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Flash Friday Number 23: Lovers in the Lavender

This is my first Flash Friday entry. I hope you all like it. I didn’t use the prompt “rabbit ears,” but I (of course,) have my own 😉

The Lavender Field image is taken from Flickr, courtesy of Andrew Wilkinson.

Luke and Cat had been frequenting their local Lavender farm every summer. The scent of the delicate purple blooms enticed them, as well as the bees, to the field tucked away in a rural pocket in the Home Counties. Their favoured time to go was a Friday evening, when it was less busy. They would walk alongside the field with its purple haze, and enjoy the lowering sun making its descent on the horizon. As they ambled hand in hand up the track, Cat murmured to Luke, “remember that night we stayed until the stars came out?”

“Mmm, I do! I think we’d fucked so much I was starting to see stars!” Luke chuckled and smiled with fondness. “I’m so glad we made this our regular date night,” Cat mused. She squeezed his hand and pausing her steps, she said to Luke, “this is the place for tonight!” He turned and winked at her, before scooping her up in his arms and spinning her round, with an excited laugh.

“I’m getting dizzy,” Cat giggled. Luke breathed in her scent, and exclaimed, “Cat, you smell absolutely lush! I want to taste you, now!” Lowering her onto the floor, he helped her lied down on the blanket they’d bought. She propped herself on her elbows so she could watch him and he went between her legs. Smiling at him she blew him a kiss. He parted her knees, kissing up her thighs as he hitched her summer dress up. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, and he could smell her fragrant aroma emanating from her pink, plump pussy lips.

Groaning with pleasure at her exquisite vulva opening before him, Luke run his fingers across her mound and traced her short pubic hair. “I like this, it’s so sexy. It is enough to draw my eye away from your delicious pussy, but not too much to hide it.”  Now he was lapping along her labia with his tongue, taking his time. He gave her the pressure she needed to make her cheeks flush pink. It was a warm evening, but Cat could feel her core temperature rising as Luke kept licking in circles. Around her clitoris, over the hood and back again. Sweeping across several times before tracing back along her labia, and along the cleft of her vulva to her moist vagina.

He took one hand closer to her parted legs, and inserted two fingers into her wet hole. She sucked his digits in, greedily and clenched around them as he rubbed her inner front wall. Licking and fingering her harder, until she threw her head back and moaned his name with a guttural growl. He felt her walls spasm around him, and withdrawing his slick fingers, he offered them to her mouth, to taste herself.

“Mmm,” she said, “I’m sweet like the Lavender!”

“Even better!” Luke grinned back at her, licking his lips.

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  1. I like the way you kept bringing the story back to the lavender theme. Great sexy interlude with so few words.

  2. The air smells of lavender—and other things—as one reads this sexy tale. You’ve managed to packed a lot of detail into such a small word-count and your characterization is solid. Good job.

  3. Such an attractive taste and smell of lavender outside and inside.

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