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Disciplining Jennifer using the Spreader Bar

Jennifer has a secret hobby that she likes to enjoy from time to time. Her partner knows, and occasionally when he considers her well-behaved enough he will indulge her hidden desires using a spreader bar. This is one of her preferred items in their adult toy box. I say ‘well-behaved,’ in the sense of submitting to her Master’s requests without being bratty. Jennifer is a stubborn woman and does not always like being given instructions. Her replies are often peppered with sarcasm and even arrogance. Master does not tolerate this, and so he will ignore these outbursts if he is able to. But when Jennifer crosses a line, she needs disciplinary treatment. A few firm thwacks with a crop on her behind will usually quell her fiery temperament.

On this day in particular, Jennifer has not complied with her Master’s polite request that she attend to some paperwork. He did not have the time to complete it, and so he’d asked her to finish it. A simple enough task it would have been too, but Jennifer had other ideas as to how she was going to spend her time. When her Master came home that evening and saw the stack of unfinished paperwork on the desk he knew it was time to give Jennifer the incentive she needed. He told her to go upstairs, remove her panties, and wait for him. Jennifer sashayed past him with a smirk at the corner of her rosy lips. Up the stairs she trotted.

Master sees the expression on her face and his decision is made. He strides up the stairs a few minutes after her. She is already in their room with her panties placed on the bed so he can see them. “Spread your legs, please Jennifer,” he requests in a no-nonsense tone. Petulantly, Jennifer responds, “make me!” To this, he declares, “indeed I will, if you do not comply by the time I count to three; one…two…” Jennifer smiles at him but does not move an inch. “Three,” Master finishes his reprieve. Grim determination set on his face, he retrieves the spreader bar with ankle straps from the wardrobe. Bending down, he fastens each strap around her ankles in turn, then pulls the bar out to part her legs. The straps have O-rings for tying rope through, so that her legs are able to be suspended.

Flipping Jennifer onto her back, with the aid of the spreader bar, Master proceeds to suspend her legs to the rafters of a beam above the bed. He watches her reaction, and she seems nonchalant. He then takes her Doxy wand out of the box under the bed, and places it on the bedside stand, which happens to be out of her reach! To frustrate her, he plugs the wand in and switches it on. Then holding the wand, he lets her listen to the deep rumble it produces for a few moments. He calmly turns it off and places it back on the stand. Looking at Jennifer, he can see she is somewhat irked.

Master announces to Jennifer that he needs to go back downstairs momentarily. He notices the look of dismay on her face, and says, “it’s ok, my sweet Jennifer, I won’t be long.” Leaving the room, he softly pulls the door behind him. She glances at the Doxy with longing. If only she could reach it, she would be able to give her aching clitoris the pleasure it craves. Master has outwitted her though, and she realises it is because she did not comply with his request to finish the paperwork.

Downstairs, she hears Master opening the front door to someone who has knocked loudly. He invites them in, and she begins to fret that he will leave her there. Or worse, invite a stranger in to their bedroom to witness her predicament! Watching the ticking clock on the wall, several minutes pass by, whilst Jennifer hears the hushed discussion between the visitor and Master. Much to her relief, the guest takes their leave after 10 minutes which seem like hours to Jennifer! Then she hears her Master’s footsteps coming up the creaking stairs.

He grins broadly at her as he enters the room, and reassures her he is now at her attendance. Taking up the wand, he dribbles some lubricant on its silicone head and switches it on. Master places it over Jennifer’s clitoris, but ramps up the setting to full-speed straight away. There is no warm-up, and within mere seconds her orgasm forcefully rushes through her. She wails, and as her body stops trembling from the onslaught of the sudden climax, Master looks at her with a satisfied smirk. Without a word he undoes the rope and unfastens the straps around her ankles. Retracting the spreader bar, he places it back into the wardrobe on the shelf. Wiping the head of the wand to clean off the lubricant and her pussy juices, he asks Jennifer if she has anything to say.

Jennifer answers him reproachfully, “I’m sorry for not obeying you Master, and leaving the paperwork!” Master replies, “consider that your lesson, my dear Jennifer. Now please spend the afternoon doing the task I asked of you!”

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