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10 phrases never to say during sex. Ever.


As we enter a New Year, some of us are embarking on fresh beginnings in our relationships. Maybe you’ve met someone and you’re taking the next step, exploring each others bodies for the first time. That’s great and sure to be full of excitement, akin to opening up your Christmas …

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A reader’s experience at Swingers clubs

Boudoir Club

Recently I had a Twitter poll to canvas my readers’ thoughts on adult parties /swingers events. The response was mixed in that out of 10 voters, 2 said they would be happy to share their experience, whilst 4 said they’d never been to such an event. The remaining 4 would …

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Fitting Guide for Corsets

V&A Corset

Body-shaping corsets have been worn for centuries, from around 1700 BC. They became less popular in the lead up to the 15th Century. Following a revival, corsets became en vogue up until the Victorian era. Corsets reduce the waistline, whilst emphasising the wearer’s bottom half. Quite literally- just think of …

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Some common ties used in Shibari rope bondage.

Shibari double column tie

This post follows on from An Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage, (otherwise known as Shibari), contributed by guest writer Stutographer. It describes some of his preferred rope bondage techniques, and safety aspects to consider. There are many different types of ties in Shibari. Some of the most important and versatile …

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An Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage

Jute bondage rope

The following is a basic introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage, and has been helpfully compiled by one of my lovely readers, Stutographer. All images displayed are the property of Stutographer and have been reproduced here with his permission. Please contact him directly, if you wish to use any of his …

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Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are a relatively common experience. Especially so in younger (under 25) sexually active people. Though that may be due to their being tested more frequently. Incidentally, the highest rate of STIs is in the elderly.  A study by consultant Dr Ranjababu Kulasegaram …

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