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Crowned Jewels aluminium double ended dildo with black tube packaging and drawstring pouch.

Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury metal dildo

Crowning glory for my ‘Queen’

I had wanted to try a metal dildo for some time, but the price had deterred me previously. That is, until a generous birthday discount from one of my preferred retailer sealed the deal. I then swooped and claimed the Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury metal dildo as my own.

Speaking of seals, the wax seal on top of the tube packaging is a lovely little touch. I adore details like that, and the tube itself is sturdy and sleek. It assertively states, ‘inside this Royal container, you will be majestically presented with a regal treasure. One that gives great pleasure.’

Inside the tube, the lovely Shaftsbury dildo sits snugly with its black velvety storage pouch, instruction leaflet and tissue paper. I was slightly surprised at the size of the dildo; it certainly is narrower than some of my glass toys, but it is definitely no lightweight.

The smooth shiny phallus displayed its curves beautifully, and if in the Tower of London, it would be fiercely protected by the ravens. Alas, it is all mine, so I will be keeping it safe when not in use. When played with, it will be put through its paces like Princess Anne’s thoroughbreds at equestrian events.

Sensational Shaftsbury

In use, this toy glides deliciously over my skin, cooling and sending pleasurable tingles through me. Over my clitoris and labia it feels wonderful, especially on a hot day. Though I’ve not tried it chilled, I am looking forward to trying it fresh from an ice bucket.

Internally, the bumps caress my inner walls and the bulbous end hits my magic spot a treat. While I don’t climax through penetration alone, with a wand on my clit at the same time, I can achieve immensely satisfying waves of orgasmic pleasure.

I am intrigued to see what this dildo is like for anal play. Currently, I am not able to facilitate girthy toys in my anus, and I don’t generally like ‘cold’ anal toys, so I would most likely pre-warm it in warm water. I imagine the angling would give men a very pleasurable prostate massage.

The Shaftsbury I own is the aluminium version that can be purchased from Crowned Jewels for £69.99. They have a stunning range of metal dildos and other quality toys.


Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury

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