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Friday Flash No. 36 – Rising Stars

It was pantomime season. Rehearsals were in full-swing for the town’s Amateur Dramatic Society’s adaptation of Cinderella. In this modern version, Rachel was playing the lead. Instead of being slave to her ugly sisters, she was the overworked underling of a duo of business partners. A client would save the day when he saw how undervalued ‘Ella was in her firm; he would go on to help her find a new role in an appreciative and inspiring organisation. Of course, he would also become her love interest!

After all, Cinderella wouldn’t be complete without a happy ending and whirlwind romance! The role of ‘Mr Charms’ (the modern-day Prince Charming) was being performed by Frank. The pair studied their lines together in rehearsals and also in their own time. They were both enthusiastic members of the Am Dram society, and were keen to use the production as a launch-pad into more varied, potentially mainstream roles.

The pair had a natural chemistry between them, which helped with the kissing scenes towards the end of the play. They had become close during their practice sessions. Lingering looks between the two had been observed by other cast members. One of the ‘horrible business partners’ winked at the pair one day when they decided to stay late to go over a scene. He chuckled at them, saying “don’t get too carried away with your performing!”

As they went through their lines and stage presentation together, the smouldering glances passing between Rachel and Frank intensified. A glowing ember of desire sparked between them. At the end of the scene, they pulled in close to kiss. They didn’t want to pull away from one another. Rachel nudged Frank back to a platform at the edge of the stage. She made him sit down, then straddled him, hitching her dress up as she did so.

He quickly seized the opportunity to unbuckle his belt, lowering the fly on his trousers. His swollen shaft pulsing with lust, arched up through his boxer shorts front opening. Rachel bent and took his cock in her mouth, tasting his salty pre-cum. Frank moaned as she lathed his thick glans. Soon he was gasping, coaxing her off him “Rachel, honey, slow down, I need to be inside of you!”

Giggling, Rachel sat on his lap and pushed the gusset of her panties to one side. She slid his length inside her moist pussy opening and proceeded to bear down on him with short, fast thrusts. They quickly neared climax, as they kissed each other with fervour. Not a moment too soon, they orgasmed in unison, as a loud sound reverberated from the rear of the large hall. A door had opened and someone was hurrying in!

It was none other than the ‘horrible business partner,’ who grinned at them as he said, “Still hard at work, I see!” He made an excuse about forgetting some paperwork, then bid them goodnight as he winked at them and swiftly walked off.


Friday Flash


Featured image is taken courtesy of Sheila C. from Flickr.

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  1. Cute story, I liked what you did with the prompt, some very funny lines… natural chemistry, which helped in the kissing scenes. And I liked this one… she lathed his thick glans… how you used ‘lathed’, I’ll probably borrow that.

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