Winner of Bunny’s Prize-giving write-off!

It was a close call but, the winner of Bunny’s Erotic Write-Off has been decided!

They have been informed, and here is their winning entry; enjoy reading this exciting story!


Written by mr man (@mrrobert154)

First Meeting

“Darren had been messaging this lady for a while and they had been discussing the possibility of going to a dungeon together to be mistress and slave. He finally got the courage to message her and arrange a time and place. The day arrived and when Darren got to the dungeon he was very excited but also apprehensive as he didn’t know exactly what he was going to be subjected to.

As he entered she was waiting for him; she walked over and told him to strip. As he removed his clothes she fastened a collar around his neck. Once all Darren’s clothes were off, his mistress walked him over to a St Andrews cross and shackled him to it, she removed a bamboo cane from the wall and flexed it between her hands.

Darren clenched his ass cheeks in anticipation; as his mistress struck his tightly-clenched cheeks, a wave of pain and pleasure shot through his body. Before he had time to fully process what had happened to him she struck again, and then again.

“You have been a very naughty boy” she said, “making me wait so long for you to be my slave”.

Darren’s mistress unshackled him and led him over to a queening chair, she strapped him down and told him “you are going to make me squirt all over your face. I am going to play with your cock at the same time but you cannot cum or else!”

‘Or else what?’ he wondered but dare not ask. His mistress straddled his face and he got stuck into his task. He licked, sucked, nibbled and probed her beautiful pussy; she writhed around on his tongue moaning every time he hit the right spot. All the time she was riding him, she was simultaneously wanking his cock hard.

He was trying not think about what his mistress was doing to his cock, just the fact that he had to make her squirt. Her moans were getting closer together and she was grinding into his face harder and deeper. She stopped wanking him so he knew she was close to the edge. He lapped at her clit and she finally released her warm juices all over his face.

It felt fantastic as she did and Darren lapped it up eagerly trying not to waste a drop. When his mistress had come down from her orgasmic high she released him from the chair and stood him up. She leant into him and whispered in his ear “you were a very good slave. You didn’t cum. Now I am going to treat you to an orgasm you will never forget!”

She blindfolded him and put a large ball-gag in his mouth, then lead him over to what he would later find out was a whipping bench. “Kneel,” she commanded him, before strapping his legs to the bench. Then she slowly bent him over and strapped his body and arms down tight so he couldn’t struggle free.

Darren could hear his mistress walking around him; the anticipation was exciting him. He heard a vibrator start up, then it was placed against the head of his throbbing cock. The pleasure buzzed through him. He could feel his cock twitching and then suddenly it stopped.

As he calmed down from near orgasm it started again. This carried on four more times. Darren really wanted to cum and his mistress knew it, she was extremely good at edging him, she knew the exact moment to stop every time.

There was a long pause then all of a sudden Darren felt something dribble down between his bum cheeks followed by a finger rubbing around his asshole. He gasped as it slid in, quickly followed by a second. He relaxed as the fingers started working in and out of his slippery hole, then they stopped and were replaced by something a bit more solid and a lot larger.

He felt it at the entrance of his ass then slowly the bulbous end of his mistress’s strap-on eased in. His ass was full; suddenly the end hit his p-spot and he experienced a feeling of exhilaration like he never had before.

His mistress thrust in and out of him, slowly at first, hitting that magical spot. He moaned with every thrust; the feeling was exquisite unlike anything he’d felt before in his life. He so desperately wanted to orgasm but also didn’t want the pleasure to end. His mistress reached around and put the vibrator back on the end of his bulging cock.

The thrusting in his ass and the vibrations through his shaft sent Darren into a world of ecstasy. He shot his cum all over the vibrator and his body quivered at the orgasm he had just experienced. His mistress withdrew her strap-on and unfastened him from the bench, removing the ball gag from his mouth before teasing the vibrator in, telling him to “clean it up”. He licked his cum from the vibrator, removed his blindfold then went to get freshened up, all the time thinking that he couldn’t wait for the next meeting.”

Exposed Luv White Floral lace bustier set


I was lucky enough to be gifted this sexy ensemble by a Twitter follower, so thanks to the generous benefactor!

My basque set came in the larger size, as I am size 14-16. The basque is very sexy but with the virginal innocence of white lace. It may even double as bridal lingerie as it has the blue bow and lace trim. Thus it would tick the ‘something new’ and ‘something blue’ in that well-known marital rhyme.

Despite being the larger size it does not have a lot of spare room. I think it is only really suitable up to a size 14. I had the hook and eye fastenings on the outer set. It was as loose as it would go, and it did feel snug. Though it did look very lovely on, and made me feel very sexy. It comes with suspender straps that can be removed, which is what I did as I didn’t have any white stockings to wear with the set.

All white now

The finish on the seams is not quite as well-made as other sets I have. Where the straps are sewn onto the ‘bodice’ part at the front, the stitching actually looks a bit messy. The G-string is also rather skimpy, but it does have a bow on the front to match the basque.

This was a nice alternative to some of my usual lingerie which is black or red or a combination of the two. If I had to rate it out of 5, I would give it 3.5 based on the finishing and the snugness of the sizing.

Buy yours from Lovehoney for £25.00!

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Tantus Charmer Silicone Dildo

Charmed, I’m sure!

I saw this silicone smoothie, and as I’d yet to have a Tantus toy, I had to try it! The Charmer arrived in a white cardboard box with the plastic moulded case clasping the toy. Boldly declaring it ‘charmed’ to make my acquaintance! The packaging is modern and stylish. Since there is a cut-out window, there is no hiding or mistaking what is contained!

I hastily opened the box and wrapped my hands around the silicone shaft. Caressing its four ridges in delight, I imagined it was a real throbbing cock, albeit without the pulse.

Becoming acquainted

Next, I lavishly smoothed water-based lubricant over this purple pleaser. With my favourite wand on my clit, I warmed myself up. Soon I couldn’t wait any longer; the Charmer had to go in. I guided him in deep, feeling those ridges stroke my inner walls, as I clenched around ‘him’. The silicone was almost like skin, touching my inner folds and going deep to find my hot spot, like a heat-seeking missile homed-in on ISIS headquarters.

Back to my meeting with Charmer, he was smooth, nice to handle, as I expertly manipulated him back and forth inside my velvety canal. When I reached the peak of my lusty encounter, it was like Vesuvius erupting. Not necessarily in volume, but in the heat of my orgiastic delight.

Though I’ve yet to use Charmer as a strap-on, I am happy to explore this feature should the chance present itself. The silicone does not seem to attract lint excessively, which is pleasing. It is easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

Speaking of water, I have used the Charmer in the shower, as it has a suction base. It stuck fairly well to the tiles and as it is slightly angled it facilitated entry from the rear so I was able to bob back and forth against the wall.

Charmer will be my non-guilty pleasure for a long time to come, and cum!

Buy your Charmer for £36.99 from Lovehoney, or direct from Tantus Inc for $54.54.

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Anal Toys

A selection of anal toys that I currently have (or previously owned, in the case of the Basics Beaded Prober with Finger Loop).

To see the review for the Kinky Desires Hearts and Flowers jewelled plug shown in the main image, click here.

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Adrien Lastic Triball Anal Beaded Butt Plug
Three balls to stimulate makes it a Triball!

I will start by saying that this is my first toy from the Spanish retailer. I like the bright blue colour which is different from the usual pink or otherwise girly colouring. It’s also a change from the black silicone that seems to be a ‘new wave’ in sex toy aesthetics. The box has a fresh and funky design, with a flip opening to reveal the toy behind its plastic window.

Being a smaller and tapered plug, it looks like it would be good for a beginner to anal play. I’m no beginner, though I’m not yet hardened enough to take on toys with more girth than about 4.5-5 inches in circumference. There are three ‘balls’ increasing in size. On insertion the first ball disappears easily, though the flexibility of the plug made it a bit tricky to slide into my anus. The second ball pops in without too much trouble. With a bit of encouragement, the final ball enters the dark side of my ‘moon.’

At this stage I was feeling like I was starting to feel more full back there, but there was room for more. Because of the thickness of the third ball, it does not slide in and out as easily as my Lovehoney BASICS anal beads. Hence there it not as much sensation during play with the Triball plug. It could do with the third ball being a bit narrower, and a couple more balls after the third one. It’s a shame I didn’t try this toy when I was a beginner to anal play, as I feel like I’ve already ‘out-grown’ it.

The Adrien Lastic Triball beaded plug is currently in the 20% off when you buy two anal beads promotion. It is sold for £14.99 at Lovehoney.

Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug



The Booty Buddy was procured in a two for £15 deal on butt plugs. It was packaged in the standard Lovehoney white and orange box, with a leaflet giving information about how to use it.

On first inspection, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been short-changed… Compared with other plugs, this one appears tiny, and almost looks like it’s been snapped in half!

When inserted, however, it gives a nice satisfying fill and curves to reach places other plugs may not reach. The external bar gives some nice perineal attention too.

The bulb rubs against my vaginal back wall from the other side in a pleasing way. It was really stimulating when used with a dildo in my vagina.

So, don’t be put off by its small size… it is effective with what it has!


Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo

Avoid this, and see my new post on sex toy safety.

I was lucky enough to be selected to test this item in exchange for an honest review. It came packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with the glossy insert providing the description of the toy’s intended use.

For first use, I thought it might be interesting to try it vaginally. As a dildo, it slid in nicely with a bit of lube. It made an interesting change from the rigid glass or plastic dildos I have become accustomed to. The beads gave some pleasant internal stimulation too.

For anal use, I did find it a bit tricky to insert initially, due to the flexible nature of the toy. I used a condom over it, to make cleaning easier and to prevent any lingering unpleasant odours. Even with cleaning, some toys can retain odour after anal use, particularly silicone ones. This toy may not have that issue, but it is my preference to use a condom over it.

The dildo is a nice length. Some more rigid plugs I find a bit short, but this one gave a feeling of pleasant fullness without being too overwhelming. The ribbed texture gives nice sensations as it is teased in and out of the anus.

Wibbly Wobbly Jelly!

I also used the dildo anally whilst using a glass dildo vaginally, for double penetration. The flexible nature means you can enjoy DP without any discomfort, and the flared base helps it stay in place.

Overall it’s a nice toy for novices to anal play, and some more experienced users may enjoy it also.


Lovehoney BASICS Beaded Anal Prober with Finger Loop
Image published on Lovehoney’s website

I bought this as I was curious to try anal play. The prober looked fairly good for beginners, and has a loop for easy handling. I thought the beaded texture would be more stimulating than straight sides.

In use, I found it inserted easily enough with some lube, and yes, it is solid, but I didn’t find it uncomfortable as a beginner. My issue was more that it slides back out too easily, so you constantly need to hold it. This makes solo play a bit trickier if you want to stimulate other areas at the same time.

I liked it enough to want to experiment with other anal toys, and it is made of skin-safe rubber. Get your BASICS Beaded Anal Prober from Lovehoney for only £9.99.


Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Plug Set
Tracey’s glass-y delights


Of the glass plugs I own so far, these are probably my favourites due to their shape and size. The two plugs come boxed in the black and pink Tracey Cox packaging, nestled in a plastic tray which keeps them safe. Also included are two black velvet drawstring bags; useful for storing glass toys.

To warm up (literally) I started with the clear beaded glass plug. I had pre-heated it in warm water, as I am not a fan of cold glass. The beads felt very pleasant gliding in my anus, liberally lubed up to help the process. The plug is quite short, so it may not be long enough to stimulate all my erogenous spots back there. Teamed with my Tracey Cox wand for clitoral stimulation, I was able to achieve a lovely undulating orgasm, enhanced by the anal play. When lubed up, this plug does get quite awkward to hold without it sliding out of your grip. It also slides out of my butt quite easily too, so you can’t really use it hands-free.

I found the black glass prober with finger loop to be the main star of this box set, as it is curved so can reach more nerve endings which would make it good for both females (stimulating the back vaginal wall) and males (for prostate). This piece of glass was also pre-warmed and is so much easier to manipulate with the finger loop. Again teamed with clitoral stimulation, I was orbited into a state of bliss with this sleek black beauty.

A great set to use if you like anal play and are keen on trying glass for hot or cold sensations. It’s not intimidating size-wise so would also be good for those who are new to anal play, or new to anal play using rigid plugs.

The set is now discontinued at Lovehoney. They do supply the Icicles N0 54 glass prober for £29.99. This is similar in appearance to the Tracey Cox black prober.


Amethyst Glass Butt Plug
Glass with a ‘Purple haze’

This is a stunning piece of glass. Do not be fooled by its apparent small size. It is a weighty butt plug, and the 4.75 inch circumference is definitely not for a newbie to anal play.

I have used a couple of small butt plugs and some basic anal beads, and the circumference on this plug definitely stretches me.

The beauty of this plug is that being glass, it is so easy to clean and does not retain any unpleasant smells unlike other materials. It comes with a nice little velvet drawstring pouch for safe storage.

The purple swirl in the glass makes it very attractive. It could even double as a juicer.

When used in conjunction with a dildo for vaginal penetration, it gives a very full feeling, and creates pressure on the back vaginal wall, for extra internal stimulation. The overall effect is a very pleasant orgasm! Get your Amethyst Glass plug from Lovehoney for only £19.99.






Toys on Lockdown

Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case – Medium
Roomy enough to house four glass dildos!

I’ve had this case since September 2015, and it’s still sturdy as ever, barely showing any wear. It is great to use on mini-breaks and has plenty of storage for a range of items. On one such occasion it held

  • a small wand,
  • glass dildo,
  • classic vibrator,
  • two sets of sexy card games, (playing card sized),
  • feather tickler,
  • small cock ring,
  • pin wheel,
  • nipple charms, condoms and spare batteries.

In my humble opinion this is a ‘Tardis’ of a case!

It came wrapped in plastic packaging with a purple Lovehoney sleeve. The sleeve gives you instructions on how to set the padlock, which were straightforward enough for my other half. I was a bit of a ‘dildo’, and tried setting it whilst holding in the silver button! It’s actually a tiny little indented hole you need to stick a needle or pen nib into to set the combination. But once set, it seemed to be a cinch to get the numbers aligned and open the lock. Phew, at least I could get my toys out again!

One side has elasticated straps with a mesh pocket over the lower half. The other side has a full length double zip, with further mesh pockets, that are secured by Velcro. The mesh pockets are really useful for storing essentials like condoms, batteries and lube sachets. I wouldn’t personally put lube bottles in, as they would take too much space that I’d want to use for toys instead! Importantly, the lining is antibacterial, so you can be assured your case will stay fresh and germ-free, and it is safe for storing silicone toys.

Overall, this case looks nice and discreet, and can fit under a bed or in a bedside cabinet. The Lovehoney medium lockable case retails for £19.99 and is currently in the 20% off when you buy three items of sex toy storage offer.

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Lubricants and Essentials


Doc Johnson Ultra lube
Here we go lubey-loo

This lubricant is thick and water-based, making it suitable for use with a range of toys (including silicone toys). Used copiously it is fine for anal play as well. Ultra lube washes away easily, though not so that it can’t be used in the shower! There is no unpleasant smell, nor taste. Moreover it’s suitable for vegetarians, so it can be used for oral sex without making you wretch. The 170ml bottle has a flip-top cap which makes dispensing very easy. The label is very bold, though, so no hiding what is contained within!

Available from Lovehoney for only £8.99.

Lovehoney Passion Fruit Flavoured Lubricant 100ml

Another water-based lubricant, that is safe to use with toys and with condoms too. It contains no glycerin or parabens (the latter is a preservative that has been linked with cancer, and was formerly used in a range of cosmetic agents and toiletries). It is also vegan-friendly.

The taste is pleasant, and reminds me of summer holidays when I’ve used it on my other half, akin to licking a tropical ice lolly albeit minus the ‘ice’ element. The bottle’s flip top opening is easy to use with no leaks or drips. Consistency of this lubricant is not too sticky, and it lasts a decent time before having to reapply. It’s a bit runnier than the Doc Johnson Ultra lube (which is not flavoured), but it is a good value option compared with other branded flavoured lubricants.

It can be bought from Lovehoney for £6.99, and is currently in the ‘save 25% when you buy 2 Lovehoney lubricants’ promotion!

Nature Lovin’ Lubricants – Koala – Strawberry Margarita
The Koala tag line is apt! “For Going Down Under”

This kitsch and cute Koala-shaped bottle of Strawberry Margarita lubricant was purchased from Star Sex Toys USA, for $16.43. It is water-soluble and compatible with latex, rubber and plastic according to the label on the back. I’ve used it with condoms and it seems perfectly fine. I’m not so sure about it’s compatibility with silicone-based toys, since it contains Dimethyl Polysiloxane. Admittedly, I inadvertently used it with a couple of silicone toys before reading the ingredients. Touch wood, they seem to be intact and don’t show obvious signs of degradation, though I’ve never seen what silicone-based lubricants actually do to silicone toys. Perhaps that can be a scientific experiment for when I want to have a silicone toy clear-out (!)

In terms of the flavour, I’m not so sure I can taste strawberry margarita. It has more a generic ‘sweet artificial’ taste, which isn’t gross but it’s not really my ‘cup of tea.’

It doesn’t state that it is suitable for vegetarians. I would guess that since it contains carrageenan (an extract from red edible seaweeds, used as a thickening / gelling agent) it would be veggie-friendly. I stand corrected if I am wrong. With Wimbledon on its way, it would make an interesting combination with some aerosol cream, for a slightly different ‘mixed doubles’ game :p


System Jo H2O Sweet Pomegranate flavoured lubricant
All System-s Jo!

A wee 30ml bottle of this fruity lube was procured from Orgasmic when it was in the sale. Normal price is £5.99 (or £12.99 for 150ml). The lube is safe to use with condoms and sex toys (including silicone toys), and is smooth without feeling sticky. The taste is really sweet, and it actually reminds me of Calpol! For the more health / safety-conscious users, this might not be a lubricant to try as it does have glycerin (not a sugar, but can be converted to sugar inside the vagina, which may not be ideal for women prone to yeast infections). I find this not to be an issue personally, but forewarned is forearmed as they say!

Female enhancers

Tracey Cox Orgasm Gel

I got the Tracey Cox Orgasm Gel in a 3 for £10 deal, and I have also gifted a forum friend with this gel too, as I like it so much.

The gel gives a nice tingle without being overpowering, numbing, or too sticky.

I think I orgasm quicker when I use the gel, though the orgasms are not necessarily stronger.

The bottle lasts ages too, as you only need a tiny pump for good results. Get yourself some at Lovehoney for £9.99.

Save 20% when you buy two orgasm enhancers from Lovehoney!


Fifty Shades of Grey Foil Packets

As someone who has always used condoms for sexual intercourse, I’ve used a few different brands and I found these condoms to be as good, if not better than, top branded ones. The packaging is mainly aimed at followers of the erotic novels, but I found it tasteful enough.  The ‘packets’ themselves are easy to get into, and have a decent amount of lubricant coating to make them comfortable without making them too slippery to unroll.

In terms of fit, they are generously sized and tapered to allow them to cover my other half’s manhood sufficiently well without feeling insecure or too tight. They don’t have any texturing, but they are thin enough to allow decent sensations to be felt by both of us. Although they’ve been discontinued at my usual retailer, they are available elsewhere, so they can be purchased here.

Quote code LUVBUNNY20  to get 20% off orders at Kinky Desires.


Durex Intimate Feel (12 pack)

These condoms feel nice, they glide on well, and are thin enough to allow all sensations to be felt, whilst keeping you secure with their high quality. With the extra lubrication, they are good for extended play sessions. When I first reviewed them they were more expensive than other Durex condoms I’d used, but the price has come down to make them more competitive against other brands.

These can be bought from Lovehoney for £9.99.


Luwi Latex-free insertable condoms (4 pack)
Not really my ‘bag’

I was selected to road test these female sheaths. They came promptly and discreetly packaged. The sheaths come in a cardboard sleeve; a bit smaller than for a pair of tights or stockings. Luwi packets are blue/purple and are about twice the size as male condom packets. I was expecting a large-ish sheath. I was not disappointed in that respect. The sheath resembled a plastic poly-tunnel made for the vagina, with two rings connected by the ‘tunnel’ sheathing.

Instructions on the packaging informed me to squeeze and insert the smaller ring, and the larger ring would sit outside my vagina. My other half then had to aim his erection for the middle of the sheath, and slide in. The ring inside my vagina did not feel the most comfortable fit and it was quite awkward getting the positioning right the first time, meaning that it felt like my partner’s penis had ‘short sheets’ to ‘bed down’ in.

A bit of rearranging rectified the issue slightly, so we were able to continue testing. The sensations weren’t as good as with male condoms. The sheath just felt like it was swamping him, and dampening my arousal too. Luckily the ejaculate was all captured, otherwise another little bunny might have been made. It did not seem to feel any easier to use on repeated trials; I just don’t think it’s a good enough design; it’s not tapered and seems too cumbersome. It didn’t make me feel particularly confident with the appearance of it hanging out of me either.

All in all, we felt a bit underwhelmed by the Luwi, after hoping for good things.It’s a nice concept to enable women to take the barrier contraceptive option into their own hands, (and vaginas!) but it needs a lot of refining to make it a good enough rival to male condoms.


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A Glassy Line-Up from Lovehoney

The following dildos contributed to my affection for glass toys. They’re great for people new to glass as they’re easy to clean, as well as being very safe. Moreover, these glass dildos are great value if you’re experimenting with what works for you, and don’t want to spend bank-balance shattering prices.

Top to bottom: Realistic textured sensual glass dildo, Nubby textured sensual glass dildo, Beaded sensual glass dildo, Spirals G-spot sensual glass dildo (not yet reviewed).

All the dildos on this post are currently in Lovehoney’s 25% off when you buy two glass dildos promotion. If you can’t decided which one to get, then just get two! 😉

The lockable case shown above retails for £19.99 and is in the 20% off when you buy three items of sex toy storage offer.

Lovehoney Realistic Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

I got this dildo as a tester back in June 2015, and was thrilled, as I really like glass dildos. The packaging is the standard white and pink Lovehoney box. It gives clear information on what the item is and how it can be used. Included is a black velvet drawstring bag, to keep it discreetly hidden, and protect it from being scratched or chipped.

This is my third Lovehoney-branded glass dildo, but my 4th glass toy overall. This is the only one which is described as being realistic. It does look like a penis, having the bulbous head, with the pronounced coronal ridge. There is also the ‘pee-hole’ slit and ridged ‘veins’ down the shaft. That’s as far as the penile resemblance goes, however. The other end is rounded into a nice handle.

The circumference is fairly slim, (4.25 inches at the handle end, though the tip is slightly narrower). This makes it a good option for people wanting to try glass for the first time, since it is not intimidating at all. More experienced glass users may like slightly more girth however. The head of the dildo slides in easily for vaginal penetration without requiring too much lube, and the insertable length is just over 6 inches. The ridges make it feel pleasant when rubbed over the clitoris and labia. The bend in the shaft enables the head to reach my G-spot for some very nice internal stimulation.

Short, firm thrusts got me wet pretty quickly. With clitoral stimulation from a vibrating wand, I was able to orgasm several times within 15-20 minutes of play time. The dildo felt good after warming up in water. I enjoy the glass at its natural temperature, as it is slightly cool initially before it gets warmed by body heat. I’m not really a fan of chilled glass, as a ‘chilldo’ is just too numbing for me. This dildo makes for a nice addition to my glass collection, though not one you would be able to leave on display, unlike other less obvious glass toys!

At the time of writing this dildo is priced at £24.99.


Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

The design of the ‘Nubby’, as he’s become affectionately known, is stunning, I love the two – tone colour pattern, which is more subtle in reality than it appears on the website photo. The textured bumps feel lovely, even on your hands, and you know you’re going to be in for a treat when it reaches more intimate areas.

Included in the box was a velvet storage bag, which like the dildo itself is excellent quality. I’ve only used this dildo for vaginal penetration, but I’m sure it would be great for body massages in general. I look forward to trying that in the future, particularly on my back and shoulders. I imagine it could be good for anal use as well, owing to its narrow circumference of 3.5 inches and bumpy texturing, though I’ve not tried it myself. In addition, it’s double-ended nature could lend itself to couple’s play.

When I use this with a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation, I am a wet, quivering hot-blooded woman in less time than it takes to open a Lovehoney parcel! I love this piece of glass and it’s a must-have for any glass enthusiast!

At the time of writing this dildo is priced at £21.59.


Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

‘Beady’ as this fella has become known is one of my more girthier glass dildos. The thickest bulb measures at 4 inches circumference. The beaded bulbs give lovely filling rippling sensations as the dildo is pushed in and out, and the bend helps it reach the right places to stimulate the front vaginal wall. It is also one of the more weighty of this line-up of glass dildos.

This dildo is currently sold for £17.99.

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Doc Johnson Pretty Ends Irridescent Medium Butt Plug

Guest Review, written by mr man (@mrrobert154)

“I was sent the Doc Johnson Pretty Ends Irridescent Medium butt plug as a gift from @LuvbunnySL82. The blue metallic colour is extremely cool.

I’d previously used a beginner jewelled butt plug that was about finger size but it didn’t stay in very well. I was working my way up to a medium plug so I thought that trying this one instead would be perfect.

When I took it out the box, I was a little surprised at the size of it. It looked huge in comparison to my other medium-sized plug, but I was eager to try it.

Pretty sparkly!


At 5 inches in circumference, this plug is the largest I have tried so far. After a little bit of a warm up with my smaller plug, I thought I would give it a try. The material feels nice and is very smooth which helps it to slide into my bum nicely.

Going deeper underground

I use plenty of lube and slowly slide it in. It’s a tight fit and was slightly uncomfortable at first, but soon it started to feel great. It fills me up excellently and stays in place thanks to the perfectly sized neck and bulbous body.

Once fully inserted I could feel it hitting my prostate so I sat on the edge of my bed and began to work it against my p-spot. The feeling of my ass being full and the tip of the plug rubbing inside me was immense. It didn’t take at all long to make me orgasm.

With the plug inserted, the base feels extremely comfortable between my ass cheeks and gives you something to help pull it out once you have finished.

I would thoroughly recommend this plug to anyone who enjoys anal play. The plug itself is squashy though firm, but not too firm that it hurts. The quality is great, the colour is unusual and the size is filling. What more could I need in a butt plug?!”

The Doc Johnson Pretty Ends Iridescent Medium Butt Plug is available from Lovehoney for £11.99. It is currently in the 20% off two butt plugs promotion.

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Kinky Desires Hearts n Flowers Butt Plug

Having tried glass butt plugs and enjoying their ability to be warmed, I was keen to try a metal plug. Like glass plugs, metal ones are also hygienic and easy-to-clean; qualities I like in my toys. I love a bit of ‘bling,’ so when I saw the cute Hearts n Flowers butt plugs at Kinky Desires, I simply had to get one!

The coloured gems on offer include purple, clear, magenta, turquoise and ruby. These plugs prove popular, as at the time of writing this review they are all sold out. When I purchased mine, the colour options were limited. I would have liked a purple one, but these were sold out so I went for turquoise instead. It is nevertheless stunning.

Heart in my palm!
How deep is your love?

As for the plug itself, it is stainless steel and the dimensions on the website state

  • 75cm (surely a typo, seeing as the other measurements are millimetres, mm!), measuring from pointed tip to heart base,
  • 28mm presumably around the ‘stem’, and
  • 33mm across the heart base.

I think it is more useful to know the circumference of the thickest part of the bulb. By my trusty tape measure, this reads out at 85mm, (3 3/8 inches for imperialists). This was reassuring for me, seeing as I have not played with many ‘hard-material’ plugs with a girth in excess of 4.5 – 5 inches.

The plug is nice and smooth with a mainly flawless finish. There are a couple of ‘dimples’ on one side of the bulb. The underside of the heart base has one or two little ‘bumps’ in the steel. The crystal gem has several ‘snowflake’- like imperfections around the periphery. These are all purely cosmetic, and have no impact whatsoever on the feel of the plug whilst in use.

Before using this plug, I warmed up with a smaller silicone plug to stretch my tight anal opening. When ready to use the Hearts n Flowers plug, I slathered it in water-based lube, gently easing it in. Entry was pretty comfortable, and once in, the narrow stem and flared heart base made sure it was not going to travel anywhere! Despite being smaller than my glass plugs, this little gem beauty felt reasonably filling, and made for a pretty view for my other half during sex.

Since it is not overly thick, and I am somewhat tight vaginally, my other half did not notice much difference to my tightness during our play together. I did find it enjoyable having both holes filled, though, so I would happily use it during sex, or for solo-play with a dildo or vibrator.


Kinky Desires were kind enough to include a 20%-off card with my plug, so I will be buying more from this retailer in the future…watch this space!

To see what deals Kinky Desires are currently offering, click here.

Quote code LUVBUNNY20 to obtain a 20% discount!

A tantalising New Year…with Tantus!

I decided to treat myself to some Tantus goodies with some money I’d saved over Christmas. My dilemma thus was…what do I order to generate an order just over $200 to qualify for free shipping? The first item to go in my cart was a no-brainer… The Vibrating Vamp grab bag was in the sale, for just over $39 so I snatched that up! The ‘grab bag’ for those unfamiliar with the term is a standard ‘shape and size’ toy of a particular design, but the colour is random. Normally you can select what colour you’d like your Cush, Slick or Goddess dildo to be. But with grab bags the silicone colouring can be a blend as the new moulds are cast. Tantus state, “The process by which we offer beautifully hand crafted toys requires us to change colors, and with those color changes, comes a unique and vast variety of product offerings.”

Have money; will spend!


So my Vamp will be unique and interesting whatever colour I end up getting! First toy selected, I had to add another $161-worth of toys / other stuff to my cart to qualify for the free shipping. This was where my dilemma started…with Brexit shaking our already fragile economy, the value of the £ has decreased, so I needed to consider

  • what Tantus products can I purchase from other suppliers in the UK (where shipping costs will be much lower too)?
  • Are the values of the Tantus products available in the UK equal to or less than the Tantus selling price?
  • What do I want in my next set of toys? Dildos targeting G-spot? Dual-density silicone? A Realistic dildo? Suction-cup compatible dildos? Anal toys? A Doxy wand?! (yes Tantus sell the original Doxy and the Die-cast Doxy wands, but the $US prices are more expensive than  GBP £ RRPs.
  • Can I really afford to part with approaching £200?

Lovehoney’s selection of Tantus products were mainly paddles and feeldoes or realdoes, which I am not looking to purchase right now. Other suppliers, including Uberkinky had a more varied selection of dildos. But the £ prices of the Cush was not cheaper than the $ price. The trend was similar across the range of Tantus toys on Uberkinky’s site.

Some of Uberkinky’s Tantus stash


Adam, Echo or Goddess?

Next to land in my cart was the ‘Adam O2,’ a realistic veiny Dual Density dildo with a curve to make my G-spot wetter than a rainy day in Bognor. I was drawn to the black one, having never had a ‘BBC’ before. But then looking through the other great toys, I was attracted to the ‘Echo,’ which sports a bulbous head and several rippling contours on its underside. The ‘Goddess’ beckoned me too, though it was the Echo that won out due to its slightly more “meaty” appearance. ‘Echo’ reverberated itself into the cart, and so did the suction cup, seeing as this dildo is compatible and I’d like to do some shower play with my new Tantus toy.

I then decided I had to part ways with ‘Adam,’ as I couldn’t justify spending  $113 on a single dildo. Having read Little Switch Bitch’s reviews of the ‘Cush’ and Flurry, I felt I needed the Flurry. In answer to my final consideration, Can I really afford to part with £200? I rationalised that, what the hell, it’s the season of giving. I had bought presents for family and friends, why not treat myself?!

So it was decided, and I hit ‘Checkout,’ akin to Will.I.Am hitting his seat-twirling red button on BBC’s The Voice!

I’m currently awaiting my glut of Tantus goodies, but when they arrive, the testing will commence!

To get your hands on some of Tantus’s delightful toys, please use the click here!


***** Update – the Tantus box of delights has landed in Bunny’s bedroom! *****

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