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Who doesn’t love a bit of Mystery?

This week, Tantus have a promotion on their new Mystery boxes. As an owner of a few Tantus toys myself, including the Echo, Charmer, Flurry, I have to say that $89 for a random box of 3 high-quality and unique fuck toys sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Did I say the retail value of the box is $185? No way!

What’s more, if you get them before the 12th March and quote Mystery20, you’ll get your own box of fun for a mere $71.20. That might sound like a lot of moolah when you have bills to pay. But given the shitty year, (that we’ve all had), a bit of a Mystery fucking of ourselves can only be a good thing, right? It’s better than being fucked over by the government, media, your ex (* delete as appropriate).

If you happen to like larger toys (because sometimes size does matter!), you can get an XL version of the mystery box for $185. This week with your 20% code, that equates to $148. For a box of fuctackular surprises that have a retail value of $350!


Want one of these boxes? Head to Tantus’s site and place your order before the 12th March.

This post contains an affiliate link, which means I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. By using this link you will be supporting my site and hopefully, you’ll feel amazing for doing that, whilst also feeling like you’ve made a great investment for your toybox 😉 <3

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Tantus 100% Premium silicone

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