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Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn

Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn Review

Somewhere over the Rainbow!

Ever since I had the delight of seeing the Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn, I’ve thought ‘that is a toy I want, nay need!’ I didn’t really consider myself a ‘girlie’ girl when I was growing up, besides being a fan of Kylie and wanting to be a pop star like her when I was about 7. That being said, I liked my ‘girls’ toys including Sindy (who was way cooler than Barbie!) and my Tangerine ‘Keeper.’

Ok, so I liked my childhood toys. Now I like my adult toys. They’re just as colourful and entertaining, and give me thrills that I can keep on getting. Moreover, I don’t think I will ‘grow out’ of them, unlike the dolls and collectible sets from the likes of Mattel. I recently wrote about a Unicorn with a Magical Horn. That was the final straw for me. I wanted my very own Unicorn horn. Luckily, Split Peaches do some really cool rainbow ones. They cater to ‘size queens’ as well as ‘regular joes and janes.’ There is a small, medium, and large version. Not only that, but there are also pastel coloured variants too! Awesome!

The lovely Carolyn at Betty’s Toy Box arranged for me to have my own Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn. I awaited its transit from the US with baited breath. When I got the box, I eagerly cut it open and found what I would class as a large unicorn horn dildo. I forgot that the US ‘medium’ is pretty darned big. Just as well I didn’t ‘supersize’ and order the large!


A Coloured Spiral that will split your ‘peach.’

The euphemistically named Split Peaches make some cool dildos that are pretty hefty in some cases. In my box along with the Rainbow Unicorn Horn, was a little chain with a silicone Split Peaches motif, as well as some stickers. A purple foil envelope informed me that my order had been picked by Andy. Ok, cool I don’t necessarily need to know my dildo packager’s Christian name. But I guess it’s nice to know a human handled it as opposed to a machine.

The Rainbow Unicorn Horn comes sealed in a plastic vacuum pack. There is a sticker that says Made in U. S. A, in addition to care instructions that inform you to wash your toy with soap and water, or boil it. Alternativley you can put it through the dishwasher. In bold orange type, you are warned: DO NOT USE WITH SILICONE LUBRICANTS. Are we clear on that, y’all? Good!

Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn

Moving on, the silicone tip is red, graduating to orange, yellow and green. The large flared base is blue. My trusty tape measure sizes it up at 7 ½ inches in length, and 7 inches in circumference. Yikes! I think I’m going to need lube. Plenty of water-based lube. I didn’t actually check to see what the dimensions of the large unicorn horn are, but I’m going to guess that it’s mahoosive.


Taking a ride on the Rainbow.

The only time I took a ride on a rainbow, besides playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64, or eating Skittles has been when I’ve tested the Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn. This has been more fun than either of the former. Particularly when I team it up with my Doxy Number 3. A powerful wand for a beast of a dildo. It has to be done. Wow, that is all I will say.

The Rainbow Unicorn Horn really comes into its own when you start twisting it round inside your stretched vagina. Some may like to use it anally (it has a flared base, so is safe to do so). But I will not attempt to use this ‘battering ram’ of a dildo anally. The answer to the million-dollar question,

“so Luv Bunny, can you take it ALL? Can you??”

is, erm, almost! I get down to the yellow, and that’s it. My vagina simply refuses to accept any more. Safe to say, I think achieving that much is a reasonable effort. The silicone is pretty draggy, and it’s firm too. Not a lot of squish to the horn. Though my vagina likes to squish the horn, or at least try to. It can double as my kegel workout 😉

Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn

Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn

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Get your own Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn

Betty’s Toy Box sell the Rainbow Unicorn Horn for $43.00 (small), $65.00 (medium) or $120.00 (large). The Rainbow Unicorn Horns are hand-made using platinum silicone, so you can rest assured they are completely body-safe, and each one will be unique!


I would like to thank Carolyn at Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn, in exchange for this review. What you read is my honest opinion. I use affiliate links, which help me to keep this site running at no extra cost to you. Please clear your cookies before clicking the links. Thank you xx



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