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Woman's navel framed by her hands

Friday Flash 47 – Directing my lover

The prompt for this week’s Friday Flash is ‘Directions.’ I decided to think out of the box. I’m writing from the perspective of a woman giving her lover directions for pleasuring her with his touch and tongue.  Featured image is taken courtesy of Flickr.

Go south of my navel,

I say to him as I lie back on my sun lounger in the garden. He traces his fingers down my torso, his warm skin gliding across mine and sending shivers through me. When his fingertips brush the hair over my pubic mound, I breathe in deeply. He parts his fingers and slides them along my labia, collecting the moisture from my puffy lips. Bending his head lower, his tongue protrudes from between his lips, making contact with my engorged pearl that sits at the top of my vulva.

Alternate the direction of your circling,

I moan in a whisper to my lover. His tongue swirls around my clitoris and sweeps over the hood, adding moisture to the creamy juices I’ve secreted.

Next I take his hands in mine, and pull them up across my body.

Place your hands further north,

I urge him as I undulate my hips beneath his roving tongue. He massages my ‘east and west’ breasts, and squeezes my nipples. Pinching and tugging them, he continues to suckle my nether bud until I reach my destination; climactic release! The journey was well-planned and timed, and once I’d reached my end place I did not want to go back!


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  1. I like the perspective you’ve chosen!

    • I like to write from different perspectives. It keeps the story interesting and helps thicken the plot and engage the characters more. Thank you for commenting 🙂 xx

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