#SoSS Share Our Shit Saturday; making time to share after a hiatus.

Saturday 16th December 2017

It’s nearly the end of the year, my fledgling year as a Sex Blogger, and I’ve just realised nearly a month has passed since my last S0SS post! That simply won’t do. As it’s the season of goodwill and sharing, I wanted to write about some posts I’ve checked out. Like some of my Christmas shopping, my ‘blogsearch’ has been somewhat last minute. I know, I know, preparation really is the key to a successful blog and a regular following. I will make it my mission in the New Year to try to be better at reading other blogs.

Without further ado, here’s a glimpse of what I’ve browsed in the sex blogging world…The first post I wish to highlight is a summary of the Wasteland Fetish Party in Amsterdam (held in November), by Tess. The theme of the party was Burton-esque styling, as in the film director Tim Burton. This theme sounds like it was a sensory amazement. Just reading about Tess’s experience of the Wonderland-inspired setting made me wish I could have been there. I like the idea of such a theme (for obvious reasons), and the way the theme complements the event. Both Wonderland and the Fetish Party are fantasy places. You can fully immerse yourself and forget about your real-life issues, as you explore kink and adult entertainment in a safe environment.

The second blog post that caught my attention was Cara Sutra’s Why I Hate Vibrating Cock Rings (& What We Use Instead). This article made me smile in an ironic way, because as I read about Cara’s frustrations, I realised I was nodding my head. She hits the nail on the head with her blasting of the dubious cock-ring materials, weak buzzy vibrations that are completely ineffective in the throes of a good shagathon and the crappy batteries that fly everywhere on opening the toy up.

I whole-heartedly agree that much more stimulating sexy playtime can be attained with the use of a decent bullet or wand vibe (position-dependent, of course). Regular non-vibrating cock rings are also fantastic for maintaining the erection of the penis-bearing partner. Cara doesn’t slate all vibrating cock-rings. She gives credit to the ones that do actually work for her. Hopefully by sharing this post from Cara, we’ll get the word back to sex toy manufacturers that we require better designs  for vibrating cock-rings.

Lastly, I will share Pillow Princess Review’s One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway.  For the Giveaway, Pillow Princess is offering a reshapeable Dodil up for grabs. I have reviewed the Dodil, and it is such a  fun innovative toy to shape and also to masturbate with. If you want a chance to win, you’ll need to enter using her link or the Gleam widget. The giveaway is open internationally and will end on the 11th January. You could start 2018 with one super cool sex toy, so what are you waiting for? Apart from Christmas!!

Until next time, keep reading and enjoying our ‘shit.’



#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday; Luv Bunny’s Room 101

Share our Shit Saturday, 18 November 2017

I’ve titled this post my ‘Room 101,’ because a couple of the posts I’m going to talk about in this week’s #SoSS round-up relate to  things I’d happily banish to the BBC comedy show ‘bin.’

Firstly, Seasonal Affective disorder and depression. Miss Jezebella expresses how draining this time of year can be for her personally. I identify with her feelings. A lot of people who read her post will probably also recognise the tell-tale symptoms. I see the apathy she talks about in my colleagues. The yawns from fed up and tired preschool workers. My own trudging about town on errands etc. I’d happily hibernate from now until March. Except I cannot do this. None of us can. So I’m trying to take pleasure in the simplest of things everyday. That’s all any of us can do whilst there is so much bleakness around. I know winter won’t last forever, so I will just sigh and say come March, it will be consigned to Room 101 again!

Secondly, as we approach Christmas, we’ll be writing our Christmas card lists and buying gifts for those we care about and whom return the sentiments. As Candysnatch discusses in her post Detoxing your Friend Circle, I think this time of year actually does us a favour. If we find ourselves questioning ‘should I write a card for this person?’ then perhaps the reason for that is because said friend has become more of a ‘frenemy’ than a true friend.

Bridget Jones referred to some of these people as jellyfishes. They simply cannot seem to deliver a compliment without making some kind of ‘stinging’ remark. As I’ve gone along in my life, I’ve been quite selective with those I befriend. I’d rather have a few good friends, than dozens of acquaintances. I do not sugar-coat stuff. I call people up on their shit. But at least my friends know where they stand with me. So again, if you’re pondering on whether someone is really your friend, think about how they make you feel. If you feel drained after spending time with them, perhaps they aren’t really your friend after all. And you can do yourself the favour of cutting them loose and sending them to Room 101!

The final thing I will send to Room 101 this week is realistic dildos that aren’t actually that realistic. I’d much rather try a dildo that I find different and interesting. One such dildo is a part human/ part robot silicone cyborg cock, complete with a plated and riveted design. The textures look pretty awesome, and it would sure make for some interesting Terminator-esque role play. ‘I’ll be back’ will definitely be a metaphorical catchphrase that springs to mind!


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to Share Our Shit next Saturday xx



#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday

Share our Shit Saturday, 4th November 2017

I want to try to carry on doing this weekly meme, as a show of solidarity for my blogging peers worldwide. We are being censored too much. But we all have important ‘snippets’ to share. Whether it’s a review, a health matter, something psychological / ethical / other, or about a kink / fetish; we all have a ‘voice.’ Let it be read freely by those who want to enlighten themselves.

Without much further ado, here is my round-up:

Kink / Fetish:

Aurora Glora talks about the love of dolls / manequins/ statues and variations of the theme in her post about Agalmatophilia – the love of statues. There are various sub-types including female masking, sexualisation of ‘dolls’ and Pygmalionism. I won’t attempt to explain any of it here, as Aurora does it so well herself. Suffice to say, I learnt something new from reading this post. Having a doll isn’t just about curing isolation. It can be a form of self-protection; by interacting with a doll, a person can feel secure in the knowledge that the doll is always ‘on their side.’

Feminine Health

For too long symptoms of Endometriosis have been passed off as just regular menstruation. Often (without being sexist or generalising here), it is male medical practitioners who are telling the patients that they are ‘overplaying’ their symptoms. To them it’s merely cramping. But as @RomanticIsa points out, what do these doctors know about female physiology and perception of pain / discomfort? These male doctors do not have wombs or fallopian tubes. Doctors need to listen to their patients, ask questions and get a second opinion. No single person is an oracle of health and medicine! Not even in a specialised area such as Gynaecological Health.


Anal Sex- what’s so great about it?

This post is written by Taryn at Ace in the Hole, and it kind of resonated with me. I haven’t had penis-in-ass anal sex, but I do use butt plugs and anal beads, which I enjoy. I’m just not sure whether anal is the ‘holy grail of sex’ that is is purported to be. I mean there are a whole load of other variations of sex, and they are fantastic. So if anal isn’t down your (back) alley, then fair dos!


So, this again is a limited round-up, but it will have to do! This bunny has other ‘warrens’ to be in! Don’t forget to come back next week for another round up in Share our Shit Saturday. xx

#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday; Sharing on the Blogging Trampoline

#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday  – Sharing on the Blogging Trampoline

This is a new meme that has been started by Girl on the Net, to stand up for sex bloggers worldwide. As a community, bloggers provide useful feedback on adult products. They also give advice on sexual health, gender equality and the importance of enlightenment in a manner of all things sexual. We bounce ideas and advice around, hence the ‘sharing on the blogging trampoline’ title for this post.

Now we are being censored by social media platforms. Moreover, Patreon and PayPal among others are turning their backs on bloggers. The very ones who help provide them with an income and web traffic! I may not be explaining this very eloquently at all; GOTN does it far better. Suffice to say, I am joining in because blogging is something that in itself is not always appreciated.

It is often seen as a ‘hobby.’ For some this is true, but for others (Cara Sutra is an example) it is a way of financially supporting  themselves and their families. As a new-ish blogger, I am learning so much, but I can only spend limited time searching through some of the blogs I like to read. I am attempting to write my own content too, and give informed reviews on products. I’d struggle with using more than one social media platform, so I have stuck with Twitter for blogging purposes.

I want to support other blogger’s hard work, and help share the recognition that what we all do is worthwhile. By silencing us or restricting how we promote our blogs / network, companies like Patreon and PayPal are ‘biting a hand that feeds them.’

Here goes for the content I’d like to share right now:


Little Switch Bitch shows us a sensual image of herself in a beautiful leather harness by Zado, and highlights the vulnerability we have as sexual beings.


Emmeline Peaches educates us on the kink / fetish of Eproctophilia, whereby people derive sexual pleasure from farts. The key here though, it’s from other people’s farts as opposed to their own. As a fetish, it is empowers us to embrace our bodily functions without shame of passing wind. Though it’s a fetish that may be relatively unheard of in Western cultures, it is popular in Japan. Emmeline explains why Eproctophilia appeals to those who practice it. Consider yourself enlightened, as I was.


For those who are dating, Slutty Girl Problems discusses the issue of ghosting and why it is unacceptable in this day and age of communication. If you don’t want to see someone following a date / series of dates, at least have the decency to tell them so. That way they can move on, without feel ‘haunted’ by  you suddenly cutting them off.


This has been short and maybe not so sweet, but it’s sharing. Sharing is caring, so if you support bloggers then please Share our Shit.