So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit

So Divine are a relatively new company. I have been approached by them several times over the past few months. In my latest encounter with them, they asked me to try out their new Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit. It sends a fuzzy glow over me to have a company approach me like this. I feel like they actually want my honest feedback. It is very rewarding to be able to share my thoughts here (positive and not-so) after a year spent trying to juggle being a working mum and getting myself known on the blogging circuit.

First Impressions

The box containing the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is sturdy cardboard. On the front is a representative profile view of the rabbit, which is purple silicone in the main shaft and clitoral arm (not really ‘ears’ as such). The handle is white and comprises the five operating buttons. The silicone is very smooth and contains no seams, but it is quite matte so attracts lint readily.

Inside the box are a 3-pin UK adaptor with USB socket (really useful) and a magnetic USB charging cable. There is also a velour drawstring pouch in a dark blue colour. It feels like a lot of thought has gone into making the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit as close to a luxury toy as possible, and without the hefty price-tag to boot.

The features listed on the side of the box include:

  • Ultra quiet & powerful.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 2-hour user time.
  • 3 speeds and seven pulsating passion patterns. (Nice use of alliteration here).
  • Heat function to 38° body temperature.
  • Dual motors.
  • Premium silky soft silicone.
  • Latex and Phthalate free.
Using the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit

Is this cheeky bunny quiet? I’d say that in comparison with other vibrating toys I own the Let’s Go Crazy vibrating rabbit is reasonable in the scale of noise levels. It does sound ‘buzzy’ as opposed to rumbly, which makes me wonder about its power and the sensations it will produce. More on that below.

Here’s a sample of how it sounds at mid range frequency on its first pattern setting.

So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit

The video also demonstrates just how flexible the clitoral arm is. This is a really advantageous feature since no two people with  vaginas and clitorises will be built the same. The main shaft measures about 4.5 inches in length from tip to base where the clitoral arm joins. The most bulbous part of the shaft is a similar dimension in circumference. In all, the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is a nicely proportioned toy. It’s not too short to miss the G-spot internally, whilst the 2¾ inch long clitoral arm has the ability to massage all around the clitoris and vulva.

As for its waterproof properties I cannot really comment, as I’m not a fan of using toys in the bath/ shower. I much prefer the comfort of my bed. Charging is really easy via the magnetic USB cable. The connection seems to be reasonably firm so if you prop the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit on its side whilst charging, the cable does not seem to slip. I have encountered this issue with other toys so it’s a point to bear in mind. The charge has lasted for my testing thus far, which has included about two 15-20 minute masturbation sessions and another 20 minutes or so experimenting with the functions.

Pattterns on the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit. They do make me slightly crazy…(warning; this section contains a bit of a rant!)

Vibrations are great. What is not great is loads of different settings that do not do anything to arouse me, but simply frustrate me and leave me hanging. I do not know why companies insist on keeping them on so many of their toys. I would much rather they spend their developmental budget on making toys more user-friendly, and on quality materials that feel good. Ask a dozen of vibrator owners what annoys them most about their toy and I can be sure as anything 11 times out of 12 they will say they dislike the patterns, as they prefer continuous vibrations. The one remaining person will most probably dislike the colour of the toy. It really is not rocket science.

Now that I have my little stampy feet moment out of the way, I will try as best as I can to describe the patterns (there are 10 in my opinion):

  1. Continuous vibration in the main shaft and clitoral arm.
  2. Fast pulses (by both motors, simultaneously).
  3. 4 short pulses followed by a longer one over a 2-second cycle, repeating. This again is by both motors at the same time.
  4. Decreasing intensity wave, increasing intensity wave (both motors).
  5. A ‘strobing’ pulse. In my experience I feel like the clitoral stimulation is more intense in this pattern. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it, but for some reason I actually like this pattern!
  6. Ramping incremental pulses, before resetting back to the lowest intensity.
  7. 5 longer pulses, 5 shorter ones, then approx 15 fast pulses, all at the same intensity.
  8. Hard to describe, but I don’t like it.
  9. Similar to pattern 4.
  10. 5 slow pulses in shaft, followed by 3 slow pulses in clitoral arm.
The buttons are well placed and easy to use

To cycle through the patterns, you press and hold the central power button, so that the blue LED illuminates. Then you press the button above it to turn the motors on. Repeated pressing of this button cycles through the 10 patterns. The + and – buttons either side of the power button increase and decrease the frequency of the buzzes respectively, to make them more or less intense. From my fiddling about, I have found a range of 7 frequencies for each pattern. In all honesty, I usually just ramp up the frequency early on in my play session, as I simply find the lower end too weak.

The novelty heating function of the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit

This is a feature I’ve not encountered on a vibrating toy before. It seems a little bit redundant if you want my honest opinion. Warmth is inviting, but silicone really is not that cold to start with, and seeing as it conducts heat well (it’s used for baking after all!) I really do not think it’s a necessary add-on, though I appreciate where So Divine are coming from. On the flip side it is interesting to see something different in a new sex toy.

Final thoughts

The Let’s Go Crazy rabbit has given me a few things to niggle at, such as the power levels, the patterns and the somewhat redundant heating function. But in the play sessions I have used it I have been genuinely satisfied. It has delivered in giving me the blended orgasms I have come (pun intended) to enjoy. It makes me work for it a bit more than other toys. That’s not necessarily a disadvantage. I find the best feature is the flexible clitoral arm.

That clitoral arm must do yoga to be that flexible!

When I go on all fours and use the Let’s Go Crazy rabbit in a thrusting and twisting motion, I feel like I can get a good fucking from it. I think that’s a direction So Divine could move into with their toy range; thrusting vibrators. I haven’t tried any save for one. But it’s a range of toy that I’d definitely like to explore more. In terms of rating, I’d score the Let’s Go Crazy rabbit 8/10 based on it’s ease of use, value for money and orgasm capability.


I’d like to thank So Divine for presenting me with the opportunity to test the Let’s Go Crazy vibrating rabbit. What you read is my own opinion.  Affiliate links are used in this post, though they link to the Let’s Go Crazy sister, the Kiss Kiss vibrating rabbit, which is identical save for the pink colour. By using affiliate links, you will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. This will help me to keep my site running. Thank you. xx


Leaf Vitality+ USB rechargeable vibrator

Turning over a new Leaf, the Leaf Vitality+ USB rechargeable vibrator adds on extra functions

I never owned the original Leaf Vitality, but I like the appearance of it. A green dual-pronged silicone toy, reminiscent of a seedling. Offering lots of potential ways to enjoy the two soft smooth leaf-like arms for either solo play or with a partner (see below). Did I mention the two leafy bits have separate motors? From what I’ve read about the original Leaf Vitality, these two appendages have three speed settings.

The Leaf Vitality+ USB rechargeable vibrator adds on two extra pattern functions, and the colour of the toy is…purple. I bet you weren’t expecting that! Packaging is a cleverly designed brown carton with magnetic clasp. Inside is a dark brown card wallet containing the instruction manual, a canvas drawstring tote bag, USB charging cable and the Vitality+ toy.

Leaf Vitality+

A quirky Eco-friendly vibrator

Before I could use my new Leaf Vitality+ it required a charge. The jack of the USB cable inserts into a hole on the rear of the toy. Charging takes about 3 hours, and a useful red LED illuminates whilst the toy is being powered up. Another feature is that the cable has a Leaf label on it, so making it easier to locate the cable should it be stored with other USB leads. Probably not an issue for most users, who may keep their cables separate but I like details such as this.

Leaf Vitality+

Once charged, the toy has about an hour’s play time on the highest speed setting or an hour and a half on the lowest speed. The power is pretty impressive for such a dainty looking toy. I can hold it in my hand but on full power it will jump about on my palm. Of course it didn’t stay on my hand for long. I needed to try those bud-like tips on more sensitive areas!


Versatility from the Vitality+

What can this toy do? Those arms are super bendy, so the possibilities include:

  • Clitoral stimulation from the thinner arm combined with vaginal penetration with the thicker arm.
  • Vaginal penetration (thicker arm) combined with perineal stimulation (thinner arm).
  • Nipple stimulation if the two arms are splayed apart.
  • Testicular stimulation during solo play or during sex with a partner.
  • Clitoral stimulation during sex with a partner (it could be used for double penetration too).

Other features that the Vitality+ boasts include a travel lock and a memory of your previously used setting. To activate the travel lock simply press and hold the two buttons, until the LED flashes (about 5 seconds). The Vitality+ remembers your previous setting if you press and hold the button corresponding to the leaf arm you want to store in the memory for 1 second at the intensity you desire it to be set to.

Thoughts on the Leaf Vitality+ USB rechargeable vibrator
  • As a clitoral vibrator, the Leaf Vitality+ is pretty good either for solo play or during sex with a partner.
  • Vaginally, the thicker of the two arms is the better of the two, but it is still a bit small and too flexible to offer much targeted stimulation.
  • The perineal sensation is on the tickly side but not unpleasant.
  • It is also fun to use for nipple play, giving evidence of arousal within minutes.

Battery life seems reasonable, and I managed 3-4 play sessions before I needed to ‘juice it up’ again. I like the storage bag, as it’s sturdy but also attractively simple. It is more ‘breathable’ than the satin pouches usually supplied with toys, so I feel it’ll be more hygienic. The main issue for me are the vibrations being slightly on the more ‘buzzy’ side. Sometimes I can climax from this toy, and other times I just cannot. Orgasm is not necessarily the ‘be all and end all’ of play time, so I am happy enough to keep the Vitality+ in my bedside drawer, as it’s such a versatile toy.

Overall I’d rate the Leaf Vitality+ USB rechargeable vibrator 7.5/10.


This toy was provided free of charge by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest impartial review. What you read is my genuine opinion. I’d like to thank Betty’s Toy Box for giving me this opportunity. Affiliate links are used in this post, so if you decide to buy either the Leaf Vitality ($64.99) or the Leaf Vitality+ ($79.99 for a limited time) please support this blog by using the links, which will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. xx Betty's Toy Box

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

I’ve tried and tested a couple of Fun Factory toys; (please see my posts on the Fun Factory Jiggle Bouncer and the Amorino Rabbit, if you are interested in other toys by the company). As the Stronic Drei is an expensive toy I had not felt compelled to purchase it until I recently came across  Orgasmic’s Fun Factory sale. I knew it was a ‘pulsator’ rather than ‘just a vibrator’ so it seemed to offer something different from my usual toys. Additionally, the textured grooves and curved tip appealed to me as I enjoy some G-spot stimulation along with an internal massage. I had seen favourable reviews for it on other retailer’s websites, as well as on Orgasmic’s site. I figured I’d jump at the chance to own the Drei for a snip of its usual selling price.

Firstly, the Drei arrived in a discreet plain box from Orgasmic. Thumbs up. The Fun Factory packaging consists of a black outer sleeve showing the Drei in all its bold colourful glory on one side. The other side features a couple embracing with the female of the couple scratching her male lover’s back, ouch! I find the outer sleeve a bit too ‘in-your-face’ for my personal taste. The golden slim-line box that houses the Drei and its magnetic charger, plus instruction leaflets is much more tasteful. It simply has the Fun Factory logo on it.


Click ‘n charge

As for getting the Drei ready to use, charging is simple via the magnetic USB ‘click ‘n charge’ cable. You just have to wait 16 hours…oh. Whilst waiting for it to charge I looked at the Drei, giving it my scrutiny. It is a hefty toy! Perhaps best to make sure you don’t try using it if you feel overly tired or have aching arms. It will only compound these issues. The silicone has a lot of drag. I mean a lot, so considering its girth, it will need considerable lubricant (not silicone-based).

In terms of functions, there are three buttons on the handle; the red FUN button that gets the toy started, the plus button (+) and minus button (-) which cycle through the programs. The buttons also operate a key lock system, so you can be assured your Drei won’t pulse to life during transit and waste that long-awaited charge. To lock the keys press and hold the FUN and (-) buttons for half a second. To unlock, press and hold the FUN and (+) buttons for half a second.

About the pulsation modes

The Drei can be used vaginally or anally, as it has a flared based. I’m only intending to use it vaginally though. For the purpose of this review it will only be tested in this way. It should NOT be used whilst it is connected to the magnetic charger (duh!), and it can be harmful to pacemaker wearers. In terms of its functions, it certainly puts some fun into the word function. There are 10 modes; 3 of which are ‘algorithmic’, 4 are ‘constant’ and the remaining 3 are ‘dynamic’. To switch on, press the FUN button to get the ‘Perfect Start’ constant setting. From here, you can press the (-) button once, twice or three times to cycle through the algorithmic modes; ‘Rattle’, ‘Gallop’ and ‘Dirty Dancing.’

Pressing the (+) button three times takes you back to the ‘Perfect Start.’ Alternatively, just press FUN to switch off, then switch it back on again. To cycle through the ‘constant’ modes (which increase in intensity) simply press the (+) button once to get to ‘Samba’, twice to get to ‘Rumble’ or three times to get to ‘Quicky.’ Continuing to press the (+) button another three sequential times will take you through the ‘dynamic’ modes; ‘Roller Ball,’ ‘Vienna Waltz’ and ‘Rumba.’ This probably sounds a lot more complicated than it is…cue picture!

The algorithmic modes as described in the manual
The constant and dynamic modes as described in the manual
Does the Stronic Drei get me wet?

Now its time to actually review this toy! On pressing the FUN button it actually makes my arm shake, and it does need plenty of lube to insert it, otherwise the silicone drags too much and it feels uncomfortable. Going through the patterns was fun for the novelty factor, but I can honestly say in nearly 20 minutes of play time with the Drei, they did not really feel ‘effective’ in getting me aroused and making me climax. The pulsing action caused my flesh to ‘wobble’ but internally it didn’t really do an awful lot for me. The tip didn’t seem to stimulate my G-spot very well, no matter how far the shaft was inserted. The flared base did not reach my clitoris whatsoever, so for clitoral stimulation (which I need to orgasm) I had to use my trusty battery powered wand.

And the pulsing, though a new experience, was nothing like the action of ‘proper sex;’ it was more a shake and rattling sensation on my lady parts which just bemused me and left me feeling frustrated. The textured grooves gave some degree of massage but not enough to write home about, and they seemed to serve better at trapping lubricant and body fluids. Cleaning was not too laborious- just wash in warm soapy water or with a sex toy cleaner, then leave to air-dry. Do not dry it with a cloth / towel or anything else, as the silicone is a lint-magnet!

Eins, Zwei, Drei, is this a toy I should buy?

So what did I like about this toy? The magnetic ‘click ‘n charge’ feature I like a lot. Just not the 16 hours charging time. The pulsing is nice if you want a sex toy that does the ‘work’ for you, but don’t expect a ‘sex machine’ because it ain’t that at all! I found the constant patterns, the ‘Rattle’ algorithmic mode, and the ‘Rumba’ Dynamic mode to be my preferable functions.

How do I rate it? Scores on the Drei are:

  • Usability = 8/10
  • Novelty = 8/10
  • Orgasm capability = 6/10
  • Value for money (based on RRP) = 5/10
  • overall = 7/10


Buy your Fun Factory Stronic Drei here!

To buy your Fun Factory Stronic Drei in the UK, visit Lovehoney. The pulsator is available in hot pink for £139.99.

Currently the Stronic Drei is in Lovehoney’s ‘20% off when you buy any two vibrators‘ promotion.


In Canada, and USA  you can purchase the Stronic Drei for $189.99 from Betty’s Toy Box. Available in blue or hot pink.

Betty's Toy Box


Affiliate links are used in this post. Please support my blog by using them if you wish to purchase from the recommended retailers. I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, thank you! xx

So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

I recently received the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand free of charge, courtesy of So Divine in exchange for my honest impartial review.


The wand comes in a cardboard box, nestled in a foam insert. Included are the following:

  • 3-pin UK plug with USB connection.
  • the USB-compatible magnetic charging cable.
  • a dark purple velvet storage drawstring pouch.

Instructions on how to operate the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand are on the reverse of the box (see below).

Features of the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

The wand is made from silicone and does not contain latex or phthalates. It is ultra quiet and is rechargeable with a run-time of up to 2 hours. The two ends have separate motors, so the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand can be used as an external vibrator (at the wider end) or an internal vibrator (at the tapered end. The motors cannot be turned on simultaneously though. Each motor has 3 speed settings and 7 pattern settings. Lastly the Sweetest Taboo is waterproof, if you wish to use it in the bath or shower.


How to operate the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand

The front of the wand has the three function buttons moulded into the silicone. They are a solid ‘up’ triangle (pointing to the wider end), a ‘()’ power button, and a solid ‘down’ triangle (pointing to the narrow end).

Not just a handle…it’s also an internal vibrator!

On the rear of the wand are the magnetic connecting points for the charging cable. The magnetic contacts on the charging cable connect to the wand, and the USB end can be plugged into the 3-pin plug to connect directly to the mains. Alternatively, you can connect the USB end to your laptop / PC. Charging may be slower this way, so I tend to use the mains plug.

To turn the wand on, press and hold the () button, until the blue LED lights up. The up and down buttons control the motors in the two ends (‘up’ to switch the wider end on; ‘down’ to switch the narrower end on). Repeatedly pressing either the up or down button cycles through the 3 continuous speeds and 7 pulsating patterns.

Easy to use. Does what it says on the box!
What are the vibrations like?

The vibrations of the Sweetest Taboo are higher frequency akin to the Lealso Massager, so they are not deep and rumbly. I tend to prefer constant vibrations to patterns, so whichever end I use, I mainly use the first three settings. For those that like patterns, the best way to describe them are as follows:

  1. Fast Pulse.
  2. Four fast pulses followed by a longer pulse, repeated.
  3. Decreasing frequency wave, alternating with increasing frequency wave.
  4. Ramping interval wave, (8 stages).
  5. High frequency longer pulses.
  6. Low frequency pulse followed by 10 high frequency pulses, repeated.
  7. Another wave pattern that seems quite similar to pattern 3 above!

As an external massager, the silicone head is soft against my vulva and clitoris with minimal drag, though I do like to use a water-based lubricant to make it glide more easily.

Internally, the shaft end sits nicely against my front wall and G-spot, but I still need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, which means I need a second vibrator or bullet.

The buttons I feel are placed a bit low on the shaft, as when it’s being used internally it is slightly awkward to press the ‘down’ triangle button without it getting slick from lubricant. Moreover, if you’re into patterns, you’re going to need to repeatedly press the same button to cycle through them until you reach the one you like. Not so much a problem for me, but its a factor to bear in mind.

Final Thoughts

This wand is priced at £54.99, and So Divine also sell a purple version, the ‘Wicked Game’ which I believe to be functionally equivalent. The price seems to be fair for a mid-range toy, and unlike most other ‘wands’ which can only be used externally, this dual ended variation gives you more options for play.

It’s not necessarily going to be for power queens, so if you’re looking for Doxy-esque vibrations, it won’t be for you.

As a rechargeable toy, it will save you pennies in terms of batteries, so if you’re new to toys, it’ll be a better option than a cheaper battery-powered vibrator.

Overall I’d rate it 8/10 for it’s appearance, ease of use and orgasm capability.

I’d like to thank So Divine for giving me the opportunity to test the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand. 


The current contents of my ‘bunny burrows’ toy collection

I don’t have an itemised list of everything sex toy related I currently possess. Whilst browsing websites of some of my peers I came across their sex toy collections. Apart from ‘wow, they have an awesome stash of pleasure-giving goodies!’ it made me think I need to publish what I own, so that any companies I may want to  approach in the future know what I’m into sex-toy wise. Moreover, I hope it will give some insights as to my ‘kinks.’

Here it is, a fully-compiled, neatly categorised list of everything I currently own:

Battery powered vibrators
USB rechargeable vibrators/ suction toys
Mains powered toys
Anal toys
Bondage/ Discipline and sensation toys
Other items

This list will be updated as often as is necessary. No affiliate links are used in this post.

The tale of a bunny that luvs…

About me

Hi lovelies,

I started my true sexual discovery just over three years ago, when I started buying sex toys and lingerie from online retailer Lovehoney. At this time, I was naive in my perceptions about sex and intimacy. Despite being in a loving relationship for many years, and married three of those, I still thought sex was something that women did to keep their husbands happy. Meanwhile wives laid back thinking about the laundry and dirty dishes in the sink. Talk about stereotypical ‘50s housewife’!

‘Girl power’ in the 1950s. Photo reproduced from[term]=1950s housewife&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=1

Initially, I dabbled with cheaper toys, indulging in the 3 for £10 or 2 for £20 deals. I managed to clinch a few freebies along the way through Lovehoney’s generous offers. I also tried my first ever rabbit vibrator, enjoying this foray into combined clitoral and internal stimulation. My collection largely consisted of battery operated toys. They were made of ‘cheaper’ materials, such as plastic. I wanted to experiment with what textures, vibration styles (cue the big ‘buzzy versus rumbly’ debate) and patterns I enjoyed. More importantly, it was about finding my joy with sexual play, after seemingly going through the motions for the most part during my 20s.

Becoming confident

I realised that good sex relied on body confidence and belief in oneself. Hence, I started buying attractive lingerie, in styles to flatter my natural curves. I appreciate the beauty of the female form, with its defined hourglass shaping. It makes me want to own one of those Jean Paul Gaultier eau de toilettes, purely for the shape of the bottle!

I joined the Lovehoney community and read fellow members’ forum posts. Here I discovered there were a lot of other like-minded individuals unsure about their sexual preferences. I was late to the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘party’, ignoring the hype, amidst the critiques of the poor writing style displayed in the series. Curiosity got the better of me however, and I decided to read the first book. The phrase ‘my inner goddess’ grated on my nerves after the first few encounters! But I found myself drawn in by the dark, bittersweet tale of Anastasia and Christian’s blossoming ‘relationship’.

I was intrigued by the Dominance / submission interplay of the two leads, and how Anastasia isn’t necessarily just a meek flowery submissive outside of the bedroom. I wanted to explore how pleasure and pain could be combined to create an altogether new ‘sexperience’. Hence my introduction to sensation play, through the use of toys. These included, but are not limited to, spanking paddles, floggers and crops.

Getting kinky

Unfortunately my husband has not been keen on exploring this side of our sex life, (MKINYK* / YKINMK*). This in itself could be discussed in a separate post- “how to deal with getting your kicks when your significant other does not want to land ‘blows’ on you.” I digress though. I will say that I admire these toys and have started my Disciplinary / kinky toy collection, (also comprising nipple clamps and rings, clitoral clamps, bondage candles and a pinwheel). Sadly, to a large extent they remain ‘locked away’ in Bunny’s storage burrows.

Of the toys I have used from this collection, I enjoy floggers the most of all my ‘thwacky’ implements. The thud of a soft suede flogger, or the more intensive ‘thutt’ of leather tails on my buttocks is music to my ears and the warmth it creates excites me. The ‘thwack’ of a silicone butterfly landing on my butt cheek is a beat on my sexual drum. I think the whole D/s experience appeals to me, because I like theatrics. I enjoyed reading Shakespeare for my A-Level in English Literature. The role-play from acting and the atmosphere from staging a box-office production translate very well into the bedroom. Just not so much my bedroom, so in the lack of disciplinary play, I resort to other sensation play. This includes using rings or clamps on my nipples and even a clitoral clamp; perhaps the most fiddly toy I’ve encountered!

What I like about nipple play, is not so much the pain. I can handle moderate pain, though I’m by no means a ‘pain-slut.’ What I love, are the sensations that seem to go through my nipples and relay out to my nether regions, making me pulse and tingle with need. My husband knows I like nipple sensation, so he has taken to licking and sucking my mammary buds when we play together. He likes how it makes me respond to him. As do I.

This leads me on nicely to my next topic; combined stimulation. Whether its nipples and the clitoris, vagina and clitoris, anus and vagina, penis and testicles or penis and anus, there is something better about combination stimulation, rather than just one focus of attention. That is why I really enjoy oral sex with fingering at the same time; it just makes me explode.

Enter the Rabbit

I started using rabbits for this reason. My first ever rabbit was the notorious Rampant Rabbit of Sex and the City fame. I got the neon pink one, and like Charlotte from SATC, I quickly fell in love with the cute bunny with the bedroom skills of a well-endowed ‘stallion’ lover. Though I did not go to the extreme of hiding away from my friends so I could ‘get jiggy with Mr Biggy’ all the time! It did pique my curiosity enough to want to test other rabbits. Some have been pleasing, such as Tracey Cox’s Supersex USB Rechargeable Rabbit, and the Lovehoney Oh! G-spot Dream Rabbit. Others however, have failed noticeably and dismally in the cases of the Fun Factory Amorino and the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 triple rabbit respectively. These toys are discussed in more detail on the feature blog page linked above.

Suffice to say though, what I need in a rabbit is

  1. Length; those short stubby rabbits just don’t reach where I need them!
  2. Soft ears that vibrate in a good continuous way, and don’t feel either ouch-y or too tickly.
  3. Power! The vibe needs to take 3 AA batteries at least, or be rechargeable. No AAA-juiced bunny will give me the oomph I need to claw at the bedsheets!
  4. High quality materials that will be body-safe and clean easily so won’t harbour any nasty smells or retain bacteria.
  5. Look sexy enough to take a place in my bedroom drawers!

Ok, so the last one isn’t necessarily essential, but I like round figures and 5 features seem better than 4. It appears that I’ve tried a good selection of rabbits so far, but there are plenty others to go in my bunny hole. One I’d really like to try is a vibrating glass rabbit!

In a ‘Glass’ of its own

Glass is possibly my favourite sex toy material, as it lends itself to such gorgeous shapes and designs. The Devil’s tongue, I mean that is what I’m talking about; sex in art form! Not to mention the textures, and the sensations from warming and cooling. Sublime pleasure, from a material that is literally ‘sublimed’ sand! I once did a glass fusion workshop to make jewellery pieces, a process that I loved (who knew breaking glass could be so much fun?)! I even thought to myself at the time, “Wow, imagine making some cool dildos with fused glass!” My two favourite ranges are the Glassvibrations toys simply for their kitsch and uber-coolness, whilst Icicles are the contemporary artistic range of some fine glass dongs from Pipedream Products. And glass-handled floggers too!

Most of my glass pieces are from the Lovehoney range, because they are such good value or have been acquired through the Oh! Points scheme and as tester items. There is, however, more room for glass in Bunny’s burrow, so I look forward to trying some more in the future!

Thank you for getting this far, and I hope you return often to check out my musings on all things toy-related.


* MKINYK/ *YKINMK = My kink is not your kink / Your kink is not my kink.

Lealso Magic Massager


Lealso Magic Massager


I bought the Lealso multi-coloured massager, from Kinky Desires. I was intrigued by the eye-catching swirling colour design of the silicone. But more importantly, I wanted to see if it lived up to its ‘Magic’ moniker.

The Lealso arrived promptly, and the packaging comprises a black cardboard box with foam insert to hold the massager. LEALSO is embossed on the lid of the box in silver to give it a more ‘luxurious’ feel. There is a separate box below the massager, to contain the power adaptor and the USB cable. As the power adaptor is 2-pin and only usable in Asia, I won’t be needing that. Instead I’ll use the USB cable to charge the massager via my laptop. In addition, there is a black / colour outer box to show the massager (it is displayed in pink), and its main features, these being that it’s

  • made of medical silicone.
  • has friendly controls.
  • innovatively designed.
  • waterproof.
  • rechargeable.
Ergonomic  handling

The friendly controls consist of three buttons moulded into the silicone around the ergonomic gold plastic handle; a ‘+’ button to increase the speed setting, a ‘-‘ button to (you guessed it), decrease the speed setting. Sandwiched between those, the third button cycles through the 10 pulse vibration modes. There are 6 speed settings going up in 30Hz intervals from 30Hz – 180Hz. There was no instruction leaflet included with my Magic Massager. I decided to visit the Lealso website, where I discovered their description of the vibration patterns:Lealso Patterns

There are in fact, two constant waves, but the second one is more rumbly than the first. Another feature I learnt from the Lealso website is that you can lock the keys by pressing the ‘+’and ‘-‘ buttons together for 3 seconds. To unlock the keys, simply hold both these two buttons again for several seconds until the red LED flashes. There are two motors powering the massager. One within the clitoral ‘bump’ part and the other in the g-spot tip of the shaft.

In use, the wand is lightweight and the handle is ergonomic. It is comfortable for me to use on my own for an extended time (oh if I had the time!) or for my other half to use on me. At the time of writing, the wand has been used twice by me for solo play, and once with my other half. When I use it on my own, I tend to prefer the uneven wave pattern. I put the speed up to 180Hz. But even then I feel the clitoral stimulation is not really sufficient to make me climax. I find I need an additional vibrator on my clitoris to help me achieve orgasm.

Two can play better than one

With my partner, I found the best position for him to be able to hold it and angle it effectively was for me to be on all fours, in a ‘doggy’ style. In this position, as with the solo play, I also needed additional clitoral stimulation to climax. The sensations on my inner front wall helped coax my G-spot to respond in chorus with my clitoris for a pleasant ‘blended’ orgasmic release.

Cleaning this toy is extremely easy, using warm water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner. I then left it to air dry as the silicone will attract lint to its smooth surface. So my final thoughts on the Magic Massager from Lealso are that it will be good for people who enjoy G spot stimulation, and don’t require extreme power. It’s also quirky looking which I like. Whilst it’s not my favourite vibrator for orgasmic capability, I will enjoy it on the occasions where I’m not in need of a really ‘quick release.’

The Lealso can be purchased for £45.99 at Kinky Desires.

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Tracey Cox Supersex USB Rechargeable Rabbit

This sleek black silicone rabbit is my third rabbit. My other two are far more girly looking. One is the Lovehoney Dream Silicone G-spot Rabbit (see below) in purple. The other is the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit in neon pink (also below). Both of those are battery powered, whereas the Tracey Cox rabbit is USB rechargeable.

The Tracey Cox rabbit looks very stylish, and the contouring of the shaft and ears make it look like it should hit all of my sweet spots. The ears are gentle on the clitoris and flutter to stimulate that nerve-laden nub very well. However, the shaft is a little short for my liking and so does not reach my G-spot effectively. Placement of the buttons frustrates me. I often accidentally switch the rabbit off mid-use, usually when things are getting more interesting, and for obvious reasons this is off-putting.

The vibration patterns do not work for me. I need continuous vibrations from both shaft and the ears, so I mainly use the first two settings. I like that the rabbit is USB rechargeable, and it is easily plugged in to my laptop and ‘juiced up.’

This is perhaps my favourite rabbit in terms of appearance, and it’s taken a while for me to appreciate its orgasmic capability. It does take me a bit longer to climax with the Tracey Cox, but the wait is usually worth it. Get yours from Lovehoney for £49.99! It is currently in the ‘20% off when you buy 2 vibrators’ promotion.


Lovehoney Dream Silicone G-Spot Rabbit

Lovehoney’s Dream Silicone rabbit is a very good contender for my other battery-powered rabbit (see below). Not necessarily better, but different. I like the colour and seeing the beads through the shaft. It’s nice that it can rotate in both directions. The ears have a good range of pulsing sensations, though most frequently I resort to the continuous pulse on a lower setting, as my clitoris can get too sensitive.

I enjoy riding this rabbit, and feeling when it hits my G-spot. It can bring me to orgasm pretty swiftly.

Available from Lovehoney for £34.99. Currently in the 20% off when you buy 2 vibrators’ promotion.


 Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit (the Neon one)

This was my first rabbit, and I still have a special place in my bunny heart for it. It takes 3 AA batteries, which are easy to insert. The settings are varied, going from continuous vibrations to patterns. The shaft and ears are controlled by separate buttons, which is a handy feature. This rabbit is bright and packs some power despite being battery-operated. I enjoy using this rabbit, though the silicone is not as soft and flexible as either the Tracey Cox rabbit (above) or the Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB rechargeable rabbit.


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