Get loved-up with your Valentine this February 14th!

Create some romance this Valentine’s Day with the following ideas…

  • Turn your bedroom into a sexy boudoir, using Lovehoney Oh! Romantic Red Rose Petals. Leave a trail, scattered up the stairs and hallway into your boudoir. Sprinkle all over the bed, and some on you whilst wearing some seductive underwear / lingerie. The petals can be reused and could also be sprayed to heighten the romance, with the right scent.


  • Try a couple’s board game, like Monogamy to reignite the spark and create an afterburner effect for the days and months to come. Just dedicate some time to getting yourself prepared with the necessary props, including some ice, massage oil, lubricant, drinks and nibbles, and maybe some blindfolds and restraints if you’re up for trying the kinkier cards.

rose petals_monogamy_resized.jpg


  • Use a remote controlled toy such a Vibrating Love Egg. There are a range of options out there from inexpensive battery-operated wired eggs that can be used in the comfort of your home, to more sophisticated rechargeable wireless toys that are discrete enough to use whilst out and about. Sure to add thrills on a dinner or movie date with your significant other!


  • Blindfold your partner before teasing them. When they’ve had enough teasing, let the fun continue to another level! Try teasing with
    • sensory items such as ice,
    • sensual satin / silk materials, or a leather flogger
    • stimulatory toys like a pinwheel or e-stim electrodes.


  • Indulge each other with a sensual massage, using either scented oil, or a scented massage candle (the wax is perfectly safe on skin). Try some hot massage rocks or a hand held massager. Wands can provide vibrations to work on sore tired muscles. Relaxing together can be soothing and release feel-good endorphins as well as oxytocin.





  • Re-enact a steamy scene from your favourite sexy movie. Secretary starring Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of my faves! Dress up to look and feel the part!


  • Eat each other’s underwear off! Candy bras, g-strings and men’s pouches are a fun way to amuse and arouse at the same time. Laughing together during intimacy helps ease any awkwardness whether you’re a new couple or an established couple who are rekindling the spark.


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