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Discovery - An Eroticon Anthology cover art of a pastel figure

Eroticon Discovery (2019) and Truth (2018) Anthologies

This post is to mention that I now have work published in two of the Eroticon Anthologies.

2019’s Eroticon Anthology title is Discovery, and the official spiel about it is as follows (courtesy of Resonance Press):

Discovery is the third collection of writings from those who attend Eroticon, a yearly event for authors of erotica, sex bloggers and those who can turn a hand to both.

A delicious and tantalising mix of fiction and non-fiction, the anthology brings together experienced writers and bold new voices, offering a range of takes on the theme of discovery. Some share their sex-blogger journeys, and the greater self-knowledge they acquire by writing about different aspects of sexuality. Some describe a particular sexual encounter which changed the way they see the world. Others have penned erotic stories, arousing or thought-provoking or packing an emotional punch.

There are over twenty pieces to choose from in Discovery. Featured authors are 19Syllables, Rachael Kaye, Hannah Lockhardt, Hyacinth Jones, Charlie Powell, Euclidean Point, Marie Rebelle, Luv Bunny, Jerusalem Mortimer, Posy Churchgate, Girl on the Net, Nina Vallard, May More, Julie Jones, Quinn Rhodes, Cara Thereon, missy, Alun Norley, Morgan Peschek and Zebra Rose.

Discovery - An Eroticon Anthology cover art of a pastel figure

The cover artwork is stunning, and is created by Tabitha Rayne. So if you want to read more from any of your favourite bloggers, follow this link to purchase your copy and support a lot of fabulous creatives whilst indulging in some literary smuggets! (smut-nuggets, y’all!)

And 2018’s Anthology is Truth, which I wrote a longer piece in. It’s a story not featured on the blog, and it combines elements of mystery, intrigue, BDSM and a realisation that there is No Place Like Home. Ahhhh!

Cover art work for TRUTH An Eroticon Anthology, Edited by Zak Jane Keir.

For all my other Erotic Fiction, feel free to browse here!

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