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Dildos through the ages…

The 21st Century woman has a plethora of sex toys available, to cater to her every whim. From electrical impulse vibrators (electrostimulation), rabbit vibrators, oral sex simulators through to the trusty wands and classic bullet vibrators. Dildos are also a popular option, when vibration isn’t necessarily required. The materials that can be used include glass, silicone, ceramic, and wood. Silicone is popular as it is hypoallergenic and feels smooth. Water-based lubricant is a must though. Silicone-based lubricants will react with the silicone in the toy, degrading it. Glass looks interesting, and lends itself to sensation play, through warming or cooling. The colours and textures can also look artistic in their own right.

Phallic Time Travel

If we step into our phallic time machine, and whizz back 4-5 decades, we will see the invention of a popular household electronic device. The vibrator was developed by General Electric, as a solution for medical professionals. Doctors faced the time-consuming and laborious task of *ahem* getting female patients ‘off’ in order to cure their ‘hysteria.’

This condition, only occurred in women. It was considered to be a womb-problem, purported by Hippocrates to be ‘anything that made a woman troublesome to those around her.’ Hysteria was blamed for fatigue, irritability and depression. The symptoms were thought to be alleviated through orgasm, clinically termed, ‘hysterical paroxysm.’ Hysteria was even retained in the DSM (the ‘bible’ for psychiatric conditions) as late as 1980.

During the Renaissance, dildos were ornate and intricate to provide artistic merit as well as physical pleasure. The word dildo, originates from the Italian diletto, meaning ‘to delight.’ Stone dildos were used by local ‘holy men’ in India and Persia. They would show up ceremonially on a virgin’s wedding night, to break her hymen.  Sometimes this ritual was performed *gasp* in the centre of town, in order to confirm the purity of the bride. Blood from the hymen was considered ‘unclean’ for the new husband to come into direct contact with. The irony!

In the present day, dildos of all varieties, including double-ended ones are available from a wide range of adult stores. The internet hosts a cornucopia of online retail outlets, so you can have your phallic delight delivered to your door!


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