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coffee bar

Do you come here often?… The coffee break.

Robert was taking a break from his day’s work as a field service engineer for an instrumentation company. He’d stopped off at a local country pub for a drink and a rustic lunch. The food was wholesome and satisfying. This pub had a cosy feel to it, he just lacked a friendly companion.

Savouring a hot drink, he glanced up noticing a brunette woman approaching the bar. The barmaid asked her what she’d like. “Could I have a mocha please, with an extra shot of espresso?” She paid for her order and waited at the bar while the coffee was prepared. The barmaid handed it to her with a kind smile. The lady took her drink to a nearby table, placing her handbag on the empty chair. She took her seat on the other chair.

Glancing over at the woman, he sensed that she felt sudden loneliness. She’d sighed when she’d sat down. He finished his cup and then called the barmaid over. He enquired, “please could I get another of those?”

“Certainly you may,” she replied jovially. When she had made the Americano the barmaid handed it over, before continuing to load the dishwasher quietly.

Robert popped his coffee on the bar, then walked over to the woman. “Hi there, I’m Robert. I couldn’t help notice when you walked in the bar. Would you like some company? ” The woman looked surprised, but not offended at the suggestion. She nodded, and said with a rueful smile, “Sure, that sounds much better than sitting here on my tod. You may call me Grace, by the way,” as she offered her hand. Robert grasped it warmly. “Lovely to meet you Grace, I’ll just fetch my cup.”

After he’d sat down, he enquired whether Grace was local or visiting the area. “Oh, I’m not from around here, but my sister has needed my help recently, as she was in a dreadful accident. She’s broken her pelvis and is in a chair at the moment. My other sister has a family, so seeing as I’m on my own, I was the nominated one to provide care.”

Interested by what she’d revealed, Robert asked if she was close to her sister. Grace gave another wan smile and revealed that she wasn’t. Her sister had been the favourite, and the resentment Grace had felt towards her had deepened over the years. It seemed Robert had been right on his hunch that Grace was a lonely lady. “What about hobbies and interests to keep you occupied?” he inquired.

Grace told him about her book club that she was involved with. She also helped her village parish, communicating with the council on behalf of residents. Another past-time Grace enjoyed was baking; she often made cakes to donate to the school and the church. It seemed like Grace was a caring woman, with a lot of love to give. Apart from her community, she did not receive a lot of appreciation in return.

“How long will you be in the area?” Robert enquired, after telling her some more about himself. He’d told Grace about his work, and how he lived alone. He was a member of his local cricket club and played tennis in summer. During the winter, Robert went running and was a member of a local history society. He could see that Grace had a submissive side to her personality, as she often waited for him to prompt her in the conversation.

Thoughtfully, Robert made comfortable small-talk with Grace while they finished their beverages. When Grace took the last sip of coffee from her white ceramic cup and clinked it back on its saucer, Robert decided to ask her if she’d meet him later that week for dinner. Seeming shy, Grace’s eyes widened slightly as her cheeks flushed a delicate rose. “Thank you for the invitation, Robert, that would be lovely to continue our conversation.”

The time was arranged, and Robert excused himself. Grace stood up offering her hand again. This time, Robert took it up to his lips and kissed the back of her palm. Grace’s blush deepened as she exclaimed a surprised, “oh!”

“Until we meet again, Grace,” said Robert with a warm smile, and he took his leave into the brisk autumnal chill outside. Later that evening, when Grace had settled her sister for the night and got herself prepared for bed, she rested her head on her pillow, picturing Robert’s charming face with lips that curved upwards as he smiled, and dark chocolate eyes that crinkled at the corners. An attractive man and Grace couldn’t believe he’d approached her when she must seem so weary.

Grace felt a tingling between her thighs. Reaching down with one hand, she trailed her fingers through her labia and found the flesh there plump and moist. Touching herself in her sister’s house felt illicit, but she wasn’t bothered. Her desire was awakening, at the mental prompts from earlier that day. Like a kaleidoscope, images of Robert’s face with its range of expressions flittered through her mind’s eye. She imagined it was his hand down between her lithe thighs.

Spreading her knees wide, Grace continued stroking her nether lips and fingered her swelling bud. Coaxing her clitoris from its shroud, Grace concentrated on bringing herself to the edge of orgasmic delight. The past week had been tiresome, with her sister’s demands and instructions. But the tension Grace had felt was melting away, as the waves of her climax broke free.

With her lust sated, Grace fell into a restorative slumber and dreamt about meeting Robert for dinner that week.

Part 2 will follow soon!

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  1. Nice start to a romantic story. Hope Robert meets with Grace this week.

  2. You’re so good at leaving us wanting more. You have created such believable characters in Robert and Grace and I’m very keen to fid out what happens to them next. Also, I’m hoping there will be more excitement in the nether regions.

    • Thank you for your praise CP. I think the characters I like to write about most are the ones that are ‘real’ people with their own struggles and worldliness. We don’t live in a bubble so we are all affected by what happens around us.

  3. The main thing is not to be alone

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