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Red Triumph

Riding out to the Woods

This is a longer story about two lovers taking a trip to the woods for some fun one autumn afternoon.

The biker and the writer met one Saturday afternoon in late autumn. He’d asked to see her on an impulse. She had spun a silken thread with her eloquent words, in his mind so it seemed. On reflection, perhaps he was the spider drawing her into his web with his air of intrigue. Either way, they’d agreed to have a coffee in a small-town independent café.

Pulling up at the road as she waited for him to arrive, he left his powerful motorcycle behind. He was clad in full leather, and when she saw him walk into the café she knew who he was. The one who’d captivated her with his gentlemanly charm, edged with a border of ragged dominance. She was the demure sweet looking girl-next-door type. But the glint in her dark eyes hinted at a passionate ember residing within her, waiting to be released.

Their day-to-day lives were ordinary. The events that would unfold that afternoon would be anything but that. They sipped their coffee, making conversation about their regular home lives and what they were missing. Their voices were hushed, but they didn’t need words with knowing smiles and seductive side-long glances passing between them.

Eventually they finished their drinks. She made her way to the ladies whilst he checked the local area on a map. Waiting in composed impatience, he turned to see her exit the bathroom. On seeing her, the silent question he’d been asking himself was answered. She was to be his for the taking.

The tell was that she’d removed her tights from under her dress, so her legs were now exposed to the chill in the air, although they were mostly covered by her knee-length boots and dress. They left the café, making the way to their respective vehicles. He’d given her the location for their next rendezvous. The drive was short, and she could feel fluttering excitement in her stomach.

Her arrival was minutes before his. Reunited again, they embraced and kissed deeply as he felt the heat emanating from between her thighs. Goodness, she was pure gold to him in this moment. Her lips sweet and plump, parted as he broke away from their embrace. She smiled, and he was compelled to break his composure, returning the facial greeting.

“Let’s go into those woods up on that ridge over there,” he gestured behind them.

Nodding her agreement, they stepped beside each other along the trail, though his gait was broader, so he was slightly ahead of her. He didn’t want to rush up the path like an over-excited teenager, but it was taking all his self-will not to grab her hand and pull her up there quickly.

All in good time, he thought to himself. Before long they’d reached the woods. Entering the bare-branched canopy, they crunched along the orange-brown carpet of leaves underfoot. He waited until they’d gotten to a secluded area off the main path before pausing and daring to break the silence. “You’ve been a siren calling out to me these past couple of months. The way you’ve teased and tempted me has not gone unnoticed. Did you think I’d let you slip away with that, young lady?”

Her eyes were large and shone brightly as she assertively replied, “I don’t expect to get away with anything. It is not my place to make assumptions; Sir.” Damn! She had corrected herself before she’d made a mistake. He couldn’t punish her now. Or could he? A smile curved on his lips. “That comment you made in the café about a certain length deserves reprimanding!” She defiantly smirked and innocently replied, “You asked me a question Sir, I was merely stating my preference.”

He jovially responded with a chuckle. “Soon we shall see if I measure up to your expectations! Now let me inspect your delicate folds that are going to give me pleasure later.”

Reaching down, he lifted the front of her dress, and in a low voice told her simply to part her legs. She complied obediently, and he brushed his fingers over her mound, sliding them under the edge of the gusset of her now damp pants. He could feel the warmth from her arousal, and her soft skin was dewy beneath his fingertips. Wanting to touch her inner sweet spot and make her legs buckle, though first he’d get her stimulated and wanting. Brushing her clitoris, he rubbed circles around it softly, gauging her breathing. His other arm wrapped around her waist, holding her dress up.

She moaned slightly as he stroked her labia and clitoral hood. He kept up the pace, tracing his fingers in concentric circles, keeping her guessing where he’d touch next. After several minutes he wanted to see how aroused she was. Heck, his straining leathers were testimony to his own desire. Sliding his fingers in her cleft towards her cunt, he felt excited that she was responding so well to his caresses. Her breathing had slowed and was deeper. A little purr came from her as he nestled his fingers into her tight sheath. “Oh, my siren, you feel divine; I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around my cock.”

His fingers reached her inner front wall with its sensitive nerve endings, and he tapped gently with a come-hither motion. She was slick inside her velvety canal, and the warm juices helped his fingers slide within her. He kept working on her clitoris with his thumb as he pumped his fingers inside her sweet pulsing pussy. She was getting more turned on now, as her breathing quickened. Her mouth was slightly gaping open and she was resting her head against his shoulder.

Within a few more minutes she was moaning, then uttering that her orgasm was imminent. He felt her inner walls twitch and spasm around his fingers. He imagined how she’d feel around his hard shaft and closed his eyes. Falling limp and quiet momentarily, she leaned against him heavily, as he withdrew his fingers. He licked one, and then offered her the second. “Taste yourself,” he directed her. Again, she expedited the task without question nor delay. “Exquisite, and so responsive” he murmured.

Once she was standing firmly again, he instructed her to kneel. She did so with poise, and he placed his jacket under her knees. As she looked up at him, he unzipped his leather trousers. He slid his erection out from his underwear and held her chin with his other hand.
“I’d like for you to service me, but you won’t make me cum easily”

Bending her neck to him she took his thickness in between her lips. She licked his glans around the rim and flickered her tongue across his slit. Next, she sucked his head and wrapped her hand around his shaft making a twisting motion around the lower part of his length.

Bobbing up and down she was lathing his cock well, and he was hardening in her mouth. He groaned as she licked the sensitive area of his frenulum. She teased him, tracing the tip of her tongue over it lightly. Once. Then again. He tensed and gripped her head. “Take me deeper and hold me there.” Leaning forward she took his length as deep as she could, her nose almost reaching his waistline.

“Good girl,” he smiled as she looked up at him through her long lashes. “Hold it there!” Momentarily he released her head, so she could let him slide out partway. She breathed deeply, and he told her simply, “that will do, for now. But I want to try another hole. Maybe two.”

Pulling her to her feet, he directed her to lean against a solid trunk. With a grunt he asked her what she needed. “I need your cock, Sir!” Teasing her, he brushed the tip up and down her vulva. “Do you want it here?” he asked. She breathed out the words he needed, almost rasping like wind through the waving branches of the trees. “Yes, fuck my cunt, please Sir!”

He pushed his swollen cock head into her wet pussy. Grasping her hips, he pushed into her firmly, and like his prized motorcycle, she purred into life. Bucking back to meet him, she gave him the thrill of tightening around him, gripping him like his leathers did when he was on the road. But tighter, and wetter. Her internal ridges bumped him along on his journey. It was to be a fast frenetic one, as she ground back against him.

The irony was not lost on him that right now, this siren writer had no words for him. Their bodies worked together like the pistons of an engine. That was all he needed from her, along with her rolling echoes of enthusiastic pleasure. They were breathy, intermittent exclamations of “oh,” that accelerated into guttural sounds as he altered the pace of his thrusting. Gripping her ample pert buttocks, his knuckles were glowing white, and her pale flesh was becoming pinker, with both the warmth and the pressure.

He could not get over how well her cunt encased him. Though this ride was different for him it was like a familiar road trip he’d taken and enjoyed. She gave him both the thrill of unknown territory but also a sense of freedom from the daily traffic he experienced at home. And the fact that she was responding to him and reacting to his manoeuvres was refreshing and stimulating. They both wanted more.

Accelerating their desire with each thrust of his cock, they would soon reach top gear, roaring in unison as they unleashed their triumphant satisfaction. He further lubricated inside her wet cunt with his own oil. It oozed back out of her with the final piston-like movements of his shaft.

She smiled at him as he checked her fleshy butt for any tell-tale marks. “They’re already fading,” he assured her, and he smoothed his hand over her smooth skin. “Not a scratch,” he winked and giggling, she replied “I like a careful driver, Sir”

Gathering up his jacket, they retraced the path out of the woods, back down to his motorcycle and her car. She noticed the badge on the side of the gleaming engine. “Oh, it’s a Triumph, you ride then,” to which he said “yes, I’m taking if for a test run for a friend. My usual ride is a Ducati.”

“I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before,” she confessed, before saying, “I’m also test-driving the car I bought today!” With that parting exchange, she got back into her car to run some errands in town before driving home. He started his engine and roared away, and though she never did ride a motorcycle, she always smiled when she passed by a Triumph or a Ducati from that day on.


Did you know?

I have had a short story, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ published in this year’s Eroticon Anthology Truth, edited by Zak Jane Kier.

There are paperback (£10.99) and digital versions available.

I will earn a small amount of commission from the royalties, and you will get a copy of 28 fabulous short stories written by a diverse group of sex bloggers / writers. Thank you for your support!

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  1. I have been out of the loop for ages but great to come across your site again just now. I loved reading about your trip to Norfolk and the erotic story ‘Riding out in the woods’ which was incredibly hot. It really got my pulse racing!

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