The First Time

A short story written by @Thinstrap

Mike was nervous; he had done exactly as Dawn had advised earlier in the week. He ordered the items from the adult website, taking care to purchase the correct items. The drive to her home on Friday evening seemed long, adding to his anticipation. This would be the first time they’d spent together and he wasn’t sure what to expect.

He had some ideas but he was beginning to believe that his mind was making more of it than was reality. Mike found the address she had sent him, written on a scrap of paper. He grabbed the box from the car and headed to the front door.

Expecting to just ring the bell, he noticed a piece of paper with his name on it taped to the door. When he removed the paper from the door there were some instructions written on the back: “Lock the door behind you and pour yourself a drink in the living room.”

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door entering the house. He made certain to lock the door behind him and walked into the living room. The room was glowing with lit candles spread out around the room. In the corner was a TV stand with a large LCD screen playing a porn movie. It appeared to be an amateur film. The volume was low but he could hear everything going on, with the images in front of him.


He fixed himself a drink as ordered and sat on the large couch watching the images on the screen. His eyes settled on the blond woman who appeared. She was dressed the part of a Dominatrix, wearing a black leather under-bust corset with her breasts exposed. She wore black leather gloves. Her legs were encased in black leather boots and black stockings. She was staring down at a man who was on his knees in front of her in absolute submission.

Life imitates art

As he tried to focus on the content of the movie he noticed some movement by the door. Suddenly, Dawn came into the light of the candles. She wore exactly the same as the woman on the TV. He recognised the attire. Taking a quick breath as he noted her under-bust corset and the rest of her outfit, it occurred to him that the woman on the screen and Dawn were the same.

Dawn didn’t speak at first, just standing there looking absolutely stunning.

“Did you order the stuff I required?”

Mike nodded and let out a weak “yes”.

Dawn reacted angrily “That’s yes, Miss Dawn!”

“Yes Miss Dawn “ Mike stuttered.

“That’s better “ she replied.

“Another thing; do not look up until you are told to!”

“Yes Miss Dawn “he managed to reply.


She sternly commanded him to undress and put his clothes on the couch. Then he was to get on his hands and knees. She slowly made her way over to him and stood in front of him, instructing him to lick her boots. He obeyed, licking her boots enthusiastically.

After about five minutes of this she walked away and sat on the couch. She ordered him to move in front of her. Then put her legs on his back and used him as a foot stool. She proceeded to empty the contents of the box out next to her. She picked up the leather collar and placed it around his neck. Next she took the leash and attached it to the collar. This was followed by the red ball gag and tube of lube. “These will come in handy later,” she said, chucking to herself.


She opened the package containing the strap-on and looked it over approvingly.

“Nice choice slave! You must have relished the thought of it,,” she sneered.

Blushing, Mike could only mutter a “yes Miss Dawn” at which time she merely sniggered.

Both Mike and Dawn knew this would be an eventful evening!


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Room with a view

This is my sanctuary; a place I come to indulge myself in my carnal desires. The room is opulent with heavy velvet brocade drapes, a sleigh bed with a faux fur throw and satin sheets. All deep colours, with glittering embellishments. My mirrored wardrobes hide the objects of my gratification. Exquisite blown glass sculptures in an array of designs and colours. A rather fanciful display behind their illuminated windows, within the recesses of my Aladdin’s cave of delight.

The room has another expanse of glass on the wall opposite the bed. I cannot see what is behind the glass. But I get a magnificent reflection of the room in all its splendour. A crystal chandelier hangs over my bed, and the light beams through each crystal creating prism arcs of colour. I call the glass on the wall my looking glass, as it contains a hidden secret. On the other side of the glass is a discreet room, opulent but manly, with wooden coffee table and dark leather sofas.

That other room is an observation room you see. It is where guests can enter, and choose an outfit for me to wear. I will get dressed in the satin corsetry or lacy basque that has been chosen. Perch my voluptuous derrière on a velveteen foot stall at the end of my bed. Then draw up fresh nylon stockings or thigh highs. Put on my sexy heels and admire my reflection in the looking glass, before I take to my bed.

On that magnificent sleigh, I will run my dainty hands over my creamy breasts, down my torso and across my hips. Caressing my inner thighs, I will part my legs and expose my flowering inner folds. Then as my guest watches on, I will use whichever glass phallus has piqued my carnal interest. It will enter my warm moist hole, sliding in and out as I writhe with pleasure on my bed.

I will be looking at my voyeur, without seeing him, and he will be working his own phallus in his hands. Both seeking our pleasure and climactic release we will work in unison until there is a tide of primal lust exploding from within our centres. We may even simultaneously cum…that will be his treat alone to enjoy. I have no knowledge who is there after all. I merely delight in my own little private show reflecting back at me.