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Like it or loathe it…Valentine’s Day is coming!

January is coming to an end, at last!

If you have been feeling more meh than yeah since the start of 2018, there is light at the end of the tunnel. February will soon be here. Which means three things for yours truly:

  1. Pancakes,
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. My birthday (I’m not divulging how many candles, before you ask!)

I’m sure most of us will love some pancakes (I personally love mine with Nutella and Banana). Some of us may not love Valentine’s Day so much. Yes, I get that not everyone will be in a relationship, so may not feel like joining all the ‘smug’ couples. I also appreciate that it can be quite commercialised, akin with so many other seasonal events during the year. But, even the cynics among my lovely readers would probably agree with this; if they are lucky enough to have a special someone in their life, then surely it is a fabulous opportunity to remind them how much you love them?!

It can be something as simple as writing a heartfelt poem, or letter, to put with some fresh cut flowers on the dining table. Or treating each other to a sensual massage with some lush oils. I really like these ones from Earthly Body,  (pictured in the image above), as they are a nice little trio of three different scents, containing no nasty parabens or other chemicals. They are also vegan-friendly, and glide really well without leaving a greasy residue.

Valentine's Day Just Got Sexier!

Dress up in sumptuous lingerie

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, feeling good about yourself can only be of benefit. Wearing some well-fitting flattering lingerie can do wonders for our body-confidence. Whether you are petite, plus-size or in-between matters not, as there are styles to suit all shapes. Ruffles, lace and bows can focus attention on areas you wish to accentuate. If a figure-hugging basque does not give you the confidence you desire, then a body-stocking or chemise can provide a sexy alternative.

You can be as adventurous as you like with the colouring of the fabrics. Jewel colours look really gorgeous on a range of skin tones. So be as bold as you dare, though if you prefer a more monochrome look, black satin or lace will always be a good option. And guys, you can wear sexy underwear too! Whether you’re heterosexual, gay or bi, wearing something different from your usual boxers or ‘jocks’ will make you even more appealing to your date or significant other.

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Be game for a bit of fun

Adding some element of play can help bond you closer. Whether you’re a couple getting to know each other, a long-established partnership, or into threesomes / group-sex, it’s a given.  As you prepare to get more amorous, board games, sexy dice games, scratch cards and position cards are all ideas for breaking the ice. For newer couples, they may take the pressure off having to come up with ideas. If either of you isn’t up for what is suggested, you can always skip a card, or roll the die again.


You could be looking to update your toy-box with some new vibrators / dildos for trying something different. Pegging? Ejaculating dildo? A partner toy that can be worn during sex. Perhaps you are a long-distance couple that like to use phone sex / web-cam sex to keep the embers of  passion alive. Whatever you fancy trying, you’ll be sure to find something here!


Affiliate links are contained in this post. They won’t cost you extra, and they won’t make me a millionaire, but you’ll be spreading some Valentine’s Love to me if you are happy to use them. Thank you xx

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