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Enhancing sexual pleasure with a masturbator and/or butt plugs


I have a fair few male followers on Twitter who have confessed that they do not use sex toys. I’m sure many guys out there think their hand is all they need to masturbate, but by having this blinkered outlook, they are merely denying themselves a tonne of pleasure. In this post, I’ll describe some of the adult industry products available for men, which will improve their solo play time and in addition can be used for couples play.

Firstly, the male masturbator. These can be as simple as a textured cock sleeve, or more sophisticated and modelled on an adult performer’s vagina or ass. Fleshlight produce a plethora of these toys, in their various ranges.

The life-like material surrounds your penis, gripping it firmly as you thrust. Textured bumps and ridges within the canal glide along the shaft giving the sensation of sex. To make the experience even better, you can pre-warm your masturbator.

A toy that can be used in conjunction with a masturbator, is a cock ring. Simple rings made from silicone can be found easily and are inexpensive. Some rings incorporate a vibrator to enhance their satisfaction. There are rings that surround the penis alone. Then there are others that are dual rings, with a second loop to wrap around the testes. For enhanced female pleasure during sexual intercourse, a cock ring that provides clitoral stimulation is a great way to treat your lady to some explosive satisfaction.

Going Deeper Underground

For some men, anal play can seem a daunting or just downright taboo prospect. But before you say, “won’t playing with my arse make me gay?” I’d like to point out that, if you are gay, firstly what does it matter? We live in an age where sexuality is more widely accepted, whatever your orientation or gender identity. If you’re heterosexual, then that’s fine, but playing with your butt won’t make you gay; you’re either homosexual or you aren’t! So for any men wanting to try bum-fun, well, you are thoroughly spoilt for choice.

  • Anal dildos range in all sorts of textures and sizes, and some are harness compatible making them suitable for pegging.
  • Butt plugs, likewise come in various forms. for beginners, I’d recommend silicone as they are more pliable. Glass is great for temperature play, but is firm (obviously).
  • Prostate massagers are the G-spot vibrator equivalent for men. Some regular butt plugs won’t stimulate the prostate sufficiently (if at all) since they are not curved to reach the inner rectal wall where the prostate is sited. Prostate massagers have a bend to reach this highly sensitive erogenous zone.

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  1. I have used cock rings. One with vibrating mini vibe for clitoral stimultaion. I enjoy the cock rings. I bought a masturbator, a sleeve but haven’t used it yet. I want to, just been edging for longer periods so haven’t tried it yet. As far as the “arse” play, I say no thanks. Wifey wants to but I don’t think I eanna give her that “power “. Thanks for the info on the double loop rings for testes. I wanna try that out!

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