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Guest Erotica – The Lazy Night In

The following fantasy tale is written by MsVanessa

Since it is a relatively lengthy piece I have broken it up into 2 parts. Although it is not my own original story, I have spent considerable time editing Part 1 ready for publishing here. The featured image is one of my own, chosen to go with MsVanessa’s sexy smut 🙂

The Lazy Night In- Part 1

Vanessa’s sex life was simply too routine at home. When she was alone in hotels for work travel she had time to play solo and fantasize. This Tuesday evening she’d discarded her room service tray into the hallway. Feeling restless, Vanessa was wearing an open crotch body stocking in black fishnet and lace. Her black patent heels accented her toned calves and her sleek hair was pulled high in a ponytail.

The finishing touch was her signature red lipstick, and then she admired her reflection, before prancing towards the hotel bed. She twirled girlishly, stealing glances of her lithe body, panther-like in the full-length mirror. It turned her on seeing her nipples popping through the lacy fabric framing her cleavage. She’d laid out her favorite sex toys to play with, unsure where her mood would strike.

Pressing ‘play’ on her tablet’s ‘sexy song’ list, a new message pinged to her inbox. It was him, ‘Mystery Man!’ He followed her on the social media platform she enjoyed using to express her sexual side. His message made Vanessa curious, so she responded.

Enquiring where her travels had taken her tonight, Vanessa replied to him, with her location. Coincidentally, he wrote back exclaiming he was in the same city, downtown! He asked if Vanessa wanted to meet for a drink, and on impulse she agreed to meet him at her hotel bar.

Smiling as she realized her solo fantasy play would be postponed, Vanessa was excited to see ‘Mystery Man’. They exchanged descriptions, so they could recognize one another. He was a mere 15-minute cab ride away. The anticipation fizzed inside her, as she threw a black dress over her body stocking and made her way to the drinks lounge.

Smooth talker

Nursing a glass of cabernet sauvignon, Vanessa calmed her nerves as she waited for him. ‘Mystery Man’ finally entered, confidently introducing himself as Adam. They shared a relieved laugh that they each matched their online photos. Phew, at least he ticked that box! Vanessa mused, whilst he ordered a glass of wine for himself.

Adam attentively enquired about her day and her plans for the evening. She coyly replied, “oh I had room service bring me dinner, so I could enjoy a lazy night in”. His deep hazel eyes drank in her body from her hair down to her fishnet clad legs. “You look very dressed up for an evening in, Vanessa,” Adam observed with a gravelly chuckle.

Vanessa leaned in to confide, “I had a tester review to work on.” Elaborating, she revealed she often wrote lingerie reviews for her favorite online retailer. She knew she had other plans too, but that was her secret, as she smiled brightly at him.

Raising his eyebrows, Adam pondered suggestively “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything?”

“It can wait to meet a new friend, no worries at all,” Vanessa replied.

They made small-talk about their travels and business in town, finishing the first glass of wine. Conversation flowed easily as their drink. His warm tone and accent wrapped comfortably around her, especially when he said her name. It pleased her when he placed his hand on her knee with a familiar attentiveness. Adam inquisitively interjected, “how do you review lingerie Vanessa?”

His woody scent allured her as he leaned in. Her nipples immediately reacted to an obvious point under her dress. Adam noticed, his keen eyes drifting down and lingering as they sipped their wine. He patiently waited her answer to his question; “well, actually my lingerie often inspires masturbation sessions,” she revealed demurely.

Letting Adam lead

Adam moved his bar stool closer, getting cozy with her as he lowered his voice. In almost a whisper he said, “I’m an avid follower of your Twitter account, Vanessa. I have been wondering since we met this evening; where does the fishnet end?”

Her composure remained non-committal as she smiled. She sipped her wine thoughtfully, her raising eyebrows challenged him to boldly ask:

“When you masturbate do you have a fantasy you like to explore?”

He did not break eye contact with her. Vanessa asserted, “tonight I wanted to pretend someone else is in control, Adam!”

Flashing a wolfish grin, he told her “Happy coincidence there, seeing as I love to be in control!” The brooding looks in his eyes was all she needed to know he seriously wanted her. He agreed the ground rules she proposed; what happened here, stayed here, safe sex and no trace to follow them home. Vanessa handed him her key, scribbling her room number for him.

Taking her wine glass, she strolled off knowing he was watching her ass in the black clingy fabric. Her knees trembled as the elevator ascended. Was Adam going to show up and lead her in her fondest fantasy? The last of her wine devoured, Vanessa relocated her toys to a dresser drawer. Not a moment too soon, because suddenly the door to her hotel room opened with a tell-tale ‘click!’

As Vanessa went to greet Adam in the hallway, his arms circled around her from behind. Damn, he was stealthy! “I’ve been wanting to get you to myself, Vanessa” he murmured, maneuvering her wrists above her head, tying them together with his necktie.

His for tonight

He leaned in, and she could feel his stubble stroking her neck. “You are mine to do as I please tonight. Should you wish to use a safe word, please say ‘fox’ and I will stop.”

Vanessa held her breath as Adam led her a few steps into the bathroom. They faced the mirror together, his reflection smiling at her, whilst his deft hands pulled her dress up to her waist.

“Mmm, I guessed these were thigh-highs,” he admitted jovially. Nudging her legs apart with his foot, the open crotch of her body stocking was revealed to him. That animalistic look returned as he whistled on his breath, “you naughty girl Vanessa!”

Eagerly his hands swept the dress around her shoulders displaying the lace covering her torso. The cold air against her nipples made them peak keenly. The dress veiled her face as Adam edged it higher. He swiftly raised it enough to expose her mouth although keeping it covering her eyes. Adam expertly secured the dress behind her head in an impromptu blindfold.

Vanessa was exposed to him. She felt his warm hands running slowly up and down her body lightly caressing her hips. Reaching the underside of her large breasts, and grasping them he enthused, “these are so firm and full! I have a confession to make; I’ve looked at your photos whilst I have masturbated, Vanessa!”

She flushed, smiling that he liked her body. Adam gently pushed her hips forward leading her out into the hotel bedroom. She sensed the bed behind her knees when he gently leaned her back, lying her out flat. “Do not move. I’m guessing a temptress like you has a few toys, hmm?”

Marking his woman

“Yes, in the dresser drawer,” she breathed out, her excitement growing. She’d packed a variety of vibrators and dildos for this coming week. His voice called to her, “Where is your lipstick Vanessa?”

Directing him to the toiletry bag in the bathroom, she wondered at his possible intentions. Adam’s footsteps padded back to her, then his hands were on her legs as he parted them, removing her shoes. His hands massaged her insteps and the driving beat of Nine Inch Nails soothed her. “You have an interesting taste in music to masturbate to, and now I want to taste you!” Adam groaned as his breath flowed over her exposed wet vulva.

His mouth met her body for their carnal first kiss. The whiskery stubble of his beard tickled her inner thighs stimulating her further. His hands spread her wide open to his hungry mouth as his tongue stroked her pussy up and down. Her clitoris swelled under his fingers before he honed his expert mouth around the fleshy nub, sucking and flicking his tongue keenly.

Her lower back arched and her anticipation built. Adam sensed the tension in her hips, when he shifted his hands, removing his mouth. He gave her a slight blow of his breath, watching her jump as he laughed to himself, “I won’t allow you to cum… yet!”

He untied her wrists, removing the dress blindfold. The light of the room made her blink as he leaned in to kiss her mouth. His tongue slid inside hers, so she could taste her own pussy; she loved her fragrant musk!

Her arms had wrapped around his shoulders. As he continued to kiss her deeply, Vanessa attempted to unbutton his shirt. Simply, he told her, “No. Remember Vanessa, I am in charge!”


He stepped away from her, taking her hogtie from the dresser drawer. As her eyes focused on it, her mouth watered. She wondered what he would do with her? She relinquished control to him as his hand on her shoulder coaxed her to lay back on the bed. Adam calmly requested her to roll onto her stomach. His shirt brushed her arm as his necktie became her blindfold. Darkness shrouded her eyes, but her senses became illuminated.

He pulled her wrists behind her back, making quick work of tethering her wrists and ankles. He used the hogtie to pull her upper body to the side of the bed. “Open your mouth Vanessa,” he instructed. She was surprised by him applying lipstick, whilst gently tugging her head by her ponytail. Reaching between her legs, her pussy was warm and inviting to his fingers.

Adam slowly teased her vulva between her partially closed legs, tugging on the hogtie to hold her still. When Vanessa bucked her hips, he pinned her down with his knee, still delicately probing her fleshy cunt. Parting her legs, he kissed her neck, before murmuring “Let me pleasure you, Vanessa.” He continued to stroke her labial lips, and clitoris as he fingered her. Then without warning, his fingers evaded her wanting cunt. Placing them to her face, Vanessa could smell her musk.
“Lick my fingers, and taste how delicious you are,” was his simple command. Vanessa complied, relishing the sweetness of her own juices.

Feeling encouraged, Adam parted her buttock cheeks dribbling lubricant over her perfect asshole. A subconscious reflex forced her hips to buck, pushing her ass up. It presented him the opportunity to spank her, eliciting an excited squeal from Vanessa.

M-ass-turbating Vanessa

Using the fingers of one hand to spread her cheeks and explore her ass, his other hand resumed plundering the damp vault of her pussy. Her moans were a falsetto to his ears, and inadvertently her orgasm appeared as a crescendo with a flourish of his talented digits. Spanking her harder now, Adam chortled, “that was a bit premature, Vanessa!”

Lifting her hips with a pillow, he proceeded to spank her again, inwardly thrilled at her moans. Opening her asshole with one thumb, he firmly spanked her warm cheeks decorating them with his handiwork. Once he felt her sphincter was relaxed, he slid a jeweled butt plug in, thoughtfully pausing as she inhaled at the surprise intrusion. The plug shone under the light as he twisted it, teasing her by slowly pushing it in and out.

Unbuckling his belt, he draped it over her ass, before he expertly flicked it over her buttocks. Vanessa loved the whipping sensation the belt delivered. Metal teeth clicked and grinded as Adam’s zipper released. Instinctively, Vanessa licked her lips as he told her to “open wide.” Licking his glans, Vanessa sensed the desire in him as he pushed the length of his thick cock deep into her throat. He fucked her mouth, as he tugged on her ponytail, his salty flavor flooding her taste buds.

“Your lipstick is the perfect decoration for my cock, Vanessa!”

Adam declared, letting go of her ponytail. Diverting his attention to her pussy once more he watched as it engulfed one of her dildos, carefully fed from his hand…


Part 2 is being edited and will be posted soon! Keep a lookout 😉


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