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Svakom’s Complete Guide to Using Prostate Massagers

The prostate massager can be that one tool you use when you want a super orgasm! If you’re too tired with your normal sex routine and always want some experiments in bed, a prostate massager can be a big hit for your sexual life. Not only does it add a spark to any couple’s sex life but also ensures stimulation like nothing else. No man’s finger can reach where the best prostate massagers can and do wonders down there. Prostate massagers are believed to keep the sexual tension alive between two people and some of the best prostate massagers on the market come with multiple functions and hidden surprises.

While some of them would be enabled with remote-controlled functions and others would have multiple vibration intensities. Switching to a mode you like and having it all in control is the best way to have a super orgasm. Now, if you’re convinced about buying a prostate massager for yourself, read the guide below and use it for your maximum satisfaction. Here is the buying, care, and user guide for your new toy!

How to buy a safe sex toy?

While there are millions of brands selling different sex toys online, you do not want to trust each of them, since some of them are not reputable. Buy your prostate massager from an established brand and not any random website which sells it for less money. If you do buy a cheap product, you should be aware that most of them are made of some very dangerous materials and can hurt the delicate tissues while engaging in anal activities. If you get a rash there, it’s a lot of pain! Medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, or ABS plastic are good choices for a prostate massager. Other products might sometimes be made of glass or wood, which are a big no since they can hurt your body in multiple ways.

How to effectively use your prostate massager?

If you’re somebody who has never tried a prostate massager before, you ought to take it slow since there’s a lot to learn about using one. Also, if you think you’ll have a great orgasm the first time that you use it, you’re highly mistaken because it’ll take a lot of time until you get that perfect orgasm using your prostate massager.

Prostate location, and its analogy to the female G-spot.

Start with bringing your knees up to the chest and lie down in this position. Though this is not the only position to use your prostate massager, it’s supposed to be the best one since it’s highly satisfying. Now, before you start, get your lube ready because you’ll need a lot of it. Apply a copious amount of the lube to your sex toy so that your sex toy is properly wet. It’ll help with the insertion and will also make the prostate massager do its job better once it’s in there. Also, ensure the lubricant you’re using is compatible with your massager. Start inserting the toy while you make sure that you’re not holding your breath.

If you’re a beginner to anal toys, give yourself some time to enjoy and relax while you experiment with it. Slowly switch to the vibrations and other modes and you’ll soon like the experience.

Follow this guide to using a prostate massager and you’ll never regret buying it in the first place. It can be the greatest gift that you get yourself for ultimate pleasure and fulfilling orgasms!

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This post is a sponsored one written by Svakom. All content and images are reproduced with their permission.

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