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Moist offerings for July’s Erotic Poetry Challenge

For this week’s erotic poetry challenge, I thought I’d revisit an old post, and attempt to make it into Iambic Tetramer. Each poetic ‘foot’ has an unstressed syllable, followed by a stressed syllable. I’ve emphasised this with the colouring of my text. It sounded like it would work in my head, but when reading aloud poetry can take on a different sound.

This form of ‘meter’ or rhythm was often used by Shakespeare and Chaucer before him. My piece is much shorter than a sonnet though. Sonnets follow the form of three quatrains with alternating ends that rhyme, as in (A, B, A, B; C, D, C, D; E, F, E, F).

There is a rhyming couplet (G, G) at the end. I’ve not written a sonnet, instead opting for something much simpler. Make of it what you will, though I hope it either inspires or encourages others to write something much better!

Moist offerings

My dewed lips pout. Pink flesh shines ‘gainst

Coarse hair brushing fingers. As deft

they enter, slowly easing twain.

Then thrusting upwards. Wetness coats

two digits I offer you- my

sub; lov-ingly lick them. Taste my need,

boy. Suck the honey. Buzz bee; Nec

tar beckons ever more to thee.

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The Erotic Poetry Challenge by Brigit Delaney
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  1. A great introduction to Lambic poetry, and a wonderfully evocative and erotic example as well Bunny…i could really picture it

  2. Awesome! This week’s should be right up your alley…as you’ve already got the iambic pentameter down!

  3. You’re so talented, loved these sexy instructions to a sub in poetic form

    • That’s so kind of you to say Posy. I don’t feel like I’m talented. I deliberated over the wording for a while. It was already drafted from a previous post 😝 💜

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