Erotic Fiction

Bringing home the Bourbon

Bourbon Lamp

For this week’s Wicked Wednesday, I decided to attempt writing a short story inspired by the roaring ’20s. Just like any other bustling day on the farm, Wednesday was no exception for Billy-Joe. Toiling under the sun’s incessant rays, he rode along the field on the tractor he’d purchased on …

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I won a Beckie Award from Becky Embers

Beckie trophy from Becky Embers website

So I stumbled across this site last month, and it piqued my interest, as I like the idea of writing short stories based on prompts. The prompt for the April Beckie was to write a story of at least 750 words, about joining the Mile-high Club. This isn’t something I’ve …

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A dream at 04:00

lady awake from a dream

Wicked Wednesday #400 It’s 04:00 hours. How do I know? Because I have been counting the minutes going by for the past 27 or so since I woke up from a dream. What was I dreaming about, I wonder fuzzily. Oh yes, I remember now. I was walking with him, …

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Going with the flow

hourglasses in museum

Wicked Wednesday #399: Timekeeping I have a calendar and a diary; of the two I tend to use the calendar more as my day to day life is not that highly organised. Being a stay-at-home mum, I tend to go with the flow. When I need to do something, it’ll …

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Flaunting myself on a coffee date

Woman in short skirt and stockings

Wicked Wednesday #398; Flaunt My sheer stockings shine and catch the light as I smooth them over my legs. Attaching the suspenders, I feel a bit clumsy, but once hooked up, I admire my reflection in the mirror. Black stockings with a black and teal green bustier set is the …

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Everybunny needs motivation…

Wicked Wednesday #397 What does motivation mean to me? Getting on and doing something is what I feel it means to me. My main issue as a blogger, it that sometimes I find myself going through a cycle where I lose inspiration. Or hit a wall with coming up with …

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The Voyeur – Pay on demand

Luv Bunny lying on her bed naked

Voyerurism is a kink of mine; I find the thought of being watched whilst having sex or masturbating hot. These fantasies lead me to write this short but steamy piece… Erin tilted her webcam down to capture the view of her bed. Soon she’d be lying on it in crotchless …

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The Punishment- Chastity

Pretty female looking at locks that could be used for a chastity device

I’m writing this story, as a follower of mine suggested I focus on chastity and denial in a Dominant Female / submissive male scenario. I hope it provides some evocative stimulation for my lovely readers (and not just those into FemDom), 😉 The offence Mistress Roxy had left Her slave …

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Worship your Goddess, slave!

BS Lingerie Gothic Corset with soft-focus butterly crop

Friday Flash #74 – Goddess I present to you my porcelain flesh, Curvaceous and delectable With a hint of feminine musk. Revel in your gift slave, And lavish the expansive sensual Organ before you. My skin is honed for your touch, Lips, and teeth. I await with impatience. Worship your …

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The Illicit Encounter

Woman in hotel waiting to get some cock

Here’s a story for my lovely readers, to keep you going in the mad Christmas rush. Sit back and take a moment for you. A woman meets a man she’s only interacted with online. Will she meet his cock too? Read on to find out…   They had been communicating …

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