked his glans around the rim and flickered her tongue across his slit. Next she sucked his head and wrapped her hand around his shaft making a twisting motion around the lower part of his length.

Bobbing up and down she was lathing his cock well, and he was hardening in her mouth. He groaned as she licked the sensitive area of his frenulum. She teased him, tracing the tip of her tongue over it lightly. Once. Then again. He tensed and gripped her head. “Take me deeper, and hold me there.” Leaning forward she took his length as deep as she could, her nose almost reaching his waistline.

“Good Girl,” he smiled as she looked up at him through her long lashes. “Hold it there…” Momentarily he released her head so she could let him slide out partway. She breathed deeply and he told her simply, “that will do, for now. But I want to try another hole. Maybe two…”