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Photographer behind the camera

Behind the Lens for a Photoshoot

Today is going to be interesting. I have all my camera accessories packed and ready. Lenses, leads, tripod, spare battery and memory card. This is no normal photoshoot. I routinely take pictures for family portraits, nature and wildlife or coastal scenes. My subject for today will be very different. Behind the lens of my camera, I will be witnessing a striking woman in her revealing lingerie. Capturing the seductive quality of her curves and the lines of her apparel. Satin and lace creating sumptuous contrasts with her silky skin.

The venue for our photoshoot will be a room that is booked in a hotel. It will be a blank canvas, with nothing to distract my model. She will be bringing several outfit changes, and some paraphernalia from her toy collection. I arrive at the room a few hours before meeting her. Examining the room, with it’s light furniture, I place a satin throw over the bed to make it more luxurious. I place my lamp at the head of the bed, so it sends its light over my ‘canvas.’

My model sends me a message when she has arrived in the hotel lobby, and I pop down to meet her for a coffee in the bar. I like to discuss a shoot with my subject, in case there are any angles they would rather avoid. Double chins and posture can be the down-fall of an otherwise perfect shot. Her preference is for a slight angled front profile, with me photographing from above. This is to avoid the double chin, as I have mentioned. It is a common theme in my discussions with my models. Not just female either!

As I step into the lounge, I see her standing elegantly at the bar. She is wearing a summer dress, with a medium sized hold-all placed on the floor beside her. I joke that she is all set to stay a night at the hotel, and she laughs and tells me she couldn’t decide which outfits to bring, so she bought them all! Her favourite ones, anyway. Our conversation over coffee is light, and I take notes as she tells me her preferences for photographic poses. She’d like some of her seated in the chair, and on the bed. Others of her standing in the doorway between the bathroom and bedroom. Then the ones of her lying on the bed. Her props include a flogger, some restraints and rose petals. She also has a mask. She wishes to create an air of mystery and remain anonymous.

Once we are in the modest hotel room, I get my camera set up on its tripod and select the appropriate lens for the initial pictures. My model goes to the bathroom to put on her first outfit, a corset top with skirt and stockings. I take full length shots of her standing, and then some whilst she sits. She displays her flogger for a few of them. Following this, she changes into a body stocking and we arrange rose petals on the bed to create a romantic scene.

Her poses are carefully considered and executed. She asks me if her posture is correct. She does not like seeing images of herself where she is slouching, so she is keen to keep her back upright, and her head tall. I reassure her that she is displaying beautifully, and scroll through some images for her to see. A couple she asks me to delete as she is not quite happy with them, so I oblige and then we resume.

Her final outfit is a teddy in a claret and black print, that fits her hourglass figure perfectly. She wears it with Cuban-heeled stockings. Lying on the bed, on her front, she asks me to fasten the restraints around her wrists and ankles. I do so, and feel a thrill, as I adjust the Velcro of her straps. Once she is in position, I aim my camera from above, capturing the back of her body and head in one superb line.

Next I take a close-up with a macro lens, of her stockinged legs shown through her restraints. These images are my favourite, and I hope she will approve them. There is an intimacy between my subject and I, whilst we are on opposing ends of the camera lens. As the photographer, I am a voyeur to her evocative display. She is vulnerable, whilst trusting me to catch her in a variety of poses often only seen by a lover.

At the end of the photoshoot, we look through the images together and agree the ones we’ll keep. I will make my edits to the contrast, and crop images as necessary. From behind the lens I have witnessed exquisite feminine power.

Disclaimer: The photo used in the featured image is from

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I found it very interesting from a modelling and photographic point of view. Just wish we could see some of the pics, but I understand why they are not featured.

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