Luv Bunny’s One Year Blogiversary: Win a Fifty Shades Freed It’s Divine Black Glass Beaded Dildo

Update; Giveaway Ended. The winner has been drawn!

Congratulations to @Stutographer1 who has been selected as the winner of the Fifty Shades Freed It’s Divine Black Glass Beaded Dildo! It will be making its way to its new owner, in time for Christmas, hurrah!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I realise there are lots of sex blogs out there, so I really appreciate the time people spend coming online to read my posts! And also once again, thank you to Lovehoney, for offering up this awesome dildo!


Original post

My blog is turning one; like, where did that year go?  In the past year, I’ve found my ‘blogging voice’, added to my toy collection, and got to know some awesome people. I’ve made some mistakes along the way, and I sometimes feel out of my depth in the ‘blogosphere.’ But I have had help from some other lovely bloggers, and readers who have given their feedback and advice. 

My way of expressing my gratitude is via this giveaway. I’ve most probably glitched it somehow, but if you notice an issue please let me know! I’m a fan of the Fifty Shades range of toys, even if the films left a lot to be desired! Lovehoney has kindly provided me with two of their Fifty Shades Freed It’s Divine Black Glass beaded dildos. So I get to test and review one for you. Once I’ve reviewed it, I will link to the review from here. The other one is up for grabs! I love glass, as it’s fantastic for temperature play, and it can be used with various lubricants.

Terms of entry
  • The giveaway will run from the 16th November until the 16th of December, and is open to entrants in the UK only. 
  • The prize will be sent by me so you will need to be happy for me to have your postal address.
  • Winners must be 18 years or older.
  • The winner will be chosen at random by Gleam.  I will email the winner once they have been chosen.
  • If I don’t hear back from the winner within 48 hours, I will draw another winner.
  • Prize will be sent by First Class Royal Mail in discreet packaging. I will provide proof of postage.

Luv Bunny’s One Year Blogiversary Giveaway

And if you do not want to wait until the 16th December, then you can purchase your own Fifty Shades Freed Black Glass Beaded wand for £34.99 here!

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Spooky Special offers at Lovehoney

Next-week is half-term (yay or nay, depending on whether you have little monsters to entertain!).  To celebrate Lovehoney are currently running some offers…

Have you wanted to try anal play for a while, but unsure which plug is for you?  Do you already enjoy anal play and wish to try something new, like a jiggle plug or an electrastim one? Now you can buy two from a selection here and receive 20% off!

This offer includes a range of plugs (200 to choose from), and the ones below are ones I’ve written about on this blog (see the link above).


Are you wanting to treat yourself to some new lingerie, but haven’t decided whether to go lacy or more racy? Check out this 25% off when you buy two Lovehoney lingerie styles promotion on a selection of lingerie looks ranging from demure to impure, (cue cackling witch laugh).


Want to try a variety of toys for couples, but have a limited budget? Check out the Wild Weekend Mega Sex toy kit containing 11 items for only £59.99! And if that wasn’t enticing enough, add in another couples’ item from a selected range and receive 25% off!


New Customer? Here’s a 10% off welcome, just for you!


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Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection

I now own several items from the E. L. James approved Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. In addition, I have a couple of items from the Fifty Shades Darker range of toys, including the Anastasia masquerade mask and the Adrenaline Spikes pinwheel. Both ranges of toys appeal to me, as they are classy in aesthetic appearance, whilst also being user-friendly. Moreover, they represent reasonable value for money. Below I describe some of my favourites from the Pleasure Collection.


Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy glass wand from Lovehoney when on offer with a free Charlie Tango vibrator, so I was really chuffed to get two classy toys for the price of one. I’ve used the wand on three consecutive days, and it is awesome. This is my first glass dildo, and hopefully the first of many.

Fifty Shades of Wand-erful

The design is impeccable, with the six nubs on the length providing sensual stimulation, whilst the head reaches my G-spot easily. The glass wand arrived in a gorgeous box, with a black silky draw string bag, which will do nicely for storing my growing collection of toys. I’m starting to feel sex-mad and insatiable a la Steele, the more I use it.

Six ‘nubs’ to delight, along the wand.

Get your Drive Me Crazy wand for £29.99, here.

Masks on Masquerade, Twin Pack

These masks were free with a costume purchase. They come in the black card Fifty Shades of Grey packaging I’ve come to know well, and love.

The masks are very striking in appearance, particularly the silver one; my favourite of the two. The build quality is good and both masks are rigid, with ribbon ties that seem attached well. There are quotations along the length of the silky ties, which adds a nice touch.

The fit is not bad, though being rigid they do feel quite hard on the bridge of the nose and brow bone for me. I wear glasses, so I’m not sure they would be very practical for me to wear out to a party. However they are perfectly fine for at home! Lovehoney are currently selling these masks for £19.99.


The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps

These clamps were my first ever foray into nipple ‘pain-play’. The fact that they are silicone tipped and adjustable appealed to a newbie like me.

Squeezy does it!

They arrived in the sleek black Fifty Shades of Grey box, with a satin drawstring bag included. After a couple of practices they were easy to put onto my nipples, and I usually slide the adjuster about half-way to get the pressure I like without being too painful.

These nipple clamps add another dimension to my play time, so I am glad I tried them out. The Pinch adjustable nipple clamps are available from Lovehoney for only £14.99!


Sweet Sensation Bath Oil

The bottle is sleek and black, with the usual Fifty Shades theme. There is a little plastic stopper inside the lid to prevent any leaks in transit, which needs to be removed before you can open the silver top.

On first sniff, it doesn’t smell very strongly of the scents it claims to contain, and actually smelled a bit ‘oily’. However, once dropped into the bath under some warm running water, the notes of sandalwood hit my nose, and were subtle and pleasant.

Be careful not to use too much, as I did once in a moment of heavy-handedness. It will make the tub very slippery unless you have a bath mat, and could make getting in and out of the bath a dangerous procedure.

When used reasonably sparingly, it gives the skin a nice soft feel, without being too oily. Ideal for a relaxing dip, though I think the price tag is a bit expensive for what it is. I think when I buy bath products I prefer something more luxurious and exotic-looking such as the Champneys or Covent Garden ranges. But if you’re a fan of the FSoG range, you’ll love this nonetheless.


Hard Limits Restraints Kit

I got this kit free with a purchase from Lovehoney. The package is gorgeous and chic; a lovely outer box, with the usual FSoG styling and an attractive and useful inner storage box.

The set is easy to put together. The main piece goes under our mattress nicely, and can be hidden from prying eyes. The cuffs are comfortably padded, but that Velcro won’t give an inch, making you a captive audience for your lover’s attention and teasing!

Luxuriously padded cuffs and blindfold, neatly boxed too!

The blindfold is comfortable enough. I didn’t find it too tight though I have a smallish head. This bit of kit was an absolute treat, given that it was a freebie. It is a lot of fun to play with. We have taken it in turns being restrained and teased, leading to an explosive finale for him and I. Both of us will enjoy it for many play times!

Get your Hard Limits restraint kit from Lovehoney for £49.99!

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Jopen Key Comet Wand

Glass-icone fusion from Jopen

A glass wand dipped in silicone sounded like a great idea for a lover of both these versatile sex toy materials. When the lovely Jay at offered an opportunity to test the Jopen Key Comet wand, I said youbetcha! I thanked the celestial sex toy Gods and eagerly awaited its delivery.

The wand arrived swiftly, in discreet plain packaging. Jopen’s box of delights consists of a black and turquoise flip-top opening cardboard case, within a coordinating sleeve. Inside are the wand surrounded in a foam insert, instruction leaflet and satin drawstring pouch. The less said about the pouch the better- it’s synthetic fibres make my lips purse in a disapproving way. Surely a toy as elegant as the Jopen Key Comet wand deserves a more silky robe?!

Lifting the lid to see if I’ve found the Key to my pleasure

Luckily, I’m not reviewing the packaging. It’s all about the wand…Eyeing it up in the box, I could see its gorgeous curved lines and hook-like bulbous end. The metallic Key motif adds a bit of bling, but essentially I do not see the point to it. It’s only purpose seems to be to state that the toy is of a superior quality. I think the wand can say that all by itself. Lifting the Jopen Key Comet out of the box, is like taking a precision instrument out of its case. The weighty feel of the glass body tells you it means business. All 263g of it! The silicone feels smooth, but with enough resistance to grab at your inner pleasure spot.

Gee whizz! That’s big! All the better for targeting the big G!

At the bulbous end, the circumference measures 5 inches; now if that is not enough girth to grab at the Graftenburg, then I don’t know what will! Due to the firmness and head-size of the Jopen Key Comet, it takes a bit of ‘warming up’ and copious water-based lubricant to set it on its path as a trailblazer.

Boasting 5 inches of girth

I give it this term because although glass sex toys targeting the G spot are not a new concept, silicone-coated glass is. At least to me.

Getting the angle of entry was a bit tricky to begin with, and this is where the pre-warm up is important; the curve in the shaft really does make the Comet feel like a bit of a sledgehammer, if it is wielded awkwardly. It needs to be coaxed into position, and rather than thrusting, a more subtle rocking action is required.

Admittedly, I do find G spot orgasms kind of bewildering; I like the build up of pressure but at the same time I dislike the ‘oh my gosh I’m going to pee!’ sensation. In this way they have the Marmite effect with me. I simultaneously love it, and loathe it! The best way to proceed, I find is to either use a silicone vibrator or my Satisfyer Pro 2 on my clitoris at the same time. That way I get over the dreaded fear of wetting myself as I’m distracted by my clitoral climax, whilst having the weight of the Jopen Key Comet pulsing on my inner front wall. The friction from the silicone works a treat here, as glass on its own can become too slippery.


As a word of warning, the handle of the Comet can become awkward to handle if too much lubricant covers it, so have some tissues handy to wipe away any excess. Removing the wand takes care too, as if done too quickly it can get caught behind the pubic bone. That kind of action can take the glow away from a girl’s afterglow quicker than a comet shoots across the night sky.

Treated with respect, the Jopen Key Comet can give a lot of pleasure with not a great deal of effort. Ideal for lazy summer evenings. Just mind the margaritas and there’ll be no pubic bashing. I’d rate the Jopen Key Comet 8.5/10 based on its aesthetic appearance, G-spot targeting ability and ease of use. It is available in blue from, for £103.99.


Affiliate links are used in this blog post. The Jopen Key Comet was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest impartial review. What you read here are my own thoughts. Thank you to Jay at for agreeing to let me test for them.

The tale of a bunny that luvs…

About me

Hi lovelies,

I started my true sexual discovery just over three years ago, when I started buying sex toys and lingerie from online retailer Lovehoney. At this time, I was naive in my perceptions about sex and intimacy. Despite being in a loving relationship for many years, and married three of those, I still thought sex was something that women did to keep their husbands happy. Meanwhile wives laid back thinking about the laundry and dirty dishes in the sink. Talk about stereotypical ‘50s housewife’!

‘Girl power’ in the 1950s. Photo reproduced from[term]=1950s housewife&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=1

Initially, I dabbled with cheaper toys, indulging in the 3 for £10 or 2 for £20 deals. I managed to clinch a few freebies along the way through Lovehoney’s generous offers. I also tried my first ever rabbit vibrator, enjoying this foray into combined clitoral and internal stimulation. My collection largely consisted of battery operated toys. They were made of ‘cheaper’ materials, such as plastic. I wanted to experiment with what textures, vibration styles (cue the big ‘buzzy versus rumbly’ debate) and patterns I enjoyed. More importantly, it was about finding my joy with sexual play, after seemingly going through the motions for the most part during my 20s.

Becoming confident

I realised that good sex relied on body confidence and belief in oneself. Hence, I started buying attractive lingerie, in styles to flatter my natural curves. I appreciate the beauty of the female form, with its defined hourglass shaping. It makes me want to own one of those Jean Paul Gaultier eau de toilettes, purely for the shape of the bottle!

I joined the Lovehoney community and read fellow members’ forum posts. Here I discovered there were a lot of other like-minded individuals unsure about their sexual preferences. I was late to the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘party’, ignoring the hype, amidst the critiques of the poor writing style displayed in the series. Curiosity got the better of me however, and I decided to read the first book. The phrase ‘my inner goddess’ grated on my nerves after the first few encounters! But I found myself drawn in by the dark, bittersweet tale of Anastasia and Christian’s blossoming ‘relationship’.

I was intrigued by the Dominance / submission interplay of the two leads, and how Anastasia isn’t necessarily just a meek flowery submissive outside of the bedroom. I wanted to explore how pleasure and pain could be combined to create an altogether new ‘sexperience’. Hence my introduction to sensation play, through the use of toys. These included, but are not limited to, spanking paddles, floggers and crops.

Getting kinky

Unfortunately my husband has not been keen on exploring this side of our sex life, (MKINYK* / YKINMK*). This in itself could be discussed in a separate post- “how to deal with getting your kicks when your significant other does not want to land ‘blows’ on you.” I digress though. I will say that I admire these toys and have started my Disciplinary / kinky toy collection, (also comprising nipple clamps and rings, clitoral clamps, bondage candles and a pinwheel). Sadly, to a large extent they remain ‘locked away’ in Bunny’s storage burrows.

Of the toys I have used from this collection, I enjoy floggers the most of all my ‘thwacky’ implements. The thud of a soft suede flogger, or the more intensive ‘thutt’ of leather tails on my buttocks is music to my ears and the warmth it creates excites me. The ‘thwack’ of a silicone butterfly landing on my butt cheek is a beat on my sexual drum. I think the whole D/s experience appeals to me, because I like theatrics. I enjoyed reading Shakespeare for my A-Level in English Literature. The role-play from acting and the atmosphere from staging a box-office production translate very well into the bedroom. Just not so much my bedroom, so in the lack of disciplinary play, I resort to other sensation play. This includes using rings or clamps on my nipples and even a clitoral clamp; perhaps the most fiddly toy I’ve encountered!

What I like about nipple play, is not so much the pain. I can handle moderate pain, though I’m by no means a ‘pain-slut.’ What I love, are the sensations that seem to go through my nipples and relay out to my nether regions, making me pulse and tingle with need. My husband knows I like nipple sensation, so he has taken to licking and sucking my mammary buds when we play together. He likes how it makes me respond to him. As do I.

This leads me on nicely to my next topic; combined stimulation. Whether its nipples and the clitoris, vagina and clitoris, anus and vagina, penis and testicles or penis and anus, there is something better about combination stimulation, rather than just one focus of attention. That is why I really enjoy oral sex with fingering at the same time; it just makes me explode.

Enter the Rabbit

I started using rabbits for this reason. My first ever rabbit was the notorious Rampant Rabbit of Sex and the City fame. I got the neon pink one, and like Charlotte from SATC, I quickly fell in love with the cute bunny with the bedroom skills of a well-endowed ‘stallion’ lover. Though I did not go to the extreme of hiding away from my friends so I could ‘get jiggy with Mr Biggy’ all the time! It did pique my curiosity enough to want to test other rabbits. Some have been pleasing, such as Tracey Cox’s Supersex USB Rechargeable Rabbit, and the Lovehoney Oh! G-spot Dream Rabbit. Others however, have failed noticeably and dismally in the cases of the Fun Factory Amorino and the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 triple rabbit respectively. These toys are discussed in more detail on the feature blog page linked above.

Suffice to say though, what I need in a rabbit is

  1. Length; those short stubby rabbits just don’t reach where I need them!
  2. Soft ears that vibrate in a good continuous way, and don’t feel either ouch-y or too tickly.
  3. Power! The vibe needs to take 3 AA batteries at least, or be rechargeable. No AAA-juiced bunny will give me the oomph I need to claw at the bedsheets!
  4. High quality materials that will be body-safe and clean easily so won’t harbour any nasty smells or retain bacteria.
  5. Look sexy enough to take a place in my bedroom drawers!

Ok, so the last one isn’t necessarily essential, but I like round figures and 5 features seem better than 4. It appears that I’ve tried a good selection of rabbits so far, but there are plenty others to go in my bunny hole. One I’d really like to try is a vibrating glass rabbit!

In a ‘Glass’ of its own

Glass is possibly my favourite sex toy material, as it lends itself to such gorgeous shapes and designs. The Devil’s tongue, I mean that is what I’m talking about; sex in art form! Not to mention the textures, and the sensations from warming and cooling. Sublime pleasure, from a material that is literally ‘sublimed’ sand! I once did a glass fusion workshop to make jewellery pieces, a process that I loved (who knew breaking glass could be so much fun?)! I even thought to myself at the time, “Wow, imagine making some cool dildos with fused glass!” My two favourite ranges are the Glassvibrations toys simply for their kitsch and uber-coolness, whilst Icicles are the contemporary artistic range of some fine glass dongs from Pipedream Products. And glass-handled floggers too!

Most of my glass pieces are from the Lovehoney range, because they are such good value or have been acquired through the Oh! Points scheme and as tester items. There is, however, more room for glass in Bunny’s burrow, so I look forward to trying some more in the future!

Thank you for getting this far, and I hope you return often to check out my musings on all things toy-related.


* MKINYK/ *YKINMK = My kink is not your kink / Your kink is not my kink.

Anal Toys

A selection of anal toys that I currently have (or previously owned, in the case of the Basics Beaded Prober with Finger Loop).

To see the review for the Kinky Desires Hearts and Flowers jewelled plug shown in the main image, click here.

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Adrien Lastic Triball Anal Beaded Butt Plug
Three balls to stimulate makes it a Triball!

I will start by saying that this is my first toy from the Spanish retailer. I like the bright blue colour which is different from the usual pink or otherwise girly colouring. It’s also a change from the black silicone that seems to be a ‘new wave’ in sex toy aesthetics. The box has a fresh and funky design, with a flip opening to reveal the toy behind its plastic window.

Being a smaller and tapered plug, it looks like it would be good for a beginner to anal play. I’m no beginner, though I’m not yet hardened enough to take on toys with more girth than about 4.5-5 inches in circumference. There are three ‘balls’ increasing in size. On insertion the first ball disappears easily, though the flexibility of the plug made it a bit tricky to slide into my anus. The second ball pops in without too much trouble. With a bit of encouragement, the final ball enters the dark side of my ‘moon.’

At this stage I was feeling like I was starting to feel more full back there, but there was room for more. Because of the thickness of the third ball, it does not slide in and out as easily as my Lovehoney BASICS anal beads. Hence there it not as much sensation during play with the Triball plug. It could do with the third ball being a bit narrower, and a couple more balls after the third one. It’s a shame I didn’t try this toy when I was a beginner to anal play, as I feel like I’ve already ‘out-grown’ it.

The Adrien Lastic Triball beaded plug is currently in the 20% off when you buy two butt plugs promotion. It is sold for £14.99 at Lovehoney.

Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug



The Booty Buddy was procured in a two for £15 deal on butt plugs. It was packaged in the standard Lovehoney white and orange box, with a leaflet giving information about how to use it.

On first inspection, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been short-changed… Compared with other plugs, this one appears tiny, and almost looks like it’s been snapped in half!

When inserted, however, it gives a nice satisfying fill and curves to reach places other plugs may not reach. The external bar gives some nice perineal attention too.

The bulb rubs against my vaginal back wall from the other side in a pleasing way. It was really stimulating when used with a dildo in my vagina.

So, don’t be put off by its small size… it is effective with what it has!


Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Anal Starter Dildo

Avoid this, and see my new post on sex toy safety.

I was lucky enough to be selected to test this item in exchange for an honest review. It came packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with the glossy insert providing the description of the toy’s intended use.

For first use, I thought it might be interesting to try it vaginally. As a dildo, it slid in nicely with a bit of lube. It made an interesting change from the rigid glass or plastic dildos I have become accustomed to. The beads gave some pleasant internal stimulation too.

For anal use, I did find it a bit tricky to insert initially, due to the flexible nature of the toy. I used a condom over it, to make cleaning easier and to prevent any lingering unpleasant odours. Even with cleaning, some toys can retain odour after anal use, particularly silicone ones. This toy may not have that issue, but it is my preference to use a condom over it.

The dildo is a nice length. Some more rigid plugs I find a bit short, but this one gave a feeling of pleasant fullness without being too overwhelming. The ribbed texture gives nice sensations as it is teased in and out of the anus.

Wibbly Wobbly Jelly!

I also used the dildo anally whilst using a glass dildo vaginally, for double penetration. The flexible nature means you can enjoy DP without any discomfort, and the flared base helps it stay in place.

Overall it’s a nice toy for novices to anal play, and some more experienced users may enjoy it also.


Lovehoney BASICS Beaded Anal Prober with Finger Loop
Image published on Lovehoney’s website

I bought this as I was curious to try anal play. The prober looked fairly good for beginners, and has a loop for easy handling. I thought the beaded texture would be more stimulating than straight sides.

In use, I found it inserted easily enough with some lube, and yes, it is solid, but I didn’t find it uncomfortable as a beginner. My issue was more that it slides back out too easily, so you constantly need to hold it. This makes solo play a bit trickier if you want to stimulate other areas at the same time.

I liked it enough to want to experiment with other anal toys, and it is made of skin-safe rubber. Get your BASICS Beaded Anal Prober from Lovehoney for only £9.99.

Amethyst Glass Butt Plug
Glass with a ‘Purple haze’

This is a stunning piece of glass. Do not be fooled by its apparent small size. It is a weighty butt plug, and the 4.75 inch circumference is definitely not for a newbie to anal play.

I have used a couple of small butt plugs and some basic anal beads, and the circumference on this plug definitely stretches me.

The beauty of this plug is that being glass, it is so easy to clean and does not retain any unpleasant smells unlike other materials. It comes with a nice little velvet drawstring pouch for safe storage.

The purple swirl in the glass makes it very attractive. It could even double as a juicer.

When used in conjunction with a dildo for vaginal penetration, it gives a very full feeling, and creates pressure on the back vaginal wall, for extra internal stimulation. The overall effect is a very pleasant orgasm! Get your Amethyst Glass plug from Lovehoney for only £13.99 (normally £19.99).

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Plug Set
Tracey’s glass-y delights


Of the glass plugs I own so far, these are probably my favourites due to their shape and size. The two plugs come boxed in the black and pink Tracey Cox packaging, nestled in a plastic tray which keeps them safe. Also included are two black velvet drawstring bags; useful for storing glass toys.

To warm up (literally) I started with the clear beaded glass plug. I had pre-heated it in warm water, as I am not a fan of cold glass. The beads felt very pleasant gliding in my anus, liberally lubed up to help the process. The plug is quite short, so it may not be long enough to stimulate all my erogenous spots back there. Teamed with my Tracey Cox wand for clitoral stimulation, I was able to achieve a lovely undulating orgasm, enhanced by the anal play. When lubed up, this plug does get quite awkward to hold without it sliding out of your grip. It also slides out of my butt quite easily too, so you can’t really use it hands-free.

I found the black glass prober with finger loop to be the main star of this box set, as it is curved so can reach more nerve endings which would make it good for both females (stimulating the back vaginal wall) and males (for prostate). This piece of glass was also pre-warmed and is so much easier to manipulate with the finger loop. Again teamed with clitoral stimulation, I was orbited into a state of bliss with this sleek black beauty.

A great set to use if you like anal play and are keen on trying glass for hot or cold sensations. It’s not intimidating size-wise so would also be good for those who are new to anal play, or new to anal play using rigid plugs.

The set is unfortunately now discontinued at Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Glass Dildos; a Glassy Line-Up!

The following dildos contributed to my affection for glass toys. They’re great for people new to glass as they’re easy to clean, as well as being very safe. Moreover, these glass dildos are great value if you’re experimenting with what works for you, and don’t want to spend bank-balance shattering prices.

Top to bottom: Realistic textured sensual glass dildo, Nubby textured sensual glass dildo, Beaded sensual glass dildo, Spirals G-spot sensual glass dildo (not yet reviewed).


Receive 25% off when you buy two glass dildos (from a selected range).

The lockable case shown above retails for £19.99 and is in the 20% off when you buy three items of sex toy storage offer.

Lovehoney Realistic Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

I got this dildo as a tester back in June 2015, and was thrilled, as I really like glass dildos. The packaging is the standard white and pink Lovehoney box. It gives clear information on what the item is and how it can be used. Included is a black velvet drawstring bag, to keep it discreetly hidden, and protect it from being scratched or chipped.

This is my third Lovehoney-branded glass dildo, but my 4th glass toy overall. This is the only one which is described as being realistic. It does look like a penis, having the bulbous head, with the pronounced coronal ridge. There is also the ‘pee-hole’ slit and ridged ‘veins’ down the shaft. That’s as far as the penile resemblance goes, however. The other end is rounded into a nice handle.

The circumference is fairly slim, (4.25 inches at the handle end, though the tip is slightly narrower). This makes it a good option for people wanting to try glass for the first time, since it is not intimidating at all. More experienced glass users may like slightly more girth however. The head of the dildo slides in easily for vaginal penetration without requiring too much lube, and the insertable length is just over 6 inches. The ridges make it feel pleasant when rubbed over the clitoris and labia. The bend in the shaft enables the head to reach my G-spot for some very nice internal stimulation.

Short, firm thrusts got me wet pretty quickly. With clitoral stimulation from a vibrating wand, I was able to orgasm several times within 15-20 minutes of play time. The dildo felt good after warming up in water. I enjoy the glass at its natural temperature, as it is slightly cool initially before it gets warm from my body heat. I’m not really a fan of chilled glass, as a ‘chilldo’ is just too numbing for me. This dildo makes for a nice addition to my glass collection, though not one you would be able to leave on display, unlike other less obvious glass toys!

At the time of writing this dildo is priced at £24.99.


Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

The design of the ‘Nubby’, as it’s affectionately known, is stunning, I love the two – tone colour pattern, which is more subtle in reality than appears on the website photo. The textured bumps feel lovely, even on your hands, and you know you’re going to be in for a treat when it reaches more intimate areas.

Included in the box was a velvet storage bag, which like the dildo itself is excellent quality. I’ve only used this dildo for vaginal penetration, but I’m sure it would be great for body massages in general. I look forward to trying that in the future, particularly on my back and shoulders. I imagine it could be good for anal use as well, owing to its narrow circumference of 3.5 inches and bumpy texturing, though I’ve not tried it myself. In addition, its double-ended nature could lend itself to couple’s play.

When I use this with a bullet vibrator for clitoral stimulation, I am a wet, quivering hot-blooded woman in less time than it takes to open a Lovehoney parcel! I love this piece of glass and it’s a must-have for any glass enthusiast!

At the time of writing the Nubby textured glass dildo is priced at £16.19.


Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

‘Beady’ as this fella has become known is one of my more girthier glass dildos. The thickest bulb measures at 4 inches circumference. The beaded bulbs give lovely filling rippling sensations as the dildo pushes in and out, and the bend helps it reach the right places to stimulate the front vaginal wall. It is also one of the more weighty of this line-up of glass dildos.

The Beaded Sensual glass dildo is currently sold for £29.99.

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Glassvibrations Devils Tongue

Send me to Hell

Ever since I discovered glass toys, the Glassvibrations Devils Tongue was one I wanted to work my way up to. The fact it is a tongue, resembling Kiss’s Gene Simmons’ oral appendage, added to its appeal.

This is my first toy from Glassvibrations. It impressed me the moment I set my eyes on the windowed flip-top box. Inside, the delectable tongue lies snugly fastened to its own cushion. Included is also a drawstring bag. I think it’s too splendid to hide away, so I want to show it off on its cushion! In my bedside cabinet though!

The delicious Devil’s Tongue

The tongue is gorgeous, I love the deep red colour, and it feels weighty enough without being too heavy. The curved handle is a work of art in itself, and the ridges on the upper surface feel lovely when glided over your skin. It’s deliciously cool straight from the box, and feels nice sliding around my breast from the outer edge, in towards the areola and nipple. It’s also sweet on my belly, inner thighs, and best of all rubs that little pearl for some blissful clitoral stimulation.

Tongue plunging fun

When it’s time to dive in for penetrative play, the angling of the tongue makes it glide in effortlessly. I like to use lube to make it even easier. The width of the tongue gives a pleasant fullness, without stretching uncomfortably. The ridges are subtle, not too rough on the front vaginal walls. I like a little bit of gentle to moderate manual thrusting with this dildo, and I don’t find the tip too pointy. It’s also nice to rock slowly and gyrate my hips when it’s inside me, feeling it bump my G-spot and massage my inner front wall.

With some added clitoral stimulation from a trusty bullet or wand, and thrusting/grinding with the glass tongue, I was able to achieve some nice orgasms in a 15-20 minute play time.

Angled and tapered to glide perfectly

Moreover, when the OH is too tired, a date with the Devil Tongue is what is required. The OH is welcome to join in, and he has done. He found it arousing to see it entering me and stretching me open! And after all that, maybe he wasn’t so tired, as it lead onto some fun between us…

Perhaps my new favourite glass toy!

What scores do I give the Glassvibrations Devils Tongue?
  • Aesthetics = 10/10
  • Orgasm capability = 9/10
  • Ease of use = 8/10 *cleaning is a bit of a chore with the grooves
  • Value = 10/10
  • Overall = 9/10


Update Tuesday 16th May 2017

Lovehoney no longer sell this beautiful dildo, but they do stock a very similar item, the Joyride Textured Devil Tongue Glass dildo for £49.99.

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