Into the woods; part 1

They met one afternoon in late autumn; he’d asked to see her on an impulse. She’d spun a silken thread in his mind or so it seemed. Maybe he was the spider drawing her into his web. Either way, it was agreed; coffee in a small-town independent coffee house. He pulled up at the road as she waited for him to arrive. Leaving his ride behind, he was clad in full leather. When she saw him she knew who he was. The one who’d captivated her with his gentlemanly charm, edged with a border of ragged dominance. She was the demure sweet-looking girl-next-door type, but the glint in her dark eyes hinted at a passionate ember residing within her. Waiting to be released…

Their day-to-day lives were ordinary. The events that would unfold that afternoon would be anything but that. They sipped their coffee, and made conversation, hushed with knowing smiles and seductive side-long glances. Eventually their drinks were finished. She made her way to the ladies whilst he checked the local area on a map. Waiting in composed impatience, he turned to see as she exited the ladies bathrooms. There, his silent question was answered. She was to be his for the taking.

The tell was that she’d removed her tights from under her dress, so her legs were now exposed to the chill in the air though they were mostly covered by her knee-length boots and dress. They left the coffee house and made their way to their respective vehicles. He’d given her the location for their next rendezvous. The drive was short and she could feel fluttering excitement in her stomach. Her arrival was minutes before his. Stepping away from their transport they embraced and kissed deeply as he felt the heat emanating from between her thighs.

Woodland walk

Goodness, she was pure gold to him in this moment. Her lips sweet and plump, parted as he broke away from their embrace. She smiled and he was compelled to break his composure,  returning the facial greeting. “Let’s go into those woods up on that ridge over there,” he gestured behind them. Nodding her agreement they stepped beside each other along the trail though his gait was broader so he was slightly ahead of her. He didn’t want to rush up the path like an over-excited teenager, but it was taking all his self-will not to grab her hand and pull her up there quickly.

All in good time, he thought to himself. Before long they’d reached the woods. Entering the bare-branched canopy, they crunched along the orange/brown carpet of leaves underfoot. He waited until they’d gotten to a secluded part off the main path before pausing and daring to break the silence. “You’ve been a siren calling out to me these past couple of months. The way you’ve teased and tempted me has not gone unnoticed. Did you think I’d let you slip away with that, young lady?”

Her eyes were large and shone brightly as she assertively replied “I don’t expect to get away with anything. It is not my place to make assumptions…Sir.” Damn; she had corrected herself before she’d made a mistake. He couldn’t punish her now. Or could he? A smile curved on his lips. “That comment you made earlier about a certain length deserves reprimanding!” She defiantly smirked and innocently replied, “You asked me a question Sir, I was merely stating my preference.”

“Soon we shall see if I measure up to your expectations,”

he jovially responded with a chuckle. “Let me inspect your delicate folds that are going to give me pleasure later…”

Intimate inspection

Reaching down he lifted the front of her dress, and in a low voice told her simply to part her legs. She complied obediently, and he brushed his fingers over her mound and slid them under the edge of the gusset. He could feel the warmth, and her soft skin was dewy beneath his fingertips. He wanted to touch her inner sweet spot and make her legs buckle. First though, he’d get her stimulated and wanting. Brushing her clitoris he rubbed circles around it softly, gauging her breathing. His other arm wrapped around her waist, holding her dress up.

She moaned slightly as he stroked her labia and clitoral hood. He kept up the pace, tracing his fingers in concentric circles, keeping her guessing where he’d touch next. After several minutes he wanted to see how aroused she was. Heck, his straining leathers were testimony to his own desire. Sliding his fingers in her cleft towards her opening, he felt excited that she was responding so well thus far. Her breathing had slowed and was deeper. A little purr came from her as he nestled his fingers into her tight sheath. “Oh my siren, you feel divine; I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around my cock.”

His fingers reached her inner front wall with its sensitive nerve endings, and he tapped gently with a come-hither motion. She was slick inside her velvety canal, and the warm juices helped his fingers slide within her. He kept working on her clitoris with his thumb as he pumped his fingers inside her sweet pulsing pussy. She was getting more turned on now, as her breathing quickened. Her mouth was slightly gaping open and she was resting her head against his shoulder.

Testing her skills

Within a few more minutes she was moaning and uttering that her orgasm was imminent. He felt her inner walls twitch and spasm around his fingers. He imagined how she’d feel around his hard shaft and closed his eyes. Falling limp and quiet momentarily, she leaned against him heavily, as he withdrew his fingers. He licked one then offered her the second. “Taste yourself,” he directed her. Again, she expedited the task without question nor delay. “Exquisite,” he murmured.

Once she was standing firmly again, he instructed her to kneel. She did so with poise and he placed his jacket under her knees. As she looked up at him, he unzipped his leather trousers. He slid his erection out from his underwear, and held her chin with his other hand.

“I’d like for you to service me, but you won’t make me cum… “

Bending her neck to him she took his thickness in between her lips. She licked his glans around the rim and flickered her tongue across his slit. Next she sucked his head and wrapped her hand around his shaft making a twisting motion around the lower part of his length.

Bobbing up and down she was lathing his cock well, and he was hardening in her mouth. He groaned as she licked the sensitive area of his frenulum. She teased him, tracing the tip of her tongue over it lightly. Once. Then again. He tensed and gripped her head. “Take me deeper, and hold me there.” Leaning forward she took his length as deep as she could, her nose almost reaching his waistline.

“Good Girl,” he smiled as she looked up at him through her long lashes. “Hold it there…” Momentarily he released her head so she could let him slide out partway. She breathed deeply and he told her simply, “that will do, for now. But I want to try another hole. Maybe two…”

Winner of Bunny’s Prize-giving write-off!

It was a close call but, the winner of Bunny’s Erotic Write-Off has been decided!

They have been informed, and here is their winning entry; enjoy reading this exciting story!


Written by mr man (@mrrobert154)

First Meeting

“Darren had been messaging this lady for a while and they had been discussing the possibility of going to a dungeon together to be mistress and slave. He finally got the courage to message her and arrange a time and place. The day arrived and when Darren got to the dungeon he was very excited but also apprehensive as he didn’t know exactly what he was going to be subjected to.

As he entered she was waiting for him; she walked over and told him to strip. As he removed his clothes she fastened a collar around his neck. Once all Darren’s clothes were off, his mistress walked him over to a St Andrews cross and shackled him to it, she removed a bamboo cane from the wall and flexed it between her hands.

Darren clenched his ass cheeks in anticipation; as his mistress struck his tightly-clenched cheeks, a wave of pain and pleasure shot through his body. Before he had time to fully process what had happened to him she struck again, and then again.

“You have been a very naughty boy” she said, “making me wait so long for you to be my slave”.

Darren’s mistress unshackled him and led him over to a queening chair, she strapped him down and told him “you are going to make me squirt all over your face. I am going to play with your cock at the same time but you cannot cum or else!”

‘Or else what?’ he wondered but dare not ask. His mistress straddled his face and he got stuck into his task. He licked, sucked, nibbled and probed her beautiful pussy; she writhed around on his tongue moaning every time he hit the right spot. All the time she was riding him, she was simultaneously wanking his cock hard.

He was trying not think about what his mistress was doing to his cock, just the fact that he had to make her squirt. Her moans were getting closer together and she was grinding into his face harder and deeper. She stopped wanking him so he knew she was close to the edge. He lapped at her clit and she finally released her warm juices all over his face.

It felt fantastic as she did and Darren lapped it up eagerly trying not to waste a drop. When his mistress had come down from her orgasmic high she released him from the chair and stood him up. She leant into him and whispered in his ear “you were a very good slave. You didn’t cum. Now I am going to treat you to an orgasm you will never forget!”

She blindfolded him and put a large ball-gag in his mouth, then lead him over to what he would later find out was a whipping bench. “Kneel,” she commanded him, before strapping his legs to the bench. Then she slowly bent him over and strapped his body and arms down tight so he couldn’t struggle free.

Darren could hear his mistress walking around him; the anticipation was exciting him. He heard a vibrator start up, then it was placed against the head of his throbbing cock. The pleasure buzzed through him. He could feel his cock twitching and then suddenly it stopped.

As he calmed down from near orgasm it started again. This carried on four more times. Darren really wanted to cum and his mistress knew it, she was extremely good at edging him, she knew the exact moment to stop every time.

There was a long pause then all of a sudden Darren felt something dribble down between his bum cheeks followed by a finger rubbing around his asshole. He gasped as it slid in, quickly followed by a second. He relaxed as the fingers started working in and out of his slippery hole, then they stopped and were replaced by something a bit more solid and a lot larger.

He felt it at the entrance of his ass then slowly the bulbous end of his mistress’s strap-on eased in. His ass was full; suddenly the end hit his p-spot and he experienced a feeling of exhilaration like he never had before.

His mistress thrust in and out of him, slowly at first, hitting that magical spot. He moaned with every thrust; the feeling was exquisite unlike anything he’d felt before in his life. He so desperately wanted to orgasm but also didn’t want the pleasure to end. His mistress reached around and put the vibrator back on the end of his bulging cock.

The thrusting in his ass and the vibrations through his shaft sent Darren into a world of ecstasy. He shot his cum all over the vibrator and his body quivered at the orgasm he had just experienced. His mistress withdrew her strap-on and unfastened him from the bench, removing the ball gag from his mouth before teasing the vibrator in, telling him to “clean it up”. He licked his cum from the vibrator, removed his blindfold then went to get freshened up, all the time thinking that he couldn’t wait for the next meeting.”

Evening Encounters of the Erotic kind

This short story depicts an evening’s ‘encounters of an erotic kind.’

Masquerade mask


Grand entrance

You are going to a party. Your friend invited you. You have to dress smart; in a suit and with a tie. And wear a mask. The taxi picks you and your friend up. The driver takes you to your destination without any words being exchanged. You both exit the taxi. You stand at the apex of an arched gravel drive, with steps leading into a stately home. Lights are on in the front porch and a doorman greets you, opening the door. As soon as you enter, your friend disappears. You walk into a grand room, there are cages in three of the corners, two contain beautiful women, painted as wild big cats; a tigress and a cheetah. The third contains a black male, with a single horn on his forehead. He is a muscly stocky man, on all fours. A rhino, flaring his nostrils.

In the centre of the room, beams suspend from the ceiling. The beams have metal rings in them, tethered to which are two slave women in leather harnesses. They are being flogged, with jewelled plugs in their bottoms. The women scream as they are flogged, but they sound like screams of euphoria.

Off to one side, a Domme has a male sub at her feet, he is worshipping her toes, and kissing each one as he strokes her arched instep. A female sub is licking the Domme’s pussy as the Domme fingers the sub’s tight hole. The Domme lets the female pleasure her for a time, before she pushes her away and straddles the male sub. She grasps his balls and holds them firmly, as she impales herself on his stiff thick shaft. She beckons to another male, who lies under her with his head under her crotch. His tongue extends to lick her engorged labia, and suckle her clitoris as she grinds her way to a rapturous climax atop the male slave. The Domme wails with her orgasm, and the shackled slaves simultaneously scream in ecstasy as they receive flogs to their wet pussies.

Passionate play

In another area of the room, a large inflatable mattress lies on the floor, occupied by couples writhing on each other, covered in gelatinous seaweed gel. Breasts glide over buttocks, and hard cocks slide between thighs and into wet pussies. Moans of pleasure ripple among the writhing bodies, all beautiful and lithe.

I am lying on the mattress, between two men. One man is pumping his hips as he moves his length in and out of my pussy from behind. The other man in front is massaging my breasts. I rub my clitoris, and cum, then the men swap places. I take the fresh cock in my cum-soaked pussy, sucking it in hungrily. We undulate together, a dance of lovers embracing and fighting for control, all the while losing our minds and composure in our intoxicating lust. The sweat beads on our brows as we groan our pleasure. We cum together, tortuous yet sublime, as we look into each other’s eyes and passionately kiss.

Girls just want to have fun

Once our tryst is over, an attractive woman approaches me. She whispers something in my ear. I giggle, and wrap my arms around her before kissing her, then sliding myself up and down her front. We kiss and rub our pussies against the others thigh, before I flip round and put my head in her lap. She sighs as I gently trace my tongue around her labia, making a slow circle around her pussy lips. I flick my tongue up her slit and across her engorged clitoris. She groans in pleasure, arching her back and I clamp my lips around the little bud and suckle it more firmly, alternating with broad lapping strokes along her lips. My middle finger from my right hand pushes into her pussy hole, and I curve it upward in her slick tunnel.

Her pussy walls grip my finger and I enter another to join it. Together my fingers and tongue beckon her to lose herself in her pleasure, teasing the rough textured bump on her inner front wall. As her breathing shallows and accelerates, I quicken my pace, massaging that sweet spot inside her. She starts to tense and bear down, almost becoming rigid before her back arches again and she spasms in waves of climactic release before me. My work done, I leave the slippery mattress and walk over to the caged Rhino. He locks eyes with me and grunts. His nostrils flare as he smells the sex emanating from me. “My dear pet, would you like to play?” A nod from him seals his fate and I unlock the cage door…