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Office Lady

Flash Friday Number 24 – Out of Office

This short story is about a casual hook-up, when two people from different office jobs keep bumping into other throughout the course of their day. It was a sign, after all! 

Image taken courtesy of  Dana Tentis.


Out of Office

Sarah stopped at a red light on her way to work. Just after she’d pulled away, several hundred yards down the road she had to brake for a pedestrian stepping onto a crossing. She was frustrated at being late; it made her drum her fingers on the steering wheel. The male walking was polite, waving at her and smiling. She noticed his eyes crinkle at the corners in a sexy way.

As she finished her journey to the office, parking her car, she was walking into the building more hastily than she usually would. Rounding a corridor in the office block’s inner maze, she bumped into someone resembling the guy she had seen crossing the road only a while ago. Impossible! Sarah mused to herself.

Once at her desk, she was greeted by an inbox stacked high with paperwork. A Post-It® note on top had a scrawled ‘urgent!’ in red pen. It seemed to her that her manager often had a case of ‘fire-fighter syndrome.’ Merely sighing, Sarah sat down to work, the next couple of hours passing quickly as she attempted to complete her most important tasks.

Later that morning, she got up from her desk to get herself a coffee from the staff room. Walking back to her desk, she’d only just made it back when the lights went out. The office went eerily quiet; its power had cut out! This was not what she needed on a busy day. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed her bag, putting some papers she needed to read through inside. Sarah headed out to a nearby park, thinking “I may as well get some vitamin D,” to herself.

She’d read a few pages when glancing up, she noticed a jogger approaching. As he came closer, Sarah recognised him as the man she’d bumped into earlier that morning! He seemed to remember her, as he stopped, before saying, “we seem to keep bumping into one another today, don’t we?” Sarah joked that maybe it was a sign. They got to talking some more and discovered a mutual interest in exotic food.

Sarah mentioned she was hungry and invited him to join her for lunch. They ate and flirted, brushing hands and exchanging coy smiles. Before they made their way back to the office, Sarah pulled her mystery companion behind a bush in a hidden corner of the park. Asking him if he was keen for a quickie, to which he breathed a simple “Yes please!” Sarah hitched her skirt up, inviting him to take her from behind. Going at it hard for a few minutes, she felt some orgasmic delight, as he stroked her clitoris to climax before he pulled out and came over her pert buttocks.

“Thank you for inviting me to lunch, Sarah,” her cute companion gratefully said, wiping the cream running over her fleshy behind with a clean handkerchief. Sarah replied, “it was fantastic to meet you Brad! Another lunch date sometime?”

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  1. Very tasty lunch. Wish there were more of these.

    • Thank you, Mark. Do you mean you wish there were more erotic stories? I’ve been meaning to write more. Unfortunately, real life has been a tad relentless lately. I will have to carve out some time to write. It’s good for the soul.

      • Your stories are always not just erotic, but also meaningful. That is why they are so interesting to read. So my answer to your question is YES. I want to see and read more stories like this. And I’m sorry you don’t have time to write.

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