Evening Encounters of the Erotic kind

This short story depicts an evening’s ‘encounters of an erotic kind.’

Masquerade mask


Grand entrance

You are going to a party. Your friend invited you. You have to dress smart; in a suit and with a tie. And wear a mask. The taxi picks you and your friend up. The driver takes you to your destination without any words being exchanged. You both exit the taxi. You stand at the apex of an arched gravel drive, with steps leading into a stately home. Lights are on in the front porch and a doorman greets you, opening the door. As soon as you enter, your friend disappears. You walk into a grand room, there are cages in three of the corners, two contain beautiful women, painted as wild big cats; a tigress and a cheetah. The third contains a black male, with a single horn on his forehead. He is a muscly stocky man, on all fours. A rhino, flaring his nostrils.

In the centre of the room, beams suspend from the ceiling. The beams have metal rings in them, tethered to which are two slave women in leather harnesses. They are being flogged, with jewelled plugs in their bottoms. The women scream as they are flogged, but they sound like screams of euphoria.

Off to one side, a Domme has a male sub at her feet, he is worshipping her toes, and kissing each one as he strokes her arched instep. A female sub is licking the Domme’s pussy as the Domme fingers the sub’s tight hole. The Domme lets the female pleasure her for a time, before she pushes her away and straddles the male sub. She grasps his balls and holds them firmly, as she impales herself on his stiff thick shaft. She beckons to another male, who lies under her with his head under her crotch. His tongue extends to lick her engorged labia, and suckle her clitoris as she grinds her way to a rapturous climax atop the male slave. The Domme wails with her orgasm, and the shackled slaves simultaneously scream in ecstasy as they receive flogs to their wet pussies.

Passionate play

In another area of the room, a large inflatable mattress lies on the floor, occupied by couples writhing on each other, covered in gelatinous seaweed gel. Breasts glide over buttocks, and hard cocks slide between thighs and into wet pussies. Moans of pleasure ripple among the writhing bodies, all beautiful and lithe.

I am lying on the mattress, between two men. One man is pumping his hips as he moves his length in and out of my pussy from behind. The other man in front is massaging my breasts. I rub my clitoris, and cum, then the men swap places. I take the fresh cock in my cum-soaked pussy, sucking it in hungrily. We undulate together, a dance of lovers embracing and fighting for control, all the while losing our minds and composure in our intoxicating lust. The sweat beads on our brows as we groan our pleasure. We cum together, tortuous yet sublime, as we look into each other’s eyes and passionately kiss.

Girls just want to have fun

Once our tryst is over, an attractive woman approaches me. She whispers something in my ear. I giggle, and wrap my arms around her before kissing her, then sliding myself up and down her front. We kiss and rub our pussies against the others thigh, before I flip round and put my head in her lap. She sighs as I gently trace my tongue around her labia, making a slow circle around her pussy lips. I flick my tongue up her slit and across her engorged clitoris. She groans in pleasure, arching her back and I clamp my lips around the little bud and suckle it more firmly, alternating with broad lapping strokes along her lips. My middle finger from my right hand pushes into her pussy hole, and I curve it upward in her slick tunnel.

Her pussy walls grip my finger and I enter another to join it. Together my fingers and tongue beckon her to lose herself in her pleasure, teasing the rough textured bump on her inner front wall. As her breathing shallows and accelerates, I quicken my pace, massaging that sweet spot inside her. She starts to tense and bear down, almost becoming rigid before her back arches again and she spasms in waves of climactic release before me. My work done, I leave the slippery mattress and walk over to the caged Rhino. He locks eyes with me and grunts. His nostrils flare as he smells the sex emanating from me. “My dear pet, would you like to play?” A nod from him seals his fate and I unlock the cage door…

Born too soon, but still perfect


March 31st was a normal day in the last trimester of what had been a fairly easy pregnancy for a first-time mum. At 31 weeks and 4 days, bump was showing signs of being healthy and strong, and the antenatal appointment I had that afternoon reinforced the maternal bond that was being forged between my little girl and I. Her heartbeat echoed out to me from the Doppler scanner, and she was moving and alerting me to her presence in her snug ‘cocoon’ every so often.

Unexpected events

The evening was a bit more eventful than I had expected however, in what could only be described as a storyline from a soap opera. Shortly after exiting the house, on our way out to collect some stair gates from the retail park, I came to the stark realisation that

1. the condition ‘baby-brain’ really does exist, and

2. the ‘bargain’ stair gates (two for £30) were not so inexpensive after all…I had made the faux pas of leaving the key on the inside of the front door and shutting it behind me…

As we were locked out, I told my other half that we may as well go out as planned whilst waiting for a locksmith. I ended up calling two, as the first one would not be available that evening! Fast forward an hour and a half; stair gates procured, we are driving home. All of a sudden I feel a warm, wet sensation as fluid is expelled from my lower half, “what the..?!” I think to myself before calmly telling my husband that I am leaking, and I really don’t think it’s pee!

The dam bursts

I didn’t see his face, but I imagine the colour drained from it pretty quickly, as we continued our journey, my coat soaking the liquid away. On arriving home, we were thankfully let into the front door, though I remained in the car whilst the locksmith worked his magic. If only my husband had told him my waters had broke, we might have had a discount!

I made a call to my midwife, who advised me to go to my maternity ward straight away. We quickly gathered items for an overnight bag, or at least my husband did whilst I remained in the bathroom and got changed out of my soaking trousers.

At the maternity unit, I was checked by a doctor, then given a steroid injection and antibiotics in case baby girl arrived early. The fluid leaking from me was indeed amniotic, and I was told I’d have to stay on the ward overnight. After being transferred there my husband went home. As he was leaving I told him, ‘Don’t fall asleep!’ Famous last words, to a chronic ‘sofa-snoozer.’

A restless night

On the ward, I tried to get as comfortable as possible. About an hour later I was calling the midwife to tell her I suspected I was having contractions. She offered me Paracetamol, the labour-pain equivalent of a plaster for a gushing wound, before being told to rest and let her know if the pain got any worse. I had texted my husband and told him that I was having contractions, reiterating my three words from earlier.

As the half-hour passed by and the cramping pain got more intense, like the worst period pains ever, I started to think, “this might be it?!”  After rushing to the loo to pass a movement (sorry if TMI), I knew I was definitely approaching the point of no-return. I was then checked again by another doctor, who confirmed that I was fully dilated…”But my husband isn’t here!” I whined, whilst writhing on the bed. I dialed his number on my mobile, and asked the midwife to talk to my husband, as by this point I had other things on my mind, and the pain was worse. She told him to get there as soon as he could, because his baby was on its way!

It all becomes surreal, but very real!

The journey down the hospital corridor felt like an out-of body experience, it was surreal, and I inwardly cried out, this shouldn’t be happening now!” It was though, and I had to accept it, and get in the zone. A midwife and scrubs nurse were my support during the first initial pushes, along with the inhaled Entonox, which made me feel woozy.

I remember feeling very hot, and wanting the windows open. My husband arrived, and it seemed like in no time at all I was delivering our daughter; a mini-baby but perfectly formed, into the world. There was no time to dote on her, she needed serious care quickly. That was a particularly difficult feeling, one of not being able to greet my new baby and instigate that close connection. The room was a hive of activity with several neonatal registrars and doctors attending to my little girl.

Meanwhile I delivered the placenta, which looked huge, by comparison to my tiny daughter. The shock of the early morning events made me physically sick. My girl had been whisked away to Neonatal intensive care. I was able to shower and freshen up, followed by a breakfast of tea and toast. During this time, my husband and I waited in tense anticipation of meeting our baby. I was shown how to express my colostrum into a tiny syringe. My daughter wouldn’t be able to have it just yet, but it was frozen for when she would be able to take it.

After about two and a half hours we were taken in to see her, weighing in at a mere 3lb 13oz. She was swathed in tubes and wires with just a nappy on her tiny body. She’d been very swollen at birth due to hydrops. She was receiving a blood transfusion to replace blood lost in feto-maternal haemorrhaging, and was receiving nutrients intravenously. We stayed with her the whole day, before I was discharged later that afternoon. It was very strange going home without a bump, and also no new baby.


Expression of love and patience

In those first few days, we were able to hold our daughter and get involved with her care. I expressed milk as often as I could, for it to be stored for her. The supply gradually increased and I felt that in some small way I was helping my daughter. It was hard to feel very ‘connected’ to her at that point. I visited her every day; as the weeks passed by she increased in weight, and was taking in her milk. We fed her through the nasogastric tube, and I’d bought an electric pump to express milk at home. I felt frustrated though as I’d see the other mum’s milk in the fridge. By comparison, my 20-30ml per breast looked like a pitiful amount.

As we got closer to her coming home, we attempted breastfeeding. It was a fruitless exercise that left my little girl feeling tired and unfulfilled. Meanwhile, I felt like I was failing at my maternal role of providing sustenance. I pumped as often as I could. The hospital allowed me to borrow a machine to double-pump. This saved time rather than single-pumping using my purchased pump. I felt like my life was a circle of hospital visits, milk pumping, eating and sleeping. I made a cot-side companion in a fellow mum who’s daughter was similarly premature. However, the experience of new motherhood was still fairly isolating for me.

I felt somewhat pressured to pump milk. By my husband, the nursing staff, and myself to a degree. “This is your job!” my inner voice would say. At least coming home allowed me the chance to adjust to my new role as mother, and my daughter got stronger. Today, she is a happy and healthy 20-month old. She’s late to walking, though she is very ‘chatty,’ and her development has been very good. I know she may not necessarily be the most patient child / person as she grows up. But I’m assured that she’ll have resilience!

***Update, 28th March 2017***

My daughter’s 2nd birthday is fast approaching, and she is happy as ever. Her favourite past-times are:

  • going on family walks with our dog.
  • playing with her building blocks, making towers as high as possible.
  • ‘drawing’ with crayons.

Her confidence with walking has grown and she is teetering around, much to our delight. She eats lots of fruit, vegetables and tries new foods readily. Most definitely a ‘talker’ she continues to surprise us with new words she has learnt, as well as her cute ‘baby babble!’

I’m humbled by how down-to-earth she is, though she does have the odd ‘paddy.’ She’s growing up fast, and I hope I make the most of her formative years. I aspire to make them as enriching for her as I can.


For more information on premature births, please visit Bliss’s website.







Tracey Cox Supersex USB Rechargeable Rabbit

This sleek black silicone rabbit is my third rabbit. My other two are far more girly looking. One is the Lovehoney Dream Silicone G-spot Rabbit (see below) in purple. The other is the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit in neon pink (also below). Both of those are battery powered, whereas the Tracey Cox rabbit is USB rechargeable.

The Tracey Cox rabbit looks very stylish, and the contouring of the shaft and ears make it look like it should hit all of my sweet spots. The ears are gentle on the clitoris and flutter to stimulate that nerve-laden nub very well. However, the shaft is a little short for my liking and so does not reach my G-spot effectively. Placement of the buttons frustrates me. I often accidentally switch the rabbit off mid-use, usually when things are getting more interesting, and for obvious reasons this is off-putting.

The vibration patterns do not work for me. I need continuous vibrations from both shaft and the ears, so I mainly use the first two settings. I like that the rabbit is USB rechargeable, and it is easily plugged in to my laptop and ‘juiced up.’

This is perhaps my favourite rabbit in terms of appearance, and it’s taken a while for me to appreciate its orgasmic capability. It does take me a bit longer to climax with the Tracey Cox, but the wait is usually worth it. Get yours from Lovehoney for £49.99!

It is currently in the ‘20% off when you buy 2 vibrators’ promotion.


Lovehoney Dream Silicone G-Spot Rabbit

Lovehoney’s Dream Silicone rabbit is a very good contender for my other battery-powered rabbit (see below). Not necessarily better, but different. I like the colour and seeing the beads through the shaft. It’s nice that it can rotate in both directions. The ears have a good range of pulsing sensations, though most frequently I resort to the continuous pulse on a lower setting, as my clitoris can get too sensitive.

I enjoy riding this rabbit, and feeling when it hits my G-spot. It can bring me to orgasm pretty swiftly.

Available from Lovehoney for £39.99. Currently in the 20% off when you buy 2 vibrators’ promotion.


 Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit (the Neon one)

This was my first rabbit, and I still have a special place in my bunny heart for it. It takes 3 AA batteries, which are easy to insert. The settings are varied, going from continuous vibrations to patterns. The shaft and ears are controlled by separate buttons, which is a handy feature. This rabbit is bright and packs some power despite being battery-operated. I enjoy using this rabbit, though the silicone is not as soft and flexible as either the Tracey Cox rabbit (above) or the Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB rechargeable rabbit.



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What’s in a name? The importance of branding.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo & Juliet II, ii, 1-2.


The importance of branding

Since I started my blog and was asked to come up with ideas for a domain name, I have been pondering this issue. Moreover, how does a brand become and remain successful at selling Adult toys and lingerie? In addition, how well do they engage with their target market / audience?

Exhibit 1, case in point, is the brand Lovehoney. It’s one I go to time and again since my sexual reawakening. I say reawakening, as I believe I was a sexual person prior to discovering Lovehoney and being on the contraceptive pill. These desires just got put to sleep by artificial hormones and a somewhat unexciting sex-life.

But back to the question on naming. Lovehoney as a title for a brand suggests flowery romance, and cute couples trying fun new things together. That’s part of the clever marketing that attracted me to buy from them. The website displays young beautiful couples, enjoying themselves. The lingerie caters for all. There are demure baby dolls and chemises, to more overtly ‘sexual’ crotch-less teddies and body-stockings. In addition, they stock fetish wear and role-play costumes for the more kinky and adventurous.

Then there are the toys; vibrators and dildos for single ladies and also couples to enjoy. Similarly, the male masturbators and prostate / anal* toys to be enjoyed by men (*anal toys can of course be thoroughly enjoyed by women!) There are novelty items, such as candy bras and G-strings, cloning kits and chocolate willies. The playful items like ‘ring for sex’ bell, sexy dice, lovers’ chequebooks and IOUs…

Global reach of sex retailers

All these items wouldn’t be successful if they did not have the right company name and branding behind them. Moreover, online retailers such as Lovehoney lend themselves to the ability to reach global audiences at any time of day from numerous devices.

Via online fora, ‘community members’ can discuss and debate the merits of certain toys over others. Which rabbit gives the best combined stimulation? Which butt plug will stimulate the prostate? Are the vibrations buzzy or rumbly on this toy? How fierce are these nipple clamps? There are so many things to consider when buying sex toys and it is a growing industry with new retailers appearing all the time, particularly online.

So from looking at Lovehoney alone, it seems that toys and the company branding need to appeal to women, men, couples, singles, lesbian /gay,bisexual, transgender, young, middle-aged and older target markets to enjoy the success of a multinational retailer. As well as the name, the company tagline also needs to have gravitas with the consumer.

Taglines, boxes, and technical toys

Take Tantus’ tagline for example; Good Clean Fun. This states that Tantus wish to provide toys that are good quality and enable the user to experience safe enjoyment that’s fun enough to repeat with future purchases. I’m unsure of the origin of the name Tantus. At a guess, I would suggest it’s an amalgamation of Tantalise Us. This infers it is inclusive of all; irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, race or creed. The need for sexual fulfilment is a biological drive innate in each of us. It can wax and wane according to our stage in life, events happening to us / around us, and how we relate to our partners. Perhaps even more significantly, how we relate to ourselves.

The toy packaging needs to reflect the company’s values and ethos. Tantus achieve this by using white glossy cardboard boxes with contemporary styling. Large plastic mouldings encase the toys, letting them ‘speak for themselves’. When I see my iridescent purple Charmer dildo through the plastic casing, I think, “that’s an attractive phallus! The quality looks reassuring that this toy will last me through the decades, as I acquire more toys. Some of which may not stand the test of time, heaven forbid I drop a glass dildo!”.

As another case in point, Fun Factory promotes cutting-edge toys that excite and are innovative. This is clear from their packaging; sleek gold boxes with outer sleeves that show the toys in their Technicolor glory or a ‘fun’ scenario, such as a bartender shaking a cocktail (cue the Jiggle Bouncer dildo). I owned one of their rabbits (the Amorino), which sadly despite looking fabulous was not to my genitalia’s liking. The shaft was just too short; the ears did nothing for my clitoris, which for me is the ‘orgasmic mothership’. Fail to embark on that, and you just plummet back to Earth! The one cool thing about this toy was that it had magnetic contacts for USB charging! Despite this toy not making the cut, I am interested in trying other Fun Factory toys, as they look so well-designed.

A name isn’t everything

We’ve looked at the good, but what about the not-so-good? I’m not about naming and shaming here, but there are companies that still use materials that aren’t completely body safe; porous materials that harbour bacteria and smells. Very unpleasant not to mention unhygienic…just ew! In addition, their names and branding may not be very appealing nor inclusive…images of pretty young girls suggest that some toys are only for younger women, whilst other images are bordering on pornographic – bleurgh! Then there is the packaging that is just dull, and not very exciting. Like something printed off a HP connected to an IBM in someone’s home office!

To round up, a name needs to appeal to a wide target market, inclusive of all orientations, creeds, and ages. The tagline needs to reaffirm the retailer’s values and ethos. Lastly, packaging needs to be firmly in keeping with these themes. It needs to reflect the object’s USP (unique selling point), whether it is luxury, innovation or keeping things fun. I’m hoping the name BreakTheBed.com as a domain for a new adult online retailer will not just imply the obvious, i.e. sex so good that you literally ‘break the bed!’ But I hope it will also be seen metaphorically – breaking the sometimes societal-imposed constraints that sex is just for the bedroom. Moreover, to promote and support the many forms of sex, including heterosexual, gay/ lesbian, bisexual, polyamory, and transgender. After all, we all desire good sex, and good sex can help with having good health / well-being.


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Please use the affiliate link to invest in your Good Clean Fun from Tantus!



****Update March 2017****

Break the Bed sadly did not take off but I was happy to be involved in this ‘project’ although short-lived.





Ceramix # 4 Blue and White hollow dildo, by Pipedream

Visit Wonderland

The Ceramix # 4 Blue and White hollow dildo by Pipedream looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. It is displayed in its box, through a clear plastic window, akin to peering through Carroll’s magical Looking Glass. I was enticed to jump in, as Alice was similarly entreated by the Glass.

How the dildo can be used for sensation play

Descriptive information on the box enlightens the lucky owner to the pleasures of temperature play. As the dildo is hollow, it can be filled with either warm (but NOT boiling), or chilled water. Approximately 100 ml is enough to fill the attractive phallus.  The silicone stopper wedges in tightly, (as it should), so you may need longer nails to ease it out. Take care to support the Ceramix # 4 whilst doing so, to prevent it meeting a terrible demise.

In use, I find warm water far more pleasurable than chilled. Warmth enhances my erogenous satisfaction, whereas chilled water inside the Ceramix # 4 numbs and desensitises me. The angling of the bulbous head is good for G-spot stimulation. As the base is flared, and the dildo is harness-compatible, it is suitable for anal play. I have not used it in this way, but I imagine it could offer pleasurable P-spot stimulation for men. Women may also enjoy it anally, as it has a ‘rippled’ texture to it, so it is not uniformly ‘flat’ along the shaft.

Since the material is ceramic, it can be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Cleaning is easy too, simply wash with antibacterial soap and water. Teamed with clitoral stimulation, I can achieve a blissful blended orgasm with the Ceramix # 4 dildo. Like Alice, I cannot wait to go back to Wonderland!



Update 16 May 2017

After an online chat with Betty’s Toy Box, I have learnt that the Ceramix # 4 is being discontinued by Pipedream Products. This is a real shame, since the Ceramix and Icicles toys are the main ranges I like from this manufacturer. Betty's Toy Box

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Glassvibrations Devils Tongue

Send me to Hell

Ever since I discovered glass toys, the Glassvibrations Devils Tongue was one I wanted to work my way up to. The fact it is a tongue, resembling Kiss’s Gene Simmons’ oral appendage, added to its appeal.

This is my first toy from Glassvibrations. It impressed me the moment I set my eyes on the windowed flip-top box. Inside, the delectable tongue lies snugly fastened to its own cushion. Included is also a drawstring bag. I think it’s too splendid to hide away, so I want to show it off on its cushion! In my bedside cabinet though!

The delicious Devil’s Tongue

The tongue is gorgeous, I love the deep red colour, and it feels weighty enough without being too heavy. The curved handle is a work of art in itself, and the ridges on the upper surface feel lovely when glided over your skin. It’s deliciously cool straight from the box, and feels nice sliding around my breast from the outer edge, in towards the areola and nipple. It’s also sweet on my belly, inner thighs, and best of all rubs that little pearl for some blissful clitoral stimulation.

Tongue plunging fun

When it’s time to dive in for penetrative play, the angling of the tongue makes it glide in effortlessly. I like to use lube to make it even easier. The width of the tongue gives a pleasant fullness, without stretching uncomfortably. The ridges are subtle, not too rough on the front vaginal walls. I like a little bit of gentle to moderate manual thrusting with this dildo, and I don’t find the tip too pointy. It’s also nice to rock slowly and gyrate my hips when it’s inside me, feeling it bump my G-spot and massage my inner front wall.

With some added clitoral stimulation from a trusty bullet or wand, and thrusting/grinding with the glass tongue, I was able to achieve some nice orgasms in a 15-20 minute play time.

Angled and tapered to glide perfectly

Moreover, when the OH is too tired, a date with the Devil Tongue is what is required. The OH is welcome to join in, and he has done. He found it arousing to see it entering me and stretching me open! And after all that, maybe he wasn’t so tired, as it lead onto some fun between us…

Perhaps my new favourite glass toy!

What scores do I give the Glassvibrations Devils Tongue?
  • Aesthetics = 10/10
  • Orgasm capability = 9/10
  • Ease of use = 8/10 *cleaning is a bit of a chore with the grooves
  • Value = 10/10
  • Overall = 9/10


Update Tuesday 16th May 2017

Lovehoney no longer sell this beautiful dildo, but they do stock a very similar item, the Joyride Textured Devil Tongue Glass dildo for £49.99.

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Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury metal dildo

Crowning glory for my ‘Queen’

I bought the gorgeous Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury metal dildo from Lovehoney after I had seen it on the Testers list. I was determined to make it mine and a generous birthday discount sealed the deal.

The Shaftsbury displays its curves elegantly


Speaking of seals, the wax seal on top of the tube packaging is a lovely little touch. I really go for little details like that, and the tube itself is nice and sleek. It assertively states, ‘inside this Royal container, you will be majestically presented with a regal treasure. One that gives great pleasure.’

Inside the tube, the lovely dildo is snugly nestled with its black velvety storage pouch, instruction leaflet and tissue paper. I was a little surprised at the size of the dildo, it certainly is narrower than some of my glass toys, but it was definitely not a lightweight.

The smooth shiny phallus displayed its curves beautifully, and if in the Tower of London, it would be fiercely protected by the ravens. Alas, it is all mine, so I will be keeping it safely stored when not in use, and when played with, it will be put through its paces like Princess Anne’s thoroughbreds at equestrian events.

Sensational Shaftsbury

In use, this toy glides deliciously over my skin, cooling and sending pleasurable tingles through me. Over my clitoris and labia it feels wonderful, especially on a hot day. Though I’ve not tried it chilled, I am looking forward to trying it fresh from an ice bucket.

Pleasant to handle, and gives great sensational play

Internally, the bumps caress my inner walls and the bulbous end hits my magic spot a treat. While I don’t climax through penetration alone, with a wand on my clit at the same time, I can achieve immensely satisfying waves of orgasmic pleasure. My ‘queen’ is delighted by this toy!

I am intrigued to see what this dildo would be like anally. Currently I am not able to facilitate girthy toys in my anus, and I don’t generally like ‘cold’ anal toys, so I would most likely pre-warm it in warm water. I imagine the angling would give men a very pleasurable prostate massage.

My ratings for the Crowned Jewels Shaftbury are:

  • Aesthetics = 10/10
  • Orgasm capability = 9/10
  • Ease of use = 10/10
  • Value = 10/10
  • Overall = 9.8/10

The Shaftsbury can be purchased from http://www.crownedjewels.co.uk/ for £69.99. They have a stunning range of metal dildos and other quality toys.

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