Motörhead Bullet Vibrators

I was lucky enough to receive both of these bullets as gifts from two Lovehoney forum friends. I’ve had the Ace of Spades bullet since October 2015, and I received the Overkill bullet in August 2016. The two bullets are fairly similar in terms of functionality, but the obvious difference is their aesthetic appearance. With the passing of Motörhead’s frontman, Lemmy in December 2015, the Motörhead range of sex toys will be classic memorabilia for any die-hard fans. There are 2 bullets, 2 classic vibrators, 2 Bomber Rock Hard glass dildos, as well as a war pig wand vibrator.

These bullets appeal to my inner ‘rock chick’
Ace of Spades 10 Function Pleasure Bullet

The packaging is a black sealed card packet with clear plastic window. The Motörhead logo and Ace of Spades motifs are emblazoned in white, over the black background – very heavy rock! It was a bit of a beast of packaging to get into! Taking as much care as I could muster in my excitement, I managed to preserve it without too much damage. It is useful for storing the bullet.

The bullet is a nice sleek black beauty, measuring 3 1/2 inches. Motörhead and the slogan ‘Born to lose’ are embossed in silver on either side. The Ace of Spades motif is on the front of the base. It’s easy to get the bullet up and running. Simply untwist the base, insert the AAA battery, replace the base, and press the button.

The three continuous vibration settings (at increasing speeds) are my preference over the seven patterns. It’s nice to start slow, to get warmed up, whilst running the bullet tip over my clitoris, clitoral hood and inner labia. As the excitement builds, I whack it up a notch to the second speed. As I’m about to orgasm, I hit ‘overdrive’ and crank on the top speed to send me rocking over the edge, with a clash of cymbals for good measure!

After orgasm, I find the stimulation a bit much at times. The plastic material can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. Other than that, it’s a fun little bedtime companion for when I want it ‘hard and fast’ on my own, or with my other half penetrating me as well.

Overkill 10 Function Pleasure Bullet

Packaging for the Overkill bullet is similar to the Ace of Spades bullet, except the Snaggletooth fanged skull is featured on both the black card packet, and the base of the bullet.

The silver ABS plastic is super shiny, and the bullet is extremely smooth. It has slightly less drag than the Ace of Spades matte plastic, making it the more comfortable to use. Both bullets need their base to be firmly tightened to ensure the contacts connect the battery properly. They are waterproof, having a rubber seal around the screw fitting of the battery compartment. Despite only taking a single AAA battery the power of the vibrations is surprisingly strong. The bullets are discrete enough to slip into a pocket or handbag for those times when you need a quick ‘rocking’ release. They show that good things really do come in small packages!

Both these bullets are available at Lovehoney for £14.99

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Tantus Vibrating Vamp Grab Bag

After eagerly awaiting my deluxe bumper box of Tantus goodies (see “A tantalising New Year…with Tantus!”), I fished out the sealed Grab bag. The bag is transparent, displaying the Tantus Vibrating Vamp. On Tantus’s website, the pictures display ‘Black/Purple/Blue,’ ‘Purple/Blue,’ ‘Blue/Silver’ and ‘Black/Silver’ pearlescent colour combinations. These all look amazing!

Vibrating Vamp.jpg

I was somewhat surprised to see my Vamp was in fact plain black, though I am pleased with this. I now have my first ‘Big Black Cock’, and it has fairly substantial girth; my thumb and index finger just meet around the crown of the Vamp’s bulbous head (with pronounced coronal ridge), and the read-out on my tape measure is 5 1/4 inches! This dildo is suction cup-compatible, harness-compatible and anal safe.


Buzzing Bullet included

The Tantus Vibrating Vamp has a silver bullet vibrator included, that snugly fits in the hole at the base. The Tantus logo is etched in the rounded base of the Vamp, as well as on the side of the bullet vibe. The silver bullet takes a size N 1.5V Alkaline battery, which fits quite tightly. It needs a good shake to release the battery if you want to remove it to replace, or for long-term storage. The length of the bullet is 3 inches, and the finish is smooth despite a slight imperfection in the side, though this is purely cosmetic.


To turn the bullet on, simply press the purple button in its base. Remember to remove the paper disc that sits in the battery compartment for shipping, to prevent it accidentally switching on! There are three vibration settings; a slower low-intensity continuous vibration, a faster high-intensity continuous vibration and an intermittent pulsing pattern. This is ample variation for a bullet such as this, and to be honest I bought the Vamp for the silicone dildo, so the bullet is a bonus!

Voluptuous Vamp

I initially tried the Tantus Vibrating Vamp whilst kneeling in the bath. I added some water-based lubricant to the head, though not enough to compensate for the drag of the silicone. Be warned, lint will stick to this meaty shaft. After use it’s best to air-dry following washing, and then store in a plastic case. For now, I’ll keep mine in its ‘Grab bag.’ As I said, the drag of the silicone and the fairly substantial girth of this dong means if you have a reasonably ‘tight’ vagina (or butt)  you may need copious amounts of water-based lubricant.

Whilst ‘sitting’ on the Vamp in the first few minutes of play, I had the bullet inserted in the hole in the base. I then decided to remove the bullet and use it on my clitoris. This was because despite it having a reasonable amount of power, the thickness of the Vamp somewhat dulls the sensation. Moreover I tend to need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

The Vamp is certainly a filling toy, and its thick bulbous head with pronounced coronal ridge are noticeable on entry.  I will most definitely be trying him with the suction cup I purchased from Tantus.  I also find my middle finger fits in the hole in the base rather well, which aids with thrusting.

Tantus’s Vibrating Vamp is a firm silicone toy, firmer than the Charmer and the Flurry. As I generally prefer softer silicone, the Vamp tends to be a dildo I go to when I want a less yielding toy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Get your Vibrating Vamp from Tantus for $39.99.


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Adult Education at the Parents Evening

It’s parents evening at the school, I go there to hear about my daughter’s progress. The teachers break off from the hall into their respective class rooms. I see my daughter’s teacher, who tells me that my daughter is settling into her first year well. After I finish listening to the teacher’s feedback about my daughter I ask any questions I have, then leave the room. I walk down the hallway passing the staff room. I see three men around the noticeboard in the hallway. As I walk past, one of them calls out to me, “young lady; we are disappointed with your report! See us in our office.” I walk to the end of the corridor, and go to the ladies restroom. At the mirror, I straighten my hair, reapply my lipstick and unbutton the top buttons of my blouse.

I walk back to the staff room. The men are gone from the corridor. I reach the staff room door; and knock twice. “Come In!” A deep voice calls from within. I open the door and it creaks open. I see the eldest of the three men, a late 40s dark-haired man in a dark grey wool jacket and with a short beard peppered with grey hairs. His eyes crinkle as he smiles at me. “Ms L, how lovely of you to pop by. We have some important business to discuss. Your performance of late has been erratic. You appear unfocused and distracted. We would like to propose a plan to improve your concentration. You will need to work closely with all three of us.”
At these last words, the two other men appear from the secretary’s office. They are in their 30s, one is brown haired and brown eyed. The other is blonde with blue/grey eyes. “You will firstly work with Mr Bennett and Mr Johnson. Thereafter you shall see me and I will build upon their teachings. You will be expected to attend all meetings and complete any assignments. Your lessons will begin tonight, with Mr Bennett. John, please take Ms L to the study room.”

Lesson 1

John steps toward the door and gestures to me to exit before him. I step forward out of the room, and he follows closing the door behind us. We walk down the hall in silence; when we reach the study room he informs me we are to go in, and take a seat. He sits down, then asks me to read a sheet of paper. I read; it’s all very perplexing. Talking about hard and soft limits. I scan the document, see there is a box for my signature; I sign my name and hand him the paper. He takes it from me then looks into my eyes and tells me to strip to my underwear and lean over the desk.
I stand and wriggle my skirt down over my hips. I unbutton my blouse and remove it. Underneath I’m in a sheer black bra and panty set. There are pink bows on my bra straps and on the front of my pants. I lean over the desk as instructed, gripping the edge. A crackle of tension sparks in the air, and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  I hear a swish and then a loud ‘crack!’ as my buttock burns with hot fire. Several short, sharp blows land on my arse cheeks in quick succession, making my skin feel hot. I feel the sting as the blows carry on until I’ve had at least 10 per cheek.

A natural talent

As he finishes, I hear Mr Bennett’s heavy breathing. He looks flushed, as I imagine my sore buttocks do. He clears his throat and instructs me to “Part your legs please.” I do so, and immediately feel his hand cup my crotch, as he murmurs “hmm, very nice- wider please.”
Inching my legs apart his hand is able to slide into the gusset of my panties and two fingers glide along my folds, which to my surprise are slick with juices.

He removes his hand from my pants, licks one finger and hums appreciatively, before offering the other finger to my mouth and imploring me to suck. I take the finger in my mouth and suck it, swirling my tongue around, collecting the tangy nectar from my pussy on my taste buds. “A natural talent you have there,'” he demurs in a smooth baritone. I gaze up at him through my lashes, and release his finger from my lips.

“You may kneel,” he utters. It’s not a request however, as I sense the commanding tone in his voice. I slide onto my knees, and look up at him, innocently. “Please keep your eyes in front of you, towards the floor. You may only look at me when I address you.” I look down as instructed, and as I do, I hear his belt being unbuckled followed by the zip on his suit trousers opening…


Under his trousers, he has no briefs or boxers, he is bare, and his thick swollen head tents up, peeking at me with its dripping ‘eye.’

“You may suck me,” John rasps as his breathing gets heavier. I look up and my eyes widen in earnest. He notices, as he chuckles, and asks innocently, “why are you so surprised? You were informed your lessons would begin this evening, and you’ve already given me an insight as to your oral skills. You could do with being more confident in your ability as I’m sure you’ll be most proficient once you have practiced a few times.”

Feeling apprehensive and aroused at the same time, I part my lips and lick my lower one. His eyes are on mine, and they smoulder with desire as I lean towards him. Taking him in my mouth, my tongue flicks and swirls around his glans. I bob my head up and down and suck on his warm throbbing length, as he holds my head and thrusts his hips. It doesn’t take long at all, before he is tensing and releasing his creamy ejaculate into my waiting mouth. I swallow most of it, but a little trail is left on my chin as I release his softening cock with a ‘pop’.

He wipes my chin with his finger and tells me to lick it clean. I do so, then he smiles down at me and says, “that concludes my lesson but you will have further instruction from Mr Johnson and Sir Baker.” At this declaration, he takes his leave and I am left perhaps 5 minutes before I hear quick purposeful steps coming down the corridor.

Lesson 2

Mr Johnson enters the room but immediately declares it to be not the right location; “this simply will not do for what I had in mind! Let’s take a walk to somewhere more suitable.”

I open my mouth to ask him where he wishes to go, but before I can utter a word he sharply states, “I do not wish to hear you speak except for when I address you. Is that clear?” I reply, “yes Mr Johnson,” barely speaking the words before he ushers me out of the room and down the hallway. We turn a corner, walk down another corridor passing a stairway before reaching a set of double doors opening into a gymnasium.

As we enter, I notice a pommel horse, to one side. He directs me over to it then tells me to lean over and grip the rings on the top. My feet are nudged apart by his foot, and he instructs me to part my legs before bending down to secure straps around my ankles. The straps are interconnected by a spreader bar.

Learning self-control

I then feel Mr Johnson’s warm hand brushing my mound from behind. “Let’s see how you can control yourself,” he states, before coating my parted labia with a cool lubricant. He places what feels like a vibrator on my exposed slit, which he switches on, a rhythmic thrum pulsing out over my pussy. Mr Johnson runs the vibrator up and down my slit, teasing me briefly before resting it over my clitoris. He traces it side to side over my delicate pearl and I grind my hips against it.

“No!” He barks out, “you do not have permission to move and you will cum when I allow you to.” He removes the vibrator away from my wanting pussy lips. “I will return the pleasure to you, once you have apologised for your misdemeanour.”

I lick my lips and start to say that “I’m sorry,” He tuts and scornfully enquires “is that your idea of an apology? A half-hearted pathetic and generic ‘sorry’?” This reminds me of the situation I find myself in- he wants to be completely dominant over me, and control what happens in the gymnasium with me. Aware that I must apologise properly before he will proceed I speak more eloquently, “I apologise Mr Johnson for moving without your permission.”

Good pupils are rewarded

I feel the vibrator return to my swollen vulva and hum back to life, as he says more kindly “Thank you for correcting yourself. Let’s continue, shall we?” Of course his statement is rhetorical, but I find myself uttering “Yes, please Mr Johnson.” He chuckles and reminds me, “this is a test of your control; pass it, and you’ll be rewarded.” For several minutes the vibrations remain at a low continuous frequency, then I hear a click and there is a brief pause before the vibrations continue at an increased frequency. Between my legs I feel the warmth and slipperiness emanating in response. My breathing quickens and I feel Mr Johnson’s thumb and forefinger pinching each of my nipples in turn. I gasp and he instructs me, “focus on the sensation, feel the heat radiate through you.”

Something certainly is radiating through me, but it is not just heat, it is pleasurable too. “I’m going to do that again,” Mr Johnson informs me, as he tweaks each engorged nub, and simultaneously increases the vibrators frequency. “Wait for my command,” he reiterates. I am practically panting by now, and I desperately need some release. He knows it; he moves the vibrator from side to side across my clitoris and up over the clitoral hood, before tracing in down again.

As he teases me in this way I grip the rings on the pommel horse harder, and see my knuckles glowing white through the flesh. It seems like I’m on the edge of a precipice and any second now I could be hurtling over it. I focus my mind on the humming from the vibrator, which keeps me calm.  Soon enough, Mr Johnson speaks to me, commanding what I have been waiting for; “You may cum. Now Ms L!”

At this instruction, my body tenses and the ‘falling over the edge’ sensation catapults me to orgiastic heights. As I feel the pleasure rush through me, my body relaxes and I slump over the pommel horse. “It seems like you have passed this test, Ms L”, but you will have another soon!”

To be continued, in Part Three


Kinky Fuckery

I just love leather, and the scent of it is like a pheromone to me.

The Dominix Deluxe Open Breasted Body Harness is a piece of bondage finery that is oh so versatile in its wear-ability. I can wear it to be a Domme goddess, with some alluring lingerie underneath, and brandishing a flogger or crop.

Harness 3

If I wish to be more submissive, I can wear it on its own, to exude my inner sex slave. There are multiple strategically placed O-rings. In the event that my other half decides I need to be properly strapped down or up, against a door-frame perhaps, I can be trussed whatever way is deemed appropriate.

When I’m suitably restrained, the fun can begin; my OH has used the Fetish Fantasy Stainless Steel Wartenberg pinwheel on me. He wasn’t bothered by me using it on him as he found it too tickly. When he traced it over my breasts and around my nipples I felt tingles of delight radiating out from those mounds, making my nipples peak in response.

Harness 2

To tease me further he trawled it over my back and thighs as well as over my butt cheeks. While there was not an awful lot of bite out of the little teeth on this wheel, it did tickle my fancy. In doing so, it stimulated my receptors to awaken and cry out for more sensory play. The thud of the Bondage Boutique intermediate suede flogger on my thighs and butt cheeks roused my reward pathway into full chorus. My skin prickled as the fronds caressed it before whipping it with a thwack. Becoming more alive at this stage it was time to make the delivery more resolute. This time with the Bondage Boutique Silicone Butterfly crop. The dainty butterfly danced through the air as it dealt peppery stings on my rear end. A hissing slap sung out to me, as my delighted dopamine centre glowed with satisfaction.

Nipple rings


My other half could see my hardened nipples seeking a sweet sting of their own, so they were crowned with the Lovehoney Tease Me Nipple Rings with Heart Charms. A tug on these silver rings sent zinging pleasure bolts down to my lady parts, leaving me slick with desire. The gasp that escaped my mouth left no question of what was needed, and I became a fuck toy for him to exert his mastery over…


Receive 25% off when you buy 2 DOMINIX items at Lovehoney!

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Stockings and Hosiery

Fever Hold Ups with Red Bows

Red bow stockings.jpg

I bought these to go with a red babydoll for Valentine’s weekend to surprise my hubby. They would also do nicely, for a sexy Christmas lingerie ensemble. The cardboard packaging is smart, and the stockings fit well. I didn’t wear them with a suspender belt, but they held up fine on their own. The material is nicely smooth, and opaque. It seems fairly resistant to snagging, which is good as my hands get rough in cold winter weather! The bows are very cute.

Available from Lovehoney for £4.99 – bargain!


Gabriella Lace Top Hold Ups with Back Seam

Gabriella back seam.jpg

I decided to wear these hold ups out on a trip to a bar in town, which was a mistake, as halfway through the walk from the car park into town they started sliding down my legs and it wasn’t long before they were round my knees. I’m 5’3, and a size 14, though having bought them in a M/L which says ‘fits sizes 12-16’, I would expect them to stay in place.

The seam looks sexy, though like others I struggled with getting a nice vertical line with one of them. First time I put it on, it went asymmetrically up my leg, but with the help of a mirror, and lifting my leg in front of me, I managed to get it reasonably straight.

I’m disappointed that they didn’t stay up, as it meant I had to keep ducking into doorways on my way into town to pull them up – not a desperately sexy thing to do, when you’re trying to be more sexy for your OH! I’ll keep them for bedroom use, although not sure I’d buy this brand again. I feel surprised I had this experience with them considering other people rated them so highly. Maybe it was just my legs!

Currently in the 2 for £15 stockings and hosiery offer at Lovehoney.


Mandy Mystery Bodystocking

Mandy Mystery Body.jpg

The Mandy Mystery bodystocking oozes so much sex appeal, it’s too sexy for my body, haha! I got the large size and I am a petite 5’3″ with a 14-16 figure. I’d never worn a body stocking before, but this one appealed as I love black lacy lingerie, and I wanted to disguise my mummy pouch.

Moreover, I think a bit of body coverage leaves something to the imagination, whilst the criss-crossed opening at the top enhances my favourite assets. My only main issue with this garment is that it is a bit long for me, so there is a bit of excess material around the bottom of the legs. No matter, I can wear boots (preferably kinky ones)!

On offer at Lovehoney (2 for £20 Bodystockings and Mini-dresses).


Lovehoney Fishnet Lace Top Thigh High Stockings

I bought these thigh highs in a 3 for £10 deal. They come in a pretty purple and black cardboard sleeve, are excellent value and fit well too.

The thigh highs feel like good quality, with lovely laced tops. I wore them with the black lacy deep suspender belt from Lovehoney and they proved to be a hit with my other half. I feel so sexy in them; they make me feel like I’m the ‘catch of the day!

The tale of a bunny that luvs…

About me

Hi lovelies,

I started my true sexual discovery just over three years ago, when I started buying sex toys and lingerie from online retailer Lovehoney. At this time, I was naive in my perceptions about sex and intimacy. Despite being in a loving relationship for many years, and married three of those, I still thought sex was something that women did to keep their husbands happy. Meanwhile wives laid back thinking about the laundry and dirty dishes in the sink. Talk about stereotypical ‘50s housewife’!

‘Girl power’ in the 1950s. Photo reproduced from[term]=1950s housewife&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=1

Initially, I dabbled with cheaper toys, indulging in the 3 for £10 or 2 for £20 deals. I managed to clinch a few freebies along the way through Lovehoney’s generous offers. I also tried my first ever rabbit vibrator, enjoying this foray into combined clitoral and internal stimulation. My collection largely consisted of battery operated toys. They were made of ‘cheaper’ materials, such as plastic. I wanted to experiment with what textures, vibration styles (cue the big ‘buzzy versus rumbly’ debate) and patterns I enjoyed. More importantly, it was about finding my joy with sexual play, after seemingly going through the motions for the most part during my 20s.

Becoming confident

I realised that good sex relied on body confidence and belief in oneself. Hence, I started buying attractive lingerie, in styles to flatter my natural curves. I appreciate the beauty of the female form, with its defined hourglass shaping. It makes me want to own one of those Jean Paul Gaultier eau de toilettes, purely for the shape of the bottle!

I joined the Lovehoney community and read fellow members’ forum posts. Here I discovered there were a lot of other like-minded individuals unsure about their sexual preferences. I was late to the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘party’, ignoring the hype, amidst the critiques of the poor writing style displayed in the series. Curiosity got the better of me however, and I decided to read the first book. The phrase ‘my inner goddess’ grated on my nerves after the first few encounters! But I found myself drawn in by the dark, bittersweet tale of Anastasia and Christian’s blossoming ‘relationship’.

I was intrigued by the Dominance / submission interplay of the two leads, and how Anastasia isn’t necessarily just a meek flowery submissive outside of the bedroom. I wanted to explore how pleasure and pain could be combined to create an altogether new ‘sexperience’. Hence my introduction to sensation play, through the use of toys. These included, but are not limited to, spanking paddles, floggers and crops.

Getting kinky

Unfortunately my husband has not been keen on exploring this side of our sex life, (MKINYK* / YKINMK*). This in itself could be discussed in a separate post- “how to deal with getting your kicks when your significant other does not want to land ‘blows’ on you.” I digress though. I will say that I admire these toys and have started my Disciplinary / kinky toy collection, (also comprising nipple clamps and rings, clitoral clamps, bondage candles and a pinwheel). Sadly, to a large extent they remain ‘locked away’ in Bunny’s storage burrows.

Of the toys I have used from this collection, I enjoy floggers the most of all my ‘thwacky’ implements. The thud of a soft suede flogger, or the more intensive ‘thutt’ of leather tails on my buttocks is music to my ears and the warmth it creates excites me. The ‘thwack’ of a silicone butterfly landing on my butt cheek is a beat on my sexual drum. I think the whole D/s experience appeals to me, because I like theatrics. I enjoyed reading Shakespeare for my A-Level in English Literature. The role-play from acting and the atmosphere from staging a box-office production translate very well into the bedroom. Just not so much my bedroom, so in the lack of disciplinary play, I resort to other sensation play. This includes using rings or clamps on my nipples and even a clitoral clamp; perhaps the most fiddly toy I’ve encountered!

What I like about nipple play, is not so much the pain. I can handle moderate pain, though I’m by no means a ‘pain-slut.’ What I love, are the sensations that seem to go through my nipples and relay out to my nether regions, making me pulse and tingle with need. My husband knows I like nipple sensation, so he has taken to licking and sucking my mammary buds when we play together. He likes how it makes me respond to him. As do I.

This leads me on nicely to my next topic; combined stimulation. Whether its nipples and the clitoris, vagina and clitoris, anus and vagina, penis and testicles or penis and anus, there is something better about combination stimulation, rather than just one focus of attention. That is why I really enjoy oral sex with fingering at the same time; it just makes me explode.

Enter the Rabbit

I started using rabbits for this reason. My first ever rabbit was the notorious Rampant Rabbit of Sex and the City fame. I got the neon pink one, and like Charlotte from SATC, I quickly fell in love with the cute bunny with the bedroom skills of a well-endowed ‘stallion’ lover. Though I did not go to the extreme of hiding away from my friends so I could ‘get jiggy with Mr Biggy’ all the time! It did pique my curiosity enough to want to test other rabbits. Some have been pleasing, such as Tracey Cox’s Supersex USB Rechargeable Rabbit, and the Lovehoney Oh! G-spot Dream Rabbit. Others however, have failed noticeably and dismally in the cases of the Fun Factory Amorino and the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 triple rabbit respectively. These toys are discussed in more detail on the feature blog page linked above.

Suffice to say though, what I need in a rabbit is

  1. Length; those short stubby rabbits just don’t reach where I need them!
  2. Soft ears that vibrate in a good continuous way, and don’t feel either ouch-y or too tickly.
  3. Power! The vibe needs to take 3 AA batteries at least, or be rechargeable. No AAA-juiced bunny will give me the oomph I need to claw at the bedsheets!
  4. High quality materials that will be body-safe and clean easily so won’t harbour any nasty smells or retain bacteria.
  5. Look sexy enough to take a place in my bedroom drawers!

Ok, so the last one isn’t necessarily essential, but I like round figures and 5 features seem better than 4. It appears that I’ve tried a good selection of rabbits so far, but there are plenty others to go in my bunny hole. One I’d really like to try is a vibrating glass rabbit!

In a ‘Glass’ of its own

Glass is possibly my favourite sex toy material, as it lends itself to such gorgeous shapes and designs. The Devil’s tongue, I mean that is what I’m talking about; sex in art form! Not to mention the textures, and the sensations from warming and cooling. Sublime pleasure, from a material that is literally ‘sublimed’ sand! I once did a glass fusion workshop to make jewellery pieces, a process that I loved (who knew breaking glass could be so much fun?)! I even thought to myself at the time, “Wow, imagine making some cool dildos with fused glass!” My two favourite ranges are the Glassvibrations toys simply for their kitsch and uber-coolness, whilst Icicles are the contemporary artistic range of some fine glass dongs from Pipedream Products. And glass-handled floggers too!

Most of my glass pieces are from the Lovehoney range, because they are such good value or have been acquired through the Oh! Points scheme and as tester items. There is, however, more room for glass in Bunny’s burrow, so I look forward to trying some more in the future!

Thank you for getting this far, and I hope you return often to check out my musings on all things toy-related.


* MKINYK/ *YKINMK = My kink is not your kink / Your kink is not my kink.

Lealso Magic Massager


Lealso Magic Massager


I bought the Lealso multi-coloured massager, from Kinky Desires. I was intrigued by the eye-catching swirling colour design of the silicone. But more importantly, I wanted to see if it lived up to its ‘Magic’ moniker.

The Lealso arrived promptly, and the packaging comprises a black cardboard box with foam insert to hold the massager. LEALSO is embossed on the lid of the box in silver to give it a more ‘luxurious’ feel. There is a separate box below the massager, to contain the power adaptor and the USB cable. As the power adaptor is 2-pin and only usable in Asia, I won’t be needing that. Instead I’ll use the USB cable to charge the massager via my laptop. In addition, there is a black / colour outer box to show the massager (it is displayed in pink), and its main features, these being that it’s

  • made of medical silicone.
  • has friendly controls.
  • innovatively designed.
  • waterproof.
  • rechargeable.
Ergonomic  handling

The friendly controls consist of three buttons moulded into the silicone around the ergonomic gold plastic handle; a ‘+’ button to increase the speed setting, a ‘-‘ button to (you guessed it), decrease the speed setting. Sandwiched between those, the third button cycles through the 10 pulse vibration modes. There are 6 speed settings going up in 30Hz intervals from 30Hz – 180Hz. There was no instruction leaflet included with my Magic Massager. I decided to visit the Lealso website, where I discovered their description of the vibration patterns:Lealso Patterns

There are in fact, two constant waves, but the second one is more rumbly than the first. Another feature I learnt from the Lealso website is that you can lock the keys by pressing the ‘+’and ‘-‘ buttons together for 3 seconds. To unlock the keys, simply hold both these two buttons again for several seconds until the red LED flashes. There are two motors powering the massager. One within the clitoral ‘bump’ part and the other in the g-spot tip of the shaft.

In use, the wand is lightweight and the handle is ergonomic. It is comfortable for me to use on my own for an extended time (oh if I had the time!) or for my other half to use on me. At the time of writing, the wand has been used twice by me for solo play, and once with my other half. When I use it on my own, I tend to prefer the uneven wave pattern. I put the speed up to 180Hz. But even then I feel the clitoral stimulation is not really sufficient to make me climax. I find I need an additional vibrator on my clitoris to help me achieve orgasm.

Two can play better than one

With my partner, I found the best position for him to be able to hold it and angle it effectively was for me to be on all fours, in a ‘doggy’ style. In this position, as with the solo play, I also needed additional clitoral stimulation to climax. The sensations on my inner front wall helped coax my G-spot to respond in chorus with my clitoris for a pleasant ‘blended’ orgasmic release.

Cleaning this toy is extremely easy, using warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner. I then left it to air dry as the silicone will attract lint to its smooth surface. So my final thoughts on the Magic Massager from Lealso are that it will be good for people who enjoy G spot stimulation, and don’t require extreme power. It’s also quirky looking which I like. Whilst it’s not my favourite vibrator for orgasmic capability, I will enjoy it on the occasions where I’m not in need of a really ‘quick release.’

The Lealso can be purchased for £45.99 at Kinky Desires.

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A flexible friend to facilitate oral sex

G spot stimulating intimate part spreader


This grooved bendy silicone ‘gizmo’ is from You2Toys, and was purchased from Lovehoney. I liked the idea of being spread and exposed, but my other half didn’t fancy using a speculum.

The ‘spreader’ is super bendy, so is pretty easy to get into the required shape. The packaging is a little box with a picture of a model and small cartoon showing the intended use of the toy. Not the most attractive of sex toy packages! It resembles a porn DVD cover or top-shelf magazine poster, but it’s functional enough.

In use, the spreader is comfortable and provides some stimulation to the inner vaginal front wall. Particularly if it’s tapped by your partner or if you hold a vibrator against the protruding arms. It holds the labia open to fully expose the clitoris. This makes it really useful for oral sex, especially for those with larger inner labial lips. It measures at 28cm long. We did try it out during sex, but found it got in the way. In our experience it’s best for oral sex only.

The grooves do make it a bit more laborious to clean, but some sex toy cleaner and a toothbrush get it all scrubbed up ready for the next time. Currently this toy doesn’t get as much use as it could, though I would like to change that!

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Winner of Bunny’s Prize-giving write-off!

It was a close call but, the winner of Bunny’s Erotic Write-Off has been decided!

They have been informed, and here is their winning entry; enjoy reading this exciting story!


Written by mr man (@mrrobert154)

First Meeting

“Darren had been messaging this lady for a while and they had been discussing the possibility of going to a dungeon together to be mistress and slave. He finally got the courage to message her and arrange a time and place. The day arrived and when Darren got to the dungeon he was very excited but also apprehensive as he didn’t know exactly what he was going to be subjected to.

As he entered she was waiting for him; she walked over and told him to strip. As he removed his clothes she fastened a collar around his neck. Once all Darren’s clothes were off, his mistress walked him over to a St Andrews cross and shackled him to it, she removed a bamboo cane from the wall and flexed it between her hands.

Darren clenched his ass cheeks in anticipation; as his mistress struck his tightly-clenched cheeks, a wave of pain and pleasure shot through his body. Before he had time to fully process what had happened to him she struck again, and then again.

“You have been a very naughty boy” she said, “making me wait so long for you to be my slave”.

Darren’s mistress unshackled him and led him over to a queening chair, she strapped him down and told him “you are going to make me squirt all over your face. I am going to play with your cock at the same time but you cannot cum or else!”

‘Or else what?’ he wondered but dare not ask. His mistress straddled his face and he got stuck into his task. He licked, sucked, nibbled and probed her beautiful pussy; she writhed around on his tongue moaning every time he hit the right spot. All the time she was riding him, she was simultaneously wanking his cock hard.

He was trying not think about what his mistress was doing to his cock, just the fact that he had to make her squirt. Her moans were getting closer together and she was grinding into his face harder and deeper. She stopped wanking him so he knew she was close to the edge. He lapped at her clit and she finally released her warm juices all over his face.

It felt fantastic as she did and Darren lapped it up eagerly trying not to waste a drop. When his mistress had come down from her orgasmic high she released him from the chair and stood him up. She leant into him and whispered in his ear “you were a very good slave. You didn’t cum. Now I am going to treat you to an orgasm you will never forget!”

She blindfolded him and put a large ball-gag in his mouth, then lead him over to what he would later find out was a whipping bench. “Kneel,” she commanded him, before strapping his legs to the bench. Then she slowly bent him over and strapped his body and arms down tight so he couldn’t struggle free.

Darren could hear his mistress walking around him; the anticipation was exciting him. He heard a vibrator start up, then it was placed against the head of his throbbing cock. The pleasure buzzed through him. He could feel his cock twitching and then suddenly it stopped.

As he calmed down from near orgasm it started again. This carried on four more times. Darren really wanted to cum and his mistress knew it, she was extremely good at edging him, she knew the exact moment to stop every time.

There was a long pause then all of a sudden Darren felt something dribble down between his bum cheeks followed by a finger rubbing around his asshole. He gasped as it slid in, quickly followed by a second. He relaxed as the fingers started working in and out of his slippery hole, then they stopped and were replaced by something a bit more solid and a lot larger.

He felt it at the entrance of his ass then slowly the bulbous end of his mistress’s strap-on eased in. His ass was full; suddenly the end hit his p-spot and he experienced a feeling of exhilaration like he never had before.

His mistress thrust in and out of him, slowly at first, hitting that magical spot. He moaned with every thrust; the feeling was exquisite unlike anything he’d felt before in his life. He so desperately wanted to orgasm but also didn’t want the pleasure to end. His mistress reached around and put the vibrator back on the end of his bulging cock.

The thrusting in his ass and the vibrations through his shaft sent Darren into a world of ecstasy. He shot his cum all over the vibrator and his body quivered at the orgasm he had just experienced. His mistress withdrew her strap-on and unfastened him from the bench, removing the ball gag from his mouth before teasing the vibrator in, telling him to “clean it up”. He licked his cum from the vibrator, removed his blindfold then went to get freshened up, all the time thinking that he couldn’t wait for the next meeting.”

Exposed Luv White Floral lace bustier set


I was lucky enough to be gifted this sexy ensemble by a Twitter follower, so thanks to the generous benefactor!

My basque set came in the larger size, as I am size 14-16. The basque is very sexy but with the virginal innocence of white lace. It may even double as bridal lingerie as it has the blue bow and lace trim. Thus it would tick the ‘something new’ and ‘something blue’ in that well-known marital rhyme.

Despite being the larger size it does not have a lot of spare room. I think it is only really suitable up to a size 14. I had the hook and eye fastenings on the outer set. It was as loose as it would go, and it did feel snug. Though it did look very lovely on, and made me feel very sexy. It comes with suspender straps that can be removed, which is what I did as I didn’t have any white stockings to wear with the set.

All white now

The finish on the seams is not quite as well-made as other sets I have. Where the straps are sewn onto the ‘bodice’ part at the front, the stitching actually looks a bit messy. The G-string is also rather skimpy, but it does have a bow on the front to match the basque.

This was a nice alternative to some of my usual lingerie which is black or red or a combination of the two. If I had to rate it out of 5, I would give it 3.5 based on the finishing and the snugness of the sizing.

Buy yours from Lovehoney for £25.00!

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