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Friday Flash #40 – A pizza distraction

This week’s prompt is pizza, which is great because I enjoy eating it! 

The featured image is courtesy of Flickr.


“How about we make our own pizza tonight?”  I say to my hubby, whilst I knead the dough for the base. “That would be awesome,” he grins back at me, as he grabs the tomato puree, some olives, and ham from the fridge.

I spread the puree on the rolled base, he adds the other ingredients and into the oven it goes. Then he notices I smudged tomato puree by my nose, so he motions to wipe it away. The red sauce leaves my face, but as I catch his eye my skin flushes warm. Rosy cheeked, I lean into him and say, “we have 10 minutes to kill…”

He winks and lifts me onto the worktop. Leaning in to kiss me, our mouths collide. They grapple hungrily at the others. He’s already rock hard. The thought of fucking there makes me seep into my satin gusset. At just the right height standing in front of me, his cock appears as he lowers his shorts. Sliding that scrap of satin covering my pussy out of the way, he is free to enter.

Pushing the firmness of his erection into me, he groans. The fucking is fast and frenetic; his shorts remain bunched around his ankles. It isn’t long before he reaches climax. The ropes of semen spray into me, and though I haven’t cum I don’t mind as I know he will see to it that I do later!

He looks satisfied, until he remembers he forgot the cheese topping! “Better make another pizza,” I joke, motioning to the leftover dough on the counter.

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  1. I love how the pizza making was the foreplay. Your sense of humour really showed through in this. Despite the short wordcount and the speed of the action (fast food definitely translates to a quickie!) it was erotic and pepperoni hot! Lovely LB x

  2. Deliciously hot and funny too! Loved it! 😉

  3. Nice anticipation of a delicious dinner.

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