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Friday Flash #39- Under the Bridge

“Meet me under the bridge” said the archer to the parlour maid. George was a straight shooter; his words hit Meredith without arcing. Much like his aim when firing arrows over the parapet of the keep’s tower.

His eyes pierced into hers and he flashed his most charming smile. Meredith would be there, he was sure.

“Tonight, before the first bell” George wanted to make sure they could get out of the castle and back in before the curfew. The drawbridge would go up at 9pm sharp, and the first bell sounded at 8pm.

Meredith nodded and curtsied as she heard her lady-in-waiting summon her. Out of the door she bolted, and as she did, she handed George a parchment paper wrapped around a currant bun.

George took the bun, winking. He’d spend some time down by the river and practice shooting targets. There was a bridge over the river and this would be their rendezvous point.

Once Meredith finished her errands, she was dismissed. Her lady had gone to a banquet in the court, so Meredith was able to spend some time at leisure.

Strolling down to the river, she picked a few wild flowers on the way. Tucking one behind her ear she continued her amble,noticing George packing his bow away.

Glancing up, he looked toward her. His eye was keen and he’d seen her skirt swaying as she traversed the grassy bank. Soon enough they were face-to-face. Meredith’s golden hair sparkled in the evening sun, lowering on the horizon. George took her hand and kissed it, bowing.

“M’lady, I am honoured by your acquaintance,” he told her with a boyish grin. George took her other hand, and bent to kiss her rosy lips.

Kissing Meredith was like landing his arrows straight into his target. Satisfying, but he looked forward to the next lingering brush with her Cupid’s Bow.

Their kisses continued until the second bell sounded at 8:30. Breaking apart, George took Meredith’s hand and lead her back up the bank.

They reached the drawbridge and crossed stealthily so as to not alert anyone to their return.


Friday Flash


The featured image is provided courtesy of @LasciviousLucy

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  1. Oh how sweet – Pons is going to love this! Well done LB x

  2. What a charming story! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  3. Posy was right. I did love this LB. I’ve fallen a bit behind with my reading lately but very glad to havd read this just now. I enjoyed it so much I wanted it to carry on. x

  4. a very romantic story) and it’s also so beautiful when people fall in love.

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