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Friday Flash No. 37 – Twixmas

It was the lull between the hubbub of Christmas and New Year. Alex had popped into the office to work a few hours. As she munched on her leftover turkey-filled roll with remnants of Christmas cranberry sauce, she reflected on how unfulfilled she’d been lately. Her boyfriend Tim was sweet and all. A perfectly nice guy to take home to her parents. But he didn’t excite her. Just like she was finding her roll a bit dry and bland, the sex she had with Tim was conventional and almost like a well-rehearsed dance between the sheets. No spontaneity, it was lacking passion.

Although she knew it to be immoral, she’d recently signed up to a site to meet other men. She’d chatted to a few, and shared her frustrations. It hadn’t gone any further though. As she glanced down at her phone, a notification popped up on her screen! “Hi Alex, I’d like to help you experience more fulfilment. I believe I can satisfy your yearning for a more juicy appetiser 😉 Kisses, Jackson.”

She’d put in her status that she was fed up of ‘white meat;’ it had been a fantasy to find a well-hung black guy who would fill her holes with his length and girth. Looking at his photos now, Alex could see that Jackson was well-built and he was endowed too! Even better, he had a twin brother! She messaged him back: “Hi Jackson, sounds awesome. The ‘Twixmas’ Turkey is getting old quick, lol. How about we catch up down-town after I finish up at the office?” His reply told her he was in. A quick text to Tim followed, to say she was staying out for drinks with some colleagues.

Later that evening, a few cocktails had been enjoyed. Alex was getting on so well with Jackson that they’d left the bar and gone to a hotel. In their room, Jackson pulled some silk ties from his jacket pocket, and revealed his desire to restrain her wrists to her ankles. Alex thought about it and imagined her submission fantasy that she often recounted. It featured her tied and being used as a fuck-toy, giving pleasure to a thick black cock with her mouth, then with her pussy.

As if reading her mind, Jackson was securing her limbs with the silky lengths and adjusting them. He was unzipping his fly and releasing his hard, meaty erection. Easing it into her mouth he told her to enjoy feasting on him, and he’d leave her feeling full. Alex sucked him with wild abandon. She felt unashamedly slutty. As she sucked Jackson, she felt someone hold onto her hips and then ease another cock into her wet pussy. A deep voice introduced himself, “Nice to meet you Alex! I’m Cole, Jackson said you had fantasies about having two guys at once. You wanted meat, and now here’s some veg to go with it babe!”

Alex was more than happy to find herself stuffed by two sexy bulls!


Friday Flash


This story may be continued…Please show some comment love <3 if you’d like a part 2!

Featured image taken courtesy of Mattie B, from Flickr.

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  1. Most definitely a second helping please – we absolutely need to hear more. I trust you wont disappoint us Luv Bunny!

  2. Dear Bunny, could you please tell me if there’s a continuation?

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