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A tantalising New Year…with Tantus!

I decided to treat myself to some Tantus goodies with some money I’d saved over Christmas. My dilemma thus was…what do I order to generate an order just over $200 to qualify for free shipping? The first item to go in my cart was a no-brainer… The Vibrating Vamp grab bag was in the sale, for just over $39 so I snatched that up! The ‘grab bag’ for those unfamiliar with the term is a standard ‘shape and size’ toy of a particular design, but the colour is random. Normally you can select what colour you’d like your Cush, Slick or Goddess dildo to be. But with grab bags, the silicone colouring can be a blend as the new moulds are cast. Tantus state, “The process by which we offer beautifully handcrafted toys requires us to change colours, and with those colour changes, comes a unique and vast variety of product offerings.”

Have money; will spend!


So my Vamp will be unique and interesting whatever colour I end up getting! The first toy selected, I had to add another $161-worth of toys / other stuff to my cart to qualify for the free shipping. This was where my dilemma started…with Brexit shaking our already fragile economy, the value of the £ has decreased, so I needed to consider

  • what Tantus products can I purchase from other suppliers in the UK (where shipping costs will be much lower too)?
  • Are the values of the Tantus products available in the UK equal to or less than the Tantus selling price?
  • What do I want in my next set of toys? Dildos targeting G-spot? Dual-density silicone? A Realistic dildo? Suction-cup compatible dildos? Anal toys? A Doxy wand?! (yes Tantus sell the original Doxy and the Die-cast Doxy wands, but the $US prices are more expensive than  GBP £ RRPs.
  • Can I really afford to part with approaching £200?

Lovehoney’s selection of Tantus products were mainly paddles and feeldoes or realdoes, which I am not looking to purchase right now. Other suppliers, including Uberkinky had a more varied selection of dildos. But the £ prices of the Cush was not cheaper than the $ price. The trend was similar across the range of Tantus toys on Uberkinky’s site.

Some of Uberkinky’s Tantus stash


Adam, Echo or Goddess?

Next to land in my cart was the ‘Adam O2,’ a realistic veiny Dual Density dildo with a curve to make my G-spot wetter than a rainy day in Bognor. I was drawn to the black one, having never had a ‘BBC’ before. But then looking through the other great toys, I was attracted to the ‘Echo,’ which sports a bulbous head and several rippling contours on its underside. The ‘Goddess’ beckoned me too, though it was the Echo that won out due to its slightly more “meaty” appearance. ‘Echo’ reverberated itself into the cart, and so did the suction cup, seeing as this dildo is compatible and I’d like to do some shower play with my new Tantus toy.

I then decided I had to part ways with ‘Adam,’ as I couldn’t justify spending  $113 on a single dildo. Having read Little Switch Bitch’s reviews of the ‘Cush’ and Flurry, I felt I needed the Flurry. In answer to my final consideration, Can I really afford to part with £200? I rationalised that, what the hell, it’s the season of giving. I had bought presents for family and friends, why not treat myself?!

So it was decided, and I hit ‘Checkout,’ akin to Will.I.Am hitting his seat-twirling red button on BBC’s The Voice!

I’m currently awaiting my glut of Tantus goodies, but when they arrive, the testing will commence!

To get your hands on some of Tantus’s delightful toys, please use the click here!


***** Update – the Tantus box of delights has landed in Bunny’s bedroom! *****

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