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Friday Flash No. 59 – Loud and Proud

Loud and proud

Jade flicked through the magazines on the rack whilst she was waiting to get her hair styled. She was going for her signature look of purple bouffant diva, to match her Burlesque performing alter ego Jada Belle.

Tonight she would be performing on stage at the club she frequently appeared at. She’d built up a following of regulars who came to see her sing, dance and strip. Her outfit was in her mind now; the sequin covered wraparound dress she planned to shimmy out of after her third song. Underneath she’d be wearing a satin bustier and panties; carefully coordinated to match her dress.

On the stage later that evening, she captivated her audience with her sultry rendition of Nina Simone’s I Put a Spell on You. The lights dimmed as the song came to an end, then her next track Sway started up. She danced as she sang, her backing singers harmonising with her and complementing her Soprano tone.

After her third song, she teased her viewers by unbuttoning the dress at the side, and revealing the length of her curvy thighs. Swaying seductively, the dress slipped down her shoulders to reveal her hourglass figure in the stunning bustier.

Flicking her hips side to side, the dress slinked onto the floor and shimmered under the strobe lights. Gyrating to the music Jada Belle felt proud that she could keep all the eyes of her audience on her as she paraded around the stage.

Performing was her passion. Her dance classes had streamlined her poise and creative flair for synchronising her hypnotic undulations with the beat of the tracks. She had the lungs to belt out covers ranging from Whitney Houston to Etta James.

Following her show, her lungs could be heard inside her sound-proofed dressing room by whichever Joe had given her the biggest tip. It was her way of letting off some steam and ensuring those lucky guys would return another week. She was Jada Belle, and she was most definitely loud and proud 😉


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  1. Woo hoo! She has definitely got her sexy on LB! I love her sassy attitude and (of course) her co-ordinated underwear!

    I love this story and the accompanying picture. Why not link it up to Violet’s meme – if you don’t catch it this week you could link it on Tuesday! You look sensational!!

  2. Stunning Picutre

  3. She definitely has a lot to be proud of.

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