Erotic Fiction

The Stress Relief

Massage chair

Below is a story sent to me by one of my awesome readers, who has a sexy tale about a work trip that got off to a surprisingly good start! Ms. Vanessa writes about how she likes to relieve some stress at the end of a long day, and it …

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The Unicorn’s magical horn

Rainbow Unicorn Horn Dildo

Below is a short story inspired by the Spilt Peaches Unicorn horn dildo (which I will hopefully review soon!) Warning, if you do not like erotic stories that feature animals (even mythical ones), then you may not wish to read this piece.   Abigail loved to read fantasy stories about …

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Behind the Lens for a Photoshoot

Photographer behind the camera

Today is going to be interesting. I have all my camera accessories packed and ready. Lenses, leads, tripod, spare battery and memory card. This is no normal photoshoot. I routinely take pictures for family portraits, nature and wildlife or coastal scenes. My subject for today will be very different. Behind …

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Follow my erotic fantasy to the letter

Erotic fantasy letter

My dear love, I am writing this letter to you as I cannot be with you this weekend, and it saddens me beyond words. I have in my mind an erotic fantasy I would like to share with you. Fulfil all the descriptions provided in this letter, and you will …

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Disciplining Jennifer using the Spreader Bar

Spreader bar with black and white filter

Jennifer has a secret hobby that she likes to enjoy from time to time. Her partner knows, and occasionally when he considers her well-behaved enough he will indulge her hidden desires using a spreader bar. This is one of her preferred items in their adult toy box. I say ‘well-behaved,’ …

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A week in the life of a Hot-Wife

Monday Jim came in from work and told Jenny he’d be leaving in the morning to go out on the road for a business meeting. He’d be gone until Friday. That night when they went up to bed, Jim slid his hands under Jenny’s camisole, cupping her breasts and pressed …

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New fiction from Poppy Goodhead

Front cover art work for Alice White's Utterly Shocking Comic Strip World. An Erotic Fantasy by Poppy Goodhead.

If you enjoyed The Wedding Present by Poppy Goodhead, then you may be interested to read her latest work, Alice White’s Utterly Shocking Comic Strip World. An excerpt is shown below, for your pleasure 😉 “Alice ran her hand down the spine of one book that had taken weeks to …

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Daily Commute

Underground train

Stand behind the yellow line… Lara had been flat-out in the office all day, inundated with paper-work, scheduling meetings, and proof-reading for clients. It was finally 5:30pm; she had a short tube ride across the city centre, before catching the mainline train to her home-town.  There was standing room only …

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Three’s Company

A short story written by yours truly. Three’s Company is inspired by one of my own fantasies! Three’s Company Sasha had been walking all afternoon with Sebastian and Josh. The warm spring sunshine had dappled over the trio as they’d walked the grassy hills in the Peak District. Now they …

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