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Erotic fantasy letter

Follow my erotic fantasy to the letter

My dear love,

I am writing this letter to you as I cannot be with you this weekend, and it saddens me beyond words. I have in my mind an erotic fantasy I would like to share with you. Fulfil all the descriptions provided in this letter, and you will be rewarded on my return. If you are unable to complete any of the requests, I shall have to mete out appropriate punishment, in accordance with your short-comings. The punishment will take the form of spanking, use of a paddle, nipple torture, orgasm denial or a combination of these.

My hope is that you will succeed in accomplishing the tasks I set out for you. I will be far happier to reward you, my love, than to discipline you. Below are the details of my erotic fantasy; please read them carefully:

  1. Visit a local café, wearing a short flared skirt and stockings, with heels. Ensure you have no panties on, and sit somewhere you will be in plain view of the window. Get the attention of a male waiter, whom you find attractive. Have him take your order and request that only he serve you. Whenever he comes to the table, uncross your legs as he approaches and then cross them again. He will have a glimpse of your delectable pussy, and stockinged thighs.
  2. Continue to tease the waiter, by smiling and playfully flirting with him. After you have eaten and drunk, leave your table. Ensure you get the bill first, and leave payment to include a generous tip. Visit the ladies room, and masturbate yourself to the point just before you climax. Imagine the waiter fucking your juicy pussy with his hard cock whilst you finger yourself.
  3. Return home, undress yourself, and place your clamps with the chain on your pink nipples. Take your leather flogger and lash it over your breasts in turn. Say that you are being reprimanded by your Sir for your wanton display in the café.

Lastly, ensure you take appropriate photographs for each of the above instructions. They are an important part of my erotic fantasy. Send the photographs to me after you have finished all three steps.

My requests are simple enough that you ought to find them easy to complete. I hope to be able to reward you generously on my return, my love.

Forever yours,

Sir xx

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  1. mmmm nice fantasy

  2. In my opinion, it is better to receive rewards than punishments.

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