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Friday Flash No 26 – Tender Tentacles

Part 1 – Lost at Sea

Suckers all over me, my skin lifting under the gentle wet cups, that mouth their appreciation over my warm flesh. I’m floating like driftwood in the warm salty sea. Because I’m lost after capsizing my boat. My rescuer glided up to me and wrapped me lovingly in its tentacles. I knew it posed no threat to my life, as it looked at me with its black opaque eyes, tilting its head to the side.

Its tentacles entwined together to make a net of sorts, that supported me. I bobbed along, with my squid companion, enjoying the mild pressure from those suckers. The ocean swell was calm today, filling me with hope that I would make it to land soon. An island would do, so long as I’m able to make myself a shelter and find some nourishment until I can summon help.

Minutes transition into hours, whilst the tide sweeps us along. My squid friend is still cradling me, but it’s tentacles rove about my torso every so often. Suckers slide over my wetsuit, palpating my waist and chest softly. At least once, it brushes my nipples making me giggle. Perhaps I’m just delirious with thirst.

Encouraged by my obvious delight, I notice two of the tentacles have crept upwards, to envelope my bosom. The suckers draw their breath and tug over my breasts, momentarily releasing the pressure to slide along to uncharted territory. My nipples find themselves under the wet squid’s slippery cups, and they peak in response to the stimulation.

Moaning now, I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations. Those elastic limbs continue to slide over me, exploring my body. I’m encased by the wetsuit, and I wonder

has my squid mistaken me for another of its own species?

Anything is possible, just like capsizing and Mr. Kraken coming to my rescue!

Accepting that we are the only companions for each other currently, and realizing how lucky I am to be alive, I relax and enjoy those roving tentacles. The squid’s kisses become stronger and I notice I am breathing more quickly. Not with fear, but with arousal! In fact, if I were on dry land right now I’d be unzipping my wetsuit to allow access to more intimate areas. I find myself sighing, a sound echoed by a passing wave.

As the sun sinks lower on the horizon I wonder if we’re any closer to drifting ashore soon. Sensing my anxiety, the squid strokes me soothingly, and wraps its tentacles around me again. I feel comforted and drift off to sleep, exhausted from the day’s events…


Part 2; to be written soon! A link will be posted when the story is published



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  1. Interesting tale. I’d love to read more when it’s written.

    • Thanks Charlton, I kind of winged it, but perhaps it’ll work out better that way. Who knows? Just trying to go with the flow of the prompt, which is a challenge for me as I normally like to plan my writing ;p xx

  2. Oh, this was irresistibly erotic! Looking forward to seeing where you go with this! 😉

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