Stop selling misogynistic ‘slut-shaming’ rubbish!

Enough is Enough

I see various new adult product retailers, that are vying for our custom. Each week, they announce a grand opening sale with 15% off all items, to lure us in. I’m not saying these are not generous offers. They are attractive.  The clever marketing is also enticing, with eye-catching and appealing web design. There are informative product descriptions in some cases.  The well-lit studio-captured photographic representations make the products appear larger than life.

You start to browse their range of adult sex toys and lingerie. Most of it looks harmless enough. Colourful silicone ‘body-safe’ dildos, butt plugs, vibrators. Some ‘kinky’ bondage items like restraints and collars, ball gags and fetish wear. Masturbation sleeves, Fleshlights and the like for penis- owners. The more savvy retailers will market their wares in a gender-neutral way, and use descriptions such as ‘for partner play.’

Then you reach a corner of their site, that reeks of misogyny. The stench of greying jock straps almost palpable as you see on your screen, a pretty fresh-faced teen woman on a package, that bears a sex doll. Often it will be a female celebrity. They will be  ‘dumb, young and old enough for cum!’ How lovely, to say that about someone’s daughter. Or their sister/ niece / best friend. They may be a celebrity in the public domain, but that doesn’t mean that they are public property to be ‘fucked over,’ literally and figuratively.

Fuck you, Hollywood Elitist Patriarchy!

It is not only misogynistic; it is dehumanising. Making out that these young pretty women are merely puppets to be taken advantage of just goes to validate the reprehensible crimes perpetrated by the likes of Harvey Weinstein. It is sickening, and big brands within the adult industry have cashed in on the depravity of the Hollywood Elitist Patriarchs. One example has manufactured J-Law dolls, based on hacked photographs from her mobile phone. The product description on the company’s site states,

“her brand new blowup doll is proof that this blockbuster babe is ready for primetime penetration.”

The fact that they say it is ‘her’ doll, as if she actually came up with the concept and design herself would be laughable, if it were not so crudely orchestrated. Couple that with the knowledge they are basing their doll on  hacked photos, just screams that this company is downright sleazy and willing to do whatever it takes to make a quick buck or two. Not to mention the fake pussy and ass masturbation aids that are sold, with the marketing slogan of ‘fuck me silly.’ Shame they didn’t use some punctuation there, and state, ‘fuck me, silly (slimeball).

I want to also make the distinction between products such as Fleshlights / other manufacturers’ masturbators that are based on Porn stars’ genitalia or asses, alongside the sex dolls I have talked about above. The Fleshlights are produced with the express consent of the Porn stars they represent, and help to promote the Actor’s/Actress’s filmed material. By contrast, the sex dolls based on celebrities have not been produced with the star’s prior consent. The fact that the case I discussed above was a ‘hacked’ doll, highlights this point. It is pure exploitation and money-grabbing by unethical companies.

Yes, I’ve ranted long and hard about this. But the point is, if you are retailing this slut-shaming misogynistic crap; just stop doing it! End of. If you stop supplying it, then people won’t be able to buy it. The companies won’t make any more sleazy dirty cash. And hopefully they’ll get the message that we don’t want their sexist, body-shaming, ageist and  derogatory bull-crap products any more.

If that is too harsh to hear, then tough. It needed to be said. So companies selling adult products; please read, take note, and get rid of that stuff from your sites. It stinks!