February PhotoFest 2020

Photography meme created by Molly Moore for the month of February.

Angles are aesthetic

Luv Bunny in an arty 'angles' pose on bed with black hold-ups and a polka dot basque

Thursday is #Throwback day, and this shot is from about 6 years ago. It was in the house I lived in previously to my current one. I had the opportunity to play about with the proper camera and tripod, and I set up what I think is quite an arty …

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Crop a load of this…

Luv Bunny posing with a butterfly crop behind her butt.

As it’s #humpday, I thought it fitting to show a pic of my butt. The crop may be merely a prop, or it might be used for some impact play. Better yet, maybe both! 🙂 This photo is from a couple of years back, but it has not featured on …

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Being a Warrior in the Wind

Luv Bunny's feet in Warrior pose with black painted toes

The featured image shows the Warrior pose stance. I’ve practised this pose in Yoga previously. I try to make sure my heels are aligned whilst my feet are perpendicular. Body weight stays central, then you bend the knee of the foot facing forward to make a ‘lunge’ like movement. This …

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Ass-uming the position

Luv Bunny wearing a skirt and black boots, bent over a bed

I’ve had feedback from some followers during the course of the month, that they enjoy my submissive shots, so here’s a new one showing me bent into ‘child pose’ over the bed. You could say I’m ass-uming the position to receive a spanking or a flogging. 😉 Click the lips …

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Monochrome corset

BS Lingerie Gothic Corset with soft-focus butterly crop

As it’s Thursday, I’m going to have a throwback to an image of a corset I bought a few years back. When life gets increasingly more complicated and my head feels jumbled with all the things I need to remember for myself, Mr Bunny and little bunny, I like to …

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Spread ’em partner!

Spreader bar between Luv Bunny's legs

I was going through some old photos that I took when life was less chaotic and I had more time to pose for photos 😉 This one of me trying out my spreader bar took my fancy, and I decided to add a filter that makes images look like an …

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Who doesn’t like Batman?

Luv Bunny wearing a black Batman corset

The new Batman film directed by Matt Reeves, and starring Robert Pattinson is currently being filmed in London. Robert was the vampire Ed Cullen in Twilight. Now he gets to be the moody caped crusader! This reminded me of a corset set I bought a while back, which isn’t on …

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Call the Love Doctor

Luv Bunny wearing a Naughty nurse role-play costume

I previously wrote a post on Medical play as a fetish, and seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d revisit some old images and display some that may not have been shown at the time. As a way of spicing things up, sometimes it’s fun to enjoy a bit …

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Love Letters

Erotic fantasy letter

I went to my final session of Acceptance and Commitment therapy this week. It’s been quite a journey. As I reflect on what the sessions have taught me, I’ve been reminded of what I value most in romantic relationships. One of those things is communication. I think I have an …

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